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Volkswagen Jetta 2005 and earlier



  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The Certified used Toyotas have 6 year/100K powertrain coverage, but from first use too. And Hyundai and Kia have 100K powertrain warranties too. Surprised that alone hasn't driven Kia to bankruptcy. :0
  • Well, I just took delivery of My 2001 Wolfsburg, and I can't wipe the smile off my face. My initial inspection of the vehicle revealed not the tiniest blemish, and I was very thorough.

    The sound system is simply astonishing.

    Performance and Handling: Wow!
    Look and feel: Excellent!
    Problems: None. No funny sounds, smells, or any of the other things you see on the gripe boards.

    This is after driving a 2000 Golf GLS for a year, and being extremely satisfied with it.

    I love the 1.8T's acceleration, which, while not mind-blowing, will certainly put a smile on your face.

    The handling is typical of VW, and then some. Even tighter and smoother than standard, in corners, the Wolf holds the road despite your best efforts to make the tires lose traction.

    This car may cause me to reconsider the Jetta's place in the VW food chain, as I have always thought the Golf to be the highest form of driving fun.

    P.S. Those of you who can't find your rear cupholders:

    Don't be insulted by the condescension of those above. Mine doesn't have one either, although I couldn't care less. And, yes, I looked in the right location (same place as on my golf, and my wife's Beetle, and *some* other Jettas). It just isn't there.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to be going. There's simply no reason for me to write about this stuff when I should be driving.
  • flacaflaca Posts: 168
    It's nice knowing other people who don't have rear cupholders. Have fun in your new Wolfie!
  • f12000f12000 Posts: 1
    I just bought a new 2001 Jetta Wolfsburg edition with the monsoon stereo, sunroof, and cd changer in galactic blue. I love the car but i was wondering how much I would like the 2002 Jetta with the European VR6. This engine is high tech compared to the old one with 12v. The new one has 24v and 204bhp.
  • Hello Jetta lovers. :)

    I'm graduating from undergrad in a few weeks and will be treating myself to a new car in June - the question is - does anyone know of or has anyone gone through the process of the Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned program? I am thinking of getting a later 3rd Gen. Jetta (97-98) using this program but would like to know if it's a good idea OR if I should just get a brand new Jetta. Although some don't like the new design of the Jetta (saying it's too conservative, etc) I really like it and would prefer being able to get a 99+ Jetta. Would it just be wiser to get a brand new one rather than a C.P.O? Also, does anyone know the current finance rate through VW Credit? My buddy just got a 2001 Ford Mustang with 2.9% and I must be honest that that is really tempting, but I would prefer German engineering. ;) Anyway, if anyone could help or share some insight - that would be great. Thanks.

  • synistyrsynistyr Posts: 8
    Well.. got a response from crutchfield:

    "...the Panasonic CX-DP88 changer is not compatible with your factory head unit. In fact, according to our database, the only changer that will work with the factory radio in the 2001 Jetta is the 6-disc CX-DP610. You'll find this changer on our web site at ..."

    Hm. That totally doesn't sound right at all. (Of course the DP610 costs more thant he DP88...hmmmm) But I think I'll follow Jim's site and order the cable anyway.
  • 2001jetta2001jetta Posts: 10
    I beleive the reason that several people including myself do not have a rear cup holder is due to the fact that improvements were made to the 2001 Jetta mid year. I just bought my 2001 in Feb, however it was made last July. The "new" 2001 have the cupholder as well as "curtain" air bags on the front windsheild pillar. The early 2001 only had the side and front air bags.
  • synistyrsynistyr Posts: 8
    Well.. got a response from crutchfield:

    "...the Panasonic CX-DP88 changer is not compatible with your factory head unit. In fact, according to our database, the only changer that will work with the factory radio in the 2001 Jetta is the 6-disc CX-DP610. You'll find this changer on our web site at ..."

    Hm. That totally doesn't sound right at all. (Of course the DP610 costs more thant he DP88...hmmmm) But I think I'll follow Jim's site and order the cable anyway.
  • roninjoutenroninjouten Posts: 201
    More power, better standard features in the 1.8T. Unless you're talking the 4 banger, in which case it doesn't really matter (though getting the extended warranty might be wise with the 4 cylinder Jetta).
  • afryarafryar Posts: 50
    What's with all the V6 bashing? I LOVE my GLX, I drove both the 1.8T and the VR6 and really had to push the 1.8 to get the same performance as the V6, but then there's the added weight (which is the equivalent of just having a passenger or two in the car...) The car absolutely flies and handles like a dream, I've never once felt the least bit concerned about the handling and trust me, I've tried to throw it around and it's not budging. 6 of one, half a dozen of the other... Smooth, sounds awesome, and tourqey as hell. no matter where I am, the car responds. GO VW.
  • bluejettabluejetta Posts: 272
    What's on my site is gathered from Crutchfield and the gang over at Vortex. Like my site says, the Panasonic 8 CD changer is fine for the NON-Monsoon system. If you have the Monsoon and want the Panasonic, you must get the 6 CD changer.

    Let me know how that works for you. Please email me at: NWVW


  • roninjoutenroninjouten Posts: 201
    My experience with the VR6 has been that it's nose-heavy. Not a big problem for most people as they usually don't push their cars much. I on the otherhand immediately noticed how much more nimble and tossable the 1.8T is in corners. You can push the car faster and deeper into a corner because you don't have an extra 50 kilos sitting on your hood, which is TOTALLY unlike having a passenger beside you (unless you make passengers sit on the hood?).

    Plus there is the chipping factor of the Turbo and the renowned reliability of the 1.8T v. the VR6's infamous issues. To each his own. But the handling characteristics are pretty much undeniable as basic laws of physics demand that a car with a heavier nose will suffer more in cornering/handling.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Does the turbo require premium fuel? And how about the VR6? I like the turbo, but don't wanna have to fill up with premium gas, because it's so expensive. I guess what you make up with using regular for the VR6 (if you can, that is) you will lose with its fuel economy.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Yes, the 1.8T does require premium, however it gets 30 mpg so its not too bad. I think I figured it out once (when we were trying to decide on a Jetta) and it costs me an extra $2.50 per fill up over having a 4cyl that takes regular unleaded. I don't mind the extra cost, the car is a blast to drive. I didn't look at the VR6 mainly because I was after gas mileage and hubby felt that the 4 cyl was better economically. Course it took some convincing to get him to buy me the 1.8T but now he loves the car.
  • dc_75dc_75 Posts: 53
    Hi, Jett'setters I am researching cars for my wife and have a few questions...I have been reading the many posts in this forum and have found much useful and friendly information. If we do swing with VW's, we (well I for selfish reasons that is :-) decided we should look into a Golf GTI GLS 1.8T, Jetta GLS 1.8T or maybe a GLS VR6 or even a GLX (unlikely but...). We are looking at auto trans, as my wife doesn't drive stick...and I do not have the patience (nor the courage) to teach her...:-)

    1) I know that this is a Jetta board but I was wondering what differences, other than body style and space of course, there are between the Golf GTI GLS 1.8T and the Jetta GLS 1.8T. Particularly in worthwhile option/std equipment/quality/resale/insurance/performance.

    2) I noted that a large number of Jett'ites here opted for the manual trans and under other circumstances I will go the same way. What are your thoughts/impressions/feelings of the auto trans in the Golf/Jetta. Do they suit the characteristics of the 1.8T for everyday driving conditions?

    3)WRT extended warranties...what are the different terms available (i.e. yrs/mileage). Do we have to buy the warranty upon delivery, or can we opt for it down the road...will there be an extra charge if we do it later? Is the warranty refundable...I mean if we trade-up/sell early do we get some % of money spent back?

    4) I realize after going through the boards, that there will be slim pickings wrt to the VW choices I want (i.e. GTI GLS, Jetta GLS with 1.8T and auto and GLS VR6 auto w/o dead cows) so I will probably have to wait for new MY as WEs are not an option due to n/a of auto trans...How soon can we order/purchase the MY2002 Golfs/Jettas? Is ordering the way to go? How is the ordering process i.e. do dealers get allocations and give out prodn' numbers/VINs upon order? What is the typical wait time? I am also ordering a 3 series this fall which takes 4-8 weeks and wonder if ordering process/wait time be similar...the waiting is usually the killer :-)

    5) I might get tempted to go with a 2001 GLX auto, but are the MY2002 changes worth it...will the tip and new Euro VR6 be available some time this year...what about the 4-motion...

    Sorry for the many questions, but the site IMO is pretty but not too informative...

    Thank you
  • roninjoutenroninjouten Posts: 201
    VR6 is supposed to also take premium. Around here gas is $1.93 for 87 octane, so the 2.13 for premium seems like no big deal. If 10 gallons of 87 octane is gonna cost me 19.30, then spending the extra $2 for good gas doesn't seem like a big deal.
  • rurounirurouni Posts: 6
    I'm really interested in Jetta WE, but the more I do research on Jetta, the more I found tons of problems on this car!! Especially oil consumption and things like airbags light. I know it's european and all, but is this car really worth it? I really looking for a reliable car in long run (e.g. accord, camry).... any comments would be great! Thanks!
  • I've said it before, and I'll say it again: VW's , you either love them or you hate them.

    I want to make a few of observations in response to the concerns regarding VW's.

    First, The Jetta is the most popular European car in America. Call it a baby Beemer, or a yuppie-mobile, but whatever you call it, we Americans buy more than 150,000 per year. For perspective, we only buy around 20,000 Golfs. Passats and Beetles are below Jetta, although they are also great cars.

    That said, statistically, more units means more problems.

    Second, people who aren't having any trouble with their Jettas don't go to pages titled "Jetta problems" or and such. So when you go to these sites, you are overwhelmed with negative information about the cars.

    Third, and related to the last item, is my own experience. I went to the Jetta problems page, and to, and the information is daunting indeed. I can understand why you would be hesitant to buy a car after reading about some of the terrible experiences people have. Some of the problems are, I'm sure, legitimate. And some are probably due to neglect, abuse, etc. You are only getting one side of the story.

    The Jetta, Golf, and New Beetle are 60% the same vehicle. Engine gear is the same, chassis are all A4's, much of the interior, and so on. The 2000 Golf I just lost was identical in almost every way to my new 2001 Jetta when sitting in the driver's seat. Every button, knob, and so on, except for the Wolfsburg leather stuff is the same. So if the Jettas are such bad cars, then the Beetles and the Golfs should have the same problems that the Jetta does. But you don't hear about them. I suspect it is because of the market penetration of the Jetta, compared to the other VW's.

    Finally, as I've ranted about before, look around. You will see VW's with 300,000+ miles on them driving down the street daily. The cars, if properly maintained, will outlast almost anything that the US or Japan produces. And you'll find that people who drive VW's are "VW people". Like me. I'm on my fourth VW. I may never drive a non-VW again. I think you'll find that most VW drivers feel the same.

    So, if you like the car, buy it. It will last. It will run for a long time, reliably. And, every once in a while, it will require maintenance.

    As always, my humble apologies for my utter lack of brevity.
  • roninjoutenroninjouten Posts: 201
    From what I've seen and heard, the basic 4 cylinder is the major cause of complaints. The 1.8T is a rock solid engine used in 7 VW/Audi cars. If you check reliability info in CR and JD Power you'll see the 4 cylinder is the major problem child. Also check the JD Power initial quality survey and the Jetta line lands at the bottom among the korean cars. Yikes!

    BTW, the reliablity rankings are done usually on number of problems per 100 or 1000 cars. Thus, the total number sold and produced is not relevant. It's the number of problems per 100 or 1000 vehicles whcih is very relevant.
  • chzhang1chzhang1 Posts: 1
    Thanks for your suggestion
  • Am I legal as far as the requirements go? Will I slowly have motor damage? The source of the fuel has been reliable and I used it primarily in my previous OHC V8 Ford engine with great overall economy and performance. Any feedback... Any one?
  • obmotobmot Posts: 61
    I read in one of the car mags a few years back an article about premium gas. The upshot was that virtually all car makers recommend "premium" fuel for their cars. This is to abate any performance issues, as the manufacturer can ask "have you *always* been using premium fuel as suggested in the manual?"

    The article went on to discuss the performance and durability issues, noting that exceptionally few cars (top end corvettes, ferrari's, porches, lotus, lambs, etc.) had any perceptible changes when standard gas was used. Moreover, (and I've noticed this here in Texas where people are exceedingly cheap), as gas prices go up, fewer people use premium gas and hence it "stagnates" in the underground station tanks for a MUCH longer time. The result is often that after sitting for 6 months, a station's "premium" gas is actually a lot worse due to condensation, etc. than standard gas that gets refilled several times a week. Once I saw "premium" gas come out of a Chevron station hose that looked like yellow cloudy urine - definitely NOT what premium gas should look like.

    So, keep in mind that what someone says a car 'needs' often is not, and furthermore that the replenishment of a particular grade of gas at stations probably correlates inversely with current prices (remember, whining Americans driving USS Excursions feel that they "deserve" gas @ $1 a gallon and that $2 is outrageous - and hence won't pay it). Nothing makes me smile more than some poor sap filling up his Burban' or USS Excursion for >$70 - sometimes I wish gas would even start to *approach* prices paid in the rest of the western world so that we would have a reality check (Jetta drivers notably excluded from this categorization).
  • roninjoutenroninjouten Posts: 201
    A few years ago a fill up in San Diego of lets say 10 gallons would cost me about $10, while premium would be about $12. That's a 20% price hit for higher octane. Ouch!

    Fast forward to 2001 and I'm paying $19 for 10 gallons and $21 for 10 gallons of premium gas. Suddenly the premium is only 10% higher than lower grade. Heck if you've spent 19, an extra $2 is nothing.

    Point is, if high gas prices are the norm, then premium gas actually becomes a more realistic, if not better value to performance trade off.

    BTW, I can feel a difference instantly by the gas.
  • nuridenuride Posts: 19
    I keep hearing different stories and opinions on these two engines. I heard that the 2.0 is a better engine than the turbo, as well as cheaper on gas and repairs and insurance, is this true?
    I am so totally confused, I was looking for a 1.8tw leather,luxury and automatic. I was told to forget it because it is no longer being made. Are turbos really that much trouble in the long run? Will i regret getting the 2.0? I tested the vrs and its too fast for me and too expensive Please advise!
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    My experience so far with the 1.8T has been excellent, no problems at all. My car is almost 3 months old and has 6400 miles on it. Its peppy and gets great fuel economy. The 1.8T is a pretty bullet proof engine and known for its reliablily, its been in the Audi A4 since 1994. This is my second Jetta, I had a 94 Jetta GL that I bought used in 1997, it too was a good car, just not as good as my 2001. It was a 2.0 and hadn't had an easy life, but was fairly reliable all things considered.

    As for regretting buying the 2.0, well that's all personal preference I think. Its a peppy engine, but after owning a 1.8T it seems like a dog to me. I rented a 2.0 Jetta when hubby's truck was in the shop, I couldn't wait to get home and get my 1.8T Jetta back from him. On the other hand, I used to love the 2.0 in my 94 Jetta, it seemed like a very quick car. So, like I said that's just personal preference. Hope this helps.
  • obmotobmot Posts: 61
    There are tons of 1.8Ts with leather/lux/automatics here in Houston, though not in the silver at least since last time Ive been on the lot. Lots of reds, greens, blues.
  • ....i have the 1.8t with non-monsoon and bought my CD changer from Crutchfield. I had to also purchase an adapter for about 50.00. I bought the Panasonic 8 CD changer. And the steering wheel controls work with it also. You may ask, "there are only 6 buttons on the stock head unit, so how do i play CD's 7 and 8? To play "7" press 5 twice and to play CD "8" press 6 twice. But they will not function if you don't have CD's in slots 5 and 6. At 8800 miles, I cannot find anything to complain about, except people staring at me when they hear the turbo's whistle. SWEEEET!
  • uofmich1uofmich1 Posts: 18
    Hey all, I'm new to this board. I've been playing on the bmw 3-series board a while now but thought I'd jump in here with my 2 cents. I have a 2001 bmw 325i and a 2001 VR6 and I must say, although I adore the bmws ride, the jetta is AMAZING for its price. You get 95% of the driving fun for 65% of the price. My question to all of you is: What are my options as far as the audio goes in the jetta. Mine DOES NOT have a monsoon system, I was hoping to go aftermarket on my own. Any general tips woould be appreciated. Thanks
  • roninjoutenroninjouten Posts: 201
    The 2.0 is an archaic engine that has numerous problems and many VW mechanics and some magazines blame for the vehicles bad repair record.

    The 1.8T on the other hand is a work of art. Respected across the globe. Well documented to be rock solid and easily modifiable. Audi/VW put it in the A4, TT, Passat, Golf, GTI, Beetle and Jetta. That's a ringing endorsement. Audi A4s(the car that's had the 1.8T the longest) are viewed as excellent in reliablity with that engine.
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