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Cadillac DeVille



  • Thanks for your comments/advise. If all involved decide to give me back my money I may take your "advise" literally!
  • All I know is when I opened the hood the fire was located at the alternator on the engine block side.
  • That sounds like a slam dunk "manufacturers' defect" claim if I have ever heard one. I assume that you did NOTHING under the hood of the car that could be the proximate cause of the fire??

    I would get on the phone to GM and let them know that you understand that things like this "happen", but I would let them know in no uncertain terms that unless they feel like paying their lawyers more overtime, they need to make this right for you. You showing some interest in leasing another GM product could help this process along.

    Good Luck.
  • Since my PCM reprograming, MPG are up to 17.3 from 12.5 around town w/ lite, local hiway driving and the idle is smoooooth.
  • Well guys, I finally picked up my brand spanking new 2001 Cadillac Devilled DTS with all of 10 miles on it. All options, except Adaptive Seats, were ordered on this black on black baby. One minor glitch out of the gate though; they couldn't get On star to function. I think it is an antenna problem, but they are going to look into it on the 26th.

    Otherwise, the car is absolutely spectacular. I test drove a loaded DTS in October of '99 but it still amazes me how sophisticated this car truly is. I drove it on a road around a large lake (27 miles) near my home which is notorious for being poorly lit. The Night Vision is amazing. Light is not picked up at all, but the tires and exhaust glow like they are on fire. I still haven't grasped all the functionality around the Navigation System yet, but the sound system is earth shattering. One observation. While I haven't really given it the spurs yet, I have notice that the 0-60 performance is not as strong as my '98 d'Elegence. I think it has to do with the 87 octane gas. I read somewhere that for optimal performance you need to use premium fuel. I will try that on my next tank.

    Thanks to all the guys (and gals?!) on this site who have shared their experiences and helped keep me salivating for the better part of a year. Especially to Tccad, Tomco, Rob, and barry45rpm who's consistent posting have been very helpful.

    BTW, the final price after all was said and done was $51,020 which is $500 under invoice and $5287 under MSRP! Not bad all things considered
  • I just bought a '97 DeVille(base) and was told by the dealership that running Plus(mid-grade 89) gas is okay. The manual and all talk on the boards indicate that premium is the gas that should be used. They said unless there was some knocking that 89 is fine. I am in NC if that makes any difference in the gas(I have heard that different ares of the country have "better" gas than others). Anyway, I love the car so far and wondered if anyone has any comments about that model year.

  • I think I need to direct this questions to TCCAD1, as I think you are a dealer, correct? We are looking to buy a 2001 Cadillac DHS in the next couple of months, but have a concern about the rear seat side air bags. I know that you should not have children in the front seat of a car with dual front air bags, but what concern is it of the rear seat side air bags. What are the recommendations? Are there safety concerns? Can you disable them with a switch as is possible with the right front? We have six nephews, 12-3 years old and are concerned because we like to have them travel with us at times. It seems that it would be nice to have the bags, but not if they are dangerous for children in the back seat.

    Thanks. I would appreciate your reply.
  • This message first occured at about 2500 miles. took it to dealer and they said GM says
    drive it for 5 miles and if error does not reoccur then reset code and forget i; this is what they did. It has now happened again at 4,000 miles. As I leaned against LF wheel while washing car, I heard a
    loud metallic click. Does this sound like a strut problem? Has anyone had experience with
    this type of error message.
    Otherwise it is the best car I have ever owned.
  • Sorry I didn't mention Model. It is a 2001 DHS.
  • Well here I am again, posting this soon after my Dec 6th postings #313 and 322. The "service engine soon" light came on again today and the car is running really rough again. This is getting to be worst then my late 70's GM cars.
    Poster #325 barry45rpm stated that he was given a 2001 loaner. On December 6th, they gave my wife a 2001 loaner and that also had the "check engine soon" light on with less than 5,000 miles. They said not to worry about it. Must be a new feature for Cadillac to remind you that you have to keep bringing the car back.
  • snodogsnodog Posts: 12
    In response to jll1930, my Dad bought a 2001 DHS in November. When he picked up the car , the Service Stability System light was on. (Ticked off the salesman). He took it over to the service area and they fixed it within an hour. The service manager said a wire to one of the sensors was loose (not sure exactly what sensor). It was a relatively pain-free repair and has been okay since.
  • Wanted to give an update on my love-hate relationship. This morning my wife dropped me off at work and took the Deville (the object of my love-hate) to the dealer. She said they were really jammed and that the service manager recognized my car right off. The problems this time are: no heat in driver's seat, door trim at window on passenger side loose (again), noticed fabric on sun visor is pulling away from molding (I too think they are obstructive), noticed perfectly circular small hole in leather on driver's seat right under seat belt assembly (don't know if that is intentional, can't image why). This is the car that has been repainted because of botched factory paint, had the self closing vents, had wood trim replaced, had the check engine light problem, a cruise control malfunction, and still has the rough idle! Will there ever be a fix for the rough idle? Well at least is has not been struck by lightning, or caught on fire. I enjoy reading all of the posts. Thanks for listening.
  • Boy did you get lucky..I just happened to check this board as a fluke (this is tccad, btw). I now longer work for Cadillac ( =( ), but I think I can still answer some questions. Rear seat airbags are safe for children because of how and when they inflate. They do not come directly out towards the occupant like front seat airbags do. They inflate towards the front of the car and only come on when the sensors in the B-pillar (the pillar between the driver and rear side doors) are activated. This means that in a front end collision, the side airbags will not go off. Because of where the bags are located (in the stitching) they will at most graze the passengers instead of stopping them. Try to imagine you running for a wall. What will hurt less? Someone pushing a pillow into your face from in front of you, or someone sliding a pillow in front of you from the side. I hope this makes sense.

    As far as shutting off the airbags, only about 5% of all dealers in the US will do this. I do not recommend it at all and have refused to sell a car to people that want me to disconnect them. Not a good idea unless you have a two seater like a Corvette and need to carry a small child.

    Feel free to have all six nephews ride back there, just not at the same time!
  • TCCAD1, thanks a lot for your explanation on the rear side air bags. I feel more comfortable about it now. Even if the 6 could fit in the seat at the same time, they couldn't sit still. It would be a long trip i'm afraid. We appreciate your help.
  • Toombsr: To back up what Tccad had to say about the rear air bags, I noticed in my owner documentation that there are special guides for the shoulder belts in the rear especially designed for smaller stature passengers. This keeps the passenger from sliding out from under the shoulder belt on impact (side or front) and keeps them from being injured by an inflating air bag. This should add to your piece of mind regarding your post # 339

    Jll1930: Regarding the Service Stability Indicator, I had that problem with my '98 d'Elegance. It turned out to be a bad Steering Wheel Position Sensor which took all of an hour to replace. I never had a problem after that. Good Luck with the DTS.

    Koapsmith: I wouldn't run that engine on anything less than 92 octane fuel (93 if you can get it in your area). The previous version of the North star was tuned for high octane fuel and will not perform properly on anything less. Just my 2 cents.

    ashur1: I am truly sorry to hear of all the problems you have had with your new Deville. Unfortunately, there are always going to be a few cars that are just dogs from the factory. I guess we all pray that our car won't be in that group, but it is always a roll of the dice. I think this is true with any mass-produced vehicle (any mass-produced anything for that matter.)
    Good Luck.
  • tamcotamco Posts: 40
    Ashur, Philly7's comment are so true. I too am sorry to hear of your problem , trust service dept can repair or replace soon. I had "Check Oil" and the "Check Washer Fluid Level" Message come on twice each on my 2001 DHS since delievery in mid August....However, in all four cases, fluid levels were ok. In all cases Messages turned off when the ingnition key was turned off. They never came back on????? GRINCH did it???? I quess I will mention this problem next time I take the car in for service.....probably nothing. All in all 2001DHS super doper wheels. Happy Holidays to all and HAPPY NEW YEAR! TTCCAD:BEST OF LUCK, {WOODYBUICK) with the new Job. TAMCO
  • wowserwowser Posts: 11
    Is this another group that is no longer active and a new one that I can't find been opened? Seems like these things vanish every few months with no notice.
  • philly7philly7 Posts: 94
    Wowser: I think this conference is still open for business. Some of the regular floks have been spending more time posting in the "Cadillac Meets Here!" conference in the Sedans Catagory.

    I guess we are in some kind of lull here.
  • tamcotamco Posts: 40
    Philly, I'm to lazy to re-type. TAMCO
  • wowserwowser Posts: 11
    Just an update.

    New Years Eve, 10:00 am.. Service Engine Soon light comes on. 7:30 p.. Ice storm has glazed the DFW area. Engine stalls at busy intersection complete with construction and two lane closures. Refuses to start.

    Call Roadside Service who promises a tow. Meanwhile cops show up so we are going to push car out of the intersection.

    Car starts and runs fine 200 feet to gasoline station.

    Time passes. (LOTS of intervening story but nothing pertinent other than the royal hassle of trying to locate a rental on New Years Day. Thanks Cadillac, for letting me know that I am free to try and find one and you will reimburse me up to $35.00 a day. Thank God for big airports).

    Dealer checks codes and replaces both crankshaft position sensors. Car runs fine for 5 miles and Service Engine Soon light reappears. Return to dealer. Now says Catalytic efficiency low. (Did you know they have 290 codes just for the Service Engine Soon light? How many total problem codes are there anyway?).
    Ordered Cat Converter. No estimate on delivery. Dealer said last one took two months due to back orders.
    Pray for me.
  • tamcotamco Posts: 40
    Wowser< Sorry to hear of your BIG of about contacting Cadillac's ZONE MANAGER for help? TAMCO
  • philly7philly7 Posts: 94
    Sorry Wowser. That just plain stinks. I agree with Tamco. Get your Zone's Service Manager, (I think they call them Client Advocate's now!) involved now. This will lessen the frustration factor on your end and it will let the dealer know that you aren't messing around! Copy the dealer on all correspondence with the Zone Manager and visa-versa, this way you are all on the same page. It is my experience that this action will, in the long run, make things go a lot quicker. Good Luck!
  • wowserwowser Posts: 11
    I can't fault anybody on this end. I'm pleased with the dealer's effort and I believe those people are doing all they can to get this puppy working right. (It runs okay now; just isn't pollution-efficient.)

    I blame the design and build people for a poor car.
    I wish roadside service had access to cars when normal Enterprise offices are closed, but I can sympathize with how hard that would be when you only need a few cars nationwide and never know where that will be.
  • So it seems I am not alone. My DTS has been in the shop for warranty repair on several different occasions:
    Check Oil level Light goes on from time to time
    Car stalled out in traffic, chip replaced
    Fluid leak, dealer tried everything but could not find leak but it miracously stopped after the visit.
    Dashboard not secured to rest of car, I went over a bump and it sounded like a 1972 pickup.
    Radio and climate controls black out from time to time. Told not to bring it in unless it was doing it at the time. Of course when I re start problem gone.
    Heated seat did not work, had to order part, took 2 weeks, that is where my car is today.

    Another tribute to American fit and finish.

    I am thinking about trading it in for a Town Car.

    Any suggestions or advice?
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    If your enjoy the way your Deville droves, you'll want to skip the T-car. It's much more boaty feeling. And build quality will be no better.
  • I have seen this error again on my 2002 DHS. Has anyone else seen this? The last time the dealer drove the car 5 miles and reset the code since it did not reoccur.
  • philly7philly7 Posts: 94
    The problem is probably the steering wheel position sensor. Have them check it again.
  • tamcotamco Posts: 40
    I traded in a Linclon Cartier on my 2001 DHS. There is NO comparision. Insist the dealer gets your car into the long run you will be much happier. TMCO
  • saki2saki2 Posts: 1
  • philly7philly7 Posts: 94
    It would be a lot easier to read your post with the cap lock off.

    Which "posts" are you referring to. Front (A) Middle (B) Rear (C).

    Either way, I have never heard of rot occurring there in a relatevly new car. I wonder if the Roadster Roof was factory or after market. It must have had pockets where water could be retained.

    Good Luck.
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