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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Toyota and other auto marker don't list that the holdback. Depends on the auto marker, dealers usually add 2 to 3% of the factory invoice (few auto marker don't have holdback). Like mmc8 mentioned, they are build into the invoice and makes you think that is the invoice cost. If they show you that and sell you at the dealer cost, they still make money (2 or 3% of MSRP). Maybe I was correct, but I believe the holdback also use for ads and basic maintenance for the first 90 days in the lot. When I was in the market for my Kia Sorento, I asked my dealer why there is a different ($500) between their invoice and the one on edmunds or Kelly Blue Book. You can learn a lot of from Tips & Advice. Invoice can be found on Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book.
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455
    Hi everyone,

    JUST A SUGGESTION thats all.

    Blandfordm knows this already, but it should be noted that when you post your pricing you should also consider posting your zip code. This way we can somehow analyze your pricing correctly. To give you an example, over where I am, zip code 07621, for the XLE, I am only giving one option, it's a take it or leave it deal.

    Now changing the zip code to an Atlanta zip code you are given five different types of optional packages, and in California you are given four.

    Obviously, bottom drive off price and what exactly is in the car is what counts. Just something to consider when you are telling us what type of pricing you receive with what packages.
  • So what is TDA and does everyone pay this seperately from the price the deal is nego. to?

    When I sit down in the finace office am I going to see an extra $500 for TDA on top of what I negotiated, or is it going to be included in the numbers so it is not an additional 1/2 k that I have to calculate into the equation of am I getting a good deal or not?
  • lapvnlapvn Posts: 455
    As I noted above, on Toyota's site, I am only given one option for the XLE, but I don't know if this is entirely true when you go to the dealership.

    Has anyone found out if the dealers are offering the same or different packages to what you are able to configure on Toyota's site?

    I kind of find it hard to believe that if I walked into a Toyota dealer tonight, they are going to tell me, here is your choice, nothing else, not too flexible on their end. If that is not the case, then Toyota's site is awful that if leads you to believe otherwise.
  • I do not believe the Toyota website is that accuarate, because if I remember correctly you can not choose AWD on any of the base models. Also, when you first open up the pages for the new Sienna you do see the Limited, but when you go to build your own, the Limited is not an option. So I end up picking the XLS with package #5 (DVD and color keyed spoiler). The price seems great but I do not believe I am getting the Limited options that realy want, such as the front and rear parking sensors, or Awd.
  • kgnw1kgnw1 Posts: 94
    Limiteds have everything standard except for the DVD/Navigation/Spoiler packages. You'll get the sonar and laser guided cruise.
  • jh316jh316 Posts: 3
    where in CO did you make a deal?
  • tomzaktomzak Posts: 5
    AFTER Typing and Dialing my fingers to the Bone,
    when I mention a few I-NET Pals Claim buying 2004
    Sienna at 2 PER-CENT over Invoice, Dealers contact
    ed just HAVE A GOOD LAUGH at MY EXPENSE!! Would
    THOSE LUCKY BUYERS be Kind Enough to tell me WHICH
    Small Town Dealers WILL do this?? {PLEASE include
    Name,City,State,and Phone # ..) I Live in the
    CHICAGO area, but willing to travel Several Hun-
    dred Miles. I haven't seen an 8 PASSENGER, but
    MAY want one over a 7-PASS...PROS and CONS PLEASE??
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    You may include the dealership name and city/state where you purchased, but NO direct links to the dealership site. Also, please do not post salespeople names, phone numbers or email contact information.
  • jchanceyjchancey Posts: 5
    I decided to investigate the AAA negotiated price with a local dealer here in San Jose. They informed me AAA's negotiated price is 8% above invoice, which would still be a little under MSRP. Seems reasonable but I'm not convinced that's the best deal I can get. Anyone else using the AAA buying program?
  • harryfatharryfat Posts: 132
    Where are you in northern CA? In the SF bay area, Hayward Toyota advertises $1K off any pre orders. May not be the best deal you will end up with, but at least it's a small discount to start you shopping and get other dealers to discount their prices.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    "... but at least it's a small to start you shopping and get other dealers to discount their prices."

    I see many posters mentioned discounting the Sienna in CA. This reminds me that when I started talk to several dealers here in MA about discount. They responded me that they are not start a trend by discounting the Sienna and gave me brunch of BS. I though, if they discount one for $500, more people will go to them other than dealer #2 or else for more business. Again, business is business. They have no reason to discount the van at this time.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    You will not see a line item on the invoice for Dealer Holdback. It is already "in" the factory invoice price (Toyota's is 2% of the Base MSRP which you must calculate before adding options). You can't really use it as a negotiating tool, but you should be aware that it is there. (It has to do with how long the car is sitting on the dealer's lot...go back and read the Holdback article link I provided). Even if the dealer sells you the car for $1 over factory invoice, they can still make hundreds of dollars in profit so long as the car hasn't been sitting on their lot that long.

    Destination is not negotiable. For the Sienna it is $510.00 Again this will be a line item on the Factory Invoice (we show it on the pricing as well).

    TDA - I **think** that this is in the invoice price as well and will not appear as a line-item on the invoice. I'll have to double-check on that one.

    Therefore, when you buy you will hopefully pay something like Factory Invoice + Destination ($510.00). Then add on your title, taxes to get the "out the door price".

    Notice that I have been saying FACTORY INVOICE. This can be different depending on your dealer. The dealer may put on the window a "Dealer Invoice" which is basically the factory + any little extra goodies (not) that the dealer decided to put on and markup after they received the car (paint protection, etc.).

    When I did my shopping and requesting quotes online (yes, through the Edmunds pricing pages), after the dealer responded to ask which specific make/model/trim/options I was looking for I made sure to put in my email back the following:

    "-NO dealer "extras", just what the factory sends and is listed on the factory invoice."

    The factory invoice $ they quote you should match what we have here online. Be sure that they break down for you factory invoice + destination.

    Good luck!
  • beckyo2beckyo2 Posts: 24
    Try Toyota of Danville in Tilton IL. I bought from them this week and got what I think was a great deal. No bull, he found my van in less than 24 hours EXACTLY how I wanted it. Good Luck.

  • harryfatharryfat Posts: 132
    I think it's a question of how badly they want your business and how many vans they have coming versus the number of people on the waiting list, if any.

    When I first started with Sienna price quotes last month, everybody here in the SF bay area told me there's no way they're going below MSRP because it's a "hot van." Whatever.

    Now there's one dealer already advertising in the newspaper saying they will discount Siennas by $1000 off MSRP. So if other dealers want to price match or beat that price, there's a target to for them to shoot for.

    Nobody wants to be the first to discount if they still can sell at MSRP or have a long waiting list. But if 1 maverick dealership wants the early Sienna business more than its peers, then you have wiggle room as a consumer as you use that in your negotiation.

    Personally speaking, $1000 off is still nothing to write home about, especially you can get deals elsewhere in the country at lower prices, but if he needs the van within the next month and is unwilling to go far from his home town, then $1000 off is his starting point.
  • If you really, really want the '04 Sienna, I would suggest you stop reading these posts for the next 3 months and get your minds off this topic. If you keep on reading, you will lose your patience and end up buying the Sienna at MSRP or close to it, which is a rip-off. Just think that if you bought one today for MSRP, you would be really upset by the end of the year when everyone else is getting $3,000 off MSRP. Don't do it, man!
    Get your minds off this topic and do something else. Harry and I lost our patience and we decided to just get the Odyssey, which I don't regret at all because mine has NAV and DVD RES :-)
    Now you just can't beat NAV!
  • winedogswinedogs Posts: 102
    Has anyone purchased a Sienna in Western PA. If so, what did you pay?
  • jchanceyjchancey Posts: 5
    I'm in San Jose, actually. I just spoke with Toyota of Palo Alto yesterday. The fleet manager there is offering $1K off MSRP for new Sienna's.
  • harryfatharryfat Posts: 132
    My point exactly. Now that Hayward Toyota has established the Bay Area Sienna pricing at $1000 off MSRP, you shouldn't have to work very hard to get any dealer to match that price.

    Now the next round is to find a third dealer willing to go even lower.
  • beckyo2beckyo2 Posts: 24
    with the BW pkg., mats and a cargo net in phantom grey pearl. I hope to be driving it home in 18 days!

    Peace, Becky
  • leagraleagra Posts: 7
    I've called Toyota of Danville. Hopefully, I'll be able to come back and report that I got the beckyo2 deal. If not, I'm headed to New Orleans, where the dealers are willing to entertain discussions on discounting this "hot vehicle."
  • I have been reading these boards for the last 2 months or so while I was doing my research on minivans. The wife and I had decided on a Honda Odyssey until I heard about the new Sienna.

    Anyway, we started calling every dealer in the Maryland and Virginia area and most would only sell at sticker (and some above sticker - Yeah right!).

    However, one of the dealers responded to an Internet quote request I had filled out. When he called me, I let him know (thanks to this board) that I wasn't playing any games and that if I couldn't get a reasonable offer that I would buy the Honda. So, he said he would see what he could do. A day later he called back and offered me $500 under MSRP.

    Not bad (especially compared to what most were offering at the time), but I knew I could do better, so I called several other dealers and told them I had an offer on the table for $500 under MSRP in writing (I had the deal in writing because I went to the dealer that made me the offer and put a $200 deposit on the van) and asked them if they wanted my business they'd have to beat that deal.

    Some said no way, others wanted to know how I was getting that deal (almost like they were angry that some dealer was breaking some hidden pact between all Toyota dealers or something).

    In the end, several dealers did agree to match the price, but only one would do better. I then took that offer back to the original dealer and they agreed to beat it by including several of the extra options we wanted (like floor mats, cargo net, alloy wheel locks, etc...) for "free".

    The bottom line is that we got a 2004 LE with Option package #7 (Aspen green) for $900 off MSRP. Not too bad given the current supply and demand situation. No doubt we could have done better by waiting a few more months when the supply picks up (CarMax told us that their allocations would pick up in May or June), but we needed it for a trip so we couldn't wait any longer.

    The dealership is Jerry's Toyota and they are located just North of Baltimore.

    Happy Hunting!!
  • newcar35newcar35 Posts: 48
    If you're really willing to drive, try straatman toyota, southwest of St. Louis. $1,000 off MSRP. BUT, it's a 4 hour drive from Peoria, so about 7 or so each way from Chicago suburbs. They do respond to e-mail, so I'd try that first.
  • CindyMCindyM Posts: 15
    Wondering if that 2% over invoice deal came through for you over the weekend?
  • socal4socal4 Posts: 8
    I have successfully gotten a So. Cal. dealer to do 2% over invoice on an XLE package 15. This is what I did. I sent an email to about 25 to 30 dealers advising that I was a serious buyer and had learned from other buyers that they had obtained a deal at 2% over invoice and was looking for the same deal. I would not have had that information without this site, so thanks to Edmunds. The majority of replies basically told me that I was out of my mind given the demand for the vehicle. However, at some point I hit "pay dirt" with an email from the internet manager at Wondries Toyota in Alhambra, CA indicating that he would do 2% over invoice. We spoke on the phone and he advised that he may have access to a vehicle with the options I wanted by trading with another dealer. That didn't materialize and I am now ordering the vehicle with them at 2% over invoice.

    It is interesting that I did get some more emails from other dealers telling me I was crazy after striking this deal. Some were rather cocky that I felt compelled to share my deal with them. South Coast Toyota then indicated that they would also do 2% over invoice. Some of the other "cocky" dealers followed by indicating that they would work with me and come off MSRP, though they didn't specify how much.

    In my opinion, the key is to do all of this by email as it shifts the balance of power more toward the buyer.

    I must admit that I do feel lucky for the deal. When I advised the sales person I dealt with that I would recommend the dealer to others on the internet looking for a Sienna, he replied by saying "I hope you didn't tell them that I gave you 2% over invoice". I sheepishly indicated that I had and he reluctantly said to go ahead and refer them though he was clearly less than thrilled.
  • gator42gator42 Posts: 1
    Any success in CT under MSRP? If so where?
    I have been shopping for XLE with Leather. I am told MSRP is it - by a couple dealers. Anyone have any better luck. I am also trading in a car and will try to get more since they are making big $$ on these vans.

    MSRP is $32,919 - though MSRP still seems worth it but we may wait for summer when inventories go up.
  • kgnw1kgnw1 Posts: 94
    Try Basil Toyota, Lockport, NY. (near Buffalo) It's probably a little farther than you are looking for though.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Sylvia (staff) - There are several European auto markers don't have holdback (Audi, BMW, Land Rover and Saturn with one-price sale). Is this make any different when negotiate the price? Still pay 2 to 3% over invoice? I am think if we pay 2% over the invoice on the vehicle which the dealer is already added the 2% holdback over the factory invoice. And they are making 4% of the factory invoice. Right?
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Let me check with Phil Reed our resident car buying expert and get his take on it.
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