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    I would go to google.com or else where and look. I have seen sites in the past that had performance accessories for Malibu's, Impala's, etc., out there.
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    Mine was a faulty CHMSL...ordered thru gmpartsdirect.com, took about two weeks to get it..see if you dealer will match the price....simple replacement..took me about 15 minutes......pop off the top molding...two retaining nuts holding it in place....unscrew them gently as they are self tapping on the plastic studs of the CHMSL.....once off pull the CHMSL off the top of the hatch...disconnect the quick connectors..install the new one...be sure to lift the rubber window seal back over the base of the CHMSL...reinstall the two retaining nuts and pop the molding back on
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    You dont get around the M.A.S., A good cold air intake ( im assuming this is the pipe you are referring to ) from a reputable company will have the provisions for the m.a.s.(fuel injected cars gotta havem) and air intake temp sensor if it has one. I dont think many people make them for 97 malibus but...

    Check out http://www.streetstyler.com/IcemanIntakes.htm
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    Hi all, we owned an 02 Malibu LS untill it was totaled. It was a good experience granted we had it only for 3 years and 30k something miles. Can you all comment on the reliability of the new Malibu? I'm in the market for a new car and want to give the Malibu a chance at earning my business. Thanks.

    PS: Is the Malibu Maxx essentially the same car mechanically?
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    It stormed here for about 5-10 minutes with quite a bit of hail. All the cars in the parking lot of my apartments had damage. It knocked out part of my driver-side mirror (pic in my "carspace" taken with my phone so not crystal clear) and put several dents on the hood/roof/trunk. Made it about a year and half w/o getting any hail damage, guess it's to the body shop for me...again!
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    Try one of those dent buster places.
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    The other day I rented a Malibu for a day and was pleasantly surprised! I didn't pay attention to if it was the LT or whatever. But the handling, power, performance, comfort, were much better than what I would expect from a car this size. It felt very stable, as if it were a larger vehicle. Yet the handling was very nimble.
    Since some of you who have rented one were discussing which company/location, I will tell you, I rented from Budget at the Canton/Akron airport. This one had only 2000 miles on it.
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    Since some of you who have rented one were discussing which company/location, I will tell you, I rented from Budget at the Canton/Akron airport. This one had only 2000 miles on it.

    I rented mine from CAK too. I think mine had 9,000 miles on it.
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    Have you tried turing the key without starting for upto 30 minutes to see if light will reset? I have had problems with my passlock, but mostly with the key not turning at all.
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    It's that time of year here (COLD) so I went looking for the block heater cord. It hasnt been used yet and I found it to have a thermostat controlled AC plug which says it only turns on below -18C. I normally run the block heater from about -5C and below when parked at work. I've never seen one of these types of cords. All I've ever seen is a regular AC plug that powers the block heater when it's connected to AC power.

    Now I'm thinking to cut it off and put on a regular plug.
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    To bad it's built by GM, I've had so many problems with my present(2004) Malibu, that in 2008 when I'm ready for a new vehicle I'm looking at Honda (again), Toyota or Nissan, sorry Ford and Chrysler (you guys still say 1970's built in America).
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    Don't forget to look at the Sonata. Money savings and loads of standard features.
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    but be careful of the scheduled maintenance costs.....they are considerable as compared to GMs
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    Used to be I'd laugh at those poor buggers who owned [non-permissible content removed] cars. They'd have to pay $100's for basic parts like an alternator, rad, brakes, etc. when my GM rwd was so cheap to buy parts for, and fix. It's not such a difference now but I think it's still cheaper to keep a North American car going. I've never owned an import and would bet my cost of ownership is cheaper than people who buy only imports.
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    Hi, y'all!

    Just bought a new "old" Malibu. Got a good deal on a new 2005 (only 225 miles). I love the car so far. Any hints on things to watch for? Thanks in advance.
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    By new "old" you mean the present platform and not the old 1997+ platform that soldiered on as a Classic, right?

    I've had excellent luck with my 05 Maxx. 42K on the odometer. Had one recall that I can't even remember the details of, it wasn't bothering me and was taken care of as part of regular service.

    If you have a 3.5 v-6, it's an extremely easy engine on oil. The oil life monitor indicates approximately 7000 mile oil changes and I think you can push dino. that far.

    Sitting around for two model years shows lessening demand, guess they're right to get the 08's out. What trim level did you get? How much did you pay? Shouldn't have been much.

    If you look on the Malibu (some old platform stuff is mixed in-- should have broken out the 2004+ car) and Malibu Maxx you can see some problems that have developed, mostly in the 2004 cars.
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    My drivers seat squeaks when ever I turn the car or going over uneven pavement. Has any one else experienced this similar yet annoying problem. Russ :confuse:
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    It's a 2005 LS with $1500 in factory add-ons. New retail was 23, 950. The dealer gave me a generous trade-in on a dead Dodge Stratus and I got it for 13, 500. More important to me, I got the 3 year, 36,000 m. warranty because the car is still considered new. I'm trying to decide on an extended warranty. I've never been concerned with one before, but this is my first Chevy, and I've read some interesting posts on this forum...... Any other thoughts? Thanks....
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    I bought one extended warranty in my life, for a 1986 Ford Tempo. Worth the $$$ since everything broke once.

    For the most part, however, there is an approximately 100% markup on extended warranties. Although you can save big expenditures, on average, they're taking a great deal of your money and not giving half of it back.
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    dont know if you can still get a GMPP warranty or not since its a 05........I know a good place for a discounted GM plan...but the car must be less than a year old and no more than 12k on it when purchased...you can call them and check

    04 Maxx LT here...87K and no problems at all..
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    I tend to agree with the mark-up issue. Dealers usually love to sell them because they can get such a great margin on them. Of course, it's always a bit of a risk going without the warranty. You should definitely do your research.

    Best of luck!
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    I'm thinking about buying a used '05 or '06 Malibu for my daughter. Being the protective dad that I am, I'd like to make sure I get one equipped with side airbags. My question is this: how do I tell whether it is so equipped? What should I look for inside the car to make sure?
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    Look at the top of the "B" pillar and on the head liner it will say airbag.
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    Thanks! Are there torso airbags that are seat-mounted too?
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    Yes - you can see emblem on side of seat. I think those were added for the 2005 model year as part of the option that gets you the roof-rail airbags.

    For 2007 model year the roof-rail airbags are standard and just the front thorax airbags are optional.

    I think it is a fairly low running option so I don't know how difficult a time you might have in finding one with option - good luck :)
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    I think it is a fairly low running option so I don't know how difficult a time you might have in finding one with option - good luck

    Yep, I'm having a heck of a time finding any used ones equipped with side airbags. Seems like all the 05s and 06s available are former rentals, and the rental companies of course didn't take the option. Looks like I may have to be very patient, buy new, or focus on models that have side airbags standard (like the 05-06 Mitsubishi Galant).
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    Well GM has come through again and replace the driver's seat frame that was causing the squeaking . Thanks GM ,great service at my GM dealer GSL. :) Russ
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    Did anyone have their hub axle bearing assemblies replaced? The symptom is a loud rumble in the front as the bearing starts to go bad. Looks like the whole assembly gets changed not just the bearing and if one side is bad the other is not far behind. After doing some research it looks like this part is common on many GMs and usually fails by 100K. I am mainly interested in what a repair shop or dealer charged for this.
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    If the 05 had curtain airbags, it has the thorax, seat mouted ones too. All part of the same package which I believe was about a $1,000 option. Thats why the rentals usually dont have em.

    When I was shopping I found the same problem and I insisted that I wouldnt buy one without all the airbags. The dealership I deal with found one, which was owned by a rental company but only had 16,000 kms (10,000 miles) on it. Both highly unusual.

    We did hear rumour that my car was driven by a branch manager. So the amount of kms makes sense for a year's normal driving and he may have wanted to be safer than his customers and ordered his special. That made the car a more attractive for me to buy as well. Or maybe the company charged more for a better equipped car and it didnt get rented as much. Whatever the reason, it was a good deal for me.

    Keep looking, they're out there. Find a salesman who will hunt one down for you.
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    Lost one set of key and remote start fob. What's the options for a new set of keys/remote start fob for my 2005 maxx?
    1. Have another set of key/remote start fob that is identical to the current one
    2. have a complete new key/remote start fob, i.e., disable the old key/fob.

    Is option 2 possilbe or necessary? How much would it cost?

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    A quick look @ Ebay shows the correct key fob for a bid price of $1.99 or a buy it now price of $4.99 plus shipping. I didn't check key prices but that's generally one of the cheaper places to look. There is a way to program these, that I think was explained on these boards.
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    Have an opportunity to purchase a 2001 with 57,000 miles. It's an LS w/ alloys and moonroof. Car seems to be well kept. It's on the back lot of a dealer waiting for the title so they can wholesale it (too old for their lot?). I'm hoping to get a decent deal, something slightly less than edmunds used dealer price ($6787). The NADA book site says clean retail value of 7650. It's hard to know what the dealer is making, but I think this was a trade-in on a foreign car. ANy thoughts on price? I wonder why they got rid of it, what was going wrong? ( I usually get rid of cars when I sense they are about to need expensive repait like a/c, trans, etc.)

    The car is for my newly driving teenage son. It is one of the few cars in the price range that he likes. At 57,000 what kind of problems might I look for? I will get a mechanic to look at it. The deal with the dealer will be no warranty or anything. The probably haven't even checked it over. Any thoughts???
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    Be sure to listen close to the engine right after it's started COLD. Be SURE it's cold as in hasnt run for several hours. The 3.1's are known for a diesel-like rattle called piston slap. It's an obvious rattle, sometimes subtle, sometimes not.
    Stay away if it's too noisy and dont let them fool you with any lame excuses such as...needs an oil change, it's a lifter, etc.

    Always a good idea to check out what other owners say at forums, such as this one:

    As with any used car its always best to have it checked by your fave tech and a carfax report.
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    I'm looking for a car for my sister-in-law, she like 2004-2006 Malibu. I'm sure you guys know better, which engine ito go with, 4-cyl Ecotec or V6? Why? Does this generation V6 have problem with coolant/intake leaks? The tranny doesn't have a dipstick, I couldn't check the fluid, is it reliable? Electrical steering - I have some doubts how the electrical steering will work down the road, any info on this? We live in rust belt, do you think it's worth to rustproof this car ? The 4-cylinder model we test-drove has a bit weird vibration/wobbling at hard acceleration, is it something to worry about?
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    I have a 3.5 liter Maxx. The six will get almost as good mpg as the four. I like it a lot, very low maintenance with 6+K oil change intervals. Four speed transmissions also durable.

    Electric steering assures good mileage, but may be a weak link. I just spent $800 to replace column. Grease and electricity don't mix.

    I haven't seen a car rustproofed lately, around here all of the aftermarket shops seem to have gone out of business. Don't most cars of the last fifteen years have good rust prevention?
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    I like my 05 and havent had a problem at all. I like the electric steering and not sure about any problems but hydraulic steering has always had its problems as well. I never tried a 4 cyl, I wanted the extra power the 6 has and have enjoyed it alot. It gets almost the same mileage anyway. It's too soon to tell if this engine will have gasket problems but I know they've been trying to improve on that, just as many other manufacturers have. As for rust, the bodies on these cars are made with galvanized steel so rust shouldnt be a big problem.

    I'd certainly have that vibration checked out before buying, it doesnt sound normal. My car is smooth on acceleration and at high speeds.

    If you're concerned about safety, seek out a Malibu with the full airbag option which includes the standard front bags as well as the side curtain bags along with the front seat mounted torso bags. With that option the Malibu ranks in the top 5 for crash ratings. That was one of the top reasons for buying mine.
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    There's a lot of knocking the electric steering by C&D and other magazines. Other than the $800 bill for replacing it, I really have no objections. It's vaguer than hydraulic steering and tends to wander a bit depending on the pitch of the road but it's pleasant for low speed maneuvers and works pretty well at high speed. The gas savings by not having hydraulic are considerable.
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    I test drove the V6 Malibu Maxx and it feels a lot better than 4-cylinder. I guess we will look for an extended warranty to take care of electrical steering or other possible problems should they arise. On few Malibu I noticed there is no engine undercover and the engine is kind of dirty, is that undercover available or there is no such thing on Malibus?
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    I have always changed my own. I can't find the drain plug or oil filter on this recently purchased car.
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    Keep looking. Since you have 4 cylinder you should find it on back of engine located on vertical surface on side by accessory drive (passenger side). Pretty much completely across from location of the oil filter which is on front of engine on driver side.

    Oil filter has a cap on it that has to be removed and filter is below it - that is why you don't see filter.
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    Hello. I have a 2005 Chevy Malibu, approx 19K miles. I hear this ticking noice (kind of like a chirping noice) constantly near the left front tire while driving. It usually happens when I'm going > 40 mph. I've taken in to the dealership SEVERAL times and they don't hear it! Anyone else having this problem or know what it could be? It's driving me crazy!!!! Thanks! :cry:
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    Thanks for the info! What mpg are you getting with your 4cyl?
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    got a pebble stuck in the tread somewhere maybe ?
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    the comments about the vaguenes of the electrical steering continue to baffle me. i've been driving my 05 LS for over a month now and I have no objections whatsoever to the way it feels. yes, i was oversteering a little at first, not any more, got adjusted. highway ride is very nice, the car goes in the straigth line and feels pretty comfy. I come from a number of 4 cyl compacts and none of them (except maybe my mom's Sentra that has has a very stiff steering) compare to the bu on the highway. normally those cars would be a bit nervious at the nose at highway speeds, so it'd add fatigue on long trips.

    I also find that this not-so-small car is sirprisingly easy to park. normally with a new car for some time i would not be as presize pulling into a marked spot.

    On a general note, I can't quite understand how one can get a conclusive feel from one or 2 test drives. Cars differ quite a lot in a number of ways and i find that the initial feel can be deceptive bacause you're only drawn to those things that are very different from your old car. But we get used to things real quick. In 2 weeks the overall impression of the can be quite different.
    so...to me a good test would last a month...alas, it is not realistic :)
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    I own an 06 malibu with about 30000 miles on it and not a problem. The electric steering takes some getting used to but the car is great.
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    Glad I could help - actually I don't have a Malibu - I just looked up the information for you :)
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    gf is looking for a new car and comes from a GM family. The base Malibu seems to fit the bill in terms of price, reliability, and economy.

    I know the Malibu is about to redesign and get the 2.4l as the base engine. I don't know if that platform will provide the same economy. I'm also sure the price will increase on the new model (as opposed to an end of the year deal we can make on the 07 LS).

    Should we wait for it, or go with the current generation Malibu?
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    The next gen appears to be alot different and more refined but obviously there wont be used ones around and you'll pay more and lose with the high 1st year depreciation hit. The current gen is plentiful as used cars and new and with the redesigned Malibu out in late 07 there will be some great bargains available.

    Nobody can say if the new Malibu is going to be better or worse but by all indications it is better, but higher cost to buy. I usually go the lower cost route and the current gen Malibu is a very decent vehicle.
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    well, one can always get a used 07 Saturn Aura next year :)
    i haven't checked the specs, but isn't it supposed to be basically the same vehicle?
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    My 2006 Malibu LS clock time is right when parking car , Later start motor and clock is wrong time and some radio presets are wrong station . I reset and 1or 2 days later same thing time is wrong agan . Anyone else with same thing? And yes battery is good.
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