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Volkswagen Jetta 2005 and earlier



  • topdogskier,I have one 5 speed GLS TDI at the dealership(black), and one at the port(silver), both have options on them.
    I have one auto in stock too(blue).

    jericho1, the Wolfsberg edition is limited but is still much more available than the TDI's. You could probably pick up a W.E. for $500-700 over invoice. The TDI's still bring close to edmund's TMV prices. We just sold a black W.E. yesterday for around $20,400 with sunroof,cold weather and CD. The 2 piece BBS wheels are sharp!
  • CooperCooper Posts: 55
    These are excellent forums. I, too, noticed that response time had slipped lately. I think that this is just due to the holidays, and it will get back to normal very soon.

    As far as other forums, www.vwvortex also has very active discussion groups of owners.

    For those people considering the used car in the latest discussion. I have a '97 Passat GLX that I'll be selling (as soon as my new VW arrives). It's on the higher mileage side of things, due to my NJ commute. Overall, it's in excellent condition, and I'm just looking for a fair price (i., the average of several on-line value calculators). E-mail me, if you'd like an information sheet on the car.

    Happy new year to all VW fans!
  • I was wondeirng if you could give me your e-mail address, you seem to give very good deals on your VW's, I am not in the Boston area but in Northern New Jersey, ubt I would like to talk, thanks very much
  • I'm heavy with JETTA fever..........gonna look at the Wolfsberg----I saw in a previous post should cost 20K plus the pluses. I want the anti-slip, sounds great. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I will email you my address and website tommorow from the dealership.
    Northern Jersey.... we have a couple of customers that way!
  • It's now been about a month. I have really became quite fascinated with the car. It already has 3k on it, due to a trip to Toronto, and it's been mostly great so far. I like the sports suspension, although Michigan roads suck my ^%$* (excuse me, but Michigan people know what I'm talking about). If you are buying a jetta, and drive a lot of highway, might want to reconsider the sports suspension, your behind won't like it too uch. As the engine is getting broken in, it has become a bit faster in my opinion. ASR is the worst piece of *&^%$ that I have ever encountered. It doesn't do crap, but piss you off. If you do a burnout and you forgot to turn ASR off it makes your car jump ?!?!?! I really don't get what's so great about it. It sucks on snow roads too, you have to turn it off to have your wheels pull evenly. If it works the same way on all luxo cars, than I don't know what all the hoopla is about. I love the torque, it is just right for a car this size. One quality gripe. The right rear passenger door switch just fell off (small plastic cap). It's not a big deal or anything, but I'm just saying Mexicans are better off making tacos than VolksWagens.
  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    Man, you have a toaster for a brain! News; it isn't cool to swear (even using symbols) more than once in a post. And your personification of Michigan roads performing oral favors was completely tasteless! Then you conclude with an ethnic slur against Mexicans - just plain dumb of you.

    Doubt if many of us are doing burnouts in our Jettas, but that's not what ASR is for. And if you wanted your wheels to pull evenly in snow and ice, one would be spinning uselessly - see, that's the point of ASR - to use a combination of engine speed and ABS braking to control wheel spin and hence, improve traction. It's not supposed to glue your tires to an s-curve on a grand prix track.

    Now, when you post again, please try to be more intelligent and classy, okay?
  • lspanglerlspangler Posts: 102
    We leased a 2000 GLS with the cold weather package and sunroof for my Fiance' last June. The car now has 6,500 miles on it and she loves it. We have noticed some odd things though. Both front door latches make a groaning noise when turning into a driveway, the driver occasionally gets dripped on when in a car wash and for some reason the driver door seal occasionally sticks to the door even though we've put silicon and other types of products on it. Other than that, the car has been great. The 5-speed shifts well and the locking diff and ASR work good on the snowy roads.

    I'd say our biggest complaint by far is the material used on the seats and doors. It is a lint MAGNET and the lint is slmost impossible to vaccum off. I have a new 6 hp vaccum and I use a soft hair brush to help get the lint off. it does eventually come off but vaccuming one seat for more than a minute is ridiculous, 5 minutes is just plain tiring.
  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    A friend bought a 2000 GLS and noticed a strange wind noise right away. The dealer promptly had the door realigned which solved the problem. If you're getting water in the cabin and having sticking and groaning, I'd say your door is definitly out of alignment. I'd take it in and have the dealer fix it under warranty.

    I have leather in mine, but I've heard of lint gathering on some of the cloth seats. Try one of those reversed rolls of masking tape on a stick. They really grab lint better than brushes do, and a few swipes now and then should make a huge difference.
  • earlydearlyd Posts: 1
    My wife and I are sold on a Jetta for her next car. She has never had a Manual, but we test drove both the TDI and the 2.0L, and they were easy for her to drive. We have been doing plenty of research, but I was looking for some input on whether you out there would recommend the diesel or the gas engine.
  • Junior-
    Send me an e-mail (with your e-mail address and website)if you can as well. I might be able to head out there this weekend.
  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    Has anyone really opened up their Jetta? If yes, what speed did you clock, and what engine do you have?

    Of course, I assume you did this on a Montana interstate where there is no speed limit...
  • Hey folks, I am headed out to buy a GLS VR6 Sedan with automatic and NO options. Do you all think I can land one for 20k?
  • 20k? No way. You won't get a 1.8T for that, unless it's a crapped-out manual 2000.
  • bluejettabluejetta Posts: 272
    Go to the TDI Club at: and a search for JETTA TDI in your browser brings up a few thousand hits. ;-))
  • I am pretty sure I can get one for $20.5K. I'm not sure why you don't think this car cannot be had around $20K. The TMV is at 19K and all colors except silver are plentiful. has the the very same car for $20,245. I'm talking before tax and license.
  • ccs30ccs30 Posts: 3
    Well after a couple of days of negotiations and finding the car I wanted, I'm taking delivery today on a 2001 Galactic Blue Jetta GLS VR6 5-SPD:
    This car is loaded.Here's the options list:

    Leather Package with MultiFunction Steering Wheel
    Sport Luxury Package(17" wheels and Sport Suspension)
    Monsoon Sound System
    VW 6 disc changer.

    Let me tell you this car with options is not an easy find in CA. I went too three dealerships and only one had it in stock, wrong color though. I was pleasantly surprised to get my vehicle for $400 over invoice, even though the dealer did a trade with another.This price was well below Edmunds TMV so I felt I stumbled on a great deal.

    Im looking forward to many years of fun, dependable driving out of this car.

    A word of advice do your research and "stick to your guns" you can find a sweet deal like this too.

    Can anyone direct me too aftermarket parts for this car?

  • bluejettabluejetta Posts: 272
    Congrats! Sounds like you got a sweet deal, but almost any deal is a great deal if you drive off the lot in a Jetta! ;-)

    As for aftermarket parts...what are you looking for?

  • I'm in California as well CCS30, which dealership did you go to?

    Nice looking car Bluejetta. I am torn between a new Jetta and Accord Coupe myself. There are some insane deals going on right now for the Accord to make it mighty tempting. Jeez, I once swore that I would never buy an Accord but Honda sure knows how to make a car with wide appeal. BUT, those Jetta are so damn hot looking!

    Also, how do you determine a vehicles holdback charge? There is a good chance that my color may have to be ordered so I am told that you would deduct this price.
  • bluejettabluejetta Posts: 272
    Ahh yeah. It was tough to pry our 1991 Accord from my wife's hands. Even tougher to keep her from walking across the street (from VW) and picking out her 2001 EX. She refused to test drive the Jetta. Now, I barely get a chance to drive it. ;-)

    There's no doubt the Accord is a great, reliable car. There's no argument there. They are not the super-car they were 10 years ago, but they are still near the top of the list.

    But man! How long can you keep the same basic style? I told my wife there was no reason to trade in the 1991 for a 2001. They only thing that looked different were the headlights and taillights! And our 1991 was probably more reliable than a 2001! Sidebar: My neighbor has a 2000 Accord and it has been in the shop way more than my 1991 ever was. Airbag problems, brake problems, and CE lights (smog stuff).

    Test drive a Jetta and a Honda. IMO if you leave the dealer driving a Honda instead of a Jetta, you're in a coma. ;-)

    As for the holdback, just run a price check here at Edmunds and they will tell you the holdback in your area. From there then you take all that info and find a dealer that will talk with you.

  • Well, this is what my decision boils down to.

    Accord LX VTEC 150hp auto, CD player, silver (sunbelt, dark not an option and hate white) - 18k

    Jetta 1.8T 150 hp auto, no CD player, no silver (impossible to find or must pay list price), questionable reliability - 20K

    Sorry but 10/10 people will say that the Honda is more reliable than the VW Jetta. I've simplified the comparison but for me, those are the decision factors and all other options are pretty much identical. I'd still prefer the Jetta if price were a non issue. If I can find a silver VR6 for a great price, I might have to go for it.
  • bluejettabluejetta Posts: 272
    I'm sure not going to hold a gun to your head as I really could care less if you bought a Honda or a Jetta. And I do not mean that in a nasty tone. It's just a simple fact that neither of us know each other so who cares? As far as you know, I drive a 1965 Ford Galaxie. ;-)

    Anyway, you can look at statistics all you want and yes, Honda has better stats than VW. In my travels around the net I see many, many satisfied VW owners as I also see satisfied Honda owners.

    But, there are also more problems per 100 VW owners than Honda owners. But, the simple fact is, is if YOUR Honda is one of those that ends up having several problems (like my neighbors) then all those stats go right down the toilet. Your 88% (made up number) chance of getting a perfect Honda means squat and you have 100% lemon.

    You can read Honda horror stories here on this forum also.

    All I am saying is that Honda does make lemons. You might get one, you might not. Same with VW, Saturn, KIA, Mercedes, whatever manufacturer.

    So anyway, pick what's best for you and enjoy it.

  • Picked up 2001 Red GLS 1.8T yesterday. Feel I got pretty good deal:MSRP of $24,300, Invoice of $22,146, Edmunds TMV of $23,185---paid $22,300.

    Have a couple of questions(appreciate posts here and/or e-mail):

    1-Car had $1050 Leather Package which is supposed to include Multi Function Steering Wheel. My car doesn't seem to have anything special on the wheel-manual shows a picture of multi function steering wheel which has lighted buttons for cruise control and radio volume. Any thoughts on what's going on here???

    2-Even though I specifically asked salesman about gas requirement (he told me "regular-87 octane") I now see that 1.8T "requires" 91 octane (premium). (I have to admit that as much as I did research on the car I missed this point) Anyway, any opinions-can I alternate on fuels, maybe regular one time/premium the next, or use plus (89octane)? Premium generally runs $.20 more per gallon than regular here in Orlando area so this is of some concern BUT of course I don't want to trash an engine to save a couple hundred $$ over the life of the car.

    Thanks for your info/opinions,
    Jim (hogie46)
  • ccs30ccs30 Posts: 3
    I just picked up my 2001 Jetta vr6 with the leather Package/mulit-functional stering wheel you describe. I know there is a leather package without the multi-functional wheel. Sounds like this is what you have...
  • ccs30ccs30 Posts: 3
    Hey thanks for the response, I took a look a look at your car at wour site, nice. Anyways I picked up my car yesterday at the dealership, I felt like a king. They had a "VIP Pickup" area where my car sat patiently waiting for me too drive home in the front\center of the dealership. I knew I made the right choice in car, as far as looks go, when people were fixated on it as they walked by, what a nice feeling.

    As far as aftermarket parts go what is availible right now for this generation of jetta? With cars I've had in the past I've relied on magazines to do my research on aftermarkets parts and mods, is there any magazines availible for the Jetta enthusiast?

  • Thanks for your response - what was the MSRP on the Leather Package you got? And did it have the multi-function steering wheel?

    My package was $1050 MSRP-it said it had the steering wheel but it clearly doesn't.

    Dealer is kind of clueless-says they are going to check it out.
  • bluejettabluejetta Posts: 272 me and I'll email you a pile of places to shop for aftermarket dub-stuff...

  • Anyone know of reasonably priced source/product that will absolutely work with the Monsoon system??

    Just want a single disc player.

    Thanks-answer here &/or e-mail to
  • Can anybody recommend a good independent mechanic to do the regular maintenance on an automatic '97 jetta GL (JAZZ edition), which now has 22,500 miles on it, in the northern Virginia area? We recently bought this car as a third family vehicle for our 17-year-old daughter to drive. I don't think the previous owner had the brake fluid changed, even though the car is well pass it's 2-year birthday. We'd like to get the full 2-year maintenance done on the car before our daughter puts too many miles on it. I've checked the yellow pages for garages "specializing in VW repair," but I'd have a lot more confidence going with a place that has received an enthusiastic recommendation from a fellow jetta owner. I'd be forever grateful if one of you could steer me in the right direction.
  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    Whoa, don't put 87 octane in that turbo engine! The salesman gave you bad info. The higher octane is needed to keep the turbo impeller in top condition. While this turbo is a low-pressure unit that should last as long as the car, regular gas may hurt it in the long run, leaving you an expensive repair.
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