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2000-2011 Chevrolet Malibu



  • shaun48722shaun48722 Member Posts: 1
    I bought the malibu from a dealer it had 72,000 miles on it the car now has 120,000 miles on it and I have only had it for two years. had no problems and only had to do required maintenance. It has been a great car.
  • mayvillemayville Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 Malibu with 31k miles and I recently bought the car. When slowing down to stop, I noticed that at times it seemed the engine speed was not decreasing very quickly. I would put the car in neutral in found the tach at anywhere between 1,000 to 1,800 rpm's. Usually, when put in neutral when coasting, the idle is at 1,000 but 1,500 to at times 1,800, which I have seen, seems high. The dealer checked the car over and said nothing is wrong. A non dealer mechanic said that Chevy ought to reflash the computer. Has anyone seen this problem before or is it normal? If the idle speed is not normal, would a reflash help? Also, I have an interesting tranny question. I noticed that when coasting in neutral that my tranny makes a clunking noise at 8 mph. I have been told that this noise is the tranny preparing for the car to stop. HUH? I have never heard a noise like this in neutral. Any comments to either of these problems would be greatly appreciated as my warrenty is running out soon. Thanks.
  • shadow5599shadow5599 Member Posts: 101
    My 05 (once warmed up) idles at about 800 in neutral when stopped but cant really say while moving since I dont put it into neutral while moving...wondering why you do? The same goes for the clunk...I dont put it in neutral while moving so cant say. In gear at 1800 rpm I'm cruisin at 110Kph.
    What's it idling at when warm, no a/c on and in park?
  • mayvillemayville Member Posts: 2
    The idle issue came up when I thought the engine braking was not slowing the car much in drive when coming to a stop. As such, I would put the car in neutral to check the idle. Thats when I detected idles from 1,000 to typically 1,500. Once or twice the idle has been 1,800 when the car has only been running for a short period of time. These idles are when I put the car in neutral and coast for a short period of time. When warm in park, the idle is 800. A friend of mine who owns a foreign car, said his idle in neutral when coasting is 600-800. I'm wondering if there is a sensor that controls the idle.

    I want to make sure that the car is running correctly before my warranty runs out.

  • joelfinklejoelfinkle Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know the GM part numbers for the radios for the Malibu? I'm trying to find any of the head units better than the one in the 2007 LS, because all of those have an AUX input to handle the XM. I can get a cheap adapter via eBay, but not for my base-model radio.

    There's a couple of parts companies out there, but they won't certify 04-06 head units for 07 -- GM won't tell them yet.

    My other option is an aftermarket unit plus an aftermarket frame for $100 that will display the Menu/Info stuff, which sounds like it will look awful, compared to OE units.

    Thanks in advance
  • iwashere3iwashere3 Member Posts: 1
    how much trouble are they to instal
  • lablady1lablady1 Member Posts: 3
    I'm new at this site but I do have a few issues also, I have a 2005 LS Malibu. I always thought that the sterring was stiff. I had always had a rattle from day one and taken the car several times back to the dealership. I also had some problem that was electrical with the radio it would sometime just go off an not come back on for a few days. I had an acciendent this past saturday that something just happened with the steering and had problems controlling the car and I hit an embankment at 58mph and rode the hillside for 20ft and then back into the ditch into the highway before i could get stopped. This is was the real kicker the airbags did not deploy at all. we had to replace the front rotors at 30,000 miles and new tires at 12,000. I always like the car good gas mileage but I am afraid that this car is dangerous with the steering. Has anyone else had similar issues with the malibu 2005 models? :confuse:
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    I never considered the steering stiff in the best it was loose with the electronic assist steering....glad you are ok from the accident...remember an airbag is normally deployed when certain physics factors are meet, normally associated with rapid stop of a vehicle resulting from a direct impact...sounds like yuo had more of a glancing blow for lack of better terms at an angle...and not head on....

    rotors at 30K, why...warped..or turned too many times...and certainly 12k on tires is way too 35K on my OEM tires...and over 60k on the michelins now on the car....04 Maxx LT here....
  • gcorreagcorrea Member Posts: 4
    my wifes malibus warranty is over in about three months or in 6000 miles. so far its been trouble free. is there any reason that i should take it in to the dealer before the warranty is up. any recalls i should know about? thanks in advance.
  • lablady1lablady1 Member Posts: 3
    I understand what your saying at a glance and thank god it wasn't headon, but when I sent pics to GM they couldn't understand either about the airbag deployment because the front bumper not quite in the middle but real close looks like i hit a pole. I explained to them I had the cruise control set and when the accident happend the TC did not come on and the cruise did not disengage. GM is sending an investergator to look at the car and take it apart to figure out what exactly happened. GM was extremely nice about the whole thing. We had taken the car back to the dealership after owning the car 2 months about the TC wasn't working and they said it was even though when they got the car into a spin the light and TC never engage. They couldn't explain. Hopefully something will come good out of it all. As far as the rotors they had never been turned.
    Thanks for replying have a great day :D
  • bbrillbbrill Member Posts: 5
    Hi, does anyone know if a 2000 malibu has a cabin filter?
  • ls6454ls6454 Member Posts: 11
    I purchased a 07 Malibu LS in June, my main reason was fuel economy. I have 6000 miles on the odometer and no complaints as of yet, the fit and finish is great and the car has a lot of standard features for the price.
    I originally went to the dealership to look at Aveo's and Cobalts's but after driving both of them I did not like the size, my salesman suggested I drive the Malibu, this car had the room I needed and the fuel economy is comparable to the Cobalt. After 6000 miles I am averaging 34.2 MPG.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    A reporter seeks to talk with intended owners of the 2008 Chevy Malibu who are also parents. If you are interested in commenting on your experience, please reply to [email protected] no later than Thursday, November 15, 2007 and include your city and state of residence as well as the age of your child/ren.
  • alexiswalexisw Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Malibu w/67,000 miles. When I open my car door, the alarm will go off, so then I have to get in and start it up. Well sometimes, when I play with the lock, to try and make the door open up right, it kills my engine. My trunk button on the driver side door won't work. I have an XM radio plugged into the lighter outlet and it will kill my engine if I leave it on. My engine will also die if I turn off my engine and don't open my door to shut off the radio. I went Les Scwab and had the check the battery and its alright. I've been watching for my lights to flicker at night, just incase its the alternatator, so far so good. Once I get a jump, my car starts right up. When my battery dies and I try to turn it over, it makes a clickin sound. Any thoughts anyone?
  • gonogogonogo Member Posts: 879
    When you don't open the door when you shut off the engine the power is turned off in 10 minutes. In less than 10 minutes your battery goes dead?

    The static current draw is about 25mA, that can be checked at the battery with everything off.

    Generator can be checked with a volt meter with a full load.

    If everything checks out I would put in a new battery.
  • johnsonedjohnsoned Member Posts: 2
    Yesterday I attempted to drain, flush and refill the radiator on my 1999 Malibu (3.1 Liter V6) I tried to open what appeared to be a petcock to drain the radiator by turning a small plastic light green plug at the bottom right side (looking from the front) of the radiator. It was difficult to get a grip on with any tool I had at my disposal, and I was not able to get it to turn very far, or get it open. I finally gave up and disconnected the lower radiator hose, which allowed me to drain the cooling system, but it was a messy solution at best. Can anyone tell me if what I was turning was indeed a drain valve and if it is, should it be relatively easy to turn by hand or minimal force with a pair of pliers. Of course if some one could instruct me on a better way to drain the coolant, I would certainly appreciate it.
  • gonogogonogo Member Posts: 879
    Yes that is the drain. I spray it with penetrating oil and wait 30 seconds or so then turn it counter clock wise to open. Spray it again to close it. Without the lube you can break it .
  • grant_k16grant_k16 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 chevorlet malibu with about 140 000 kms on it. yesterday i get out of mcdonalds to start my car and the key will not turn whatsoever. I have tried numerous sets of keys, stepped on break, wiggled steering, etc... nothing seems to work. please help?
  • awoodisawoodis Member Posts: 1
    I have a 97 Malibu that stalls when put into gear BUT DOES NOT STALL IN REVERSE.. Any Suggestions on what could be causing this?
  • edgardo1edgardo1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 97 Malibu that stalls when put into gear BUT DOES NOT STALL IN REVERSE.. Any Suggestions on what could be causing this?
  • cindiscindis Member Posts: 1
    I have been having a problem with the battery going dead in my 2005 Malibu. Did you ever find an anwer to this?
  • babybubabybu Member Posts: 10
    I own a 1999 malibu, it has a 3.1 V6 engine. i intend on finishing the car as a show car this summer, so it will not be a daily driver, just an occasional hot rodder and show off. Ive stumbled upon a supercharger for this engine. is it a good idea to purchase and install this supercharger. keep in mind that its a front-wheel drive, so ive been told the drive terrain will be under enormous stress with such a dramatic power increase. can anyone here help me?
  • babybubabybu Member Posts: 10
    my 1999 malibu had that same problem, i just got myself a high line battery and got me some new cables... but im no mechanic, im sure im not being much help... sorry :(
  • staceeljstaceelj Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Malibu LS. Yesterday, my son ran the battery down. After getting the battery jumped, everything works except the radio. It is not a satellite radio, just a radio with a CD player. I was wondering if this could be a fuse, and if it is, I can't find a fuse for the radio. Has anyone ever experienced this or could anyone tell me where to find the fuse. Thank you.
  • packer3packer3 Member Posts: 277
    It's hard to rubn down the battery on most GM cars, there is a battery run down protection mode that shuts down all any electrical unit left on. It is either a short in the wiring, or what I think it is as was on my 04 Malibu was the battery it had a dead cell and the battery had to be replaced and the problem never came back.
  • gonogogonogo Member Posts: 879
    If Z model look at the left passenger kick panel, the fuse cover is there. Pull the radio fuse for a few seconds and see if it resets.
  • jrhende2jrhende2 Member Posts: 1
    Here is the deal. Came out a couple of days ago and the car wouldn't start. In fact, the electronic locks wouldn't even open the car doors. I had to manually open the car doors with the key.

    I charged the car this morning and it started. I drove it to the store and around for about 10-15 minutes. Came home, turned it off, and it wouldn't turn back over.

    How do I know if it is the altenator, starter, or battery?

    2005 Malibu
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    Im betting its the can get it tested at most auto parts stores....the fact the locks would work make me beleive its the battery......most begin to fail around the three year mark.......replaced mine in my 04 Maxx LT last year.
  • gonogogonogo Member Posts: 879
    Check battery voltage with engine running, should be around 14 volts. If your battery light was not on with engine running, I would say battery.
    Short battery life in hot climates.
  • coonassgirlcoonassgirl Member Posts: 2
    Are chevy malibau good cars. 2000 chevy malibau, automatic, power windows, 75000 miles, good condition for 2500? is this a good price? some help please anyone that is honest to me. no joke!!!
  • sksharpiesksharpie Member Posts: 1
    I researched the internet for like an hour and stumbled upon this website. I read pages and pages of potential problems with why the car wouldn't stay running - I even ran out a couple times to try to start it differently, and low and behold...

    The 10 minute trick worked!! I put the key in the ignition, turn it to on (without starting it) and just let it sit like that for 10 minutes, turn it to off and pulled the key out. I inserted the key again to start and poof it start and stayed running!! I was scared to turn it off for fearing of having to sit there for another 10 minutes, but it started again and again.

    I just hope it works from now on, but I think the anti-theft system must have kicked into gear, was able to start the car each time, but would not let me drive away??!!! Whatever it was, this 10 minute trick saved me $$$$. ;)
  • sneakyusersneakyuser Member Posts: 12
    I bought my 2007 Malibu 4 cyl new in December 2007. At about 2400 miles I noticed a vibration or shake in the front end when I accelerate.. It happens at 15 mph regardless of shifting, usually after warmup.

    This problem was not seen to occur on 2005 or 2006 models. They changed the motor mounts on the 2007 Malibu (although they may have done this on same late-model 2006 models). There is a GM Bulletin about this: 060601025 November 06 - (NHTSA Item Number - 10020726). In February 08 I visited a dealer who went through the "lower motor mount tightening procedure" and this had no affect and the issue is still there.

    In June 08, I went to a second dealer, dropped off the car for service. They said that they drove it with the head mechanic and they swore they never felt anything (!?)

    On my third visit (back to the first dealer) in October 08, the head of service noticed it, drove some 2005 and 2006 versions and they did not shake. He found another 2007 model (from their Enterprise Car Rental affiliate) and it vibrated too. He called GM and they are aware of it but there is no official recall and they won't approve the dealer to replace anything. They gave the the stock answer of "This is how this powertrain will likely operate." I left disgusted. No one wants a new car that shakes. I can drive cars with 150,00 miles on them that don't vibrate!

    I contacted the national Chevy customer service center and they pushed the issue up to another level. After 5 days (!) they called me back, (because of a weekend and they called an incorrect number) to keep repeating that this may be a "characteristic" of the vehicle. I said no, it's a DEFECT. He wanted me to go to a dealer for the FOURTH TIME. I said for what? He kept insisting and I requested a loaner which he balked at. After contacting the local delaer to arrange it he came back and said that the service manager said another visit will be a waste of everyone's time if GM doesn't approve of replacing any parts.

    The customer service rep said a final decision will be made next week by the local GM rep. When I asked for a summary of my calls and visits, he refused.

    What are the chances that they will offer a buy back? Have any of you, or your friends, had to deal with the automaker via the Better Business Bureau or with a Lemon Law attorney? I've heard bad things about both but If they don't repair the car or offer a buy back what is my next step? How do I prepare?

    Any help is appreciated and Happy New Year everyone!


  • roho1roho1 Member Posts: 318
    I just read the review in Car & Driver of 4 Hybrid sedans. The Malibu came in dead last. It looks like GM has built another loser. They called the interior "dollar store plastic" that surprised me considering the raves here on the interior.

    The Ford Fusion won it over the Camry and Altima hybrids.
  • vanman1vanman1 Member Posts: 1,397
    Ya.. I saw that. It's bizarre as the Malibu interior is 1st class.

    The hybrid system is not great I know but it's really a stupid comparo, Chevy's system doesn't compare to these. That is a known fact.
  • gonogogonogo Member Posts: 879
    But it is only 3 mpg more over all, and cheaper.
  • gussguss Member Posts: 1,167
    C & D also did a comparison that included tax rebates into the cost and the Saturn Aura came out as the best value.
  • cpete1993cpete1993 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2006 Malibu LT with 75000 miles. I hear a roaring noise in the front that sounds like mud tires. I replaced all 4 tires and I still hear the roaring. It only roars when I reach about 40 mph plus. Can someone help me diagnose this problem? Thanks!
  • packer3packer3 Member Posts: 277
    It might be the cv joints
  • 04cad04cad Member Posts: 131
    Just curious if you are still following this thread, what size engine did your 98 have? Our 98 has the v6 and with over 154,000 miles, still has enough pep to make it very fun to drive. Regular oil changes and normal maintenance items for the most part. It doesn't use enough oil between changes to notice and still rides and drives great. Just wondered if maybe you had the four banger and were used to a large motor? I know I notice a big difference when I drive my daughter's four cylinder vehicles after being used to my v8 Silverado.
  • 04cad04cad Member Posts: 131
    I would also guess CV joints or bearings.
  • rvothrvoth Member Posts: 147
    Sounds like it could be the bearing in the front spindle housing , which your CV joint goes through. A CV joint makes a clicking sound at low speed when turning the wheels and gets louder the farther you turn the wheel. Have a mechanical mind person look for cracks in the boots and for any grease escaping from the CV boot. Check that the spindle to the CV drive line hasn't any play in and out or side to side.

    Sorry i didn't pick up your post earlier.
  • tired_old_davetired_old_dave Member Posts: 710
    We will miss the 2004 LT just like another poster who moved up to the new one. The 200hp V6 and 4 speed tranny provided a low of 23 and a high of 36 mpg's. For a first year GM and even with a couple of problems it was great and should be enjoyed by the new owner. For the lack of a three car garage and a back that couldn't drop down into the seat, it gave its value as a trade in on a new JK Rubicon.
  • petranellepetranelle Member Posts: 1
    We purchased a 2009 Malibu from Bradshaw, Greer, SC. It was a completely satisfactory experience. The dealership was very clean and neat. Sally Hartz, the sales person was delightful to work with.

    All in all at 10 all the way around.
  • vanman1vanman1 Member Posts: 1,397

    I love my 08 Malibu.7 months of enjoyment and counting.
  • bwiabwia Member Posts: 2,913
    For those of us who have concerns about how the GM bankruptcy will affect us in terms of warranties, recalls, rewards program, parts and resale value let me refer you to

    This New York Times article is written in an easy to understand question and answer format and addresses most of the corncerns one may have. Here is an example:

    Q. My OnStar contract is up for renewal in a few weeks. What is the effect of the G.M. bankruptcy on On-Star? — Ellen, Palos Park, Ill.

    A. G.M. says that there will be no impact on OnStar service, and that subscriptions will remain in place. Given that this service is, arguably, one of the best products of any sort that the company has come up with in the last decade or two, there’s little chance that it’s going away or changing much.
  • rbnelsonrbnelson Member Posts: 2
    I have the same noise that starts at 40 mph and I replaced tires also. The car has 54,000 miles and I still have the noise. Did you get yours solved? If so, please post results.
  • cpete1993cpete1993 Member Posts: 3
    Well I found out it was some bearings worn on one of the arms on the front end. They replaced the arm and the noise went away. The mechanic said that the car would have run fine with the noise, but it was too much for me, so I let them replace it. I can't remember the proper name for the part, but they changed it in about 30 min.

    Hope this helps.
  • rbnelsonrbnelson Member Posts: 2
    I found out mine was the front passenger side wheel bearing, a $350.00 repair at the dealer.
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    unfortunately the malibu uses a sealed hub..thus you have to replace the entire assembly vice repack the bearings like you use too.....prices range from $125 to $200 for the assembly based on the manufacturer and aftermarket source....then labor on top...and a wheel alignment as well.....
  • sean74sean74 Member Posts: 18
    I have a 2005 Malibu about 48k miles. Chevy dealer told me that I need transmission flush, induction service, and mass air flow cleaning. Here is the price list,

    Transmission flush: $206
    Induction service: $154

    Are those service necessary, are those prices reasonable???
    Thank you very much for your advice.
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