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Hyundai XG300 and XG350



  • yk911yk911 Posts: 130
    it's a concept vehicle that was on display at the chicago auto show..

    i'm betting that some design elements will be incorporated into the next redesign of the car.
  • Here's an update on my problem with the on board computer that controls the electronics. The dealer replaced the CPU. 5 days later, the air bag light started intermittently coming on and finally stayed on. 7 days later, the check engine light came back on and stayed lit. During this time, the car started acting up. At 40-50 mph, you could let off the gas and the car would maintain speed for the next 1/4 to 1/2 mile. The cruise was not on. This caused a problem when coming up to cars at red lights because the car would take more brake pressure than normal to stop and as a result, the tires would make an extra rotation that I was not counting on. Anyone else had similar problems? It's at the dealer now and they have always been very friendly and professional to deal with.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,907
    The current issue of AMI Autoworld magazine has a positive story on the XG350. They were particularly impressed with the front design (grill, lights, etc.) and the interior's genuine touch of luxury and sophistication.

    Last year they reviewed the XG300 but compared it to the Camry/Accord, this time the comparison is to entry-level luxury sedans.
  • As I mentioned in an earlier post, I took my XG300L in to the service dept. at West Broad Mitsubishi Hyundai (in Richmond, VA) this past Thursday. The rear shocks/struts had failed (at 13000 miles) and parts had been ordered. When I dropped off the car, I told them that I had been getting the check engine light problem again despite carefully tightening the gas cap. The car was ready later that afternoon, and they had replaced the shocks, lubed the rear end suspension, and tightened all the rear end carriage bolts. The service manager took the car out for about a ten mile test drive, and reported no noise from the rear of the car. He also spoke highly of the car itself ( this may have been his first drive in an XG). He also said that the evaporation canister had been replaced, and that this had fixed the CEL problem.

    The car now rides so much better! I had procrastinated going in to the dealer until the rear end noise and "hoppyness" really seemed to be deteriorating. The CEL problem had been somewhat intermittent, but It now seems to have been eliminated (I hope!)

    The car now really handles and rides very competently. At some point in the future I hope to replace the OEM wheels/tires/shocks with 17" alloys and higher grade shocks, such as Bilstein or Toykio (sp?). I would imagine that this would improve handling and give a "tighter" ride feel mare akin to a more expensive sedan.

    Again, no other rattle or squeaks at nearly 15000 miles.
  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    As some of you might recall, I have had noise problem with alternator and wind noise on passenger side. Last week local dealer replaced the alternator second time thinking that the alternator makes noise, and the triangular thing (whatever it is called) right above the sideview mirror, also second time. Result is at least the same level of noise or even more noise from alternator if noise is coming from the alternator as service tech diagnosed.
    Let me give you why the alternator was replaced in the first place. At 7500 routine check-up, computer scan found that the alternator was intermittently malfunctioning (I don't know in what sense it was malfunctioning). Replacement alternator was ordered and replaced. Noise started getting noticeably loud. It might have been there but it started bothering me. I complained to the dealer who told me to bring the car in. Noise specialist diagnosed that the noise is coming from the replaced alternator and a replacement was naturally ordered. The second one was installed last week but still making noise, a little louder now. I have to turn music a little louder due to the noise. I wonder if the service tech misdiagnosed. It is hard to believe that two replacement alternators still make noises, the last one louder. I am not happy with the wind noise either. It might be my perception but seems to be with me, still.
    What do you people think about two replacement alternator making noise?
  • Has anyone found a good aftermarket web sight for the XG350? Curious to see what is available.
  • dougndodougndo Posts: 136
    It sounds to me like the mechanic is either over- or undertightening the drive belt. Of the two, it seems like overtightening is the more likely, since that stresses the bearings and distorts the housing. This creates more noise over time. If it's undertightening, then it would likely just be pulley and belt noise and not limited to the alternator.

    Anyway, check it out. See if the belt is either sloppy or incredibly tight. Sometimes there's a simple answer (and sometimes there isn't).
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Could you describe what sort of noise you hear? Is it a whistling, is it a grinding, is it a whirring? It could be the water pump that has been making the noise all along. I got a bad water pump bearing in my 00 Accent from the factory. It started making slight noise around 8k and progressively got louder and louder. It made a mix between a whirring and a grinding noise. Right before I got it replaced at 15k, it was starting to sound like a coffee bean grinder. If you opened the hood and held the rpms constant at about 2k, you could hear the grinding sound change in pitch. Once the water pump was replaced, it was quiet again. I'm not the only one who has needed the water pump replaced either. The problem seems more common in the Accent but I bet Hyundai uses the same supplier and maybe your car got one of the bad bearings. Depending on where your water pump is located (mine is on the outside of the engine and is driven by the power steering belt and alternator belt), everytime the dealer replaces the alternator, they could be putting more strain on the water pump pulley when they tighten the belts. This could explain why the noise appears to be even louder now. Anyway, I think you are right though. I highly doubt the alternator is making all the racket. The possibility of 2 new alternators making noise is almost 0%, especially since they rarely make noise even when they are worn out. One way you could check is to see if the noise changes in pitch when you put more electrical load on it. For instance, is the noise louder when the lights are on and immediately gets quieter when you shut the lights off?
  • xfordxford Posts: 14
    I just bought an XG350. Drove under 100 miles so far and no complaints yet but some questions.

    The AUTO setting which is supposed to move the driver's seat back and forth as I get in and out of the car does not work. Did anybody have the same problem with their car?

    On my other cars, the keyless remote turns on the interior light but not on the XG350. Is this the way it is supposed to work on these cars? Also, I am used to cars locking the doors automatically when in driving but, you guessed it, not on this car. Is this normal?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I believe you have to set the emergency brake before turning off the car to get the auto setting to work. It was mentioned awhile back. I would think the interior light should turn on, but maybe another XG300 owner can shed some light on this? As for auto locking locks, this is mainly only used by Ford, Chevy, some European cars, and a few Japanese cars. Hyundai does not use this feature as far as I know. I don't think it's a big deal since you can simply touch a button and do the same thing if you are paranoid.
  • xfordxford Posts: 14
    Hey, thanks. When I used the emergency brake, the seat moved back like it was supposed to. There was no mention about the emergency brake in the manual. I guess they assumed everybody uses it. Still in the dark about the remote not turning on the interior light, though.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    No problem. Glad to be of some help. Nothing worse then to get a new car (especially a Korean one) and start worrying immediately that something isn't working right. Hope this car serves you well for a long time.
  • redxgredxg Posts: 2
    Had my XG300 for a year now and at 16800 miles. Just finished the 15K check and the recall notice check. Last Tuesday, suddenly encountered shifting/power/idling problem. After a few miles, stopped safely until the car won't start anymore. Called Roadside assistance and after an hour, my car was towed in at the nearest dealership here in San Jose CA. After a day of diagnostic, I was told the problem was on a failing chip - throttle control sensor chip. The part was ordered. Part arrived today (2/28/02) and was installed but the problem is still there. The dealership is now in contact with the Hyundai Technical people (per the dealership). I don't know how long it will stay in the dealership. No problem for one year and now an unknown electronic one. I like the car but now I tend to speculate on the life of the components as good for only one year. Hope not.
  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    May I ask which dealer in San Jose was it? I wonder if it is the same dealer I have taken mine almost 10 times now since I bought it 9/9/01. It is Stevens Auto Import. I wonder if they are not very well trained to repair the XG. They replaced my alternator two times already due to the noise that they thought coming from alternator. The annoying noise is still with me and seems a little louder. In addition, they have tried to fix the wind noise two times already all in vain. I am living up with those annoying noises. I am fed up with taking mine to service. 10 times in about five months.
    The noise from engine side sounds like whirring, not grinding, I would say. It is tough to describe it in words. I will mention to the service rep what two other posters pointed several posts ago when I take it next time for the noises. 10 times of service have made me chum up with the service rep. Again, their service has been good so far. They might have been feeling for me.
  • 92969296 Posts: 13
    Remote does nt turn on the interior lights. They go on when the door is opened. Based on 2001 XG300, they dim-rather quickly, after door is closed. Remote does lower driver's side window though, if pressed long enough.
  • mavric68mavric68 Posts: 17
    My throttle control sensor was the cause of the car maintaining speed when you let off the accelerator at 40-50 mph. I've only got a little over 8,000 miles on the car. They have had it all week to also replace other items. One of the front headlight lens was fogging up because of a leak in the seal. They are also installing the new floor mat clips and refinishing the hood for paint issues. Also, the driver's side arm rest was pulling away from the door and caused the control panel to slip down in the arm a little. Evidently, there is a recall on the air bag sensor connectors. They don't replace them, but they grease the pins to fix the problem. Some major and some minor problems, but I just now have the opportunity for them to keep it long enough to get everything fixed. Again, the service department (Covington Pike, Memphis) has been very responsive and great to work with. I hope this visit keeps it out of the shop for awhile.
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    Hi -

    I've had a 2000 Sonata and am hoping to upgrade to an XG in either 2003 or 2004.

    I'm curious to hear an overall opinion from everyone who has owned their XG for at least a year. Based on what I'm reading here, my general impression is (1) everyone pretty much likes the car but (2) it has some real quality and design/engineering issues.

    Is this a correct assessment?

    Out of those of you who have had an XG for at least a year, based on the quality and design/engineering issues, would you buy another XG?

    Thanks for your input . . . .

  • xfordxford Posts: 14
    Thanks. I've come to the same conclusion. I've read the manual a couple of times but there is no mention of remote turning on the interior light or automatic lock of doors. They would have been nice features but oh well..... There are many other nice features in the car so no complaints.

    In fact, I have a little more than 200 miles now and it has been pure joy to drive. I look for reason to go run errands so I can drive the car. Also, I take longer way to get to where I am going if I have the time.

    I think Hyundai has done well to bring this car into the country. I hope they follow up with the larger cars they sell in Korea. Hopefully, after a few more years, the image will change and Hyundai will begin to mean reliable, instead of not reliable.
  • redxgredxg Posts: 2
    Hi, bought mine from Stevens Creek but I am using Bob Lewis Volks/Hyundai for my service. I had some bad experience with the Stevens Creek people during the purchase. Yes, seems either one of them are familiar with the problems of the XG300. The tech support at Bob Lewis told me that they seldom have XG300 in service and somehow the first diagnostic was not accurate. 5 days now and they haven't pinpointed the problem now. I just got an update yesterday that they Bob Lewis already replaced/checked several items (no details on which parts) and still no luck. They are continuously working with the Hyundai tech support. If no progress until early next week, will try to escalate to Hyundai (still researching on the means though).
  • yk911yk911 Posts: 130
    bought my xg in late sept of 2000..

    no "major" issues with reliability or fitment.

    once had my remote control reprogrammed under warranty b/c one remote control wasn't working properly..
  • 92969296 Posts: 13
    Had two issues when car was bought. Radio and front breaks. Fixed rapidly and no other problems since. No squeaks, rattles, wind noise, etc. Yes, I would buy another. Know two others who have bought XGs and they have not had problems. Have had bad experience with a 97 Camry.
  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    I bought mine at Stevens Creek. I also had very bad experience with one of the salesmen but another sales manager compensated for the bad experience to buy there. It was ridiculous sales experience with the salesman though. I don't know if he is still there. I hope not.
    It is scary to hear that Bob Lewis service has replaced several parts already. Replacing good parts by misdiagnosis may make things worse as in my case. I believe that alternator was replaced by misdiagnosis and that it started making noise that has gotten worse.
    I suggest that you write a letter directly to Hyundai Sales VP or Service VP as I have done. It seems that Hyundai responded promptly in my case. I have taken mine to Stevens Creek Service just about ten times. The rep, service manager and assistant manager all have come to recognize me even in the street.
    All in all, their service is good, but the same problems are still with me. I am tired of visiting them but will wait until the next scheduled service (150K) living up with the noises (alternator noise according to them and wind noise). Good luck.
  • mikewesqmikewesq Posts: 32
    I was sure that the dealer had fixed the CEL problem in my 2001 XG300L, but darn if it did not come back on Monday! This was 63 miles after a fill-up. Apparently, replacing the evaporative canister does not solve the problem. I will ask them to order a new gas cap as I suspect that the existing cap is not making a good seal.

    Also, the rear-end struts seem to be getting noisy again. The rear suspension was nice and quite for about a week, but I swear it's getting loosey-goosey again! Looking on the T-H-C forum boards, apparently this same problem was endemic in the 2000 Sonatas, and the replacement of the gas-filled struts with oil-filled struts from the 1999 Sonata solved the problem.
  • john115john115 Posts: 45
    Have had mine for little over a year.No problems,
    no rattles,no wind noise.Have only taken in for floor mat clips & oil changes.Like more each day.
  • OK, my dealer still claims ignorance of any new floor mat clips - I've seen several people mention them here. Can someone give me a reference for a dealer to contact or some lead to try and find these?

  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    with that redesign. Does everyone else think that wrapping the tail lights into the trunk improves things? Just cheapens a rather classy rear end IMHO.

    I have an Elantra and I think they did the same thing with the GT rear end vs. the sedan (even though the GT looks better from the side)-- sometimes simplicity looks better than busywork.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421 has just published their 2002 Premium Family Sedan comparison.

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