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2000-2011 Chevrolet Malibu



  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    1. open glove box
    2. empty all contents
    3. there are two plastic pegs; one on each side of the lower back side of the box allowing the box to pivot. Squeeze (VERY HARD :cry: ) the sides of the lower box inward to allow the pegs to exit the side holes. I wiggle the glove box back and forth violently while pushing in. Don't worry about breaking the the pegs; I have done mine 5 times now, and each time I have to push as hard as I can to get the box to push inward and release the pegs.
    4. once inside, you will see the black plastic snap to enter the cabin filter door. Lift the snap upwards
    5. slide in your 8 x 10 inch (one inch thick) cardboard high efficience furnace filter cutting.
    6. close your glove box (the plastic pegs slide easily back into place)

    Enjoy the savings and the fresh air! :shades:
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    Thanks, I am curious, how did you find this out. I have access to the official GM Service Manual and nothing about a cabin filter, GM best kept secret LOL. :)
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    ....well.....a little birdy on this site who knows this car inside and out told me. Thanks e2helper.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    I found the filter compartment and no filter, puzzling. I found it easier to remove the top 2 screws holding the compartment to the door, then its pops out very easy. When I get around to it I will install a filter and see how much dirt it picks up.
  • fourlsfourls Posts: 1
    Hi, Folks:

    I recently bought the subject vehicle with some 16K miles. I would like to know what items to tell the service advisor about better fuel economy when I return the vehicle for servicing and warranty work. Also, I would like to learn from other 2004 Chevy Malibu Classic owners the problems they have had with this car.


    fourls :)
  • khf71khf71 Posts: 1
    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anybody uses the parking pass holder on the windshields of the 2004-2005 malibus? I have been using mine for my hang tag for the lot I park in at work. I prefer to use the holder rather than hanging the tag from my rearview mirror. Recently I started to get tickets for "not displaying a valid decal" :mad:

    Has anyone else had problems with getting tickets when using the parking pass holder for a hang tag instead of hanging it from the rear view mirror?

    Thanks a lot!
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    I use it for my parking pass but haven't had any problem with getting tickets. The lot I park in only requires the tags be clearly visible through the windshield, whether it's hanging from the mirror, lying on the dash, or in the pass holder of our Malibu. That's a good thing too, because the ticket's mirror hole is torn (the back of the mirror on my truck was larger than the hole) and if I'm in my truck I end up putting it on the dash so it's visible above the VIN through the driver's side of the windshield.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    yep, I use mine too. No problems here.
  • bwolterbwolter Posts: 51
    I use my clip all the time for parking at the airport garage (often) and when I go the local Air Force base (they're always out of permanent stickers). For me it's convenient and can't be missed. I also use the clip in front of the forward cup holder for my daughter's next dental appts (they write it on the back of their business card). Perfect size. I get a lot of "wows" about the cars features and especially the rear leg room. I only have two problems with the car that are posted in the "problems" section. Front thud and passenger side seat noise.
  • mrsgaleymrsgaley Posts: 2
    We own a 99 base Malibu we bought new. We have replaced brake pads and rotors several times because of shimmy when brakes applied as described by many of you in this forum. Also our ABS light came on so had to replace one sensor. Was OK for awhile and then started coming on again - had to replace other sensor. One wheel bearing was replaced at this time also. Now, we have just had to replace the other wheel bearing because of noise indicating wear. Also have had problem with intake manifold leaking, water pump, alternator. We now have about 125,000 miles, and I think over the last year, we have spent over $3000 on repairs. Anyone else out there with the ABS sensor and wheel bearing problems? Our local mechanic says he has replaced wheel bearings on some malibus every 2 years. We are very disappointed with the lack of quality in this vehicle. We like to buy American, but with a record like this, we may be forced to look at foreign vehicles before we go broke fixing this American one.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    I hear you. We'd like to buy American too if all possible. I feel bad for you because I just spent $2K on my 91 Geo with 106000 miles. I know how it feels--awful!

    I think the problem is the Malibu was pretty bad before the 2002 model year. I've been giving updates on our 02 LS. It has about 25K miles now, and everything is still working as new although the brakes have been kind of weak from day one. One has to apply a lot of pressure to make a stop, and I THINK I can detect a little shimmy. Also the brake pedal is a bit squeaky sometimes. Other than that, we're quite satisfied with this car. A basic, reliable, comfortable and bland transportation sums up our Malibu, which isn't bad at all considering the price we paid for it. Good luck with it.
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    Pretty much sums up most of what has been said here about the last generation of Malibu. I loved my 1997 for ride, features, comfort, power, etc., but by the end of it's 6th birthday it was getting way too expensive to keep. I'd already probably spent close to $2000 for repairs (brakes, alternators, some electrical gremlins) and was told that I was going to have to spend about another $1000 to replace the AC compressor (which was causing a fuse to blow and knocking out not only the AC but half of my instrument cluster with it). So I replaced the blown fuse and traded the car off to the dealership.

    I'm either an optimistic person or just a stupid one (probably depends a lot on who you talk to :P ) because I bought my wife a 2004 Malibu LT. At this point most of the problems (yes, there have been some) have been minor, but I'd really like to see GM produce a 99% trouble free car that is also roomy, comfortable, feature laden, and powerful, with good quality, and affordability. The new car seems to be all but the former so far.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Anyone know if the Malibu will get a 2.4L upgrade (from the 2.2L) for 2006?
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    No, it will continue with the 2.2L (L61) for 2006 model.
  • cjasencjasen Posts: 8
    Forbes magazine recently recommended 10 cars for teenagers, and the Malibu made the list. Basic criteria: Good safety ratings, and price below $20K.

    The others included 2 Saturns, and 7 imports.

    Here's the article if you're interested.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Malibu sales are on fire this year and the value the car offers is undeniable.

    I am surprised it will not get the 2.4L. Perhaps supply will be limited given it's going into G6, Aura, some Cobalts and Solstice.
  • hojackhojack Posts: 1
    Because of your posting I have made arrangments to have the wind deflector installed on my car at no cost to me. Thanks for this info.. :)
  • jackcajackca Posts: 2
    last week i had the same problem with no.1 and #2 on heater selector it needed a new resistor and when i put it in it still didnt work so i had to take the contacts on the resistor plug apart and clean and re shape the metal contacts so they would make a connection. it is wery important to do this right also check with a volt meter to see if there is elect comming to the plug it took me some time to figure this out
  • jackcajackca Posts: 2
    i have a 2000 malibu and i was checking the fuses under the hood and i tripped the anti-theft device the guy a the garage told me to reset the puter. i have to do it with the key to be turned on and off in a certin combo . does anyone know the combo ? i tried the key on for 10 minutes and a couple of other things with no sucess, the garage did not tell how it was done in case this happens in the future thank you
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    Try this, i think it will work without clearing the codes.

    PASSLOCK Reset
    30 Minute Procedure

    1- Ensure that the battery is fully charged.

    2-Use a scan tool in order to clear the PassLock DTCs.

    3-Turn the ignition switch from the OFF position to the CRANK position, and then to the RUN position.

    4-The vehicle will start and then stall.

    5-Leave the ignition ON until the security telltale turns OFF in 10 minutes.

    Repeat steps 3-5 for 2 more times [3 times total]

    Clear all Passlock DTCs.
  • jcat707jcat707 Posts: 168
    My car broke down and I got a 2005 Malibu as a rental and I have to say that this car is awesome! The V6 has plenty of power and it has lots of neat features like the information center in the radio. I love how the sunroof open over the roof instead of into the roof and the remote starter has fascinated me since the day I got it. The steering at low speeds is much looser than I'm used to but I'm used to it now. The only negative thing that I have to say about this car is that I wish that the mirrors were body color instead of black but that's not a big deal. I'm going to enjoy these 3 weeks with this car.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    I found the transaxle information I asked you for in the Malibu SI. The reason I asked you is because the first time I drove in the mountains I put it in L3 and when I came to the first hill the car started to vibrate, same as no downshift, I then put it in D and it downshifted. Now that I know how it is suppose to work I am going to try it again.
    The transmission operates the same in Manual Third as in Overdrive range with the exception that Fourth gear is prevented. The transmission will upshift and downshift between First, Second, and Third gears as in Overdrive range. However, engine compression braking is not available in Manual Third - First and Second gears, and the vehicle will coast when you release the throttle. :)
  • jdunbar1jdunbar1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001Malibu and am having the a/c switching off problem. Sometimes, it intermittently switches from inside air to outside air and/or completely switches off the A/C. After a few minutes it might switch back on. I've had the problem before when the car was under warranty. The dealer replaced the HVAC Control Assembly and told me that something had "shorted out" 1 1/2 years ago, but refuse to replace it again since it's been over a year since the replacement. :cry: I don't think this part should be failing every two years. There is definitely something wrong here. When I call parts stores they don't have parts with such a name. Anybody out there know the english name for this part or the solution to my problem? :confuse:
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Maybe nobody cares about the previous generation Malibus anymore. But for what it's worth, here's my update. We bought our LS back in July 2002, and paid $16,300. Had we waited for one more day, we'd have gotten $500 more rebate.

    I can't believe we've racked up over 30K miles already. The car has endured scorching summer heat and brutal wintry weather in the midwest. We've taken it on numerous road trips including an 800-mile round trip in the winter and a 1200 mile one way trip in the summer (both trips lots of mountain driving). Overall it's been a very pleasant experience. We've had zero problem with the car, except for weak brakes which have been that way since day one. It still runs like new, getting very respectable mileage, 19 mpg for pure city driving, between 25-28 in mixed driving and low 30s in highway driving. I change the oil myself, so it's cost us close to nothing to maintain it. One really can't ask for much more than that for a basic transportation. I hope you all have the same good fortune with your new Malibus :shades:
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    Are you handy with tools, I can send you a PDF of how to take it apart and repair it . :)
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Malibu with SABs got top rating for side impact along with the an Audi (A4 I think).

    Great news, another score for this fine Chevy!!,0,5889145.story?coll=n- y-business-print
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Our 02 Malibu LS was totaled! :cry: We've had it for almost exactly 3 years, and it's got 31,169 miles.

    My wife was rear ended by a city dump truck while waiting at a stop light. It was a low speed impact (10 mph tops), but due to the huge momentum of the heavy truck the rear end of our Malibu completely caved in, also causing damage to the structural integrity of the middle section of the car. Of course the dump truck didn't even register a scratch. The insurance company's repair estimate is $10K, because the whole rear section of the car would have to be cut off. So they totaled it and will write us a check for the amount of $12,765, plus the $200 for car seat replacement. We will get back $12965. Considering that we paid $16200 for it, it worked out just fine for us. Ironically, this is a much better outcome than if we'd try to sell it on our own.

    As I have recently posted in my update, it's been a perfect and reliable vehecle. We've grown to love it. And now we hate to see it go to the junk yard. It's like losing a friend. Just in case you're wondering, we could buy it back for $528.63. But don't think we'll do that.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Forgot to mention. My wife had our two kids in the back seat. Everybody was fine. My oldest one wasn't even scared, just heard a loud noise. The little one just slept through it :)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    This all sounds very scary to me. :surprise: Glad everyone is okay.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Thanks. Yeah, it's amazing how much damage a heavy truck can do even at very low speed. I guess our Malibu held up pretty well under the circumstances. Our Malibu lost $4515 of its original value of $16,200 after exactly 3 years and 31K miles, which works out to be a 28% depreciation. That's not bad at all. I doubt the Camry/Accord will do much better if at all. But again, this is an insurance settlement. I'm sure the real world picture is much different for the Malibu and Camcords.
  • triedntrutriedntru Posts: 73
    I came across this interesting comparison that I thought was appropriate for this board.

    <img src="C:\chart.jpg"
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You are trying to display an image that is stored on your local computer - that means only you can see it. If you can upload it to a web server somewhere and repost a link to it there, we'll all be able to see it.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Glad your family is ok. I know how scary it is, I t-boned a red light runner and totalled our Grand Prix a few years ago. We were ok, but I'll never forget it.
  • triedntrutriedntru Posts: 73
    My apologies! I don't frequent bulletin boards that often. I'll just type this stuff out manually.

    The following is 3rd party data comparing a Chevrolet Malibu LS Sedan V6 Automatic against a Toyota Camry LE Sedan V6 Automatic. The first number in each line is for the Malibu, and the second number is for the Camry.

    City MPG - 22 vs. 20...Winner: Malibu
    Highway MPG - 32 vs. 28...Winner: Malibu
    Frontal Crash - 5*/5* vs. 5*/5*...Winner: Tie
    Side Crash w/ Side Airbags - 5*/4* vs. Not Available...Winner: ?
    Side Crash w/o Side Airbags - 4*/5* vs. 4*/3*...Winner: Malibu
    Rollover Rating - 4* vs. 4*...Winner: Tie
    40 MPH Frontal Offset Crash - Good vs. Good...Winner: Tie
    Side Crash w/ Side Airbags - Best Pick vs. Good...Winner: Malibu
    Rear Crash Protection - Acceptable vs. Marginal...Winner: Malibu
    0 to 60 MPH (sec) - 8.1 vs. 8.3...Winner: Malibu
    60 to 0 MPH (feet) - 146 vs. 147...Winner: Malibu
    JDP Initial Quality (PPH) - 97 vs. 99...Winner: Malibu
    JDP APEAL - 872 vs. 853...Winner: Malibu
    Price (MSRP) - $21,890 vs. $22,530...Winner: Malibu
    Current Cash Incentive - $2,500 vs. $500...Winner: Malibu
    Net Price - $19,390 vs. $22,030...Winner: Malibu

    Items 1-2 are from EPA. Items 3-6 are from NHTSA. Items 7-9 are from IIHS. Items 10-11 are from Consumer Reports. Items 12-13 are from JD Power.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    That is a great summary. You can see that Malibu sales are strong so word is getting out. I'm not a huge fan of the styling (a bit dull) but I have to admit, I'm tempted to get one as the value is outstanding.

    Seems like this generation offers the same things (and much more) that made the original Malibus such big sellers.
  • ctlmbctlmb Posts: 4
    I helped my in-laws purchase a 1999 Chevy Malibu. Five weeks ago, my father-in-law went to drive the car, and he noticed the front passenger side of the Malibu was lying on the ground. After having the car towed to the dealership, they said the passenger side front suspension spring was broken, but since the car was out of warranty (it has 109,600 miles), my in-laws would have to pay for the fix. My in-laws take the Malibu into the dealership for regular maintenance, and they never noted any problem with the suspension. They said the car must have hit a rock or something, although everyone we've talked to said it would take more than a rock to break a front suspension spring, and if it did, why didn't it break the spring at the moment of impact?

    My father-in-law then asked the service department to take a look at the other spring, and they said it was fine. Earlier this week, my mother-in-law went to get into the car, and the car was lying on the ground again, but this time, it was the driver's side suspension spring that was broken! My in-laws live in Georgetown, Massachusetts, and my mother-in-law had driven out to Shrewsbury (a little over an hour drive) with my wife and kids. My mother-in-law had planned to drive back home that morning when she noticed the front of the car on the ground. I keep thinking of what would have happened to the passengers of the car if the either spring had failed while it was moving on the highway. My father-in-law called the dealership in anger and demanded them to tow the car back to the dealership in order to fix the spring that they said was fine. But they said no, so since my in-laws need their car, they had it towed to a local dealership in Shrewsbury to have it fixed.

    My concern at this moment is that GM received a set of defective springs, and that they're on the verge of failure with 99 Malibus hitting the 100,000 mile mark. Both of the broken suspension springs have been saved so that someone could make an analysis of why they broke. My in-laws have also saved the bills from both repairs. At this point, what is their best course of action in order to receive compensation from GM and/or the dealership since I believe a catastrophic failure of such an essential component to a car, with only a little over 100,000 miles on it (mostly highway), is simply unacceptable and dangerous.

    It's sad since my in-laws loved their Malibu when they first purchased it (my father-in-law has been a Chevy man his whole life), but between the brake problems with the car, other repair issues, and now the double suspension spring failure, they're ready to make their next car a Toyota.
  • phick58phick58 Posts: 1
    I have had exactly the same experience with my 2001 malibu as jdunbar1. Also the anti theft system keeps my car from running as well. I've had this repaired during warranty but now that the same problem is occurring after warranty GM doesn't want to make it right. I don't think I should have to spend $800.00 a year on this car because of a mfg. defect. :lemon: It has 60,000 miles on it but they are road miles. Anyone have any suggestions for a fix or how I can argue this out with GM and win?
  • tiger10tiger10 Posts: 46
    hello, i own a 2005malibu and i was wondering if anybody saw the new line of commercials from chevy. it compares MalibuLT vs. CamryXLE. and i have to tell you the Malibu is a better value. and it also compares the Cobalt to Corolla, and i also own a Corolla. and i have to admit there are some stuff on the cobalt that the corolla doesnt, anyway i like my CorollaS. both my cars are 2005s thanks Tiger
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    GM and/or the dealership since I believe a catastrophic failure of such an essential component to a car, with only a little over 100,000 miles on it (mostly highway), is simply unacceptable and dangerous.

    100,000 miles is alot of miles-regardless. So-how long should a car maker be liable for a car it produces? I can't believe so many people can't accept the fact cars need repairs when you start to chalk up the miles. After 60,000 miles it is not unheard of to have the following happen; strut replacement, water pump, timing belt, (if applicable), brake calipers, etc. It's very unreasonable to ask for compensation on a car that has 100,000 miles on it. Maybe car makers should be responsible for the life of the car? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Is it reasonable or not, but manufacturers are responsive for safety-related defects for the life. Not only car manufacturers: the tobacco companies, the companies that used asbestos, etc. This is the law of country.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    I agree with Chuck1. Although I feel that two spring failures in such close proximity is a bit odd, I would hate to see car makers sued because wear items (even if safety related.) give up the ghost after 100,000 miles.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    This is not a sound reasoning position. Then I guess car makers should be responsible for brake pads? Those are one of the most important safety item cars have! You know, some people don't get their brakes fixed until they hear the metal against metal. Should they be liable for those cars as well?
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    " I would hate to see car makers sued because wear items (even if safety related.) give up the ghost after 100,000 miles.'

    Thanks...some people would make the case that at 100,000 miles this cars useful life is 50% over. Some would even say that it has only another 50,000 miles left. I can't possibly see how a car maker could be held liable. You could make a case that EVERYTHING on a car is safety related. Heck, if your mirrors crack or somebody knocks them off in a parking lot four years down the road, you can't change lanes safely. Or if a tail light bulb goes out, how will they see your intent to change lanes? While I believe both of those parts going out is suspect, just pay for the repair and forget about it. Also, take those old parts and throw them out...they will just collect dust in garage!
  • deb14deb14 Posts: 2
    this anti-theft system is wearing me out. can you please send me a copy of the pdf also.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    Sorry for the confusion, the PFD in msg #4503 was for the A/C controller repair, the title is misleading. :(
  • tiger10tiger10 Posts: 46
    hello, i have a 2005malibu base sedan and it has over 3100 miles on it, when do i get is serviced? my dealer keeps changing it from 5000 to 3000 miles evertime i ask them the driver info center(DIC) is not saying anything. I NEED SOME QUICK HELP! thanks, Tiger
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    the GM indicator is quite sophisticated and dumping the oil at 3K is seldom called for except for dealers and quick change places that like to make money. I had my first oil change at 6000 miles and the indicator said I had about 20% oil life. I suspect that the 4 cylinder might crank more than the 3.5 liter and require more changes-- 6 cylinder ohv GM engines are REALLY easy on oil.

    The computer will measure how many times you start the car, how warmed up the car is, how many times you floor it to pass and all sorts of other sophisticated stuff. The old adage was that a single start up at zero degrees puts much more wear on an engine than a 500 mile trip in the summer.

    I'm using Pennzoil dino which is a group II+ basestock along with a ST filter. I suspect pushing the ST passed the 7000 mark might be stretching things a bit, although my engine has the bypass in the block. If I was using a low end Fram I'd be afraid to push things passed 4K, if I had a higher end Purolator along with synthetic I'd run things right to the end of the oil change cycle. The ST filter is Champion about like half of the AC Delco branded units but with a little less filtering area-- so far it's non-E-Core but that's coming and I have no problems with that.

    I've had about 30 cars and only a handful died of engine problems and those were because of overheating. Usually it's other things that make me ditch the car, that's why Quaker State and Pennzoil put 250K guarantees on oil related engine failures with 4K changes.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    Oil life gives time to change in %, at about 10% it will state change oil. I have been using 5000 miles after using 3000 miles for years, I' m going along with the manufacture to a point on extending oil changes. 5000 miles is a good oil change time for the modern oil and fuel injected engines. :)
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    you must be running LOTS of short trips. Either that or there's a big difference between the four and the six. I wouldn't extend the change cycle. If it says to change it, change it.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    If I used the oil life monitor my changes would be over 7000, its interesting how writing something down is taken out of context. GM states that when the oil life monitor gets to 10 % the change oil will come on, not at 0%. :confuse:
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