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Hyundai XG300 and XG350

I was disappointed after reading these two
websites - and
The New Zealand site states that the XG300 for
their country has the European specifications,
which means a stiffer suspension. But still, in an
alarming way, it wallows over full-size suburban
speed humps and has a tendency to float over
undulating roads.
I hope this car isn't going to be another
mushy-riding Toyota Avalon - with no performance
built into the suspension.
A week ago, a Hyundai dealer gave me a brochure on
the XG300; he said the cars would be arriving
September 21. The brochure shows tire size
P205/65VR-15; that's the same width and wheel size
as the Sonata, which weighs 500 pounds less; tires
seem small for performance driving.
I love the looks of this car and the many safety
features, but I will not take looks over
decent-sized tires and a taut suspension.
Handling, in my book, is classed as safety, and is
near the top of my list. I'll have to wait and
see what the American version has before making any
final decision on this car. I must not be enticed
by its handsome looks and its plush interior. I
want a driver's car - that looks good; I hope I can
get both.


  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    then, as much as I admire Hyundai, you should go out and get a Passat! Beautiful, powerful, VW handling, and reliable and safe as well! Can't go wrong with the Passat.

    Just a thought...;)
  • Just checked out the details of this car on
    Hyundai's Korean website. I'm not into performance
    the way Profitt seems to be but I do like a car that can get out of it's own way. This seems to look like it will do just that and also have the looks and functionality. There is a Canadian review of this car at that isn't too detailed but gives a good impression of a drive in it. Believe me, I'll be one of the first in the door at the showroom here in Columbus, OH when they arrive soon!
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    I think the XG-300 is absolutely gorgeous (almost as good looking as a Jag ;-), but still, it's a HYUNDAI for crying out loud!

    A Passat beautiful? Is there one styling cue anywhere on the car? It's a refrigerator on wheels!
  • I have a 00 Sonata that I bought last January and I have to tell you, They now offer the 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty because their cars have come a long way! The fit and finish, quality and so far the durability have been great on my Sonata! I took a chance when I bought mine but I'm glad I did because the current line of Hyundai cars are simply a good value for the price!
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Warranties are sometimes padded a bit to move cars out the door, but I'll bet it's nice to know you're covered til 2010. Best of luck with your sonanta, but I'll wait on real world results longer than 9 months before moving the brand over to my "good" list. Still, with the possible exception of the Tiburon, Hyundia does make some seriously good looking rides.
  • Not to start an argument or unrelated comment, the new Sonata has been out 1 year, 9 months since it was first released at the beginning of the `99 model year. I completely respect your decision to wait it out a little while longer just to see how the new models fare. I hope someday Hyundai will be able to leave their junky image behind them, maybe once the Santa Fe and the XG are out for awhile......
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    P205/65VR15 typically carries a 94V Load Index, which translates to roughly 1500 lbs at maximum tire pressure. For a car that weights 3400 lbs, this load carrying capacity is plenty, even under hard braking and cornering. Mind you that Toyota Avalon, which also weigh in about 3400 lbs, rides just fine on P205/65HR15 having the same Load Index.

    Hyundai could've gone to 225/60R15 which has the same overall diameter but with a slightly higher LI of 96V and about 100 lbs more capacity. It would've been more satisfying appearance-wise, but the load rating difference isn't big enough to matter. Besides, the increase in rolling resistance and unsprung mass probably won't justify the slightly better dry road holding of the wider tire.

    My $0.02.
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    On a different note, I understand why Hyundai tuned the XG300 suspension that way. I read somewhere that they are targeting the same demographics as the Avalon - male 35-50yr old with household income of US$60k. The Avalon has been described as out Buick'ing Buick. If the XG300 is to cater to the same clientele, the floaty ride is unfortunately obligatory.

    I wish the XG300 would do well in the States, and I think it will. Maybe in a couple of years, Hyundai will see fit to broaden XG300's appeal to include those of us wanting a little sportiness to go with the luxury.

    For now, I could probably fix XG's suspension with aftermarket componentry, but no real manual tranny - no bite.
  • aimanaiman Posts: 61
    From the pics i've seen i like the xg300. I'm sure it'll raise Hyundai's image a step higher.
  • Good to see you here Volfy. I agree with you about the tires/suspension. I wouldn't expect them to offer the XG with a completely manual tranny any more than you could get an Avalon with one. I used to enjoy driving, and driving a stick as well. I just bought my Echo with a 5 speed and love it but I'm on it 6 hours out of my workday in and out of traffic and miss my automatic sometimes. My wife just got a new job one mile from home so now I have an excuse to take the Sonata a day or two out of the week! ;-)
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    I know exact what you mean. I've just recently relocated to Houston and am about to move to a new house that's 12mile/45minutes from work. While I'm sure that may not sound like much to a lot of folks, but I've being spoiled by 3mile/7minute commutes in the past. I don't really don't know how long my clutch leg will last before I give in and buy a slushbox. :-)

    Maybe I will be looking seriously at the XG300 in a year or so.
  • I've been having a VERY difficult time obtaining a new Sonata w/ pkg 13. Ordered a 2000 6 wks ago, first they didn't have my color, then after looking for ANY color in 5 states decided I'd have to wait a couple of weeks for 2001. It's been more than a couple of weeks (as they quoted me) and meanwhile my poor Toyota is taking revenge on me for replacing her by doing her best to die. After badgering the dealer every few days they finally found me a 2000 w/ pkg 13 and I went there tonight to pick it up, only to refuse delivery. It was supposed to be pearl white and wound up being Noble white, which is the one color which is totally unacceptable to me. I suppose if you like the color it is fine but I absolutely hate it and I'm not spending 20 grand on something I hate. So I walked away from the car, disappointed again. And I'm back to waiting for a 2001. I DID get a brochure on this trip though and noticed the XG - are they going to be available in the US for 2001? if so does anyone know when?? and for how much? any good sites to check out for more info? I did look at Hyundai's own site and she sure looks good! Also if anyone has seen the 2001 Sonata GLS w/ pkg 13 anywhere near Long Island NY please let me know, you'll have a friend for life!
  • Just came out of my Hyundai dealer here in Canada today and sat inside the XG300.

    Ohhh MYYYY GOdddd !!! Baby I'm yours.

    Will test drive it Saturday over speed bumps to confirm suspisions as well test the Santa Fe.

    Price on XG is 31,000 Cdn.($369.00 lease less tax 4650 down) No Sonata GLS Platinum or pkg 13 available for 2001 because of XG300's aggressive pricing and introduction. So consider if you got the Sonata pkg 13 or Platinum as a kinda Special Edition.

    This XG has features that the most expensive Mazda, Toyota, Honda, Acura, Nissan doesn't have.

    But again as I've been told it's a Hyundai (pronounced hun-die) by lunk-heads, and it won't last. Funny my 93 Sonata has 172,000 klms on it. Seems to still be lasting and looking better than most 93 whatever's on the road.

    Hyundai released also new 2001 elantra. It borrows a lot of the XG's styling cues (my opinion). As far as anyone telling me that a car is crap before I personally test it. They can pound salt. I switched to Hyundai in 93, and for the dollar nothing compares.And it's getting increasingly better.

    Ask the new Sonata owners if their cars bottom out easily or wiggle over bad roads uncontrollably like described in the posted mags. I personally don't think they do. XG's suspension is a mirror of the Sonata's with even more refinement.

    Will keep you posted on my test drives.
  • How were those speed bumps?
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    Anyone interested in XG300 should get a brochure from dealer, look one over carefully on the lot, take it for a long test drive, and read over reviews by automotive press and others.

    Tires: From the XG300 brochure... Curb Weight for both base and L shown at "3604". Volfy mentioned 3,400 lbs above. That is 204 lbs off. And I'm thinking curb weight isn't reflective of driver weight, full tank weight, etc. If you add 4 adults, full tank of gas, and luggage, you could quickly have the car over 4,200 lbs. Based on that not sure P205/65VR-15 a good choice. At very least there should be a tire/wheel size upgrade. Say to P225/60VR-16.

    And note that the 3.0L V-6 puts out 192 hp at 6,000 RPMs and only 178 lb-ft of tq at 4,000 RPMs. Factor in the 3,604 curb weight and the standard automatic tranny, and the performance will likely be similar, if not worse, than Sonata GLS V-6 auto (and certainly worse than GLS V-6 manual). No gear ratios are given in brochure.

    From '01 Sonata brochure... Sonata curb weight listed at a "mere" 3,069 (GLS manual) or 3,107 (GLS auto). Oddly enough, it shows base Sonata manual weighing in at 3,072. May have a typo here.

    At least EPA rating for XG300 is 19/27. Sonata GLS auto is 20/27. GLS manual at 20/28.

    Interestingly, while Sonata brochure says passenger compartment is 100 cubic ft and trunk another 13 cf, the XG brochure shows only trunk space (14.5 cf), with no mention of interior cf measurement. Wheelbase for XG300 at 108.3 vs Sonata's 106.3.

    Interior dimension comparison:

    Sonata XG300

    Ft Head Room 39.3 39.7
    Ft Leg Room 43.3 43.4
    Ft Shoulder Room 56.9 56.9

    Rr Head Room 37.6 38.0
    Rr Leg Room 36.2 37.2
    Rr Shoulder Room 55.7 56.2
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    Kind of surprised to see you hangin' out in an XG300 site. Don't you drive a newish Nissan Frontier pickup truck and a '99 base Sonata (I-4)? Are you interested in buying an XG300? Surprised to see you might be interested. You seem to like to buy or work on pedestrian, utilitarian models. XG300 is rather loaded, esp. L version. I haven't seen pricing data yet, but likely more expensive than even a loaded Sonata GLS V-6 w/Pkg 13 (i.e., everything).
  • Check my post in sonata forum #3.

    As an adder.....this car is amazing! Didn't have a brochure to compare specifications, only went by my visual clues. However, side by side, the XG300 is larger than the Sonata only marginally. Trunk capacity is larger, cabin volume is more, car is longer and wider.

    As far as those speed bumps, forget it. This car handled everything I could throw at it in a 2 minute test drive. Gravel, very bad railway tracks, really tight s-turns, dry and wet pavement. Suspension is very tight, very little body lean, very nice transmission shifting either manually (shich by the way is so cool) or automatically, using the silky smooth 5 speed.

    The trip computor is realy neat, calculating your average speed, distance travelled, time travelled, distance to empty, fule economy.

    The stereo is awesome...period.

    The standard leather heated power driver/passenger seating is generous, supportive, comfortable, and very stylish.

    The woodgrain enhancements remind me of BMW 740 at 50,000 less. Fit and finish is among the best. The cars style in my opinion looks like a lincoln LS/Infiniti Q45/something! It isn't a large sedan, and it doesn't need excessive power to get it moving. It moves out really smooth and passing power is readily available. Just ask the 300M owner, as well as the Maximum owner whose drool made unfavourable driving conditions, as to the XG's performance characteristics. It easily pulled to 160 klms on the highway, noise was very low, not undetectable, but very low. The car in my opinion could not possibly dip & dive as previously described unless it was driven at ridicules speeds into a 9" curb to produce such results. I would think any car at high speeds is going to produce some very uncertain results. If it was true, perhaps it was preproduction, cause the car I drove was probably one of the best performance sedans I have driven. I think Hyundai has retuned it suspension wise from anything tested and written about. I would not hesitate purchasing this car. It has features and abilities 50,000 cars don't. It just doesn't have heritage, recognition, or make people think " oh he/she's got money." But in my opinion owning and driving this fine machine will say that Ive got money, only I didn't have to sink it into the car to get such incredible value. Time will tell, but I'm gonna own one, just waiting for the Santa Fe and make a deal on both of them. I currently own a 93 Sonata GLS which has serviced me very well for 172,450 klms and still going strong. It, according to critics shouldn't look as good and even be on the road, but it still goes well.

    The XG300 is the only model in Canada priced at $31,995 MSRP. The Santa FE GLS is $28,995 MSRP. Both can be bought for $1000 of MSRP. Both are more equipped than anything else on the market in and sometimes above that price range. Both are very good buys for the money.

    Go test one soon, you won't be dissapointed.
  • The test drive I took wasn't 2 minutes, it was 25 minutes of an incredible sensation enlightenment!

    How's that for descriptive?
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Saw it for the first time at the South Florida international Auto Show in Miami Beach last saturday night. My first impressions on this car were very positive. The car seems to be a very well executed package and the price cuts into Honda and Toyota territory. The XG300 is a "near Luxury" car at a regular sedan price.

    I have never been a fan of Korean products, but now there is a reason to visit a Hyundai dealership. Unfortunately this car as good as it seems for Hyundai and Korean cars in general, still has an uphill battle with public opinion who still believes Korean products are nothing more than crap. The car is a brand new model, unproven in North America...but if safety scores, reliability and value for the money prove otherwise, this car for sure will be the best import alternative to the dreadful and dull Honda/Toyota products.

    Kudos for Hyundai for putting together a very tastfully done and beautiful automobile for a very reasonable price tag.

    By the way, does anyone know if the XG300 is based in any way or form on the current Mitsubishi Diamante??? What's the story behind this model?

    Also saw the Ultra Luxury Hyundai "EQQUS" sedan altough it had stickers on the windows saying that this car is "Not in production". Looked nice but reminded me of a late 1980's Nissan Gloria.
  • sonatafansonatafan Posts: 171
    What business is it of yours to criticize what a person would like to buy? I hardly think you know anyone here well enough to surmise what they do or don't like! I suppose you would put me in the same category as Volfy. I may have purchased my vehicles based on financial standing, which is something that can change quickly for someone. Is this criticism being brought over here from T-H-C? If so then it is definitly not welcome here.
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    A guy can't ask a question or make an observation? Are you may be bringing over the t-h-c issue (i.e., octane myth)?

    I just found it disconcerting that in the first 15 or so posts Volfy posted 3 times. He's told the world he is really nuts about VWs, doesn't care much for the performance of cars, likes motorcycles, and has recently bought two rather utilitarian cars (base Sonata and Nissan Frontier). Is he interested in the XG300? I hope so. Think he should give one serious consideration.

    Then noted he appeared to be getting the weight wrong. He said 3,400 lbs but brochure from Hyundai says "Curb Weight 3604" lbs. Got me wondering if he had stopped by a dealer to get a brochure, take a look at one in a lot, test drive one, read reviews, etc.

    I've been following the XG300 saga for a long time. Have asked my local dealer to call me when they get one in. Got one of the brochures soon after the dealer got one; made a special trip to get it.

    Right now, with a brand new major vehicle, I want to learn about the real XG300 using real data. Hopefully from others similarly interested who get the facts, take test drives, etc. The time for "what will it be" is over now that it is out. Now we finally get to see "what it is"! That will soon lead to "What should it be", but that is likely more a future issue. :)
  • Well said for those of you that are praising Hyundai for introducing such a wonderful machine at an extremely affordable price....and shame on those who would only critisize this accomplishment without actually driving one.

    My 25 minute test drive reassured my feelings about Hyundai and their commitment to bringing affordable cars to this tough market. This car stands unparalled to anything in it's price range.

    If that isn't appreciative enough for a car company to do for its consumers in such brand image world, then to bad for the people who still wear the blinders, and go with the rest of the sheep. Hey, Ford has really made a commitment to their consumers lately...haven't they? Don't see any saying their cars are crap.

    My experiance since 1993 with my Sonata GLS removed the blinders I had on, but my openess and willingness to watch and grow with Hyundai has led to some very nice surprises as to the capabilities of this huge conglomerate.

    Each year, your going to see Hyundai introduce something new, that, in it's price range is probably going to be the best value available.

    If your still wearing blinders, take them off for 1/2 hour and take out either an XG, Sonata, or Elantra or Santa Fe.

    If you think the Santa Fe is breathless, have you driven a Honda CRV, Rav 4 or Jeep Cherokee?

    The Honda & RAV are very lame made for moms, the cherokee is fairly powerful, but ride sucks. The Santa Fe, was just right as far as power and ride go. Features is well above others, and price is well below others.

    HUMMM is that such a dumb move. Giving the consumer more of what they want, and less of what they don't want. Could that be why their sales are slowly stating to increase?

    Keep you posted!
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    Hope you don't misunderstand where either Volfy or I are likely coming from. I know I'm very positive about the XG300. It will be a hit if it is (a) a great value (great price and great standard equipment), (b) turns out to be well built and very reliable, and (c) is backed up well by Hyundai and their dealers. I think (a) is going to be a home run. But (b) & (c) will determine if people end up buying the car in droves. I believe Volfy is also a proponent of the XG300.

    I personally don't give a whit for SUVs. Santa Fe has an odd front end (styling is subjective) and doesn't seem like it will do anything overly outstanding. Not impressed with its engine given the weight. Forget if you can get a 5-speed with the 2.7L V-6. [Wish the 2.7L & 5-speed would come over into a "sport" Sonata GT.] Suzuki is supposedly coming out with a larger SUV, that will have 3 rows of seats. If it is priced right, roomy enough, with decent engine, I'll have to talk my wife into getting it. (She wants an SUV. Drools over Lincoln Navigators. I keep telling her they don't come with their own oil sheik. We have to pay the fuel bill.)
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    Are you still holding a grudge against me, or was it that stiff Martini you had that was doing the talkin'? Unlike your deal in the Lincoln LS topic, these folks here probably don't know and have no preconceived opinion of you or me. I doubt they care too much about what transpired in another forum. I came in here to talk about the XG300, I suggest we all do the same.

    About the tire size, 225/60VR16 has a larger overal diameter than the current OEM size 205/65VR15. I am not sure if it will fit the XG300 without rubbing fenders and suspension components. A better fit in the 16" wheel size would be 225/55VR16 which has a slightly higher load rating of about 100lbs more.

    Still, if load rating is the only concern, then the stock tires are more than adequate. I doubt the factory engineer would choose a tire that doesn't fit the task.

    OTOH, if better handling and overall performance is the goal, then 225/55VR16 coupled with recalibrated spring rates and dampers would be a good idea. I don't think the intended clientele cares for such a setup though.
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    Volfy: Don't read more into the "Interest" comment than is there. My follow up to sonatafan is accurate. I'm interested in whether you are seriously interested in the XG300. Interested enough in it to want to learn more, look at one closely, test drive one, and maybe buy one?

    Have you picked up a brochure? On your post about tires, you appeared to comment on its weight without taking into account what Hyundai was saying about curb weight. You should get one (and an '01 Sonata brochure). Looks impressive.

    Trying to talk my wife into considering one. Now I need to know how reliable it is, how Hyundai will treat XG300 owners, what it really is like to own and live with one on a daily basis. The time for waiting is over.

    The time for real analysis of an actual vehicle that can be driven and purchased is finally here.

    (As for what has transpired elsewhere, I'm happy to discuss anything I've said anywhere at anytime about any subject. I wouldn't necessarily hold your behavior up as as a paradigm of virtuous behavior, at least not at all times and in all forums.). :)
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    No I don't have an XG brochure yet. The last time I requested off of the HyundaiUSA site, they only had '01 Santa Fe preview brochures, so I got that one and the '00 whole line up. I'll grab one at the dealership as soon as one here locally has an XG for me to do the touchy feely.

    I got the XG weight info from Hyundai's Korean website, I believe. I had to convert it from kilogram if I remember right. I pulled the Avalon number from the Edmunds review though.

    I really was hoping that Hyundai would aim XG at the near-luxury performance sedan segment. Yes, I was disappointed that Hyundai went chasing after the Toyota Avalon crowd. But I do understand Hyundai's marketing rationale. The older gentlemen who buy Buicks and Avalons are more likely to give a Hyundai some thought, because they are nowhere near as intensely image-conscious as the younger yuppies who buy Maxima and Passats.

    As for me, like I said, I can fix the landyacht ride with aftermarketry, but no clutch pedal means no parking in my garage.
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    So we do share one major common trait: we both hate to drive automatics. I wholeheartedly concur. I'd love to start a crusade to promote manual transmissions to youth and ensure that every child (except those disabled) learn to drive at Driver's Ed with a stick!!! You really should've bought a Sonata GLS V-6 w/5-speed.

    If I do get an XG300, it will be for my wife. I'll drive it when I have her and kids to drive around.

    I just wish the XG300 had some options to make it sportier. Like 16" tire/wheel upgrade, bigger brakes, touring suspension, spoiler, etc. That way it could attempt to primarily appeal to middle America (Avalon, LeSabre, Camry, Accord, Impala, Taurus/Sable crowd) and sell some that appear and are a bit sportier.
  • In this know the rest!

    Hey guys, get your butts down to the XG nearst you, and quit your crab'in and test drive the damn thing.

    If your so stuck on manual transmissions, you probably won't appreciate all that HMC has put into developing,designing and finally delivering to you on a silver platter.

    I hardly think this thing is geared towards older more refined folks than yourselves (who seem to prefer stomping their left foot down and rocking back and forth), maybe a rocking chair would best suit you two. LOL.

    Anyway guys, I'm still real'in about my test drive, and still waiting for the arrival of a Santa Fe to test drive.

    Again remember, the Santa Fe shouldn't be compared to a Lincoln NAV or a Denali. Go test drive a CRV, Blazer, RAV4, Sportage or Vitara. Thats the market I believe HMC is going after with this entry. And it seems to be a pretty large market to tap into. Comparing an XG and a Santa Fe to something outside of their intended class isn't totally fair to HMC, this topic, or yourselves.

    Lets be honest, Hyundai has done some impressive moves in the last 2 years, and it seems to be getting better, give them a break, and let enjoy and celebrate their success.

    My personal opinion, is that cars that have four doors shouldn't have five speed stds. That, in my opinion de-classes the vehicle. Imagine seeing a Jaguar VDP with a stick shift.

    My personal favourite would be a Tiburon Convertable with a V6 and a Five speed. The SUV, I could live quite comfortably with an automatic that gave me manual shifting, when I decide to take it down a dirt road or over some potholed filled terrain. As long as I can hold it in the gears, and heel & toe the gas and brake.

    Anyway you guys keep duking it out. Hey is there anyone else out there interested in driving a sofisticated sedan like the XG, and appreciating all it has to offer instead of what others feel as its shortcomings. Did you test drive it ...lets hear about it.
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    I have nothing against automatic transmissions. They just aren't for me. Think both Volfy and I are younger than 40. I like to use both feet and both hands when I drive. I believe you should drive the car rather than having the car drive you. If anything manual transmissions provide people with more choices, and improve acceleration and fuel economy. So I wouldn't see any legitimate reason for anyone not to want Hyundai to give buyers a choice. If you want an auto, fine; if I want a manual, that should also be fine.

    And I believe that having a manual provides an opening for a market strategy expansion as well as some great great product differentiation. Have you ever noticed how BMW has improved its standing in the buying public's mind as a premium luxury performance manufacturer by building lots of manual transmissions? I've never heard anyone say BMW has diluted the 540i by giving it a 6-speed manual. If anything, people complain that Jaguar has lost panache by dropping its manuals in US. Notice how they sell manuals in Europe?
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    giowa & volfy:

    The prices for the XG300 are on line now. The base car is just a snick below $24000 including shipping. I think this will be just a tad too high for the car. Considering the fact that the jury is still out on Hyuandi long term reliability (it may be fine) I think they are gonna have a tough sell unless they throw in a "cash incentive" at least at first. For a XG300L you are getting into Acura territory or with the way they are wheelin & dealin even a Lincoln LS.

    Not yet seen the car in the flesh I cannot judge the quality , fit & finish. Gotta believe it will be top notch at least on a par with the Sonata. That being said I think if you can live with a 4 cylinder that a Leganza CDX is a much better deal, IMHO. What do you think at this point ?

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