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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon ABS Fault Issues



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I don't see any recall information for your VIN. I would recommend taking your vehicle to your local dealer of choice. If you need assistance locating one please let me know. Feel free to email me directely.
    GM Customer Service
  • Christina,
    With all due respect, I don't see where you're accomplishing anything for us Canyon/Colorado owners by asking over and over, "Have you contacted your dealer"? Nine times out of ten, that is the FIRST thing we've done, only to be put off for some reason or other.
    Read my post, #81...Although I only mentioned the front brakes in that post, I also had to replace the rear brake shoes as well, due to excessive wear. I spent over $700 to replace the brakes on a 30,000 mile vehicle. I've NEVER had to put brakes on a vehicle after so short a period of time, yet I had to with this truck. The only saving grace to this whole ordeal is that I'm capable of doing the job myself, instead of having to pay FULL LIST price for the parts, as well as the $90/hour labor rate that I would have had to pay, had I taken it back to the dealer, or for that matter, any repair shop.
    The front brakes on this truck are not of a robust design, and the company doesn't admit to it, or stand behind it. It's that simple, and continued postings telling us to "talk to the dealer", or "there's no recall information for your VIN", is getting to be rather insulting to us. What we customers want to see is specific action to repair our vehicles, and/or reimbursement for the untimely repairs that we've paid for out of our pockets....
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Can you please email me with your Edmunds user name, VIN and current mileage? I would like to look into this for you.
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I understand your frustration and apologize. I understand where you are coming from; however, I ask because there are many people that come online looking for more information before they speak with the dealer. The problem with fixing your vehicle on your own is then this is not documented with GM, and that’s with any repair. I have been looking into this and forwarding it upward in management. I apologize I do not have an immediate answer for you.
    GM Customer Service
  • Ok I had mine fixed. Due to corrosion the speed sensor ring (attached to the wheel bearing) broke off and was spinning freely which caused the fault. It was cheaper to have the mechanic replace the hub then to replace the Bearing. The Bearing is very expensive and it would have cost more in labor to press out the bearing and install another one than to install a new hub. So I had him install 2 new speed sensors, the hub with bearing assembly and of course he replaced the Front Brake Pads (this is the 3rd set of brake pads in 80k miles) for approx $850. This truck eats up brake pads for some reason. Can't decide if I want to unload the lemon...I'm sure the other ring is due to go bad any time now. Should have bought a Toyota or a Nissian.
  • Christina,
    I appreciate your reply, however let me clarify something. I'm almost 60 years of age, and have been working on automobiles and trucks for a little over 40 years. I've also bought a number of cars and trucks during that time period. In other words, "I've been to the rodeo a few times"...
    With respect to my particular situation, I'm 99.9% sure that a manufacturer will NOT cover "wear" items such as brake pads/shoes, especially after the vehicle has gone out of warranty. So, let's say that I opted to take the truck back to the dealer, and they opted to replace the parts that I mentioned, charged me full list price, which is what they do, and on top of that, charge me approximately $90 per hour for the labor, which is what they do, for the approximately 4-5 hours that the job would take.
    Add up the numbers, and it would be up around $12-1300 for the parts and $400 for the labor...$16-1700, or so. Let's say that I complain vigorously to GM, and the GM zone rep feels generous that day, and decides to reimburse me at 50%... I'm still out $800 for a brake job that shouldn't be needed that soon in the vehicle's life.
  • YES CHRISTINA, With all due respect until you are able to compensate us by issuing a recall on these pieces of junk metal GM calls Colorado's you should probably just not even show up here anymore. You never accomplish anything but tick us off. Me anyway. You always ask the same things. And we have fallen for it. You and GM are just stalling. I doubt you even work for GM. Leave this site until you can actually help us with our brake and electrical problems. I'm looking at the the new Toyota Tundras as we speak. I have bought my last GM vehicle. I have also convinced a friend who was thinking of a Colorado not to recenctly. Thanks and I will do all I can to promote GM products. Your friend Bluetex
  • Christina, these problems have been reported since day 1. The dealer puts a tempory fix on these things to hold them over until the warrentty expires. No other vehicles I am aware of has so many failures in so many areas and has been complianed about by so many owners in such a short period of time than the Colorado. Let's face it Colorados are junk and have been. I don't know if the engineers have corrected the problems or not but I'm never going to take that chance. I know you didn't design it or build it. It isn't your fault. But you should pass these post on up the ladder.
  • art48art48 Posts: 1
    WE need to unite under a class action law suit to have this recurring problem resolved. It is obviously a factory defect that the owners should not be held responsibile for. It is a major safety concern and has caused accidents . Lets put a stop to this reckless maddness.
  • I have replaced my break problem it was not cheap. My back rear break locked up causing my breaks to ware out on one side and causing my emergency break wire to bust. So I had to replace both rear breaks, e break wire, and abs break seleniod had to pay for a diagnostic, towing, rent a car for two day, parts and labor came out to a grand total of over $700. I have complained to GMC many many times. I have set up 3 refernce number numbers with them and Christina from GMC tells me to set up another one. They dont care. I have almost been in more that 5 accidents because 2 weeks after I fixed my breaks it started locking up again. I took it they did another diagnostic test ($100) just for them to tell me that the computer found no problems or no ABS Faults. WTF. I believe we should unite and get a class action suit. I told my wife to safe all my mechanics expenses on this piece of crap truck and if anything should happen to me to sue the living crap of GMC.. On another note I have a 2007 Chevy Tahoe wich I purchased with 0 miles on it. Guess where it is at?? Yup the dealer taking me for another ride. Instrament panel went out on it. I told them whats wrong with it and they still told me they have to do a diagnostic test wich cost $100 bucks just for they can tell me that the instrament panel is burnt wich I knew already. $100 for diagnostic $580 for instrament panel and $160 for labor. Fords are starting to look better and better for me.
  • i agree this is not my first truck but it is the worst ive had eats tires,brakes,headlights,brake lights and when i say eat in five years ive done 3 rear brake jobs and 7 front brakes and tires every year tirekingdom says the vehicle is too heavy for the tires i warenty 60k mile tires in 32k miles and lights 3-5 times a year bought truck new passenger seatbelt broke in less then a week now im having abs fault issues i replaced the abs sensor it still does it i never had these problems with a ford ranger and it had 350k miles this colorado has 136k miles ill never buy another chevy there service sucks 4 days on a call back for tires is unacceptable i took my truck to them to have brakes adjusted it took 3 hrs i leave i didnt make it 3 miles and they were smoking and locking up and draging bad full throttle i was doing 30mph i took it back showed them the tech couldnt even get the brakes to realese they take it have it back in 45 min and tell me its my fault that it was user error chevy can kiss my azz i hope they go under garbage vehicle liers and thieves very disapointed
  • I have also replaced the break lights more than 5 times, the two front turn signal lights 3 times each, my dirver window works when it feels like it. Ive replace the relay switch on my air conditionr 5 time the last one only lasting me 4 hours. Yup Chevy is taking me for a ride with this truck i tell you.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Can you please email me with your previous case numbers? I would like to look into these.
    GM Customer Service
  • Christina I do apologize I have only only one reference number it is 71-894111161 But I have had contact with 4 different Customer Relationship Specialist. Here they are Dan on two occasions, Erci two occasions Ryan and Jason on two occasions. Truck continues to have abs faults. My rear right breaks continue to lock up on me constantly almost causing cars to run into me. I did another diagnosistic just to have them tell me the computer diagnostic shows now activitiy yet I drive this truck every day and I know what it does. The Service manager at my local Chevy dealer drove my truck around the block and in an wise smile said " I see nothing wrong with your truck" making me feel like a complete idiot in front of others. Add insult to injury.
  • kmartickmartic Posts: 12
    edited March 2011
    Christina, I posted my problems back at post 82 I believe. At that time I replaced both hubs with both speed sensors, all ball joints and tie rod ends. After the fix the ABS came on at different times. ABS system would work sometimes and not work at other times. Now a short time later my driver's side hub is shot for the second time. This will be the third one,with speed sensors each time in 67,000 miles for a total of Five hubs & speed sensors. Christina, on the surface that is ridiculous. Each time a hub goes it takes out the front brake pads. My heater relay is burned out, works on high speed and rarely on any other speed. The driver's window is also intermittent. Would you seriously consider this not to be a defect. Look at all the other posts just on this site. If you have this many on just this site imagine what is out there in the general Colorado owner's population. Most people are not savy enough to find these sites and just suffer in silence. Why doesn't GM do an owners survey or survey the dealers. You guys could easily find out the extent of the problem, you really honestly already know. Hopefully these junks will soon be off the road before they start killing people. What do I do when I really need the brakes in an emergency situation. Step hard on the brakes and expect the ABS to work or pump the brakes to avoid lockup because at that moment the ABS chose not to work. God I hope I am lucky enough to choose correctly!! Care to go for a ride with me?
  • sb7693sb7693 Posts: 2
    I'm having the same problem. Originally it happened about 6 months ago and when restarted everything was fine. I couldn't pinpoint what exactly had happened since i was only at the end of my street when I turned around.

    Today it happened after dropping my kid off at school and having my foot on the break for two minutes. Again just down the street and the grinding sound of the ABS was going. Once I pulled into my driveway I had an ABS, TRAC, and BRAKE warning. I just emailed chevy, with low hopes. This needs recalled. It is an expensive fix. I don't even want to own it anymore, and I am scared to have my kids in it. We have very low miles for it being a 2005 so it is a shame.
  • sb7693sb7693 Posts: 2
    OH - and my heater only works on HIGH. Once in a while it will decide to come on out of nowhere on another level, but rarely. This started in the summer of 2010.
  • Ive had all the same problems as you. my abs breaks, my windows my heater/ac relay switch. my break lights my tail lights my turn signals and I have contacted GMC on several occations and nothing. This is a joke GMC dont care as long as they sell cars with wont recall these problems. I fully understand you kmartic every time I pic my son from school my abs locks up almost causing the car behind me to hit me. Ive replaced that break system only to have it do it again 2 days later. WTF is somebody really gonna have to get killed for GMC to do something about this??? I read a post here about a guy comming down a steep mountain here in California called the Grapevine. On the way down his breaks locked up sent him toward the center divider at 65 miles an hr. He was lucker he lived. GMC did nothing but his insurance bailed him out and salvaged his truck. He got lucky because he didnt get killed got red of his truck.
  • One more thing on my Lemmon aka my colorado. I cant park in parking lots like normal people do. Why? because everysingle dam time I put my truck in reverse the abs breals lock up. Yes that was the best $12,999 cash paid I ever spent. nootttt.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I have looked into your case. Have you contacted your agent back to let them know that you were still having issues and about your experience at the dealer? If not I would recommend doing so. Please feel free to email me directly and update me on your progress.
    GM Customer Service
  • aufb11aufb11 Posts: 1
    I am haveing the same issue with my 2005 Colorado. The ABS activates everytime I am slowing down. I believe you are right with the sensor thought, but from what I have seen it can be upwards of a $2k fix at the dealer. Any info on where you can go for DIY directions?
  • Sorry i have no DIY info. Im luck that i have a friend that is a mechanic and does not charge me $200 a freeking hr to fix a dam GMC defualt. My mechanic get me the sensor at his cost and charges me 5 $ t put it on. Christy at GMC dont worry he is a certified mechanic he is not a joe pro on the side mechanic. I think GMC and thier dealer mechanics have a deal in place. GMC agrees to make freeking messed up cars that way the Chevy dealers can make $$$ charging $200 an hour. Dam pimps. We need a lawyer to sue the pants of of them maybe this wont happen again.
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    This is a known and common problem. It takes about 15 minutes to fix. The fan motor resistor has a burned connection. Order a new one from GM parts or your favorite auto parts store. . I suggest you pull the old one out first and make sure the the connector is not also burned. If it is GM also offers a replacement cable.
  • hackmehackme Posts: 1
    So I have a 2005 Colorado Extreme, just passed 75,000 miles. and today I was quoted a price of 367.000 per wheel hub assembly from GM. The mechanic I took this took told me that because the passenger side is going bad, it would also be in my best interest to replace the driver side to avoid any issues within the near future. After labor cost, This is going to cost me nearly 1 thousand dollars if I go through with this. I don't claim to be a master mechanic, but I would surely think that the wheel hubs would last longer than 75,000 miles. I'm even more mortified to hear people have replaced them 3-4 times over and are STILL having issues. This was my first vehicle purchase. and after all of the problems I've had with this truck, it will more than likely be my last Chevrolet purchase.

    The air conditioner has almost always popped when switching air flow direction. LOUDLY
    My heater intermittently works, it has been this way for 2 years.
    The factory radio died 3 years after purchase and I was forced to replace with aftermarket.
    The MAF sensor has went out twice.
    If you do not regularly clean the throttle body, the engine runs like crap. I literally have to pull it every 3 months to give it a thorough cleaning.
    The head lamp assembly's are a joke. Moisture containers are more like it. Replaced twice now
    The emblem on the front end fell off riding down the road one day. Not that it really mattered, because the static paint had been flaking for 3 years.

    And the final straw for me was when the local dealership charged me 200 dollars to take a look at why my drivers side window wasn't lining up and causing this crazy popping sound when rolled up.
    They tell me " Someone's disassembled this door before, we can tell because there are different bolts in the door holding the window motor in place, and one of the bolts was completely missing." The only problem I have with that is, no one else has ever taken the door off aside from me ONE time to install speakers that were no way related to the window motor. Because of this missing bolt, the stress on the other two bolts wore out the shell in the door and the only two options were to replace the entire shell, or he would " try his best to fix it. " I essentially paid a man 200 dollars to install washers on a bolt and then re-screw said bolt. AND IT WASN'T GUARANTEED.

    I could go on and on about the paint chipping, the factory muffler failing after a year, the lug nut covers falling off 3 days after I got the truck and when I went back to the dealer I was told " we can't cover that because you might have had the tires worked on " for an .87 cent part! But what's the point?
  • I have changed that part 5 times it cost me $19 and it last me only 4 hrs or air conditioner time. Now they say I must change the ac wire harness and maybe the ac unit itself. ouuuuchh that wont be cheap. ac harness is onl $39 but the ac unit with parts and labor will not be cheap.
  • saylorj1saylorj1 Posts: 1
    My daughter just bought this truck. Less than 40,000 miles on it. However the brakes squeel. She took it in and was told the calibers got rusty on the lot. due to the design of the brake system she was quoted 1500+ dollars for repairing the calipers plus rotors and the bearings. Is this for real??? Sounds like a very faulty system is so. Plus the lot rust should have been disclosed by the dealer and wasn't. Sounds like a total scam to unload a lemon vehicle. This needs to be resolved without this cost. The brake system made the noise from day one!

    I want resolution either from Chevy or from the dealer and not at the cost of 1500 bucks! from reading this forum it seems like this is a common problem on this truck. My next call will be to a lemon Law attorney.
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    The harness is a simple part and a replacement is available in the after market or from GM. Again it is a simple repair. The reason you are replacing the harness is the pin on the resistor burned the pin in the harness. Replace the harness and resistor together for a permanent fix. Some people have also just soldered the wires direct to the resistor for a permanent fix.

    There is one other common failure of the blower motor circuit. It is the ground wire for the motor which is located on a horizontal bolt on the passenger side inside fender. It is located behind the air cleaner. If your blower runs on position 4 then you do not have this problem.

    These failures have nothing to do with the AC unit itself. The blower moves air for BOTH the AC and the heater. If you are having AC problems other than air movement then that is an entirely different problem. If someone is trying to sell you another AC unit, probably the evaporator, because the blower does not work, I would look for another repair shop or fix it myself. They are either incompetent or taking advantage of you.
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    Squeaking brakes are very common on many vehicles and they are correct it just could be rust on the rear drums or front rotors. Driving it should rub the rust off and the squeak should eventually go away. If it doesn't then they can remove the rear shoes or front pads, remove the glaze from them with a wire brush or bead blaster and reinstall them. At worst they could install new pads or shoes and you are done. The auto parts store price for the shoes or pads are in the range of $30.00 per axle. I would estimate the labor at 1 hour per axle.

    Replacement of rotors, calipers, and bearings is totally unnecessary and I believe you are being taken advantage of with that estimate.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    I apologize for the issues you have experienced with your vehicle. By chance have you been in contact with GM Customer Assistance?

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your frustrations. Can you please email me with the VIN? I would like to look into this further. Have a great weekend!
    GM Customer Service
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