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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon ABS Fault Issues



  • i have an abs fault that is getting worse brake pedal pulsates and abs module activates even when the brake is not applied. has gm recalled this cause i have seen a lot of people talking bout the same problem what is gm going to do about this. i cant afford to pay the rediculas prices if they are not able to fix it. most people said the dealers dont fix it so what should a person do?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Danvan1,
    I can check for any recalls but I will need you to e-mail me your VIN. However, any more information about a diagnosis or repair would require you to take the vehicle to the dealer. You can get my e-mail by clicking on gmcustsvc.
    Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • Well I posted my safety complaint to as was recommended
    by so many. For I to have this problem and I'm flabergasted as to why so
    many still have this problem after making all these trips to dealers. I bet
    there's more people (that only dealerships would know) having these same
    issues. I just replaced shoes and pads for the first time on my 2006 4x4
    that has 100,000+. Hoping this would take care of the dash ABS FAULT
    but it still comes on with all the vib's etc. wherever and whenever. Luckily
    not a busy road and only doing 30 or so. There has to be an easier fix
    than just taking it to a dealer over and over. I'm hoping somebody can
    come up with it before I rear-end somebody.

    Have a good day
  • Hey everybody,

    I reset the computer doing the switch on and the gas pump to the floor three times.
    So far no more ABS FAULT coming up on the dash. I'll cross my fingers and hope
    the fault doewsn't show up ever again. At least for another 60K+. Then the rotors
    and drums can be changed. Good Luck to all you truck owners.
  • I have a 2006 Colorado with 52,000 miles on it and I have the same pulsating in brake pedal. I also can tell when it will trigger the ABS sensor because I hear a winding noise like a tiny motor running in the steering column area. After this the ABS fault light will come on and since Friday, Sept. 17 the brake light now comes on. I am just waiting until I have no brake and I have to jump out of the truck as it smashes into the guard rails and maybe GM will recall it. It is ridiculous. The dealer told me to wait some time before bringing it in because it may not show any codes. It may cost me $95 unless something is found. Any suggestions?
  • I just picked truck up from the dealer. Codes all related to the same thing the wheel hub. Hub was replaced and I drove it home from dealer with no issues. This was the right front wheel hub that was replaced. Keep my fingers crossed to have no more ABS issues. Another good thing it was covered under my warranty otherwise it would have been $750 out of my pocket.
  • I have been having the same problem as the rest of you with the ABS. Also the rear tail lights are constantly blowing bulbs just as a side note. Have a recall on the brake light socket though. Someone was obviously hurt and GM was sued for them to finally recall that (mine have been blowing bulbs for years). It will take a serious injury or death followed by a multi-million dollar lawsuit to get them to do a recall on the ABS I bet. I have already put my family on notice if I'm injured or killed to have an independant investigator check the brake system then sue the s___t out of them. I see where a rep is always in here wanting us to please send them more info. It's a stalling tactic and nothing more. "Have you taken it to a dealer?" is often heard. Well I could as some of you have. You paid for repairs that you shouldn't have. And it sounds as if that didn't fix the problem either. No you are stuck in limbo trying to make the dealer make good on the repairs. I want GM to stop the run around we have been getting for years on the problems with our Colorados (which there are many) and start recalling and fixing the problems or give our money back or a new vehicle. They got billions of our tax dollars and it is time for them to just bite the bullet and acknowledge the Colorado Series are a dismal failure. Do I smell a class action brewing somewhere? Brick Mock
  • I changed the front pads and rear shoes on my 2007 Colorado and now the ABS went haywire. Left side doesn't work till' the codes throw then goes fine down the road w/o ABS. It's showing codes CO220/CO899 and U1064. Mechanic said it's (brain)fried w/ 65K miles. I knew I shoulda bought a Toyota. This truck has been junk it's entire life I was already waiting for the dealer to get in a new Catylytic converter because this one is burned out. What a P.O.S.
  • Owning the unwanted step sister to the Colorado/Canyon, let me tell you my tale of ABS hell. Last year (2009) my truck began the erratic ABS activation at low speed/dry pavement. After a couple of weeks of randomly doing this, it finally went into full ABS mode, then eventually went into an open loop, meaning the ABS shut off. I took the truck to the dealer (who now sells Suzukis) and they diagnosed a faulty left wheel sensor. These early versions of this unit are part of the hub assembly. My truck was still under drivetrain warranty, so no problem. Not so fast. New hub design with seperate sensor. They replaced the hub no charge, and charged $75 for the sensor. I was okay with that. (I watch the guy working on it, and it was no easy task getting that hub off!) They reset the control unit and sent me on my way. The ABS light turned back on before I got out of the parking lot.
    Apparently, the computer can get confused when a new and old hub are used together (the right side was an older one) After searching for 2 months, they found a NOS hub of the older design and the truck was repaired. Until now. The ABS is acting up again, and get this, when I reverse the truck (from park), the light doesn't activate (or will de-activate if it's been on) but pulling forward, the system activates.
    I had replaced the pads and shoes and noticed one of the parking brake cables was slow to return to the released position. Seems to be a connection here... I return to the dealership tomorrow for them to diagnose again, I'll keep you all posted. BTW my truck has less than 50K miles on it. One good thing about the Isuzu was the extended warranty as the hubs are still covered!
  • I have a 2004 colorado as well. I have spent thousands of dollars trying to fix this piece of junk so the ABS would stop turning itself on while i am driving. I am so sick of it now. I just want to buy a different truck from a different manufacturer. Chevy has gone down hill for so long. I almost crashed in the morning commute numerous times. That would have cost me tons more money. I probably should have crashed so I can get a different vehicle.
    I finally took the fuse out for the ABS and now my screen just says ABS FAULT constantly for over a year. The dealership told me it was over the warranty so it was too bad so sad for fixing it.
    What are we to do now? Why isn't chevy recalling this and fixing their junk? I shouldn't have to pay so much for it to never be corrected.
  • Yes it is shameful how the GM hasn't addressed this issue knowing the problems posted here and elsewhere. Not to mention the vehicles taken in by their owners that are too ignorant to know they can go online and realize that thousands are suffering the same problems. If and when my accident happens...well there will be h--l to pay GM. These post and all others from other sites will be "exibit 1" in my defense. I want to thank GM in a way for providing for my family's future well down the road. With the millions my wife will finally be able to travel. Thank You GM.
  • I have a 2004 Chevy Colorado with about 70k miles on it. The ABS recently started giving me problems. Whenever I turn and apply the brakes the ABS kicks in and its difficult to slow the vehicle down to make the turns, I basically have to depress the breakes as hard as I can to slow the vehicle. The brakes work fine while straight line braking in any situation, any road condition or under load. But when I attempt to brake the during a turn in any condition/situation the ABS kicks in and makes it difficult to slow down. The ABS Fault light will come on and then after a few minutes the ABS will shut down (I assume) the light will stay on and then I have no problem braking once the system shuts down. I posted a thread on another forum asking for thoughts on the problem and someone suggested it was the "Brake control module" Anyone have any other thoughts? Thanks Jerry
  • My 04 with 76000 doing same thing. Wheel sensor, so they say but when it is replaced it does it again. Gona get someone hurt then it will be in court. Already hurting the old back pocket. This is only one of the many problem mine and many, no all the colorado have. Not a bad truck a very bad truck.
  • joe22306joe22306 Posts: 3
    edited October 2010
    my issue was resolved.. my mechanic and I found the issue and it seems to be quite common he says.

    first thing, sorry for my lack of proper terminology.
    the front wheel hubs have the speed sensor ring built into them. the sensor ring on mine was 'floating' causing irregular ( total ) wear on one side. he showed me he could push them in and cause them to not spin parallel to the rotor causing rubbing.

    the new AC delco hubs we put in, this piece is solidly connected to the hub.

    I pad over $1300 to replace

    2 hubs, 2 rotors, 2 pads, 2 ABS sensors and labor - much better than the >$2500 GM wanted to charge me for the same.
  • Hello gmcustsvc,
    I have also had trouble with the ABS on my O4 Chevy Colorado 4x4 5 cylinder 3.5. If you could contact me thru email or thru this forum i would appreciate it. My email is
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I would be happy to speak with you regarding your concerns. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail. Please include your Edmunds name and address the e-mail attention Christina. I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    edited December 2010
    I have an '05 Canyon 4x4 with just over 30,000 miles. Last year, when I was doing some maintenance, greasing the caliper sliders, I noticed some irregular wear on the inside surface of my rotors. I spoke with a friend who works at the dealer, and he told me that pads/rotors are considered "wear items", especially after 3 years had passed. So, a couple of weeks ago, I bit the bullet, and took the front end apart to replace the pads and rotors.

    First of all, what an ordeal!! Afterward, I began getting random "ABS Fault" messages on the dash read out. After doing a LOT of research, it appears that the wheel speed sensors are NOT of a robust design, and about 50% of the time, any brake work done of the truck will result in one or both sensors no longer working.

    The net result of my research also suggested that you simply, but not cheaply, replace the hubs and sensors, so you don't have to continue to take 'stabs' at fixing the issue. This past Saturday, that is what I did. I disassembled the front end again, this time replacing both hubs and both sensors, and all seems to now be OK.

    2 rotors, (top shelf, HP items) $175; ceramic brake pads, $75; 2 hubs, (top shelf, American made) $310; 2 speed sensors (AC Delco) $ $670 in parts and about 9-10 hours in labor to do the job twice...
  • kmartickmartic Posts: 12
    edited December 2010
    Have a 05 Colorado 4wd crewcab Z71. Have the same issues with the abs as everone on the site. Just replaced both hubs, rotors,pads,abs sensors. Who still uses that hub over rotor design, stupid. Light comes on and off as does the abs system, same exact symptoms as everone else. Doesn't this say something about the need for some factory help. Truck only has 66,000 miles. Drivers window switch quit today also. Had to disassemble the door to power the drivers window motor to close the window, 10 degrees here. Everything on that switch works except the drivers switch. Over $200 for the switch, have to repace the whole assembly. Great design. We need help from GM for selling these things!! HELP, HELP, HELP!!!!
  • Good luck with gm customer service they have been to no help of me. I emailed them several time only to get a new costumer service representative every single time. Ive talked to them about this problem from when my 05 colorados starting gettting to abs break faults till yesterday when my rear break system just locked up. now im [non-permissible content removed] out of a car. They dont care about us. Ive owned over 8 chevys in my life now I may need to start looking at Fords. Ive reminded gm customer service that this ABS Break problem is a big big big problems for many many many colorado/canyon owners. Ive asked why this has not been recalled but I answer I got was. Well we dont think its that big of a problem for a recall. Ive sent them copies of all theese post and still nothing. May be when someone kills them selfs and they get their pants sued off like toyota did maybe then they will take care of this problem. good luck ive had none with them.
  • I bought a 2005 Chevy Colorado. boy do I regret it. Here is a list of problems. ABS fault always malfunctioning, AC relay switch burning up(Ive replaced it 5 times and its burnt right now as we speak, driver side window works when it wants, locks on doors works when it wants, rear lights have burnt on several occations, front running and turn signal lights have burnt on several occations. So Now my truck it paid for but is basically a piece of junk. It has 72,000 miles the rear right break locked up on it yesterday and it not gonna be a cheap fix. Ac/heater has to be replaced dealer said im looking at $900 parts/labor. Parking break quit working on it as well. I have done some research online only to find out that hundres or even thousands of Colorados and Canyons have very similiar problems. My main concern was my abs breaks. I have red stories online of people driving at 65 mph and the breaks lock up on them causing accidents. I voiced my concern with Chevy Customer Service guess what no luck. I asked what will it take for Chevy to recall this abs fault problems. Answer I got. Was they at this time they dont think the problems is wide enough to consider a recall. OMG. I was told by a dealer mechanic that the problem to recall this would be to exspensive for them to recall. Dear Chevrolet learn off of Toyotas mistakes it almost cost them the bank when they didnt take care thier mechanical problems. Thanks for the hunk of metal in my drive way. AT this point thats what it is a big ole piece of lemon. Good luck to all who have problems with their Chevy Colorados/Canyons.
  • I have been watching these postings for the last couple of months, looking to learn some way to fix my truck. Based on the comments, I finally filed a complaint with the NHTSA. Maybe we all ought to, maybe they will get Chevorlet to help. This is more than a single problem. We are only a sample of the many that probably have the problem. Go to
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    You have emailed GM Customer Service? Do you have a case set up. If you would like to email me with your problems attention Christina, I would be happy to look into your situation.
    Christina GM Customer Service
  • jbev1jbev1 Posts: 1
    Looks like many of us are experiencing a continuation of the problems that GM acknowledged in "Safety recall 05068C: Front Wheel Speed Sensor Corrosion - (Mar 6, 2008)".
    That recall states that "If the brakes are applied while the vehicle is traveling at a speed of greater than 6 km/h (3.7 mph) but less than 16 km/h (10 mph), the corrosion may cause an unwanted anti-lock brake system (ABS) activation. If this condition occurred where stopping distance is limited, a crash could occur."

    Since GM is not moving on this one (clearly a design flaw) maybe the complaints to NHTSA are the way to go.

    Save your repair invoices!
  • Done all the complianing and all you see from the GM rep is have notified us?
    Yes! And some complianed to the NTSB as I have and no response. It has been a waste of time and a determent tactic I believe. The unions are too strong. Just kiss you and your families arsh goodbye when you need your brakes. Then SUE..SUE...SUE.
  • I'm going to jump on this serious disregard for public safety. And have my lawyer subpoena all of EDMUNDS records regarding this defect to prove my case. So Edmunds you are on notice not to delete any of these records. I have screen shots all of these complaints and have had for some time and they will be required in the event harm comes to my family or my be used by others in the event they suffer a loss of life or injury due to the braking system of this particular GM product. My son 24 drives the truck and he commented 2 days ago that it was acting up and scared the hell out of him. He said if he didn't slam on the brakes as hard as he could he would have hit another car where when it works right regular braking works fine. It is all of sudden when the brakes don't work is when you think you are going to meet your maker. He siad you never know. As many of I'm sure thousands have this problem why hasn't there been a recall?
    I bet the first $100 MILLION DOLLAR lawsuit will trigger one. Brick Goodnight
  • I own a 2006 chevy colorado and it has 38,000 miles on it. Vehicle ID # 1gcdt146468291478 The ABS Fault light has come on and off all the time. The other day in San Diego The front left brake started to sound like metal to metal. This could not be!!! I just had the truck checked out last week and had back brakes put on. The front brakes are good. So I pulled over shut the truck off pumped the brakes several times hoping this would help. I started the truck again and it was fine. I drove back to Oceanside scared out of my mind. I took the truck back to Express tire and now have to take the truck somewhere else to have the brakes system checked out. Im not sure what is going on with the ABS systems on these trucks but CHEVY needs to recall them. If anything happens to me or my Truck it has all been noted. I hope Chevy does something about this problem. PLEASE HELP ME"?
  • buyusbuyus Posts: 4
    Just want to throw my hat in the ring. Same story as most with intermittent ABS Fault, ABS activation without brakes applied, and also smell of hot plastic/rubber around drivers front hub. Last night the ABS Fault and Brake light both came on after driving 10 minutes on the freeway. I hadn't touched the brakes at all since getting on the freeway! Typical dealer recall or "program" covering Colorado ABS but bring it in to get diagnostics done for $90. I will take it in just so I have some record but most likely will do the work myself since I can't afford the dealer labor rates. Wonder if I can get reimbursed for my time at $60/hour if they decide to recall this... hahaha.
    It's too bad because I really like this truck and have been a faithful GM owner all my life. That may soon change. GM ignoring this is a symptom of corporate's everywhere.
  • garyru21garyru21 Posts: 5
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    I have read most of the posts on here about this ABS issue and I'm glad that I'm not alone, but am wondering what to troubleshoot first. The ABS fault light showed up about a week ago, but the other day, just went back off. That's not what has me worried though. Everytime I am at a really slow speed (under 10 mph) and apply the brakes, the pedal vibrates like the abs is trying to do something. At normal speeds, the brakes seem to work just fine. Does anyone have a clue to what could be causing this? Do I also have a bad abs sensor or should I just turn the ignition to start and hit the gas pedal 3 times?

  • i am having the same problems the abs brake thing is driving me crazy it is scary for one for two it is loud and embaressing, also my driver side window works when it wants too, what can we do before somebody gets hurt :mad:
  • Yes the abs sensors are of poor design as far as I can tell. My Colorado driver side window works only when it wants to also. I have heard that the Colorado has a nortorius reputation for all sorts of electrical problems. Also the port where you plug in the computer for diagnostics doesn't work anymore on mine so I can't connect to find out anything. What do you say about a total recall for us Miss GMC? Yes I have notified and complained but to no avail. Wife is instructed to sue though if I get killed because of it's problems and I keep screen shots of all correspondence just for that fateful day. I couldn't sell this thing to anyone without feeling like I let them down and put their life in danger. But I can't afford anything new and need the transportation.
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