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2000-2011 Chevrolet Malibu



  • Wow, a lot to digest.

    1) What's the problem with the Grand Prix? Have heard nothing but positives.

    2) You have me mistaken with someone else. I've got no problem with OHV engines.

    3) Saturn is supposed to pick up the slack that Olds vacates. Saturn needs more of its own identity, not a combo with Chevy. I'm happy with GM's lineup and line differentiation now that Olds is nearly gone, but Saturn is a problem.

    4) Your question about sales volume raises an important question. Camry includes the Solara in its figures, and I'll expect Chevy will include the Maxx in its. And they should to play fair. I've heard that they are hoping for 250-350K units from the plant per year, which I assume includes the Maxx, which might well be the star of the show and the volume leader. For more, see the posts lately in the Maxx forum.

    Thanks, dtown, as always, for the insightful comments.
  • Lucky you! Guess the ramp up is finally speeding up a bit. Not expecting to see one in these parts (South FL) for weeks. Better they go slow, though, than screw things up.

    Can't explain the lack of +/-. Hmmm. My brochures don't have it either.

    You COULD help us out by posting your impressions of the fabric pattern (assuming it was gray; we all know about the beige fiasco) here AND in the Maxx forum.

  • Chevy/GM is not the only manufacture with to many cars (i dont think so) but if you do look at Toyota just as many IMO.
  • Anyone who's interested in the cloth seat fiasco in the new Malibu might want to check out the Pontiac Grand Prix main forum beginning with post #3003 or so.

    Seems that the fabric which had been used on the cloth seats in the GP at launch (they switched the GP to basic color cloth 6 months into production!!!) is now being used in the new Malibu and there wasn't enough left to go around for the GP. I never saw the Uglycloth (the GP folks have nearly trademarked that name) in the GP, but I assume it's the same as that in the Malibu right now.

    One can only hope. More ammunition to wait a while on the new Malibu if you want cloth.
  • I agree with post 1982. The pulling of the
    headlights back toward the windshield, plus
    the pulling of the taillights toward the
    windshield, does not do much for me. Maybe they
    are gradually moving to wraparound lights.
  • wpbharry: The Malibu cloth is FARRRR more subdued than was the Uglycloth (TM ack) in the Grand Prix. Thank God and Greyhound that's gone! Looked like something from the psychedlic 60's or that the dog threw up, IMHO!
  • snaabsnaab Posts: 72
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  • i didn't think the seat pattern was bad, but then again, i'm not that picky. it was fine for me. the color was very nice, a light green. i didn't sit inside, i just looked from the outside. it was parked out in front of the dealer and locked. the styling seemed more angular in person than the pics i've seen. it was nice. i am surprised they received one so soon, us being in wyoming always seem to get everything last. i'll be at the dealer next week for service so i'll see if it's still there to show off or if it's sold. if it's there, i will check it out better and give impressions.
  • snaab: THANKS for holding our (my) hand. Your pix are the best. Let you know if we need more. Thanx for staying in touch. Please keep us updated with your driving impressions.

    infinia: The light green is one of my top choices, and am interested in the interior color. I'd assume it was grey, but possibly not. Let us know if it's still there and your impressions. Might not be there. The reason why you have one and we don't is that the plant is near Kansas City, KS. You're much closer to it than I am.
  • snaabsnaab Posts: 72
    hey i was wondering what everyone means about GM switching cloth on the GP. its different than the ones in my pictures now? how so?

    the malibu hit 2000 miles today. quality wise everything is awesome.
  • This combination of a checkered middle and "plain" sides is simply disgusting. Looks like a toilet seat! Are they trying to emulate Jaguar's "toilet seat" grill design?
  • of the images kindly provided by Snaab:

    1. The two-tone plastic on the inside of the doors is very unpleasant to look at due to the shape of the plastic and the colors themselves.

    2. The steering wheel, which I did not like at all from the very first time I saw it, looks even worse now, especially compared to the classic Bu's very appealing steering wheel

    3. The radio and HVAC buttons look very small

    4. The headlights, which I didn't like from the very beginning also, could have easily been designed to look AWESOME, if GM would not have extended the lights toward the windshield. Would've looked almost like a bimmer, now it looks like a toad. Have you driven a toad lately?

    The bottom line: I don't care if this thing drives like a Ferrari, the design is atrocious and I won't be buying this Bu no matter what.

    A matter of personal taste, of course :-)
  • We both have late '90's LS'. It's not that bad.

    I DO agree with the seat fabric design. Have leather in mine, which, I admit, under a TSB, has has the driver's seat bolsters replaced 2 times, due to poor (read "cheap") quality.

    My car is white with beige and I will not go for beige this time. Hoping that the grey looks better (and then you don't get the passe wood tone trim, but the aluminum). Whether it'll be an LS (cloth) or the LT (suede) is an unknown for the moment. You NEED to read the recent posts in the Maxx forum. Sorry about that; until the Maxx is introed in January "ish" the rooms will be split, and we need to keep on top of both. Better that way, for now.
  • Yes, I do believe that the GM honchos heard the cries and did away with the patterned fabric on the GPs seats. Won't see one until the Miami Int'l Auto Show (early Nov.), but assume the pattern went away fairly recently, replaced by a solid color.
  • I think there is more than a little chance that one reason the Uglycloth (TM ack) went away is the Edmund's forums. The car companies DO read these forums. They would be absolute fools not to.
  • Wholeheartedly agree. See the latest in the Maxx forum.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I saw the Malibu before I had seen many pictures of the car in February. My first impression of the car was surprise as to how good it was. I don't think it's as good as some other cars out there, but the new Bu is more attractive than the Camcords that seem to rule the road these days IMO.
  • Glad you've calmed down. Like it or not, we are classic potentials for the new Malibu (in my case, possibly yours, a chance for the Maxx).

    Yes, our cars are more handome than the new one, but think of all those new gadgets to explore.

    Recommend we wait until next summer to dive in, however. Hope you agree.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Looks like the G6 will share the OHV 3.5L initially anyway which is a bit disappointing. That said, if the 3.5L is as good as the reviews say, I could live with it.
  • sdasda Indian Land, SCPosts: 1,944
    There is a good review on the new Malibu in USA Today 9/13. Sounds like GM did a nice job with the new Malibu. Look forward to seeing them arrive on the dealer's lots.

    2010 Pilot EXL-RES, 2013 Accord EX

  • I knew the 3.5 had to find a home somewhere in addition to the Malibu. Guess the Malibu SS (if it ever materializes) will get the supercharged version for $3-5K more.

    Styling isn't so good this go 'round. Looks like the same old, same old. Comparing the '03 'Bu with the '03 Grand Am, it's that all over again. Not impressed.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632

    I think the new G6 looks really nice in that picture, certainly more exciting than the Bu. I see the supercharged version having around 250hp, but I wouldn't likely get it.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    harry :I think the G6 looks like a GP! But as for my last post on the Maxx page, anything you can do to influence the look of my next car would be greatly appreciated. Cloth seat redesign first, rear wiper last. Thanks for the plug on the credit card. I have only one, and will never get a second; especially for a GM car. As for waiting, that is up to the fine quality Ford put into my car. I don't pin much hopes on that. I'll have a Malibu in my driveway sooner than later. If it comes with a nice charcoal grey interior inspired by Harry, I'll be all the more pleased.
  • (Being sincere)

    Don't come knocking on my door when the $1000 GMPP bill is added to the transaction total and the payments go way up....

    As far as the G6, yes, it is FAR more handome than the Malibu. Did we expect anything less? It's no where near as attractive as the G6 show car. But, maxx hits the nail on the head once again. It's a mini-GP (as is the current Grand Am). Can't wait that long for a new car; if the Pontiac itch strikes, I'll go for the GP. My car is 6 model years old for cripes sake!!! I've never, ever had one car this long. Guess that's a good word for GM.
  • the usual Pontiak "beak" looks kinda cheesy. Oh, well ;-)
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Actually, I would probably go for a GP also as I need all the space I can get these days. That said, if we have an SUV, space will be less of an issue for our car.
  • You're really on top of this stuff. Thanks once again for the great link.

    Have a hunch; uh oh, the crystal ball is back in operation. A Maxx IS in your future. Wish somebody had one to tell me what's in mine.

    After the Maxx, dindak, the new GP (your car) will be sitting in the driveway, too.

    2 car payments. Better you than I. Start playin those lottery numbers.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    that's OK dindak; since you are part of my "extended family" now, you can come down here and I'll get you your Malibu for $150 over dealer cost.
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