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Acura RL



  • Acura used to throw $1000 on a deal to keep you with Acura. Are they still doing that? I have also been shopping for carry-over 2000's. Some dealers are moving them others play dumb. I guess patience is a virtue. I would guess that by the end of the month they will be ready to deal.
  • Automophile, thanks for the informative response.

    I just bought a 2000 3.5 RL with navi for $35100, excluding ttl. I have not driven it a whole lot but so far I am very pleased with it and also feel that I got a great deal on the car. I have been in the market for this car for close to 6 months and am glad that I waited.

    Thanks to all who have answered my various questions over the past few months.
  • I may be asking the wrong audience, but did those of you who bought an RL test drive anything else first, like a 528i or E320? If so, how do you think the ride and handling compared? Does the RL really sway too much? When you replace the sway bars with aftermarket to "cure" this, does the ride suffer materially? A lot of a car's handling and ride characteristics have to do with the tires. The BMW and MBZ come with fairly "sporty" tires. What is the RL equipped with? If the RL is not up to the other two in terms of handling, maybe a tire switch would do the trick and you'd still be paying thousands less.
  • My quest for a new car has been about 6 months in duration. I presently own a 1995 Volvo 850 Turbo which I will be selling.

    I test drove the Lexus LS 400, Infiniti Q45, Mercedes E320 and BMW 528i. IMO, I would rate the LS 400 the best of the lot; I did not care for the E320 - and I have owned two Mercedes over the past few years. The BMW was excellent -superb handling but a little too small in terms of passenger room - also a bit spartan. The Q45 some how did not seem to appeal to us after driving it - can't put my finger on what it was the issue that bothered us. What the Acura lacks is the power that some of these other cars have - but it is not a factor for me because the appeal in being able to go from 0-60 in a second or two faster is hardly a factor for me - perhaps it was when I was 20 years younger:) It has more than sufficient acceleration for my purpose.

    The factors that I was looking for were reliability, value, comfort and handling. Other than the handling which certainly was not quite up to the superb standard of some of the others, but not inadequate by any means, the Acura was at least as good if not better than some of the others. As far as value is concerned the Acura won hands down! The Lexus was the only other car that I would have considered - but it would have cost me $20K more than I paid for it and there was not that much of extra value to warrant that difference.

    I have never owned an Acura before - and I hope a year or two down the line I will feel as positively as I do now.

    A final comment - for some one who is seeking to own an "in" type of car, the Acura does not fit the bill. It is not a factor for me.
  • bearbull -
    Congratulations on your new RL. I am really leaning that way myself because it is such a great value.

    If you don't mind my asking - what was the residual and Money Factor they gave you for the lease?
  • l943973l943973 Posts: 197
    Just replaced my stock Michelin MXV Energy tires with Yokohama AVS db. I feel the Michelins provide a more comfortable ride, but the AVS is quieter across all road surfaces. (kept tire dimensions the same for both).

    Handling is much better with the AVS. No tire squeal around corners even when pushed hard (this is after gently breaking in the tires for 100 miles).
  • In my new 2000 RL, I get break-up and crackling in low frequency radio stations 89.3 and 89.9 - much worse than with other vehicles we own, Dealer says this happens with "weak" radio stations and would be "prohibitively expensive" to improve.
    Has anyone managed to solve this problem or get any feedback from Honda?
  • I bought the car as opposed to leasing it. They were quoting a money factor of 0.00399 with a residual of 53% on a 3 year lease. I thought that the money factor was excessive.

    I financed it with zero down for 5 years at a rate of 7.5% through the dealer after I told them that I could get that rate from outside sources.
  • 1. gusayer, I think I am the first one to point out the lousy FM reception problem months ago. automophile mentioned to me there could be some bad cable or loose connection in the wire. I did bring my car back to the dealer and got the same "excuses" like the one you are getting (weak signal, power pole interference, high building, tall trees, ...etc.) I think that's totally bullsh*t! How come other cars, less expensive cars don't have this problem?! I am very disappointed and unsatisfied with the way they deal with this situation.

    2. need4spd, I do think RL sway too much! I don't drive race car but I still think the handling of RL is worse, not just compared to other competitors but to it's own predecessor "Legned". There is a good tip from bpatron on #127, #120 on fixing this problem.
  • You did good! .0039MF is quite high, and you obviously have good credit because you could get such a low interest rate.
  • just signed the deal 2000 rl silver for 33,000 will be picking up on sat.acura of bedford hills has 3 more left @ this price. traded in my 1997 cl for 13000
  • Great work Gapper for getting the RL at $33k. Any tricks you want to share with the rest of us? I am having a hard time getting dealers beyond $34.4 (dealer - incentive). thanks
  • Does anyone no what is the best deal you can get on a 2001. I am being told 38,500 w/o Nav., in Minnesota. Is this the best I can get? Would like to lease and I want to get the best price. Thanks
  • I have noticed a vibration/shuddering at a about 1800 rpms, 40 mile per hour while under a light load, like going up a small hill. Its as though the transmission is in between shifts. If i push doen on the pedal a shift occurs and all is well. Its hard to replicate all of the conditions but it has happened several times. Even passengers in the rear seat can feel it when it happens. The dealer has suggested it may be related to a tourque converter. My RL is a 2000 w/o nav with 500 miles. Love the car but do think there is something going on. Does this sound at all familiar and any thoughts. I hope to bring it in next week to the dealer.
  • soberssobers Posts: 496

    or search on for honda
  • I have not experienced your issue, although I am not surprised. For best performance , you would want to keep the RPMs up in the mid-2000s. You can do that by shifting the automatic like a standard. You avoid any unresponsiveness or strangeness as the transmission searches for your intent while struggling under a changing load.

    The owner's manual claims that you can shift the transmission as if it were a standard. I have been doing so on and off since I got my car 1700 miles ago. You have to be careful of two concerns. first, the engine is very quiet. Thus, you must remember that you should be shifting. Second, it is only a four speed and you must avoid neutral with your foot on the gas.

    As far as the radio goes, I have not had any reception problems.
  • I just bought a 2000 RL w/o nav for $32,595. The best price I've ever seen. David McDavid Acura in Plano Texas. Could not pass this one up. Very Impressed with the car.
  • Bearbull, I have owned a number of Acuras/Hondas. They always have a high mileage suggestion for oil changes. However, I have never heard of a dealer that said those were ok. They usually want you coming in as often as possible to try and sell you other stuff.

    I generally go between 3500 and 5000 miles depending on what kind of driving we have been doing. Oil changes are cheap maintenance and the lifeblood of an engine, better safe than sorry. Lately I have been using Castrol Syntec blend. I may go full synthetic with my new RL.

    You also really can't compare it to a turbo, which can really have oil related problems that one needs to be careful about.

    You can have the oil change done anywhere and it will not affect your warranty.
  • Is it true that the rebate has been raised from 3000 to $5000 as of 12/1. I closed on mine on Nov 30th and can't believe I may have cost myself 2k for 2 days of ownership?
  • It is true, Travis. However, it wasn't posted on Edmunds until about the 11th. I picked up my Ruby Red RL Sat for $33,000 with mats, muds, pin stripe and cargo net at Jay Wolfe in KC. They have a few 2000's left so hurry in anyone else...
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    phil mason, I've been interested in the RL in red for some time but have had a hard time finding anything more than the paint chip -- can you describe the red? Is it like the firepepper red that is on the TL? Or....?


    Take care.
    Joe W>
  • I am surprised nobody has mentioned the article from car point that Acura will unveil THREE new car at the NAIAS (next two weeks).

    While previous reports showed sketches of the TL-S, RS-X (nee next Integra) and the X concept vehicles (SUV type), the car point site mentioned that the 2002 RL will be equipped with a more powerful engine. Whether this is accurate news, and whether the RL will be all new remain to be seen.

    If it's all new, please, please Acura, make it with a V8 and AWD. And please don't make it ugly like the nexus LS 430 or Infiniti new Q 45.

    Here is the link:
  • 1964519645 Posts: 8
    alexalee1, I would say that the article you read has some truth to it. The Aura dealers in the Northeast are not taking any new orders for the 2001's. I was told that they will be using their allocations and waiting for the new RL that is to be here mid year. I also learned that the dealers already have color charts for the 2002 RL
  • 19645: Thanks for the confirmation. I speculate that it will be a leap in terms of features, design, etc. from the current model. And, following the TL price, it will be value priced as well. That's why we have a $ 5000 rebates for the current 2000 RL.

    As the previous press release said, the 2002 RL will use the GM OnStar.

    I am amazed that nothing is leaked yet. I am willing to bet that it will still be FWD with V6.
  • 1964519645 Posts: 8
    I agree it probably is a V6 with the FWD....The two dealers that I spoke with are afraid that it will become RWD since the perception is that it would be very poor in the snow. The dealers are anticipating that the price will be in the $50,000 range. I wanted to buy a 2001 RL but do not want to do anything until the prices are confirmed on the 2002 RL. I would hate to spend the money on a 2001 RL and have Acura price the 2002 RL the same way they priced the 1999 TL (which was less that the 1998 TL)
    Hopefully there will be some good rebates on the 2001's. January 7th will hopefully tell the story. Do you own on RL now?
  • No, I don't own an RL yet. I have been waiting for this new RL since around August 1999. It was rumored to be unveiled at the Paris auto show that year (by AutoWeek, nonetheless).

    I have a TL for my wife. At the time we bought it (in August 1999), I was considering the RL, because I thought it was a better deal (MSRP for TL, invoice for RL, the difference at the time was around $ 10,000, plus the RL is still made in Japan).

    I _thought_ I should be able to upgrade my current car (Acura Integra GS-R that's been with me since college) to an LS 430 type car this year. But, the current Nasdaq downturn, and the uncertain economy make me think that it's wise to wait. There will be some good deal, the dealer won't be so greedy, etc. I am sure I am not alone in this thinking. When times are not so rosy, people will defer car purchase first than home purchase, as we witness in the Bay Area house prices which still going up.

    As it is, new model or not, the current RL with $ 5000 rebates still make it a good deal. And, when the new RL come up, the 2001 model will hopefully be discounted some more.

    BTW, this spelling check software UI is a pain. I only want to check one spelling (nonetheless), and I have to ignore several good words (ie. RL, Paris, etc.).

    And, posting, if you wait for a while, it forced you to logout, and login again. Good thing I copied my post to the clipboard first at the first sign of trouble.
  • 1964519645 Posts: 8
    I have been waiting a while as well,at least since 1999. You are not alone I am currently driving around in an 88 accord with 230K on it. It's old but still drives fine. I'll be waiting to see if the 2001 RL gets discounted

    I agree the spell check is a pain
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