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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I got it at Champion toyota in the northeast section of the city. I believe their part of Sloane Auto group, which has a number of dealers throughout the area. Actually, Team Toyota of Langhorne PA came back the next day at 22,700 out the door, which working backwards to the base price would have been $21,031, and they had three colors available. However, I had told Champion prior that if they could get under 23K out the door I'd buy it, so I did. Also, I financed through my credit union (4.99 for 60mos), so these prices are inclusive of the $750 rebate.
  • kyunyookyunyoo Posts: 10
    Thanks Corclough

    By the way, you know what?

    I used to live in Philly area and the Champion Toyota and Sloane Toyota were there even back in 1997.
    My buddies and family members often got a good deal from Champion Toyota even back in 1990's. I personally got my Toyota from Sloane Toyota back in 1997.

    My experience with Sloane Toyota was not really good. I actually regretted quite a lot working with them even though I made final tranjaction with them for my car. It sounded like Sloane Toyota kept growing in terms of business, I hope their service has improved also.

    As far as I know, Champion Toyota was reasonable 10 years ago, and it seems they are still doing ok even now.

    Now, I have more option,

    1. Fitzmall
    2. Stop by my family in Philly for vacation and may get a car from Champion Toyota...
    will see....
  • minstrelminstrel Posts: 2
    Ron Carter Toyota in Alvin.
  • kyunyookyunyoo Posts: 10
    Just got the initial quote from one of local dealer (still 30~40miles away) on 06 CE + Option pack 1, which is basically base model.

    The quote was roughtly 23.7 k including all tax and doc fees.
    However, he said, it is "AFTER $650 Toyota Rebate" which implies that I have to pay the dealer 23.7+650 = 24.4k upfront.

    Then, it does NOT seem that attractive deal considering other people getting the 06 CE at 22.5k OTD in other states (2k differences wow!)

    How does manufacturer rebate work?
    I don't really want to wait for "mailing" of manufacturers rebate check. Can dealer take the rebate and lower OTD price?

    Also, anyone found a good deal in MI/OH/IN area on 06 CE (close to 22.5k OTD)?
  • This is the way I understand it. You have an either/or proposition. EITHER use the Toyota financing (in my area - 3.9% for 48mos or 4.9% for 60mos)OR take the $750 rebate (again, in my area) This is not like a rebate for electronics where you pay the full price and send off some paperwork and wait 3 months for your rebate. The dealer will discount this directly IF you can pay cash or finance through a third party. I'm sure there's somewhere on this site where you can do a comparison, i.e. If I get financing at 6% somewhere else is it cheaper to get the rebate or the Toyota financing (over the life of the loan)? I actually made my deal with the Toyota financing first, and then followed up with my credit union. For me, I could get financing through a third party that equaled Toyota's rate, so obviously, it made sense to get the rebate. I called the guy back and $750 came off the price (prior to taxes). That being said, it would help if you could provide the base selling price as opposed to the OTD pricing, as taxes and registration fees vary from state to state.
  • kyunyookyunyoo Posts: 10
    Per my prior vehicle purchasing experience (including helping on other's purchase), dealing on "base pricing" has been most of the time "headache".

    That is because I had to deal first on the base price, then, doc fee, then whatever interesting fees (advertisement fee) etc... then, finally loan if not paying in cash upfront...

    Most of the time, it took a whole day (morning and night), at the last minute dealing on a loan rate, ended up getting outrageous rate....

    Then, for the past years, getting the $$ from other source (through other bank, credit union etc) and dealing on the OTD price, it ended up much simpler and most of all, can really enjoy the new car...

    Anyway... I will seek for better deal from other local dealers... If can NOT knock off another 1~2k from the current deal, so what, I can always drive down to Fitzmall...

    anyone can find a better quote from MI/OH/IN area? it will be greatly helpful for me though....

    Thank you
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    I shopped for a Sienna in late '04 across Ohio and best quoted prices I received were from stores in the Cincinnati area. As I recall, the best quotes were from Kings (?) and the store on Colerain Ave.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    My friend bought a Sienna in May 2003 and she got the best deal from Hatsfield Toyota (I think that's their name) in Columbus. The second best offer came from King's and the third best offer came from Performance Toyota I believe.
  • In Minneapolis:

    I bought my van February 25 and like many others, feel I indebted to this forum for the knowledge I gained.

    2006 LE #4

    Retail: $28,424 (had to get one of the "fresh" ones with the $150 increase to get red and #4.

    Paid: $25478.75 - $750 rebate = $24,728

    Classic soft trim leather and heated seats $1679
    MN License $365.75
    MN Sales tax $1716.50

    Out the door total $28540 - paid cash

    The leather and heated retailed for $2100 so that is what I sealed this deal as others didn't budge much in that area. In MN, XLE #5 is not available so to me the #6 with JVC, a sunroof, foglights and more robo doors where nice but not worth $4500.

    Bought from Rudy Luther's which was a 95% good experience. Sale Manager coaxed me to leave another dealer with an aggressive last pitch. When arriving and doing the paperwork, of course the "oh that price didn't include the heated seats - just leather" happen to wreck the good feeling I was having though all along it was always both leather and heated. So we split the difference which I still see as costing me $200 more than it was supposed to. Otherwise, all other employees at Luther were great. Nail EVERY detail of your transaction down and you will not get beat at this part of the game like I did.

    How beat was I though really? This thing is far superior to the XLT AWD Explorer I paid $2000 more for in late 1998 (7.5 years ago). Thanks all.
  • pzoupzou Posts: 4
    here is the basics i paid in a Chicago area dealer.
    MSRP 24975
    negotiated price: 21800
    + Tax 1472
    + Title/Document 160
    - 750 rebate 750
    - 400 college reba 400
    = OTD ~22300
    not sure if it is the best but some info for your benchmark.
  • kyunyookyunyoo Posts: 10

    I think your deal is the best one that I have found so far.
    Which dealer in Chicago?
    Chicogo is relatively closer to my location (SE Michigan) than Fitzmall.

    By the way, do they give college reba to everyone?
    (I graduated college like 9 years ago....^^;)
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Maybe it's just me but I've never had any luck dealing with any of the Toyota stores here in my hometown of Columbus. Hatfield owns Toyota West. A co-worker had a good experience at Germain (on a RAV4) about a year ago.
  • pzoupzou Posts: 4
    Elmhurst Toyota
    i don't know if you still applicable for College $400. but without that, it is a little under $22700.
  • kyunyookyunyoo Posts: 10
    Thanks Pzou

    Let me try that dealer...
    I received a few several dealer quotes from local dealer (SE MI)...
    None of them better than 24k OTD (1.3k differences).

    Would I drive half/whole day for 1.3k? YES I WILL!!!!
  • pnathanpnathan Posts: 1
    2006 Toyota Sienna with Package #6 (BX)
    NO Floor mats
    Difficult car to find with Color (Salsa Red) and package that we wanted. We wound up using a broker to locate the vehicle. We could only get it out of Northern California. Prices are higher in the North but the Toyota rebate is 1000 instead of 750. We wound up paying 240 more than Southern California after the rebate, but we got the car we wanted. You could EITHER take the rebate or use the special financing, not both. :)

    31,035 MSRP
    27,356 Selling price
    45 Documentation fee
    2,260.58 Taxes 8.25% Los Angeles county
    240 license fee for 1st year
    8.75 California Tire recyling fee
    29,910.33 Total
    - 1,000 Toyota Rebate Northern California
    28,910.33 Grand Total
  • hhahha Posts: 8
    Does anyone know what changes will be in the 07 Sienna? I hope Toyota will put the Smart Access system (the one that let you open/lock door, start/stop engine without touching your car key) in the 07 Sienna, but that may be just wishful thinking.
  • sienna06sienna06 Posts: 10
    Don't waste your time to shop around in Houston unless you want to pay a bit higher. In my opinion, CE#1 at 23 to 23.5k and LE add @1200-1500 more is a good deal in Houston.


    If possible, buy it outside of houston or even outside of TEXAS and drive home to get a better deal. Good luck.

    Texas - everything is giant from product to prices to taxes to anything. Don't expect cheaper in Lone Star State.
  • pdadipdadi Posts: 6

    I got a quote of $21990 after $1000 rebate for Sienna LE with package #1 and CF. Taxes + lic extra.

    I shopped around and by far this is the best I got.

    What do you guys think can I go for this?

    MSRP: $26589
    Dealer invoive: $24400
    Selling Price: $22900
    Rebate: -$1000

    Final quote: $21990.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    The price sounds too good to be true - as though it was a quote on a CE model.

    If it's for real, grab it.
  • pdadipdadi Posts: 6
    Yes it is .One dealer had a mistake in the advertisement and other dealer beat it by 100 dollars. I went to dealer but unfortunately they don't have the color I am looking for.

    I will go with second choice color.
  • pdadipdadi Posts: 6
    How important is VSC+traction control in CA(bay area weather)?

    On LE with package# it don't have VSC+traction control
  • vp30vp30 Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2006 Sienna Limited with option three(3) package in Florida. It included Toyo Guard($699) and mats($240). I had them include the rear spoiler which will be added at the dealer. The color is Artic Frost which is an additional cost. The MSRP without the spoiler was $42,371. I am guessing with the spoiler it comes to $42,771.

    My price came to $35,900.(The dealers retained $1000 rebate).
    Add fees, tax, tag and title to this. I purchased the extended warranty for an additional $1500.

    Was the warranty worth it? It is supplied from Fidelity Warranty Services. Is this company reputabale?

    How was the price for the Sienna compared to what others have paid?

    Thanks in advance for the feedback.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    $1000 rebate? Hmm... That sounds like a good price for a loaded Limited. Below TMV actually I believe.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Great price on the van - very bad deal on the warranty. I don't have anything against this particular warranty company but it's nothing more a third party insurance plan - it's not unusual to have major problems when making a claim and/or coverage will be less than ideal.

    See if you can cancel. If you want an EW, buy Toyota's.
  • vp30vp30 Posts: 3
    I didn't specify the warranty...
    The warranty is 7year/100K miles $0 deductible and is the platinum version which is their highest form of coverage. When I purchased the warranty at the dealer, I thought it was a Toyota warranty but later I learned it was thrid party.

    Does Toyota have an extended warranty?

  • tagitstagits Posts: 9
    We are looking to buy another minivan. We have an 03 Sienna, but with all the problems it had (radiator, fuel leak, seatbelts, etc), we thought we should consider the Honda Odyssey. However, on that forum, there seem to be many unhappy people with humming/vibration noises and poor dealer response to that.

    So, now we are in a quandary. Sienna or Odyssey? I am wondering how many of your new Sienna owners decided against the Odyssey for the noises or other problems? Thanks in advance for any help you can give us!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Hi tagits,
    We have a discussion dedicated to this topic:
    Honda Odyssey vs Toyota Sienna

    Since this discussion is about pricing, you'll find a lot more information and get more feedback by joining the discussion linked above.

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  • blitzpbblitzpb Posts: 1
    I am checking prices through Has anyone purchased through costco and how did your price compare to tmv or invoice?
  • guirgiguirgi Posts: 4

    I'm fairly new to the car-buying experience, and after looking through these wonderful forums, I have a question. I am on the verge of buying an '06 Sienna Limited w/ package #3 in Arkansas. MSRP is $43,037. The dealer is only coming off $2k from MSRP. Looking at other buyer's experiences, this deosn't look like a good deal at all.

    Do these prices vary that greatly among regions? I had assumed that the high price was due to the relatively low supply of the package 3 limited Siennas, but maybe I'm just getting a bad deal. Any thoughts would be helpful.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Yes I think prices vary widely from region to region. It's simple supply and demand. I have a feeling Arkansas and Tennessee have far fewer loaded Limiteds with Pkg 3 than states like Illinois, New York, Maryland, and even Georgia because states like Arkansas and Tennessee have fewer people interested in Limited model Siennas.

    I would be willing to travel farther away from Arkansas to get a good price. Try Memphis, the Nashville region, or even Atlanta.
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