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Pontiac Bonneville



  • Mine have seen two winters and are in excellent - -not showroom shape.

    regluar cleaning, the occasional use of metal polish and protectant wax and thats the part of my car that i let my daughter do when i zaino it.
    the water just runs off and then its a light cloth cleaning to sparkle them
  • boosted1boosted1 Posts: 90
    Some early 2001's (like mine) have the older center caps with the carbon fiber look. When we were travelling around the local dealerships, checking out colors for 2001's, some would have all chrome centers and some would have the others.

    I am eager to see what changes they have for 2002.

    Maybe a new cup holder?
  • how about one that actually holds 2 containers of fluid.
    i miss my last bonne - SE, with 60/40 split front seat and fold down armrest - two popout holders could manage almost anything - as long as it wasnt very heavy

    why , oh why wont they build one that can handle two big gulps with ease ?
  • Ill post this here, instead of the mods section. . .

    does anyone have an online store they can point me to for buying modification components for our cars. Ive been to the site , and its pretty good - but im more comfortable knowing the parts are intended for my car, and not guessing they should fit.

    im looking for a pulley, gatorback belt and new lower t-stat to start.

    ive got a tentative appointment with a guy who services the GP's in Toronto area for the install in 2 weeks.

  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    The other day, I had the a/c on and my wife was complaining about the cold. "Adjust your temperature then, dear". She did. I had mine set at 21°C (about 70°F) and she notched hers up to 26°C (about 80°F). Pretty soon, she was complaining about the "hot" air. It was 30°C outside. I verified that, in fact, both the heater and the a/c were on simultaneously and blowing accordingly treated air into the cabin. Neat - well, sort of.... I changed the settings right away and her air returned to a saner temperature.

    I share this with you because I had heard complaints about GM's dual zones only allowing a 5°F difference between driver and passenger and that the a/c and heater could not come on simultaneously. I suspect that might be the case with the lesser systems - like those in the Century, Regal, Grand Prix, etc. - but it certainly is not the case with our Bonnie's.
  • fantascpfantascp Posts: 175
    Hey Ken,
    if you get a chance, if you didn't already read it, check out Carpoint- consumer reviews 2000 bonneville- "REBUTTAL TO GENIUS BELOW'
    some CLOWN wrote about too much "Plastic Etc, Lousy gas mileage etc- sorry he/she got the car etc just before "REBUTTAL"
    Is he a signed CLUB MEMBER?- he should be!!!

    I personally believe that the "Plasticville Man/Women?doesn't own this car at all! Claims he/she own the car 2 years!- how can that be if the car wasn't available until around Aug/Sept-1999!!!!
    Also- my son has a Honda Accord- 4 cl- engine and is getting around 32 mpg- i'm getting around 25& 1/2 mpg highway-V6!!! where is that such a big difference that it can be argued that the Bonneville is lousy on gas?

    Enjoy your Summer,

  • scottnscscottnsc Posts: 4
    I have been using my Onstar personal calling in my Bonne, and I think it is one of the coolest features. I love to show it off to other 'gadget enthusiest' like me. (My wife says 'gadget geek', but what does she know?!?)

    Anyway, sometimes when I use the system it makes a LOUD electronic screeching sound. Has anyone else experienced this problem? The folks at Onstar say let the dealer replace the system, but I've heard that involves really tearing the car apart. I don't want to do that as I can't stand the thought of my 'baby' being torn apart.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas/suggustions.
  • skyhawk3skyhawk3 Posts: 42
    I occasionally get that screeching sound but the other end does not. Ocaasionally the person I'm calling gets the sound and I do not.
    My main gripe is that they assigned an area code from a another state than where I live and bought the car! Seven weeks ago, I was told that it would be corrected in three weeks. Still waiting.If I want to call my wife while she is in the car, I have to pay a toll charge.
    The e-mail part of virtual advisor is neat but eats up your units.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    I saw that review just the other day - I, like you, cannot believe the writer owns one. Anybody who buys a car and as passionately hates its use of plastic has only himself to blame. I suspect this is another hater of Pontiac cladding who wanted to express him/herself. On the other hand, maybe he does own it - in which case, his car is equipped with one more dipstick than yours or mine.
  • murrajm5murrajm5 Posts: 1
    Where are some places besides Advance, NAPA, etc. that I can find some decent rotors. I am not really sure if I want to go slotted and/or drilled but want
    something of quality that has some kind of warranty against warping. I found that I can get some cheap ones from the above places with a two year
    warranty but I like the idea of buying something I can feel confident about. However, I do not really want to spend too much for them. Anyone have any
    experience purchasing some online and do those sites have prices?
  • rb8225rb8225 Posts: 33
    This may sound like a silly question, but is there anything that can be done to improve the appearance of the surfaces of the brake rotors? Last Saurday I took a couple of hours in the driveway washing the car, cleaning the chrome rims, etc. When I'm done the car is beautiful until you see the rusty rotor surfaces showing through the spokes of the shiny chrome rims. I know this is being fussy, but... Anything to be done?
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Hard braking to clean off the rust?
    Seriously, this is the real reason a lot of people "upgrade" to better brakes. They get a cool new set of aftermarket wheels, and suddenly realizr the rotors or caliper are ugly.
  • Yup - the idea being that after you wash it - you're gonna drive it !
    One or two stops - - and they are shiny too.

    as for getting replacements - -i saw some nice looking (and in theory working) rotors at

    from there, you get an idea of price - -im not sure ours are the exact same as a new GTP, but at least you can do a search on the brand once you get the name. i did one for a good set of pads that were there - and am just waiting on my price and part number.
  • fantascpfantascp Posts: 175
    I like your terminology- definetely that guy is the EXTRA DIPSTICK!!!!, and One Frenchfry short of a Happy Meal at McDonald's.

  • scottnscscottnsc Posts: 4
    Onstar also assigned me a telephone number that was not local and I told them if they couldn't change it then forget it. When I was trying to explain that about half the state of South Carolina uses the 803 area code and that I needed a number based on my zip code they acted like I was speaking Greek. However, I suggested some local exchanges to them and they were able to make the change in about 2 days. Call your local Verizon wireless office and get a few local exchanges that they use when assigning new cell-phone numbers (Onstar uses the Verizon network).

    Good Luck!
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    I'll have to go check out the Carpoint article sometime - not at my home now so don't have PC time at home and am pretty busy here at work so may not get to this for a while. Sounds like a guy who likes to hear himself talk and spark reactions of any kind.

    MPG - Chuck - you only get 25.5 highway? I'm getting 29.5 - 32 doing 75 mph hiway. Tell that to Mr. Gasser!

    Finally moved to camp this week - have to bring the boat up next trip after I get a new mooring in the water today or tomorrow. Lots of yard work and a screen to replace - hoping for good weather to enjoy the place next week.

    Take care, everyone.

  • ginman3ginman3 Posts: 11
    When we went in to order our SSEi, I was initially put off by the chrome wheels. At the time, they just seemed too gaudy, not befitting someone who has done nothing recently to bring down the average age of Bonneville owners. However, with my 96 Bonneville with the cast aluminum wheels, I was very, very disappointed when I had new tires installed and saw what the wheels looked like.
    Living in northern Illinois, road salt is certainly not unusual(nor is it in Detroit). The wheels held up fine because of the coating but underneath the balancing weights, they were corroded and discolored and since the new weights are almost never in the same place as the old ones, they looked pretty bad. To this day, I'm not sure why at the factory they can't put the weights on the inside, particularly on the aluminum wheels.
    Anyway, that's a long winded version of how I came to feel like I was backed into forking out over $500 for the chrome wheels. That said, they have grown on me and they are so much easier to keep clean than the lace version. Also, I think they complement my gray hair nicely, thank you very much.
    Going home for a week or so next week, having been gone for about 6 weeks here in Maine. It will be nice to take the cover off the Bonneville and put a few miles on it. By the way, don't believe Ken when he talked about his kids pestering him. I met them and they were some of the nicest kids that you would want to meet.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    Mark (or is that mfahey or ginman3? I can't keep it straight): I suppose that one reason for not putting the weights inside is that many claim that the balance can only be achieved once the tire is mounted on the rim. I agree with you about the pitting though - and have learned to spray a little silicone around the wheel weights during the winter. Keeping the wheels waxed is another good idea. As long as the coating isn't compromised on the wheel, though, they usually withstand corrosion quite wheel. On that subject, is anybody aware of a touch-up paint for that "aluminum-look" finish on GM alloys?

    Glad to hear that Ken's kids are a fine bunch - although it's hard to imagine anything different from kids raised by somebody who's thoughtful enough to care for his brood in safe vehicles like Suburbans and Bonnevilles.
  • zzahhzzahh Posts: 47
    I agree with the idea of putting the weights on the inside of the rim, in many cases this can be accomplished simply by insisting that that is how you want it done. It can take a bit more effort on the part of the individual who is doing the work, and I have found often it is a matter of lazyness and not an issue of space. In some cases, depending upon the amount of weight needed, you might find weights on the inner and outer bead area. I do know that there are weights that are sticky backeed and the are layed on the inner surface or in some cases the outer (or easily viewed surface).. ihave not seen these often, however, they certainly eliminate the corrosion problem. I believe any quality orientated wheel and tire shop should have these options available.
  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    Dan - I take it you mean aluminum silver paint, and yes, I bought a (spray) can from JCWhitney for my old Camaro. There are colors that match various years and type of GM wheels. I'm not sure about touch-up applicators, though.
  • wesley1derwesley1der Posts: 49
    Has any one seen any good looking aftermarket wheels that look good on the SSEI? I had a 97 SSEI and the five spook wheels looked better than the chromes on the 01.
  • intense01intense01 Posts: 107
    I have GOT to see a picture of these wheels!


    2000 SSEi
    Stock: 15.800 @ 89.60 mph
    4/14/01: 14.555 @ 94.75 mph
    6/30/01: 14.101 @ 98.04 mph
  • i am hurt ! personally - i feel the new swirl spoke rims are actually the best looking factory rims on the market! of course, they may not look as nice on the pre 2000 models -
    i havent run across anything else, but since i am hunting down parts places to modify me SSEi - if i find a good link - ill post it here
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Mark, Dan - I appreciate the kind words on the parenting aspect of life. We do have great kids and have to remind ourselves of that occasionally!

    We've been back and forth to camp and home with company and trying to get the boat ready - (hole in water in which to pour money!) My frustration with not being able to keep up with all the various demands for attention has resulted in a 4th of July weekend at camp with no boat - how frustrating is THAT!!!

    Couldn't get it started - hauled it over to the marine repair shop and it's got to have a carb rebuild - sure wish I had known that 3 or 4 weeks ago! Oh well - seems like I've been behind the 8 ball for months now.

    Dan - just had company from Canada (eh?) My late mother's best friend and another lady came from Halifax to visit for the weekend - had a nice time and enjoyed showing them around. The friend has a 2000 Neon - says she paid $22K Canadian for it - seems AWFULLY high - can get a 2001 around here for $11K now according to the car ads in the paper. Doesn't $22K sound out of line to you?

    Take care all and enjoy a SAFE holiday tomorrow.

  • eric311eric311 Posts: 3
    I have a 98 Bonneville with 20000 miles on it. Yesterday I noticed that a small line of paint has peeled off from the hood. I also noticed a small area around it had small bubbles. Today after driving for about 10 miles I noticed that all paint has peeled off from the area that was bubbly yesterday (the size of about 2 quarters). Sounds to me like defective paint. I do not know what else could have caused this. I never used any chemicals on the car and I live in New York city so I do not think this is weather related.
    The paint has also come off my 88 Bonneville leaving white marks all over the car and especially on the roof. But this car has 120,000 on it so I cannot complain.
    I am wondering what might have caused this on my 98 car. Also what do you think would be the best way to fix this considering that I still have the original 3 year warranty (repaint the hood, replace the hood, repaint the whole car).
    Thank you.
  • wesley1derwesley1der Posts: 49
    Where is eveybody??????? You all sleeping.
  • boosted1boosted1 Posts: 90
    Everyone is out enjoying their Bonnevilles.
  • swblumeswblume Posts: 4
    Just a quick question... Is a (supposedly) stock 94 Bonneville SSEi supposed to be able to outrun a 94 Formula or Trans Am? I was out playing last night, and came upon a 94/95 T/A. The driver of the T/A and I exchanged looks, then both hit the gas at the same time... and for some reason, I ended up accelerating away from him. I know he was at full throttle because I heard his engine spin up, and I heard his automatic transmission downshift twice (before it upshifted as we passed about 95...). My best friend also has a 94 Formula, and he can't seem to keep up with me, either... After checking and rechecking the numbers several times, they still don't add up. Anyone got any ideas?
  • Stock vs. stock a Bonnie should not be able to take out a LT1 F-Body. The LT1 has a huge torque advantage over you and should be pulling away at higher speeds. Maybe he needs a tuneup, or his throttle cable is loose...

    On a completely unrelated note, does anyone have experience chipping their Bonnies? I want to put a Superchip in my 1992 SE. With the new H-rated tires I've got the 108mph governor is meaningless. More HP and higher shift points couldn't hurt either. Anybody chip their car?
  • bigred00bigred00 Posts: 13
    I was at the local dealer's today to have a faulty radio replaced in my '00i, and saw a brand new SLE parked out back without a sticker. Looks like THEY IMPROVED THE CUPHOLDERS!!!!!!! They are no longer covered or side by side. Rather, they are now one in front of the other, with the rear one slightly offset towards the passenger seat. To accomodate this configuration, they moved the traction control switch to a small panel just below the HVAC controls and did away with the small, very near useless, bin that one held residency there. Don't ask me where they put the seat heaters, unless this model didn't have them, and they will flank the traction control switch on those that do. OTHER CHANGES: The 17" wheels were of a five-spoke design that, at the expense of looking a tad cheap, certainly looked a lot easier to clean than the lace ones. ONE MORE: The exhaust tips are now ovals rather than trapezoids.
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