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2011 Honda Odyssey Discussion

I'd like to open discussion for 2011 Honda Odyssey. We all have seen the pictures from Chicago Auto Show. I am sure more details will be trickling in coming days and weeks. Any ideas when we will see this in showrooms in the US?


  • I visited a Honda dealer yesterday, and the salesman told me the 2011 wouldn't be available untill fall.
  • Does anyone know if Honda finally addressed their issues with road/wind noise for the 2011 model. I currently own a 2000 model and the noise has driven us kind of nutty for ten years. I am still reading the same complaints for the 2010 model . Geez, is it that difficult to make a quieter cabin?
  • hogan773hogan773 Posts: 255
    Hey people - there is NO 2011 Odyssey yet! All that has been shown is a "concept" car mockup which didn't even have a full interior. While the concept is often pretty close to the actual which we'll see next fall - asking questions like "did they fix the wind noise problem" is too premature - you need to wait until the Fall to see the actual car......
  • Fine, excuse me.
  • It looks similar to the Elyson in Japan.
    Can we expect a 6-speed tranny to avoid problems. Will there be a standard 4 cylinder & optional 6; the sane as in the 2011 Toyota Sienna?
  • Well, I hope they do fix the noise problem....they have had enough time to address it. Any thoughts on awd? I would love to have another choice from the 2011 Sienna, especially if it is as good looking as the "concept" shown.
  • hogan773hogan773 Posts: 255
    I just got my new 2010 EXL-RES today and love it thus far. I didn't think the noise at 80mph was anything odd, or different than my Pilot. Yes there was some tire and wind noise, but nothing crazy. No, its not a Lexus I guess.
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    I agree with Hogan that it would be premature to know whether Honda has addressed the wind noise in the 2011 - all we have seen is the exterior, and the "Futuristic Concept / Invisible Seatback" interior.

    However, that said, wind noise has been a consistent problem of Hondas for a while. With the new Crosstour, Honda has implemented a lot of the sound-deadening materials from Acura, and the result is a more refined feel. We could speculate on whether that will happen for the 2011 Ody, but we could certainly plead for it here on these fora.

    As to AWD, I personally doubt it quite a bit. I'm in Minnesota, and would welcome it. I also have an AWD Pilot right now. But, I think we're more minority than we realize. But, I'm just speculating.

    I'd put the arrival in mid-to-late September / early October. Dealers should get ordering info probably around July. Then we'll know the model lineup more. As to wind noise, we'll have to wait for reviews.
  • hogan773hogan773 Posts: 255
    I'm moving to the Odyssey from a Pilot - so maybe I am just used to Honda wind noise.......the Pilot also had quite a bit of tire noise, I think.

    I was cruising down the highway last night at 80mph with the two kiddies watching a movie - ride was nice and smooth and relatively quiet (to me). I thought - how lucky are these kids getting shuttled in luxury while they watch Shrek. When I was little, we piled into the back (the way-back, not the back seat) of a Volvo station wagon for a long trip.......
  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 2,352
    I currently have a Pilot. I would buy an AWD Odyssey in a second. Wouldn't think twice. Just in case Honda is listening...

    Tesla X Performance / Tesla 3 Performance

  • We bought a 2010 Odyssey in October of '09 just after renting a Sienna for a week.
    While the Odyssey had a bit more road noise than the Siennia, the fit and finish and engine/driveline smoothness of the Honda easily won us over. Consumer Reports has complained about "road noise" in Honda's for years and Honda has chosen not to do anything about it. Again, for us, the noise on the road wasn't objectionable.

    A final interesting note: a couple of weeks ago I did a gas mileage check just after the first oil change (where I changed to Amsoil Synthetic oil) and added a K&N airfilter. I set the cruise at 65 MPH, no A/C, drove approximately 95 miles on a very flat I-5 from Sacramento, CA to Stockton, CA and got 29.1 MPG. I guess Honda's multi-displacement electronics work....most of the time the "ECO" light was on!
  • I saw someone on another forum say May, but others say Fall - anyone have any sense. My wife test drove the 10 Ody and the 11 Sienna, and preferred the Ody by quite a bit, but we need a new car real soon, and am not sure we can wait.
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Let's just say that the Chicago reveal did not have a finished interior. Having one manufactured by May - not too likely imo.

    We'll know more definitively when the final buildout for the 10s occurs. I haven't seen any indication that has happened yet.
  • I thought I had just about settled on the Sienna a few months back, but after watching a few of the videos from Chicago Auto Show we will probably wait for the 2011 Odyssey. I just hope the FWY noise issue will be taken care of, we experience a bit of that in our Accord.
    28 MPG HWY estimated, that would be great, anyone think it's possible?
  • ajseaglesajseagles Posts: 13
    I am hearing that the redesign is not as imminent as we may have thought. Anyone have any absolute knowledge one way or the other?
  • This is from their website, I believe they were shooting for a 2011 model year to compete with Toyota's new Sienna. Maybe they will do a 2012 model year and release early 2011?
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Note - the title of that website is "2011 Odyssey concept" (and that's model year).
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    This design is growing on me. Will be interested in seeing what the interior looks like.

    My 07 has been bullet proof however and current plans are to drive another 17 years.
  • ajseaglesajseagles Posts: 13
    Only 17?
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217

    Well I figure my wife may want something different by then and the last kid will be out of the house in another 15 years. ;)
  • siggie1siggie1 Posts: 56
    We have a leased 2008 Odyssey Touring. Our lease is up in November which should hopefully be just in time for us to evaluate the 2011 Odyssey. Here is what I hope Honda would fix in the new Odyssey:

    1. Road/wind noise.
    2. Plastic panel on the B pillar (just behind the driver and passenger) vibrates at freeway speeds adding to the annoying noise. The dealer could not fix this.
    3. Door switches are in the wrong place. The switches to open the sliding doors should be centrally located so that they are available to both the driver and the front passenger.
    4. Ditto on the sunroof switches.
    5. Speech recognition for A/C and Bluetooth is a joke. It simply doesn't work. Other manufacturers have done a much better job. At first I thought the speech recognition is so poor because the noise level is so high. But I've tried it both at idle, and with the engine turned off, and the results are not very good.
    6. The nav system is a very expensive joke. There are so many deficiencies it's hard to know where to start. Actually, Honda should just start over. I presume they buy the system from some vendor. Find a different vendor.
    7. After you get past the poor speech recognition, the Bluetooth system is poorly implemented. Bluetooth should be the presumed manner in which you want to place and receive calls. When you place a call from your phone it should immediately be put through the Bluetooth system. You shouldn't have to wait for the call to be connected and then issue a vocal "transfer" command -- which due to the poor speech recognition rarely works. Besides, the person you called can hear the "transfer" command. Our Nissan has a much better Bluetooth system. When I place a call from my phone it immediately routes through the Bluetooth system. Initiating a call requires only one button push and then it depends on speech recognition. The Nissan's speech recognition is so good it consistently enters not just names but phone numbers correctly.
    8. The master cruise control switch is dangerous. Other manufacturers make it a soft switch. In other words, once you turn off power to the car the main switch is disengaged. Honda makes it a mechanical switch. Once it's on it stays on until it is turned off -- even if the car is turned off and then on again. This is a particular problem in a vehicle that is intended as a family car and subject to multiple drivers. If the previous driver left the switch on, then when the next driver starts the car the cruise control is one accidental button press from being engaged (and the button is on the steering wheel!). Yes, there is a green warning light on the dash that the cruise control switch is on, but with two other green warning lights on the dash (headlights on and ECO on) it is easy to miss that the cruise control main is on If Honda is doing recalls, this is one that should definitely be recalled. I can easily see a case where the cruise control accidentally gets engaged. the driver is coming to a stop light, lifts off the accelerator, the car does not slow down, and panic ensues because he/she does not know why the car is not slowing. The point of having the main switch is to have an interlock: Two things need to be done before the cruise control will engage. With the mechanical switch that Honda has used there is no interlock and only one action can engage the cruise control.
    9. The sonar warning system is dangerous. The sonar system was originally intended as a backup warning. For that purpose it works fine. However, with the front sonar system tied to the back system there is a problem. When you get near anything such as another car, or a drive-thru window that causes the front system to start beeping incessantly, the normal tendency is to turn it off. Unfortunately, that also turns off the rear system. So, you go through the drive-thru, get a continuous beeping, turn off the sonar with the expectation of turning it on after you leave the drive-thru, go home and turn off the vehicle. A little while later your spouse and kid go to get in the car. Your spouse always has the sonar system on, and expects that it is still on. Your kid drops a toy, bends down behind the vehicle to pick it up as your spouse starts backing up. Your spouse expects the backup warning system to be active so he/she doesn't pay too much attention to what is immediately behind the vehicle, and there is a tragedy as the kid gets run over. The front and rear sonar systems should be separated. If you turn off one you shouldn't necessarily turn off the other, and the rear system should have a beep or some other confirmation indicting it is either on or off when the car is started. If the nav system can have the nag screen come on EVERY time the car is started, certainly a piece of safety equipment can tell you whether it is engaged or not every time the car is started.
    10. The entertainment system requires a Ph.D. to operate. It should be simplified.
    11. The entertainment system, the nav system and the dash information system should all be integrated. The Odyssey gives the impression of systems just lumped together without any hint that they were intended for the same vehicle.
    12. The dash information system should retain its last setting every time you start the car. I'm tired of having to push the info button every time I start the car to see the MPG indicator.
    13. The fold down center console should be a permanent center console. It could have much more usefulness and store a lot more. The idea that somehow you are not going to put anything on the center console and then fold it down so that you can walk between the front seats while the car is in motion is ridiculous. If you put anything on the center console, then to fold it down you need to remove those items. Is there anyone who doesn't keep a bunch of stuff on the console? Even if you do remove that stuff, are you going to walk between the seats while the vehicle is in motion? Totally unsafe. If you need to get to the back seat, pull over to the side of the road, open the doors and deal with the problem.
    14. The power steering system needs to be redesigned. Have you read the owner's manual warning: "Turning the steering wheel to full left or right lock and holding it there can damage the power steering pump" (page 428 of the 2008 manual). So, you're stuck in traffic trying to make a right turn and have the steering wheel turned all the way to the right. How long can you hold it in that position until you damage the power steering pump?
    15. Honda should make a trailer hitch available without the need for the oil cooler, transmission cooler, and whatever else they may require. All we want the trailer hitch for is to hold our bicycle rack. Because of the rear spoiler there really isn't any other way to get an accessible bicycle rack attached. I don't consider putting bicycles on the roof of the vehicle particularly accessible. You sho
  • siggie1siggie1 Posts: 56
    15. Honda should make a trailer hitch available without the need for the oil cooler, transmission cooler, and whatever else they may require. All we want the trailer hitch for is to hold our bicycle rack. Because of the rear spoiler there really isn't any other way to get an accessible bicycle rack attached. I don't consider putting bicycles on the roof of the vehicle particularly accessible. You shouldn't have to spend $1000, and have the dealer messing with major systems of your vehicle, just to add a trailer hitch. Yes, I know you can add an aftermarket hitch, but the Honda warranty warns you that doing so without the oil and transmission coolers violates your warranty.
    16. Honda should actually include features it advertises and are included in the manual. For instance, the Headlight Auto Off Timer indicated on page 120 of the 2008 owner's manual does not exist. The means to setup the feature through the information center exists, but the feature itself simply does not work. None of the personnel at two different dealerships could get the feature to work. They concluded that it simply did not exist.
    16. The conversation mirror in the sunglass holder of the overhead console is almost useless. Other manufacturers allow this mirror to be tilted so you can actually see all the kids in the back seat. Honda's mirror is fixed. It lets you see the kid behind the passenger seat and that's it. Many parents put a child who needs to be in a safety seat behind the driver so that when they get in or out they can easily access the child. The conversation mirror does not let you see a child seated behind the driver.
    17. The variable cylinder mode needs improvement. When it engages the driver gets the feeling that the engine is missing. This causes the driver to lift off the accelerator, which slows the car which causes the driver to press the accelerator to speed up and this takes it out of ECO mode. Thus it is difficult to maintain the vehicle in ECO mode unless the cruise control is on.
    18. The seating position does not allow me to see the top of the speedometer. I am not particularly tall (6'0"), but even with the seat in its lowest position, and the steering wheel tilted to its highest position the steering wheel blocks the top of the speedometer. On the freeway I'm constantly ducking down to see if I'm exceeding 75 or 80 MPH.
    19. The oil change notice is really annoying. Do we really need to know that there is 20% of oil life remaining every time we start the car? If you follow the maintenance recommendations that means that for 20% of the miles you drive the warning will be illuminated and require action to clear every time you start the vehicle. The reminder is so annoying that when it appears we reset it thus nullifying any good it is supposed to do. How about letting us know that an oil change is needed soon only when we fill up with gas?
    20. The lockout for the driver's side sliding door is a good thing so that it doesn't allow you to accidentally open the door when the gas filler door is open. However, if you open the sliding door first and then open the filler door the sliding door will no longer operate electrically. This really messed up my wife as she didn't know she could just manually close the sliding door. She had to call me to ask how to close the door. I can also see the possibility of the sliding door getting hung up on the filler door. If the filler door would open just right it looks like it could get caught inside the sliding door and then you wouldn't be able to close the sliding door either electronically or manually.
    21. The heated mirror control is a manual pushbutton (just like the main cruise control button). Once you engage it, it will stay set until you turn it off. I don't know if this keeps the mirrors heated the entire time, or if there is a timeout, but even if there is a timeout, every time you start the car the mirror heaters are going to operate.
    22. The Driving Position Memory System doesn't move the mirrors or driver's seat until the driver's door is opened. One of the main points of the system is to save time so that you don't have to adjust the seat and mirrors when you get into the vehicle after another driver has used the vehicle. However, since the system doesn't start working until you open the door you wind up standing there while the seat moves. Other manufacturers move the seat and mirrors when you unlock the car. Since you usually do this at some distance, by the time you get to the car and open the door the seat is already in position. Honda should adopt this system.
    23. The on/off switch and indicator for the heated seats is near the floor and not highly visible. Since it is so close to the floor anything on the floor can hit the switch (things are on the floor because the center console doesn't have much storage -- see item #13 above) and turn on the heater. And, because the indicator is so low down and not particularly visible, it is difficult to tell the seats are being heated. This is particularly disturbing in the middle of summer.
    24. The loss of a power port for the auxiliary audio input is pretty cheesy. Honda should have found a better way to offer the auxiliary audio input without taking out a power port.
    25. The radio lacks RDS or speed volume change. Even the most basic cars offer these features, but for 2008 Honda didn't include them in a $41,000 vehicle.

    As you can tell from this list, come November we are going to give the 2011 Odyssey a very thorough look before we lease another. If Honda improves on these items, great! If not, we'll be looking elsewhere.
  • hogan773hogan773 Posts: 255
    gotta say that is the most coherent and thoughtful list of things I've seen posted on these message boards, and its hard to disagree with your logic. Hopefully Honda listens although its probably too late for the 2011s at this point
  • gwrace1gwrace1 Posts: 24
    I would agree. This is a great list. We are considering replacing our 15 year old Dodge Grand Caravan that has served us well with either the 2011 Sienna or 2011 Odyssey.
    I'll be using this list to check out the new Honda minivan. Thanks for taking the time to type it all out.
  • golddog1golddog1 Posts: 20
    I hope Honda rethinks the third row folding mechanism on the floor. It would be nice to have a true flat floor, instead of the current models two bulges on each side. We use our vans primarily for carrying our dogs and there is no possible way to accommodate two 24" wide crates side by side with those stupid bumps back there.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225
    edited March 2010

    Seriusly you should buy an LX so you wouldn't have that many things to gripe about.

    Seriously, the ONLY gripes I would agree with you are on road noise and the over complicated RES controls. The other things I haven't hesrd any other gripes about!

    Just when I think I've heard it all, a list like this!!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225
    I think in order to do this, they would have to nmake the seat cushions thinner and harder. The Chrysler "stow and go" seats do this but they are thin and uncomfortable.
  • kcwellkcwell Posts: 1
    1. The road noise could improve, which I've heard, has gotten better
    2. Never had this issue, must be just your van
    3. No Way! I am the driver, "i" want to control when the doors open or close, since I am controlling when the vehicle is moving or not(countless senarios back this up
    4. I am driving, my needs come 1st. If I don't want to be distracted, then I won't be. "Do you want to make it home without getting in an acccident, dear?!" Otherwise, I don't mind pressing a button to slide the sunroof. It is another way I get to serve my wife/family. No biggie here.
    5. Speech for the "automatic" A/C? Seriously? Granted, if it is supposed to function and it is not, then it should but you are B&^ching about something that takes 1 second to set with your finger.
    6. The NAV is suffiicient. As a matter of fact, there are much worse NAV's on the market. Ever have a Range Rover nav, or an Merc? HA! You think the NAV's bad!! HA, I say. Just gotta know how to use it and know its limitations.
    7. Actually, I do not like when the blutooth automatically pairs, because I have an earpiece and so do others that may ride in the Van. Ours worked fine. No issues
    8. Ok, this is where you get a little freaky, sir. You actually give a scenario that is so utterly ridiculous that I question whether you are a troll or not. The cruise control is well-placed and works accordingly on "my" Odyssey. N'uff said.
    9. The back-up warning system is not a cure-all. It is a supplement, it is designed to assist, not take over. BTW, your scenario is flawed anyway. If your kid and wife 'go to get in the car', then WHY WOULD SHE START TO BACK UP IF YOUR KID ISNT IN THE CAR!!! Troll!
    10. Read the manual, troll
    11. Sounds like sour grapes here too, troll
    12. Hmmm, tired of pushing a button, are you? You sound like that Paris Hilton from the reality show where she has to go and be a real person and actually "do" things that the rest of us "normal" people have to do. Maybe that can be a new episode. Paris(you) goes to buy a car she(you) has to drive herself! Its got "Emmy" written all over it.
    13. All of a sudden, you have a reasonable argument. But it completely contradicts all of your previous gripes. A typical "troll" trick. You say its "totally unsafe" to walk in the van while its moving yet your wife starts driving before your child even get in the van!!!
    14. This is a joke, right?? Oh, I forgot. You are trolling. Next!
    15. Hey, Honda?! I want to sue you for NOT making sure your product can handle towing anything I want it to tow. Why in God's name would you assume all I wanted to tow would be a bicycle. Oh, siggie1 told you not to put things on the van to preserve the engine! Fair enough then.

    Do I really need to go on? someone else jump in here, pleeeeease!
  • golddog1golddog1 Posts: 20
    No, what I am referring to are the two pivot points that the third row seats are on. They are on the left and right side, right on the floor. They stick up and cause issues with loading anything flat or side by side.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225
    edited March 2010
    Oh, I see what you mean.

    Anotehr complaint that I haven't heard before but maybe they could re engineer the folding pins somehow?
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