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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kris995kris995 Posts: 23
    To thkim:
    Contact the internet department at Doxon Toyota in Auburn. They were willing to sell for invoice. We bought a Honda, but they were willing to sell at invoice when we were dealing with them. Good Luck!
  • 24liza24liza Posts: 13
    I also live in WA.and out of 5 local dealers, the lowest quote I was able to get was $100 over invoice at Lake City Toyota. ($28,582) Doxin in Auburn was $300 over. Some listed their Invoice price as higher than others, while some said all should be the same at all local dealers. Costco price at Magic Toyota was also higher than Doxin and Lake City. Rodland was the highest. I was looking for Sienna LE #2. Tried talking them down because of Destination mark-ups, dealer inventives, Holdback fees, etc.
    After much research, decided to look back East(Virginia, Maryland, Florida, etc.) and either have it shipped, or fly there and drive back. It helps that I have friends/Relatives in those states who can ck. vehicles out for me too.
    Good Luck!
  • Hi Experts
    Please help me make a descision ,I have got the following quote for sienna LE option package #3 ,8 seater in VA.
    The out the door price inclusive of everything for a 0% apr on 60 months is $25954/-
    This does not include the rebates rather i get the 0%.
    Please put in your precious comments.
    Should i wait for the 07 Models or is it a good time to buy a sienna?
    Thanks in advance for your advice.
  • R u sure that you have drove a 07 sienna because the production has just started,how can they be out in the market.
    which dealers have this can you provide the name.
  • yes,

    that was the final price after all rebates, etc.
  • i really must recommend the Consumer Reports New Car Buyers Service to help get the lowest price...

    It cost $14, but it helped me work from the real bottom price up, rather than the MSRP down... (rebates, dealer incentives, etc are already figured in)

    and I used the Internet to shop the lowest price around to 7 different dealerships...

    for example, if CR says the best price should be $34,800... then shop it around and see who gives you the closest price... when you find two dealers with the lowest prices, go back and forth until they won't go any lower...

    CR says if you are 4 to 8% above CR's price, you are doing well...
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    I've just started shopping for an AWD LE and came across a local dealer who was advertising a 2005. They said it had been overlooked on the lot and now the Toyota rep said they had to sell it. The sticker price is $32,559. No leather. They want to sell it to me for $25,495. They said I would still get the full warranty. The vehicle has about 230 miles on it. Is this a good deal? Should I worry about a vehicle that has sat around for at least a year outside in the New England weather? Would a brand new '05 qualify for the 0% financing?
  • Try Boch Toyota, they are outside Boston Area. Someone posted previous and I looked them up. My best price was about 2300 off msrp locally in connecticut. Boch beat that by about $1000, but rebate is a little less 1500. in CT $1000. in MA I think they are 2nd largest toyota in the world check out their website the price quoted was lower than their invoice price(which we all no means nothing).
  • I see that the 0% APR for 36 months has been extended until the end of November. However, the $1,500 cash back appears to have ended on 10/31. Anyone have information on this?
  • hello everyone, im looking to getting a siena but ive read that the limited package is not available on the 8 passenger models . is that correct? i really would like a top of the line 8 passenger siena.
  • 8-passenger seating is not available on LE AWD, XLE and Limited.
  • I am planning to buy Sienna LE with package 1. Did anybody bought this recently in PA area? what is your OTD price? What is the rebate&incentive for sienna in Nov.? $2000? thanks
  • I mean LE 7 passengers.
  • I think that the best dealer price I've seen on a package 4. Congrats and enjoy the smooth ride.
  • With the $1500 rebate gone, I should've bought the car last month as I am paying cash. However, I've been told by the dealer that there is a "coupon" coming out day after Thanksgiving.

    This would lower my price on the XLE AWD plus #2(H0) to $37,700). Anyone else hear about this coupoon? If so, can I get a better price?

    Please let me know. Thanks.
  • Did this final price of $36,900 include drive out cost? I.e. tax, tag, title, doc fees, etc.?

    Does the $36,900 include any rebate or did you do the 0% financing?

    Thanks in advance,

    Dave in Atlanta
  • 24liza24liza Posts: 13
    A local dealer around here (Seattle area) Is selling 2006 Siennas for "up to O% financing" for 60 months so if you're paying cash, I'd go with this deal instead and put your cash in a CD or MM Certificate or.......They still have lots of 2006's left so it sounds like the deals will get sweeter as the end of the year rolls around.
  • Dave,

    the $36,900 is the final cost of the negotiated price of the car...

    the only thing left was tax and title...

    I used the Consumer Reports procedure... for $14 i got the real bottom price of the car after all rebates and dealer incentives and anything else the dealer makes is taken off...

    then you negotiate UP from there...
  • I really wasn't looking too hard, as I had an '05 Tacoma 4x2 Access Cab. It did have close to 50,000 miles. Drove all over heck in it. Quite a nice 4 cylinder!
    The 0% finance got me thinking, then I rented an LE last week for a day. I was really impressed. In the last few months I have rented (from a dealership 60 miles away)a Yaris Hatchback, the new 4cyl RAV 4, '07 Camry 4cyl LE, and a Scion TC. All were optioned out heavy, except the Scion. Anyway, I thought the Sienna was easily the nicest of the bunch. I was excited, and the guy at the rental counter said "I guess it's ok, if you have to drive a minivan". :)
    Ended up buying at another, much closer Dealership. Toyota of Puyallup. Just stopped by to compare a CE with the LE I drove last week. The deal they quickly offered, when factoring in my Trade, was just too good to pass up. I said, lets go for a spin!
    We have almost 9% Sales Tax here in the Seattle area, and they subtract the Trade-in from the New vehicle, and you only pay Tax on the difference. I got a 2006 CE with; Package #1
    Carpeted Floor Mats/Sill Protectors
    Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror
    Rear Spoiler
    $23,700 and it showed that included $100 extra for the salesman.
    The rental lot is Rodland Toyota, Everett, WA. Sorry I didn't buy from you, it's wasn't personal.
    They have great prices on rentals, you just have to have Auto Insurance that includes Comp and Collision, and proof of same. Recommend it highly.
    So, I got a brand new Toyota with a V6 for 0%!!!
    Fold the third row down, remove the second row, grab a big mat and a sleeping bag, and I'm outa here!
  • bao1bao1 Posts: 35
    did you deal with the internet sales department to get this price?
  • Yes,

    I took the lowest price (I think it was $35,700) and shopped it around to 8 Toyota dealers near me... I emailed them, told them exactly what the car was and it's Pkg's, and said I was looking to pay this amount...

    (I knew what I wanted because I visited a dealer, test drove and researched all the info on pkgs, etc - but DID NOT talk price - i later gave that salesman a chance to beat the lowest internet price)

    All of the dealers emailed back saying they couldn't sell it for that, but here's our best deal... most were $3,000 more than what I was asking for...

    But I did get two to battle it out til I got them down to the lowest they would go...

    I think this was the easiest strategy I've ever used in buying a car...
  • I got a quote for 2006 Sienna LE with pkg #2 for $23200 + TTL + TAX in Nashville,TN. Is this a good deal ? With 5 years 0 % APR :confuse:
  • Yes I did. All communications were by email or phone.

    I initially contacted multiple dealers through their websites or by email. The initial offer I received from Elgin Toyota was never matched by another dealer. The impression I received from them is that they perceive the sales potential offered by the internet.

    My overall experience with Elgin Toyota was quite positive.
  • Nov 10th - I have received 2 different dealership quotes of 22,500 and 21,900 for LE PKG 2 (AP) - This price includes a rebate of 2000, but TTL would be extra.

    For Pkg 4, I've received quotes at 23,900.00 and 23,000.00 including rebate of 2000, TTL extra.

    Have seen better prices before the rebate 6 months ago.
  • Nov 10th - I have received 2 different dealership quotes of 22,500 and 21,900 for LE PKG 2 (AP) - This price includes a rebate of 2000, but TTL would be extra.

    For Pkg 4, I've received quotes at 23,900.00 and 23,000.00 including rebate of 2000, TTL extra.

    Have seen better prices before the rebate 6 months ago.
  • tphutphu Posts: 1
    I am looking for a 2006 Sienna CE in Houston, TX area, but I don't know what drive out price is considered a good deal. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  • Those are great prices. Is 0% included also?
    I priced for 2 weeks, here on Edmunds only. It doesn't matter for me anymore, as I bought from the first place I went to. Was on an info only drive, bored on my day off.
    I'm happy, but did skip the LE because of the added price.
    Very much wanted heated rear view mirrors and the privacy glass, and maybe PKG 1 if they were giving them away, but the are all loaded up in this neck of the woods, except CE, and those are getting scare. Was on a bargain hunt. The prices the past few posts quote are SUPER. I could buy over the phone, have it shipped to Seattle, and still come out miles ahead.
  • I got a quote at 21900. But I was also told that there is no 0% APR.

    How did people get 0% APR? Do they still offer that now?
  • from Edmunds (may be Zip Code specific?);

    Financing Start: 11/02/2006 End: 12/04/2006 0.0% APR Term: 60 months
    Restrictions None.
    Comments Dealer participation may vary. Incentives and Rebates are provided subject to the terms of our Visitor Agreement.
  • Would you please post a link? Thanks
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