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2011 Honda Odyssey Discussion



  • I'm in the Chicago area as well, but three dealers I've contacted have all quoted me the MSRP. Do you mind if I ask which dealer quoted you $700 over invoice?
  • Try Valley Honda ask for there internet price.
  • I could not agree with you more! I previewed the 2011 3 weeks ago in Hagerstown Maryland. I leased there before and was thinking we were going to get into the 2011 until I saw it up close and personal and was appalled at what they had done.

    For the run of the mill consumer, it may look different, trendy and sleek... I likened it to looking quadriplegic! No offense to the disables, but what were they thinking with all those body lines?! Lighting bolt?! Stick that up your behinds!

    They took a lot of the leather trim in the Touring and replaced it with plastic, did you notice that? How about the jacks and receptacle now being out in the open in the 3rd row. If we wanted domestic, we would look to GM!

    Rather then do a better job at concealing the door track, they make it bigger! Bolder? How about ignorant! You now have 3 different lines going 3 different directions..... TRAIN WRECK!

    How about the nasty line on the hood of the car that runs parallel to the grille 3/4's of the way down?! Someone drop something on the prototype and forget to correct it before agreeing on final design?!

    The ONLY thing they did right was to overhaul the center row. But like one other person said, why not offer or just provide 2 arm rests for the people that don't want or are able to remove that middle seat and still seat the captains passengers comfortably with an arm rest on each side? How about at least returning the roof rails?! I thought it was ignorant on the previous design to only provided the rails and not the cross bars, but now they won't put it on at all! Dealer added accessory now. As if the increase in overall price isn't enough!

    I said to the Honda rep...."can you imagine going on a road trip with 6 children and wondering where you are going to put all the bags", he said he doesn't want to think about it. I told him this is the problem. They could care less what the end user thinks, feels or experiences, in determining how to appeal to the most demanding of circumstances.

    We have 6 children and the only thing wrong with the 2008 we sold and the 2010 we just leased on Friday was the center seat being in a fixed position. I was fortunate to find a custom shop who will now modify that seat and make it recline more and slide forward, allowing greater leg room for the 3 row.

    As far as I am concerned, Toyota should duplicate the new Odyssey interior for the 2010 and they will steal the show! Look for an interior refresh in the Sienna for 2012, they are getting rid of the ugly tracks in the floor and will overhaul that nasty center seat.
  • Would love to know the dealer.
  • And LOVED it....I was trying to decide between the Sienna, Routan and Ody. I am switching from a Lexus SUV because I have two small children now. I thought that I would be buying a Sienna but it felt cheap and I found it loud, and I was not impressed with the acceleration. I really liked the Routan, had good acceleration and nice interior, loved the stow and go, but the 2nd row is too tight in my opinion. Test drove the Ody on Friday, and fell in love. I thought that the acceleration was good, the car was very quiet, interior is beautiful and functional, and overall I like the look of the care. My husband's only comment (he's not loving me getting a minivan!) was that the back end was "fat" and looked a bit odd. Overall the room was great, he is 6'6" and am 6' tall and I had plenty of room in the 3rd row, and great headroom throughout. I have a month and a half left on my current lease so I am hoping that the prices come down a bit but can't wait to get my new Ody soon.
  • My wife and I are looking at purchasing a 2011 Touring. We are located in the DC area. I am curious to know what others in this area have been quoted for a price. I have discussions with a few dealers and it does not appear that any of them are willing to below MSRP - then again I have not sat down with any of them to negotiate a price. Thanks.
  • mikescmikesc Posts: 18
    edited October 2010
    I am in the Dallas area and so far only offer is $500 off MSRP for Touring. I think we will start to have to make our own offers to the dealerships and see who bites.
    I want to work up from Invoice price. Touring is $36,904 for invoice, but not sure if I need to factor in Destination charge of $780 too.
  • rich148rich148 Posts: 2
    edited October 2010
    I got an opportunity to look at the new Ody this weekend. Previous Ody owners will notice the side window area is significantly smaller in the new 2011. The front side window is 3 inches shorter than the previous model. The rear roof pillars are similar to the Acura MDX. The view is more restricted when trying to back up vs the 2010. The result is the new 2011 lacks the panoramic view of the outgoing 2010 model.

    The new tray between the front seats takes up more space and does not let you store and hide items under the tray. It also does not flip down which eliminates a pass through unless removed.

    Sitting in the second row the lower headroom (1.5 inches) gives the impression your in a sedan vs van. The space is more restricted. The view out the front is reduced as the windshield rakes back at more of an angle vs the 2010. Honda is trying to make the van hip. By lowering the roof and raising the belt line Honda introduced more style but sacrificed other attributes.

    While sitting in the second row I noticed the smaller roof air vents. The lower roof resulted in designing the vents to be similar to jet airline overhead vents. The new vents are positioned near your head. My concern is to move a similar volume of air as the older model there may be an uncomfortable increase in air flow. I did not drive the new 2011 so I can not confirm if comfort was traded off for the new roof design. In the second row the new full-size middle seat fills up space and contributes to the perception of less space. Others have mentioned the lack of an one armrest with the middle seat up.


    The front dash design and use of textured/colored plastics are much better executed in the 2011. The window sill trim is more refined.

    The design of the second row seat improves entry to the 3rd row seats. The seat folds down and slides forward easier than the previous model.

    The side mirrors are not color keyed to the body color and look better with a darker exterior color. From a style consideration the 2011 sliding door track is unrefined but is less noticeable in a black/dark exterior color.

    The new 2011 model has refinements which move the van forward. However, there is no current van in production with the refinement and airy space of the boxy previous generation.

    It's still hip to be square.....
  • kat60kat60 Posts: 5
    edited October 2010
    Bought 2011 this weekend for $1000 over invoice on EX. They put in all-weather package with mudflaps, rubber mats as per my deal request.

    The car buying service price will be this and should be online to print and prove in next couple of weeks. Participating dealers have likely set these already, so ask if you do not wish to wait. Invoice on the EX is 28,042, MSRP is 30,950. Not including delivery.

    Pohanka Honda in Stafford, VA

    Last night, a touring left the lot for $100 under MSRP. Now that seems riciculous, and in couple of weeks - when car buying service prices are online for it - should be gone. I guess they really wanted the theatre room on wheels for the house price right now.

    Probably could have waited and done a bit better, but drove my 2002 bought in 2001 and it needed brakes, tires, windshield cracked . . . . just wanted this one in this color and went for it. LOVE IT!

    BTW the middle console can come out all together for pass through, second row seating is MUCH improved. Headroom is still great for 6'3'' person, and much roomier. . . more leg room. . . much wider. . . better milage without roof rack and lower stance. Luxurious feel, tons of compartments and hoders. Great sliding door button placement so no turning back any more, extra handle to get in. Very sharp IMO.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    edited October 2010
    One of the cool features in the new odyssey will be the built-in music system, where you can upload your own music and store them in vehicle (2GB in lower-end models; 15GB from EX-L and up). I was waiting for something like this since Chrysler introduced this system in their minivans, which I loved so much. It's more convenient than an iPod interface (for me at least) so you don't need to schlep along with you anything on-board.

    To my big disappointment, this is what Honda states several times in their press release: "The system will not copy music from burned CDs or from USB flash drives.." I could not believe it! So it will only copy from original CD's! Why did they do this limitation? The Chrysler minivans copies just anything! I think that this (among other design flaws) is killing the whole purpose and idea! OMG! Why do designers always loose their mind when in design process???????
  • From the looks of it, the 2011 Odyssey with Nav is now controlled with a dial/buttons instead of a touch screen, is that correct? That would be a big mistake, I've always hated the dial for Navigation in European cars, entering an address is quite an ordeal
  • Whomever pays MSRP for a car in crazy in the 1st place.....whomever pays dollars over MSRP is missing their brain....negotiate people......make the salesmen bleed..!!!
  • mikescmikesc Posts: 18
    Yes it was touchscreen.
  • Quoted $100 over invoice today for any 2011 Odyssey at Honda City Chicago.

    Interesting fact:

    2010 EXL with Res/Nav: 32.3
    2011 EXL with Nav: 33.9

    $1600 premium for new model and less features, I believe the prices will crash harder in time.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    To my big disappointment, this is what Honda states several times in their press release: "The system will not copy music from burned CDs or from USB flash drives.." I could not believe it! So it will only copy from original CD's! Why did they do this limitation?

    Probably to protect themselves against possible copyright infringement lawsuits from the recording industry.
  • I get what you're saying but music that is paid for and downloaded to a USB or burnt to a CD is a perfectly legal way to listen to music. Why would they let you listen to music you've burned to a CD in the CD player of the car but not let you store the same music on the hard drive? It doesn't make sense?

    On another note, has anyone seen a Touring Elite? There seems to be a delay in dealerships receiving those on the lot. I'm curious how the blind spot sensor works? Is it linked to your turn signal?
  • yiatayiata Posts: 1
    I've got to agree with Babs. I don't buy CDs too often any more. Most of my music comes from downloading from Amazon or iTunes. I guess I'm out of luck if I want to transfer any of those tracks.

    Pretty ignorant of Honda to have this restriction.
  • rgrobrgrob Posts: 2
    I totally agree, this limitation on loading music is actually close to making the HD based sound system a useless feature. I hope this is simply a mistake and not actual fact. The trend in music is quite clear and has been growing every year.... legal sales of digital music (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) has been increasing while sales of physical disks has been decreasing. In a few years, CDs will be as common as vinyl is today. I buy music every month (typically non-DRM from Amazon), but haven't bought a CD in a couple years.

    Even companies like Sony, who are notorious for their music rights (after all they are a publisher - Sony Music), sells devices where you can load non-DRM music (
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    edited October 2010
    Why would they let you listen to music you've burned to a CD in the CD player of the car but not let you store the same music on the hard drive?

    Playing and storing are 2 different things. Also, Honda calls it a CD-Libray, not an MP-3 library.

    I'm just tossing thoughts out there - I don't know the real answer.
  • No, it's not a touchscreen. I drove one last Friday, it didn't have Nav but when I asked I was told that it was not. The screen is pretty far from the driver, easily seen, but it would be hard for most people to reach it. I'm a little disappointed that it's not touchscreen, my current SUV has that function and I like it very much.
  • desna78desna78 Posts: 21
    just FYI:

    2011 Nissan Quest (Japan version Nissan Elgrand)
  • allavalonsallavalons PennsylvaniaPosts: 67
    Unfortunately the person informed you incorrectly. It is touchscreen, if you go to and look up 2011 Ody and features, Navigation you will see the Satellite Navigation System screen, right in the middle of the dash, right above the Temperature display, and in the lower right corner of the display is the SETTINGS Button which you press (touchscreen) to go to settings.
  • azkid2azkid2 Posts: 47
    I wonder how long it will be before someone has a work around?
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    edited October 2010
    I test drove a Touring this past Saturday - it is NOT a touchscreen. I actually went to touch it (b/c the Sienna is a touchscreen, I assumed it was as well) and there is a plastic screen protector over the LCD.

    The salesman reminded me that the navi accepts voice commands. I am hoping the voice recognition is decent - if so you will actually be able to program it while driving.
  • I purchased a 2011 Odyssey Touring today from Ken Dixon Honda in Waldorf, Maryland. I have never heard of the dealership and came accross them while sufing the net. Since I live about an hour away in Rockville, Md I went through their internet sales division. I was quoted a price of $37,613 - $710 over invoice. I had talked to a number of dealers in the DC area and none of them were willing to sell for below MSRP. One in fact quoted me a price above MSRP. I thought that there was going to be a catch but to my delight when I arrived this morning the quoted price was correct. In addition to an outstnading price I found the dealership great to work with. The internet sales person and the sales manager were top notch. I have never had a more pleasurable car buying experience. In addtion to Honda they sell Chevy and Cadillac. If I am ever in the market again for one of those brands Ken Dixon will be my first stop.
  • mikescmikesc Posts: 18
    Good info. So was it only $37,613 + tax or anything else thrown in there?
  • delthekingdeltheking Posts: 1,152
    So what would be the total Out the Door OTD price? I bet they will add on Doc fee,dealer fee,convenience fee ,mop and glo,rustproofing,etching,fabric guard etc etc-- all those things.. I dont think dealers will sell such a new model and a Honda at that -- for 100 over invoice.. Not possible IMHO. The final OTD price with all fees is the only useful price..
  • delthekingdeltheking Posts: 1,152
    What was the total out the door price with all the taxes and fees? Also,was there a trade in involved? If so--info on that will be useful .And was it dealer financing?? :confuse:
  • Nothing more than the standard stuff. My out the door price was $40,256 before trade in. I got $12,500 for my 2006 Honda Odyssey Touring with 98,000 miles. A breakdown of the purchase is below

    Car: $37,613
    Freight $780
    Processing: $100
    Sales Tax: $1,565
    Tire Tax: $24
    Tag Fees: $103.50
    Title Fees: $50
    Lien Recording: $20
  • I got financing through Capitol One - 2.97% on a 72 month loan. There was not much difference between a 60 and a 72 month loan. Bank of American has a rate of 3% on a 72 month and 2.5% on a 60 month.
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