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2000-2011 Chevrolet Malibu



  • mitzijmitzij Member Posts: 613
    The owner's manual will also tell you, if the change oil message does not come up for a year, change the oil. For those of us who don't drive much (less than 5k per year), we should change our oil once a year. The oil life monitoring system doesn't account for us short commuters.
  • vanman1vanman1 Member Posts: 1,397
    Base prices have definitely been cut on the LS and LT models. Great news. :)

    Malibu LS - $21,995
    Malibu LT - $22,470
    Malibu LTZ - $29,885
    Malibu SS - $29,885
    Malibu Maxx LT - $25,595
    Malibu Maxx LTZ - $31,495
    Malibu Maxx SS - $31,495
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Member Posts: 588
    Chevy's building LTZ models of the Malibu and Maxx for 2006 too now? (in addition to the new SS models, I mean)
  • mr_botsmr_bots Member Posts: 236
    LS is taking the place of where the "Base" used to be, LT is taking what used to be LS, and LTZ is taking what was LT. So really no more models, other then the SS, just rearranged.
  • vanman1vanman1 Member Posts: 1,397
    LTZ must have the 3.9L at those prices though.
  • joe3891joe3891 Member Posts: 759
    I bet they removed something to drop the price. :)
  • vanman1vanman1 Member Posts: 1,397
    Maybe.. MSRPs for 2006 are suppose to drop closer to transaction prices so in reality, these MSRPs seem about right. I see base Malibus advertised for under $22K cash regularly in the Toronto area.
  • boss2000boss2000 Member Posts: 3
    What do you think the base prices will be for the SS models in the US? Do you think the Malibu SS will be under $24,500?
  • motownusamotownusa Member Posts: 836
    I will be surprised if it isn't since V6 Altimas, Accords, Camrys MSRP starts from around 23K.
  • tiger10tiger10 Member Posts: 46
    hello, i was wondering if it was safe to take my 05Malibu Base Sedan, for beach driving since i dont own any suvs and i really hate to rent and drive one. give me some advice.
    thanks- Tiger10
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    How many cars are you planning on driving on this trip???
  • tiger10tiger10 Member Posts: 46
    what do you mean? ONE. but not sure which ONE.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Based on the number of posts you've made about this, you seem to have a number of options available to you. If you are talking about actually driving on the sand, you're not going to be able to do it with a two-wheel drive vehicle.
  • kurtamaxxguykurtamaxxguy Member Posts: 677
    GM decided to kill the Maxx variant of the Malibu. 2007 is the Maxx's last year.
    So whatever models GM is gonna make out of the Maxx, they won't be around long.

    ..and for those who have not tried the cabin filter idea, posted earlier here and reposted on the Maxx thread, you'll find that after 10K miles, it will have filtered out a __lot__ of dirt.

    And for what GM is asking for the MAXX SS, sorry, but you could get a base Audi3 with V6 and AWD for about the same price. Is all black interior and Bling Bling wheels better than AWD, 6 speed double clutch trans and direct injection?
  • vanman1vanman1 Member Posts: 1,397
    You can get an AWD Audi V6 for under $28K?
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Member Posts: 588
    The A3 doesn't get AWD or a V6, at least not based on any of the web sites I've looked at just now (including here and Audi's own web site). The FWD 2.0t does make similar horsepower and torque to the Malibu's 3.5l, only using a turbocharger.

    The cheapest V6 Audi I found was listing at $34k+ (the 2005 A4 3.0 Quattro). So there's plenty of wiggle room for the Maxx SS at under $30k.
  • kurtamaxxguykurtamaxxguy Member Posts: 677
    true, the A3 with V6 isn't here yet. Nobody really knows what Audi will charge for the A3 with V6 and quattro. Audi may offer quattro with 2.0 i4. We'll see.

    The existing A3 with FWD is actually quicker than the Maxx or Malibu, but possibly not the Malibu SS. The A3 sounds more like a drivers car while the SS is more like the SSR - more show and noise, but less refinement. Still, Maxx has more interior room than the A3.
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Member Posts: 588
    I had a feeling the A3 might be quicker, if for no other reason than it's most likely a lighter vehicle than the Malibu and Maxx. I actually considered checking those stats too when I was looking up pricing / drivetrain options, but had already closed the browser out and needed to get back to work. :P
  • kurtamaxxguykurtamaxxguy Member Posts: 677
    Edmunds clocked the A3 at 7 sec 0-60 .vs. Malibu around 8 sec. Malibu SS I guess will be around that of A3.

    And is it true that the SS malibu variants will __only__ have black interiors?
  • nick_87_gnnick_87_gn Member Posts: 4
    I'm not surprised the Maxx is going away. It may be a roomy and practical concept but you must admit, it is kind of ugly. What I don't understand is why Chevrolet just didn't make a wagon? Put a nice roof rack and a spoiler on it, it would look much better. I'd bet it would sell better too.
  • nick_87_gnnick_87_gn Member Posts: 4
    BTW, does anybody know if a manual transmission will be available on the Malibu SS, or the G6 GTP sedan??
  • e2helpere2helper Member Posts: 1,002
    The G6 GTP model is available with manual 6 speed trans on sedan and coupe models. Should be at dealer soon if not already there - if dealer ordered one ;)
  • malibult04malibult04 Member Posts: 2
    I don't know what all the fuss is about over the design of the malibu. I just recently purchased an '04 malibu LT and I think its a GREAT looking car. The ones who bash on it are the ones who did not have a malibu before '04. I traded in my '03 malibu for the newer styled malibu and have no regrets whatsoever. It is a huge improvement over the previous malibu and I'm always getting second looks when I'm driving down the road. This car is not just for the 40-50 age rage. I'm 24 years young and wish I had this car in high school. I get compliments on it all the time. The triangular headlights on the back of the car are so unique and cool looking. :shades: The front "cat-eyed" looking headlamps are also a very nice touch. I don't know what the big deal is about the interior. I've heard reports about it having "cheap" plastic. What is cheap plastic?? I don't go into cars and say "hmmm, you got some cheap plastic better get a better car that has some upscale plastic in it" :confuse:

    Anyways, I feel that in order to appreciate the real value of the newer malibu models you have to sit in an '03 model or earlier and then try an '04 or newer. Then you'll be able to get a good sense of what a great car it is.
  • yurakmyurakm Member Posts: 1,345
    We had a 98 Malibu and like to drive it very much; however, had to dispose of it last fall after about 70k miles, because it did not make sense to pay $2,000-$3,000 for repairs year after year.

    My wife and I test-drove 2004 Maxx. It was our first choice before the test drive. We like the specs, and the dealership is great.

    We had generally good impression of the car we test-drove: great suspension, adequate power in city/suburbs, spacious cabin. At speed above 70 mph on highway it did not want accelerate, as if had not enough power - probably because the engine was not broke in yet. Unfortunately, the seats were so uncomfortable that the both of us had tired backs after 20-30 minutes test drive. Barely OK for short commute, but not for major trip.

    We decided against the car and bought instead a second Buick Regal. It have very comfortable seats.

    My wife is 43, I was 53. For older people the seats ought to be even less comfortable.
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    To each their own. I'm 60 and love the Maxx seating. It's been years since I've driven a Buick but thought the seating was too soft without adequate lumbar support.

    I think the Maxx's seating is probably harder than most GM seats, but I like it that way.

    As to the last gen. Malibu, I thought that was one of the most uncomfortable cars I'd driven (although I had an abused rental car). I owned a Hyundai Elantra and found the 'Bu had less useful space (and was much more uncomfortable).
  • kurtamaxxguykurtamaxxguy Member Posts: 677
    The '04+ Maxx (and malibu?) seats, supposedly sourced from a French supplier that also makes seats for Saab, do tend to be firm, but I've been able to make 700+ mile stints in this car that would have been real pain in other cars I've had (Ion, Prism, Camry, etc.). The +03 and less Malibu seats were definitely inferior (one I checked out loved to tip me left or right).

    As for cheap plastic, in the Maxx that can be found, in spades, around the skylight and the rear hatch. It's thin, creaks/squeaks, works loose - definitely detracts from the car.
    The front trim on other hand feels solid, and the dash surface is definitely a cut above most GM products.
    And do you really want soft trim where your feet bang into the door or footwell lining? The "Bu's trim cleans pretty easilly and so far has shown no wear.
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    My biggest complaint about the seats is fabric surfaces in the LS. I'd prefer straight microfiber with the lether inserts continuing in the upscale model. My Hyundai Elantra came under criticism for seat surfaces but I thought they were better than the Maxx.
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866

    Without checking, I'm sure they're different. I thought GM gave lots of thought to mirror shape to lessen drag in the 04.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Member Posts: 758
    "I've heard reports about it having "cheap" plastic. What is cheap plastic?? I don't go into cars and say "hmmm, you got some cheap plastic better get a better car that has some upscale plastic in it"

    LOL! Well said man. That's my reaction whenver I read reviewers complain about "cheap plastic". What makes a certain kind of plastic cheap anyway, harder vs softer or what? I think the reviewers are actually defining "cheapness" for everybody.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Member Posts: 758
    That's according to JD Power. I wasn't too surprised based on our experience with our 02 LS. Job well done Chevy!
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    Most cars in this class scrimp somewhere. When I looked at the new Sonata, the dash (especially the information module--although I like all of the things the Maxx's module shows) certainly looked better than the Maxx. Same with seating surfaces.

    On the otherhand, the Sonata's door surfaces seemed cheaper, especially the door pulls which are hard plastic unlike the Maxx's great texture. So, unless you're talking Lexus, it all depends where you look -- and feel.
  • malibult04malibult04 Member Posts: 2
    I don't believe my car was equipped w/ XM radio since I do not see the antennae on the roof and when I press the Band button I do not see a menu for XM. I was wondering if a third party or even a dealer can install xm radio on my car and still use the radio that came w/ my malibu LT or if I have to purchase a seperate radio receiver. I have seen other malibu's with xm radio on it and they still use the same radio that came with their car. Maybe they just need to wire my car to have that option show up on my malibu. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
  • cwsteedcwsteed Member Posts: 1
    A buddy of mine recently did me the favor of borrowing my car and subsequently placing a very big dent in the rear passenger side door. If I could get the darn inside panel off and get access to the outer panel, I would like to try and pound out the dent as best as possible...then re-finish, fill, and paint the external panel. Does anyone have some advice on how to get the door apart without ruining the inside of the door????? Any help and other advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    I've had a few dents fixed using a dent popper-- I think you can still find 'em for $20 or so. It's a lot simpler than screwing around with Bondo (depending on the dent).
  • chuck1chuck1 Member Posts: 1,405
    You would be surprised what the "paintless dent repair" guys can do. Have them work on the dent. Then you can repaint the door if needed.
  • jdd2jdd2 Member Posts: 1
    Is the '04 Classic built on the same platform as the '04 Malibu Base? Are these the same vehicles, or are the Classics different than the 04 Malibu Base. I just bought a used 04 Classic 4 cylinder for $10K with 30K miles, I know the Classics were only sold to fleets but I am curious about the differences to the Base 4 cyl if any?
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    The Classic is the old '03 and before Malibu. '04 and later are entirely different (and vastly better) cars.

    The only Classic I ever drove was a much abused rental car but was not exactly pleasant.
  • exalteddragon1exalteddragon1 Member Posts: 735
    the SS 3.9L 240hp Malibu yet?
  • e2helpere2helper Member Posts: 1,002

    I believe only a limited number have been built so far and none sent to dealers yet.
  • 99tcamry99tcamry Member Posts: 15
    I had a similar question. I have a rental Classic due to my auto accident with my Camry. I was also wondering how a Classic was different that a Malibu. I've kept my eyes open and seen some Classics around. I had the choice between the Classic and a Optima a the rental so I opted for the Classic. I must say I am amazed. It's faster then my Camry and has real nice steering. My only complaint is that it goes through gas quickly. Could someone tell me what engine is in the Classic? Thanks.
  • bporter1bporter1 Member Posts: 229
    The Classic Malibu uses a 3.1L OHV 175hp V6. The current Malibu uses a very updated version of this engine. Obviously the new Malibu engine is bored out for more displacement, hp, and torque.
  • boss2000boss2000 Member Posts: 3
    The mass production of the 06 SS has not started yet. I went to the dealer last friday to check on them because I am going to order one. They told me that I wouldn't be able to place an order for at least 3 weeks. It will be a really sweet car though!
  • malibu1997malibu1997 Member Posts: 2
    :surprise: Well here we go! 1: made the mistake of entrusting a mobile mechanic to replace water pump $800.00 2: the idiot installed new timing chain $50.00 at the same time(did not tension it properly), on top of that did not put timing chain cover back on properly(almost lost engine due to oil leaking). Mobile mechanic at that point told us to take a flying leap then disappeared. 3: got timing chain cover repositioned correctly(certified mechanic) $25.00, now the car is running ok then the add coolant light comes on again!! the moron mobile mechanic
    gouged the aluminum housing another$70.00.4: ok now car is running ok noticing a little ticking noise hmmmmmm :surprise: took car to dealership on a recall for pinion bearing issue , that went ok then two days later power steering fluid spewing!! dealership fault pinched power steering hose $0.00 :D ok now using car for new job two weeks into new job hit the accelerator then BAM!!! , check engine light comes on hmmmm car wont start. had car towed to a really good ase certified mechanic. guess what? timing chain gear broke threw the valves buh bye engine!! only good thing about this nightmare is that we found an engine with warranty $500.00 only 50k on it oringinal engine had 86k on it , mechanic installed 200.00 car runs very well know, bottom line is NEVER trust a mobile mechanic and beware of any mechanic unless they can show certifications and get references!! even through all that I still love my malibu ,that is all lol Patricia
  • joe3891joe3891 Member Posts: 759
    The infamous 2.4 water pump repair, many an engine has gone that route. Good thing it's no longer made. Timing the cams and setting up the chain tensioner is the critical part, glad to read you got a good deal on the replacement.
  • maxxolivermaxxoliver Member Posts: 78
    Don't slam all Mobile Mechanics ok some are very honest and hard working and you can't let one bring them all down. I am very sorry for your experience but I can say I have been very fortunate to find one who is dependable and knows what he is doing.
  • malibu1997malibu1997 Member Posts: 2
    did not intend to slam all mobiles, it was just that we hired him because his services were in the bbb magazine as being a very reputable company, only for them to turn around and not honor their gaurentee on the repair,then they literally disappeared. that is all, I am a technician and understand their hard work and knowledge of their field. anyway did not intentionally mean to slam them.
  • jeromebjeromeb Member Posts: 31
    I've posted before about buying a 2003 Malibu for my daughter because it was cheap. Later, I posted again saying that it had led me to also buy a 2004 Malibu.
    Well, this is just an update on the 2003 Malibu. It's had a warranty repair (gasp!).
    The A/C would quit working, so I took it in to the dealer on a Saturday morning recently. They replaced a pressure sensor switch and returned it to me that same day, charging GM $70 for their trouble. The car now has close to 28,000 miles and is performing flawlessly. I tend to the recommended maintenance with care, and am still very happy with it.
  • maxxolivermaxxoliver Member Posts: 78
    no problem I understand how it can be. Deanna
  • ctlmbctlmb Member Posts: 4
    I finally put up a website with the in-laws' letter to Chevy and pictures.

    You can check it out at:
  • chuck1chuck1 Member Posts: 1,405
    Good luck to you. I can't believe you guys are still fighting this battle. The car was a '99, which I believe you purchased USED! So if you drove 15,000 miles per year, the car had 94,000 miles on it when the springs broke. While we all agree the likelihood of both springs breaking is suspect, you guys going through all this effort is amazing to me. I will give you the same advice I gave you 6 months ago, throw the springs away and move on!
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