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Acura RL



  • ksomanksoman Posts: 593
    Nice, even BMW & MB don't necessarily do that....

  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Mark, Your postings are the best. Really enjoy your contibutions. Thanks a lot. JJ
  • Whenever service requires more than an hour and a half wait, I'm given a loaner. Two weeks ago, the service guys were busy and weren't able to get to my car quickly enough to replace a wheel sensor; they gave me a practically new TSX for the day.I bought my '96 RL there and so have compiled some good-will credits.There's nothing wrong with adding a small codicil to your purchase contract mandating use of loaners when necessary.... "necessary" has to be defined.
    I'm still driving my "96 RL, with 104K miles on the odo. Going to be hard turning it in.
  • I have purchased two Acura's from my local dealer (01' CL and '02 TL). Since then, we had a child and had to get rid of the CL, I purchased a Nissan Murano as a replacement - Now, when I take the Murano to the Acura dealer to get my oil changed, they still give me a loaner...maybe it varies from dealer to dealer?? Sorry to be off topic here. I am looking at the new RL, the new M35, and possibly the new avalon when it is released next year. I have such a great relationship with the Acura dealer, I have a bias towards the RL, we'll see!
  • Check out the RL link on the Acura website. The interactive showroom is now active. Really cool!!
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    I’m eagerly waiting for Honda to launch the Legend in Japan. So far, they have not announced it yet for that market, only a mini-site is up. That market is definitely going to get all the additional frills that we won’t (for now) including CMS, E-Pretensioner, LKAS, (potentially) intelligent night vision and intelligent cruise control. All of these features (except nightvision) are already offered in Japanese Accord and Inspire.
  • Robert:

    Why do think that Honda/Acura will offer those features in Japan but not here? Why don't we get the air cooled seats - but supposedly Canada does?

    Oh yes, can you tell us what "CMS" and "LKAS" mean?

  • >Does Acura have a similar program? I don't think so, just checking<

    Last I knew there was no formalized, corporate inspired (or augmented) loaner car program. However, my experience has been that if you are a regular service customer, who gets their major service performed at the dealership, chances are good the dealer will set you up a with a loaner car, or a free rental car -- if you make an appointment in advance.

    Having moved cross country several years ago, I called the local Acura service manager, introduced myself, and said to him that I was interested in developing a relationship with his dealership. I told him that I had gotten free loaners at my former dealership, as well as a 10% discount on service (to compete with independent garages who send out discount coupons) and he said "fine", he would be happy to match that discount, and to provide me a loaner car.

    I've done that at two Acura dealerships, and have always found that when approached the right way, the service manager is willing and indeed happy to do what it takes to get a new customer on-board and to keep those service department dollars flowing in. Giving out a loaner car is usually no sweat for them.

    Ask and ye shall receive!
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    If you love acronyms, you will love this…
    LKAS (Lane Keep Assist System) and HiCC (Highway Intelligent Cruise Control) are parts of &#147;HiDS&#148; (Honda Intelligent Driver Support system). HiCC is a no brainer as it does what any adaptive cruise control does. Excerpt on Honda&#146;s LKAS from a IEEE cover story…
    &#147;A lane-departure system alerts the driver that the vehicle is drifting toward the edge of the lane by playing a rumble-strip noise through the speakers. If the driver fails to respond, the system progresses to generating a vibration in the steering wheel that mimics the feel of passing over road-edge rumble strips.

    Now, suppose the driver still doesn't rouse from blissful slumber, or look up from the hot coffee that has tumbled into his groin. That's when the Honda LKAS shows how it isn't just another lane-departure system: it actually takes over the steering of the car, at least momentarily, to keep the vehicle in its lane&#151;something no other such system now on the market can do.&#148;

    You can read about it here (scroll down)

    Honda has offered LKAS and HiCC in Japanese Accord for couple of years. It was also offered in Inspire when that car was launched last year (FYI, Inspire is &#147;American Accord&#148; with TSX-like interior and some cosmetic changes). BTW, Inspire was also the first Honda to use VCM with its 3.0/V6 as well as active control mount (standard in Odyssey w/VCM and in RL) and active noise cancellation (standard in Odyssey w/VCM and in RL).

    CMS (Collision Mitigation System) was introduced with Inspire. It utilizes a radar and brake assist to serve its purpose when called for. CMS is designed to evaluate potential of collision with a slower (or stopped) object in front. If the car is traveling too fast, it starts with a warning to the driver. If the driver responds, CMS continues to assist the driver in braking effort. If the driver doesn&#146;t respond, the system will slowly apply brakes, and continue to warn. If the collision is imminent, full braking is applied to reduce the intensity of impact.

    E-Pretensioner was also offered in Inspire. It is designed to work with or without CMS. With CMS, if the collision is imminent, the seat belt will tighten up before the collision.

    I think Legend will have these features simply because they are offered in lesser models in that market (Accord and Inspire). We do get keyless ignition, something even the Fit gets over there. :-)
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    I thought Acura Total Luxury Care (which is extended to new as well as pre-owned Acura vehicles) includes provision for a free-loaner. At least one dealership that I have dealt with, does. If the dealership can't provide a loaner, TLC allows for rental car reimbursement.
  • Some of the links still don't work, but at least we've got something! I have a question for you guys with sharp eyes: Is that interior color Taupe or Parchment in an overexposed pic? Well, I guess I like it!
  • oman9oman9 Posts: 97
    The loaner thing is just such a great convenience for me. I do a fair amount of driving most days for work and I need a car. I think it was Acuraphile who suggested a codocil to the contract....yes very good suggestion.

    When I purchased my Infiniti I was told by the management of the dealership that I'd get a loaner as long as I came there. After a few years new ownership came to the dealership. I was very friendly with a few of the service write up guys and they (one of whom no longer works there) would tell me about the new management's focus on profits. They started, for about a 6 month period, renegging on the loaner car, especially for oil changes.

    I reminded them that I was told I'd always get one and since these guys had known me for years (it was still the same management, just different owners) they were cool about it and gave me one anyway. Funny thing is sometimes the routine oil change can turn into a bit more like changing belts, etc. when they see them worn.

    Anyway they seem to have gotten away from the "Not going to give you a loaner" line, at least with me. Every service for the life of this car over 7 years and counting has been at this one dealership.

    My relationship with these guys is great but that being said I told myself that in the future I'd get the loaner deal down in writing...Glad to hear Acura also provides...Thanks again all!

    Sorry for going off the RL topic....

    An acquaintance of mine bought an '04 RL, guess a few months back....$10K off sticker..I just found out I said, he's just an acquaintance : )
  • >I thought Acura Total Luxury Care (which is extended to new as well as pre-owned Acura vehicles)<

    How many years/miles after purchase will they do that?
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Ledgendman: On New car purchases the Total Luxury Care (Roadside Assistance) Expires along with the 4 year, 50,000 mile warranty. (We are out of warranty now and have AAA for emergencies.) I have not compared coverage but expect that Acura's TLC was a better plan.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    As mentioned already, during the warranty period (I believe the same applies to certified pre-owned Acuras also).
  • hadhad Posts: 32
    information except colors..
  • From Acura's website:

    BROWSERS was developed for use with the following Internet browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer (5.0, 5.5, 6.0) and Netscape Navigator (4.7). If you are experiencing strange occurrences on screen, please download the supported versions of these browsers, and chances are the problems will be fixed.


    You will also need to download the latest version of Macromedia Flash to view the index and QuickTime 4.0 to view the movies and 360º Views (QTVR`s).

    Note (from Legendman):

    For Mac users, Explorer 5.2 worked for 99% of the new site. Netscape 7.2 did not work properly. Surprisingly, AOL 5.0 (Version 10.3) for Mac seems to be working, though I have not gone through the entire site again.

    Some of the RL "Interior" Quick-Time videos don't seem to work on either the Explorer or AOL for Mac browsers; for example "BASIC CONTROLS". All I got for that one was the endlessly spinning sprocket. Maybe Acura is not done with it yet as of this posting time and date?


    Still no palette of exterior or interior color choices! Harrummph!!!
  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    I'm using OPERA ver. 7.54 (a clearly superior browsing device) and am experiencing absolutely no problems. However, I too, like you, get the endlessly spinning sprocket when it comes to selecting the "Basic Controls" feature - must be incomplete, even though I could have sworn it worked several days ago. The site is very impressive.
  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    Having read posts on various web site forums, preliminary reviews by car mags, and other discourse rendered by the automotive cognoscenti, I've concluded that the new RL, with it's SHAWD feature is the most significant automotive technology introduced by any auto manufacturer for the 2005 model year. Additionally, it is, without question, the most significant new mechanical device introduced on any automobile in recent years and I predict the new Acura RL will be voted "Car of the Year" by Motor Trend and other automotive media - nothing compares to it in uniqueness, functionality and performance value addedness! Whereas styling of the new RL may not be on the level of intenseness anticipated by many, I do believe with some customization such as larger wheels/tires, ground effect attachments, and proper color scheme, the car makes an elegant statement that should endure...

    Now, having said all of that, do you guys think an Opulent Blue Pearl, with 18-20" chrome wheels, and taupe interior will pass muster?
  • talon95talon95 Posts: 1,110
    "Additionally, it is, without question, the most significant new mechanical device introduced on any automobile in recent years and I predict the new Acura RL will be voted "Car of the Year" by Motor Trend and other automotive media - nothing compares to it in uniqueness, functionality and performance value addedness!"

    I agree with your assessment. However, Motor Trend's history with the COTY award suggests that they favor trendy designs with lots of buzz. For that reason, I believe that while the RL will be a serious contender, the award will most likely go to the Chrysler 300.
  • I agree with your assessment Shotgun. The new RL is deserving of that recognition, not only due to it's groundbreaking SH-AWD but to the myriad of safety, control, communications, and handling features; many of which are now seemlessly integrated into the vehicle. The nearly transparent marriage of these technological innovations, now afford the driver with a greatly enhanced driving experience -- one that allows the driver great handling and ease of operation, while bringing new levels of safety to the driver and his passengers.

    I liken these new innovations to those of modern day fighter aircraft, where computers assist the pilot by reducing work load and fatigue, freeing the pilot to focus on the mission.

    Indeed this will be a safer car for a number of reasons, not only due to the SH-AWD, but also to the steering wheel mounted controls and eye level gauges which will allow the driver to keep his or her eyes on the road. They are too numerous to mention, but I would like to include one that while not unique to Acura, will nonetheless improve overall safety and that is the tire pressure monitoring. This feature alone will save countless lives.

    Turning to your question of color choice -- Blue Pearl -- we get back to a matter of subjective taste. Indeed it looked beautiful in those photos taken on the track. However, seeing the dark Blue RL at the new website makes me think of Accord, Accord, Accord -- and a smaller one to boot (was that Blue Pearl or another color Blue on the web site main image? I don't know -- it wasn't a great photo from a lighting standpoint).

    I think that Black is a stately color (though difficult to take care of), but based on the limited color choice views to date, I am leaning toward lighter metallic colors, as I think they make the car look bigger, more elegant -- more of a luxury car. Again, color is such a subjective thing -- I guess that's why the car companies having been offering color choices ever since people got tired of Ford's color palette, which as you all know consisted of Black or Black.

    I do think that Taupe is a handsome color for the interior. I have it in my Legend and I have never, ever tired of it.

    I wish to heck Acura would either update their website with the '05 color choices or get that new brochures into the dealerships. I called a dealer today and he almost laughed when I asked if they had the brochures yet ... then he reminded himself aloud that the car is due in showrooms in mid-October. This seems "no way to run a railroad", or a car company for that matter.
  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    Yes Legendman, the color conundrum is about to drive me crazy! I too have seen what appears to be variations on a blue theme. One looked dark blue-violetish, another looked grayish dark blue, another appeared to look "denim, yet another appeared to be silver metallic baby-bluish, and so on. I think the dark blue would be nice if it didn't have that "violet/purple" tinge to it. Yes, I might go with the black but as you've indicated that color is entirely too maintenance intensive, I'd rather spend my time on things other than washing and drying my car three times a week. My previous RL was a 99' in PWP - I, and others loved it! I might go with PWP again unless I discover that the "Lakeshore Silver" proves irresistible. Was "Lakeshore Silver" the color Acura used to debut the car in NY? It had a greenish silver appearance that looked, as the young people say, "Phat"...

    BTW, your added assessment on the safety and other technological features found on the RL was right on the money and furthers the case for the RL being designated "COTY" by MT, a superb post...indeed!
  • >Was "Lakeshore Silver" the color Acura used to debut the car in NY?<

    To my eye, the car that we saw drive on to the stage at the NYC auto show was kind of a very light gold champagne color (we must remember that there were a lot of incandescent spot lights on the car which was inside a buildig and not out in daylight -- thus the color may appear different in the real world). I have seen a similar color on a Mercedes E class and it looks pretty good. Doesn't Acura call this Champagne Mist, or something like that? Where's a brochure when you need one?

    It may be worth mentioning that the color that a car company choses to use as their most often seen image may be the one that the designers felt best exemplified the styling strengths of the car.

    >It had a greenish silver appearance that looked, as the young people say, "Phat"...<

    The young folks also say "it's the bomb". How that phrase is the modern day equivalent of "cool" I don't know, but I suppose that our parents thought "keen" was "neat" and as for our grandparents, perhaps it was simply "splendid."
  • When I was a band singer back in the early 50's, we did say "Cool!" but to express unleashed enthusiasm, we would say "Solid!"
    My grand-daughter, when IMing, writes "Kewl!"...a variation on a theme.

    I agree, so where ARE those brochures?
  • aclcaclc Posts: 20
    "It may be worth mentioning that the color that a car company choses to use as their most often seen image may be the one that the designers felt best exemplified the styling strengths of the car."

    I hope you are right since the exterior showroom at Acura's website shows the RL in, I believe, carbon grey pearl; which is the color I have ordered (with the taupe interior).
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    My salesman told me that
    1) on Oct.14, there would be one demo available for test-drive
    2) brochure would be available BEFORE that. But he is not sure when that would be.
    3) first batch would arrive around 22nd time frame. The number of units depends on how large your dealer is (from 5 to 20 units).
  • shotgunshotgun Posts: 184
    (...)I hope you are right since the exterior showroom at Acura's website shows the RL in, I believe, carbon grey pearl; which is the color I have ordered (with the taupe interior)(...)

    The Carbon Grey Pearl does, indeed, looks very good! However, the car (prototype) Acura introduced at the NY Autoshow was that of a silver variety. Yes, I know, and remember the phrase " their most often seen image..." but it could be argued that the one introduced at the NY Autoshow is/was the most often seen image. Am I rambling here? If so, please forgive me. I WANT THOSE DARN BROCHURES...NOW!!!!
  • Been contemplating buying a '98 RL with 92K on it....impressed with what I'm hearing about Acura quality. Could anyone comment on their durability?
  • I also grew up with that '50s and '60s term, SOLID! That was long before the '70s CHOICE and the use of BAAAD to mean "goood."

    My daughter never cared for blue until she saw the "eternal blue" on the 2003 RSX. which is her current ride. Till then, she preferred "hunter green" and its derivitives.

    Me, I'll probably look at Pearl White with ebony first (as in my '96 RL), but a dark blue with parchment also appeals to me. Black on black? Nyet! I also have better things to do with my time than washing the car 3X/week.
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    It is interesting that even with the internet (where electronic images and texts are available online), most car buyers still want hard copy brochures :-) I ordered one (actually one for the RL and one for the TL) from Acura two weeks ago, but all I got was a small booklet showing the lineup of all Acura models. How disappointing ...
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