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2011 Honda Odyssey Discussion



  • After inspecting the new Odysseys at our local dealer, I noticed that one of the ways the US engineers cheapened up the new release is through inferior tires. I have purchased Hondas for years and usually with Accord EX/Odyssey EXs Honda used good Michelin tires. The new Odyssey through the EX and EX-L line uses Continental ContiProContact tires (235/65 R17 103T). Some early reviews indicate from a handling standpoint, traction and gas mileage these tires are mediocre at best. Now for Touring models the geniuses at Honda in Alabama went with Michelin Primacy MXV4s a superior tire and one even Honda says contributes to the better gas mileage posted by the $40k+ touring models. Ok... why did Honda ever let Americans take a lead role in design and economics on these new models. They look cheap with the non-color coded rear mirrors and ugly black mud guards. Then they put on an inferior tire worth about $162 instead of a better Michelin Primacy that cost $185... so for the difference of $23 per tire or $92 per car, Honda engineers are saying to the customer you are stuck with an inferior set of tires for 30-40 k miles or until you fed up with the Continental's performance.

    I guess the competitors need another look before I write the check.

  • Thank you all for the replies. Well that was a stupid move from Honda. Sure all the European cars have moved to some kind of joystick/dial to control the Navigation/screen functions (Check out BMW, Audi, VW), but it sux, it is really painful to enter an address with that thing. very little intuitive for NAV. Indeed a step backwards for Honda user friendliness
  • houstonhothoustonhot Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    Just bought 2011 Honda EX-L RES Topaz (two days ago) in Houston, TX. Have three little children (last was born in July) so could not wait any longer. Traded-in my wife's 2005 Toyota RAV4 L. Paid $1,000 under MSRP and got $10,800 for the trade-in which is pretty much what the Kelly Blue Book recommends for this model. The car will be delivered 10/20 the latest. The dealer gave us the top line 2010 Honda CRV as a temp until the new car arrives. As you imagine, having a second row accomodate three child seats was haven sent. We both test drove an equivalent model (grey). Liked it a lot but wanted a darker color. Probably paid more than would like but really did not have a choice: currently we are forced to use two cars if we want to go anywhere by car.
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 226
    Do to my wife's back problem she has stated that the next vehicle we own MUST have a front passenger's side lumber support. I could not find this on the next Odyssey.
    If it's not a Honda what 2011 minivan or large SUV has it?
  • Traded in my 2007 Chev Colorado last Friday on a 2011 EX-L Odyssey.
    Got 13000 for the trade which may be a little low, but only paid $1100 over
    invoice ($32305) for the Odyssey. Also required the dealer to have the
    Michelin Primacy MXV 4's on the new vehicle and they readily agreed. I am
    happy with the deal.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    A reporter is interested in talking with owners of the Honda Odyssey who are also parents. If you are interested in commenting on your experience, please reply to no later than Saturday, November 20, 2010 and include your city and state of residence, the model year of your vehicle and the age of your child/ren.

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  • We are in the process of finshing up a deal on a 2011 EX, and should have the final numbers by next week I presume, when we plan to take delivery. I will be sure to let you know what we come in at.
  • I have read in this forum that the 2011 does not come with roof rack/rails.
    We are trying to decide between a 2010 touring vs a 2011 touring, but use a Thule carrier/bubble at times. Some newer cars come equipped with attachment points for Thule rack footings (I know the Mazda5 has these w/no roof rack).
    Anyone know if the 2011 Touring comes with these footing/anchorpoints?
    What other roof rack options are out there for the 2011?
  • It does. Honda offers an accessory roof rack. See accessories on the Honda site. I'd buy a 2011 anyday over a 2010 - pricing is only about $1500 apart (driven by rebate on the 2010) and you'll make it up in residual when you come to sell it and have a lot nicer car in the interim.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    The street price spread is far larger than the $1500 that you suggest.

    Of course an '11 will be worth more than a '10 down the road - it's newer and costs more! However, the spread may not be as large as one might think because a '10 will, relatively speaking, be considered to have lower mileage for its year, boosting its resale a bit. This is one aspect of buying late in a model year that is little discussed.

    Whether an '11 is "...a lot nicer car..." is open to serious debate. It has few new features at the cost of the deletion of some desirable content.
  • Has anyone seen a Touring Elite in person? Either they haven't been rolled out yet or they are extremely rare.
  • Saw one at Kelly Honda in Lynn, MA (bad dealership) on Oct 2nd. I personally had a hard time justifying well over $2K for the wide screen tv, HID headlights, blindspot monitoring and enough power in the sound system to deafen all my kids :). Nice car but Touring is a better value.
  • Haven't found one in So Cal yet. The dealers initially said they should have them by mid month but are now saying the end of the month. I wonder what the delay is.
  • otter8otter8 Posts: 3
    I have not owned an Odyssey so I can't compare it to previous versions. Just a couple of thoughts:

    1. Below around 40 mph, the van was very quiet. Driving around town was very nice. When stopped it's hard to tell if the engine is running.
    2. Above around 50 or so, it was louder than I expected. Mostly road noise. Not super loud or anything, but for comparison I have a 2010 Ford Fusion and both my wife and I thought the Odyssey was definitely louder at 70 mph. For a new model that costs over 30K I expected something quieter.
    3. Great handling, great brakes, very nice room.

    Overall, I plan on buying one when/if the prices come down some. The noise issue is not a deal killer and there are so many other positives. I'm waiting to drive the Touring to see if it's quieter. Some of the reviews out there say it is, some say the opposite. If anyone has test drove a touring and an EX-L I'd love to read what you think.
  • We are finishing up a deal on a 2011 EX and the wife insists on having the roof rails for "the look" as she puts it. Dealer want4ed $365 installed for them and I got him down a little to $300 installed. Does this sound like a fair deal? The honda site shows suggested retail before install at $210. I noticed I can buy them online for about $155 plus ship or so, but looked at the install instructions and they seem like a good bit of work too modify the top rail to fit and install the bars.
  • berriberri Posts: 7,587
    We own two Honda's including an older Ody. I've got to be honest, that road noise gets worse as the car ages and the seals start to wear. It starts to get on your nerves on long drives when you have to crank up ther stereo to hear the lyrics. We haven't just adjusted to it, rather over time our irritation with it has increased. Mechanically, the vehicles have been decent (knock on wood!), but I have been discouraged that the newer Honda's don't seem to have addressed the highway speed noise deficiency. We will probably not be repeat buyers because of the excessive highway noise. There are plenty of competitors out there that ride quietly on the interstate and are also reliable (and can often be purchased for less as well).
  • $300 installed is fair; it is a lot of work. I agree with your wife that it adds a lot to the look of the van to have the roof rails. We got the body side moldings and splash guards as well. If possible negotiate it all with the purchase rather than after the fact. Good luck.
  • Thanks we are now looking at the molding and flaps too. Unfortunately we worked out the final numbers on the van and a monthly payment before she decided she wanted all these other goodies added. The 300 is with financing it into the lease though.
    I would have loved to get all three options bumped in the overall deal to start with at a large discount but not sure it is going to be as easy now to get them at a super discount/free.
    I do feel comfortable installing the molding and flaps on my own so maybe I will do those two via an ebay or the such purchase to save some $- unless I can get the dealer to come down a nice bit on them.
  • In my limited search I found Bernardi to have the best prices on original Honda accessories. I understand that they may soon be announcing a sale which may or may not reduce prices further. We also got the all season floor mats and cargo tray just from knowing how our kids are prone to snow and spills.

    One other thing - looking into the HondaCare and so far have not found a better price than
    Not sure if you are looking but would be interested to know if anyone has seen a better offering.
  • siggie1siggie1 Posts: 56
    We have a 2008 Odyssey Touring. The lease on it expires on Nov. 17. I was expecting to get a new vehicle as I found many minor annoyances on the Odyssey which I have documented on this discussion thread. A couple of months ago I had to make a decision on replacing the original Michelin tires as all four had worn down. I didn't want to replace them with the lease expiring soon, but I felt I had no choice as it is our rainy season and the safety of my family was at stake. I was not going to expose them to unwarranted danger for a relatively small amount of money. I wanted the cheapest tires Costco stocks on the theory that Costco doesn't sell crap, any new tire is relatively safe, and that I didn't expect to use them for too long. Costco couldn't get the cheapest Bridgestone tires, but they could get the next level up, the Turanza. The new tires have transformed the Odyssey. The road noise is greatly reduced and the ride is substantially better. It's not just me. My wife did not know I changed the tires, but the next time she drove the van she asked me what I had done. She liked it. As a result, I expect that we will probably purchase the Odyssey next month as its residual value is well below what I can find a used 2008 Touring in our area and the cost is about $15K below what I could reasonably expect to pay for a 2011. We've already paid for the depreciation and now we get to benefit from it. For the substantial savings we'll live with all the minor annoyances especially since the most major annoyance, the road noise, has been greatly reduced.
  • berriberri Posts: 7,587
    Be careful modifying a leased vehicle. Get the lessor's written permission or you may end up on the hook restoring the car back to its original condition, or paying a damage fee when you return it.
  • berriberri Posts: 7,587
    I've only used Michelin's on mine, although I did switch to a different Michelin tire when I replaced the originals. A lot of our noises seem to emenate from the windshield area and the sliders though besides the road, but maybe you're on to something. I do like the handling of the Ody for a van, did you lose any of that when you switched tire brands?
  • I posted this topic on another related topic. Posting it here to see if this is the right one.......
    I see a lot of buying 2011 when there are still some 2010s left and may get a decent bargain (although the price diff is not much as i see it). I just want to pick your brains on why 2011 is a better choice (or the other way around)? I can wait to buy a Van as my wifey is not due until Jan with our second one. Any advice on which Odyssey to go for will be greatly appreciated.
  • cheapreadingcheapreading Posts: 18
    edited October 2010
    Not sure why anyone would be a 2010 over a 2011. Price difference isn't that great, 2011 is a much improved vehicle (safety, features, economy) has a much better navigation system (which I'm assuming is important by the title of your post) and assuming you trade within 5 years you'll get the difference in purchase price of $1500 back at trade in.
  • It all comes down to personal preference, but from experience, I can tell you that the 2011 Touring does not hold a candle to the 2010 Touring. In my opinion, you would be getting less of a vehicle in the 2011 EX-L then the 2010 Touring. You don't get anything more in the 2011 Touring vs the 2010 Touring unless you get the Elite. Then you have to wonder of the blind spot indicators, self leveling headlights and wide screen theatre sound entertainment system is worth the $4000 price increase.

    My wife and I bought a 2008 Touring brand new for our family of 8. Our 6th child came 2 weeks after we bought it. We fell in love with it instantly. It had beautiful lines, excellent comfort, it was Baltic Blue, the real deep blue color. It had 2 quirks and that was they did not provide cross bars and the center seat/console was and remained fixed into 2010.

    We got the dealer to install the cross bars.... I was annoyed that Honda provided the rails but not the cross bars. Now Honda won't even provide the rails! WTF?!
    We sold it in September (a little prematurely) because we knew Honda had improved that center seat/console by making it larger and more comfortable. They also allow it to slide forward increasing leg room for the 3rd row passengers. We sold our 2008 Touring with 40000 miles for $29000.

    I was invited to preview the 2011 Touring at Hagerstown Honda in Maryland. I could not believe my eyes! I didn't like it from the pictures but my wife thought we might like it better once we saw it in person. I actually disliked it more! We didn't like that there were no cross bars or rails, the back half of the van looks "quadraplegic" with body lines going all sorts of directions. The driver door looks like it has a bullet hole in it with that 1980's looking keyhole in the sheet metal. Honda opted to make moldings for the doors an accessory, something it needs very much! They replaced a lot of the leather finish with cheap plastic and eliminated the rear arm rest compartments which stored the kids crayons, pencils, IPODs and more, and moved the receptacle and A/V jacks putting them on the wall of the left passenger side where the holes are exposed for little ones to stick all sorts of pointy things into!

    What else.......

    the hood looks like someone dropped something onto it with that stupid body line running parallel to the grille. The only thing they did right in the 2011 Odyssey was improve the center row. They failed that part too by removing the inside arm rests of the captains seats. What are you going to do if you remove the seat/console out so that you can use that as a pass through and have two passengers in the captains seats? They will only have armrests for the outside arms! How pathetic is that? They didn't even think to design removable armrests for this very situation.

    How about those stupid wheels?! Look how pretty the 2008-2010 wheels are. It is such a beautiful van. It commands respect. The 2011 commands funny looks! The new Sienna has Honda beat on looks. Sienna will come back with a better interior in 2012 and blow Honda right out of the running for the status it has held above all over the last several years.

    Anyway, it was with great disappointment that we had to follow through with the sale of our 2008, but in the end we returned to a new 2010 Touring Polished Metal with black interior. 2 years newer plus a new warranty, the 2008 had already expired. We love the black interior. I miss the beautiful blue color though. Honda replaced our blue for what they call bali blue now. We ran to Pittsburgh for our 2010 and met with a car modifying company called RPM who will modify our center seat/console to slide forward and recline more then it does now. This will make it perfect.

    Sorry for all the details, but you asked. Don't believe what I tell you. Take what I shared with you and go compare both and I am convinced you will pick apart the things I mentioned above if you have a genuine appreciation for pretty cars.

    Above all, enjoy your baby! My wife and I have 3 boys and 3 girls, ages 2-14!

    Lease the 2010 and look at the 2013 or 2014 when they refresh this new model. You will see that they will return a lot of the things they took away from the perfect 2008-2010 model design. :)
  • oh, I forgot to mention that the 2011 really does look like a hearse. :cry:
  • lalexopouloslalexopoulos Posts: 9
    edited October 2010
    The only thing good about the 2011 Nav is the screen and the sharp display, it really is beautiful.

    But, the 2008-2010 was touch screen and you could communicate with it very easily.

    On the 2011, the controls are all the way on the bottom of the cluster and the NAV is all the way up top! Unless you remember the dial and key positions, it is going to suck trying to key things in and your head moving up and down over a foot in distance trying to focus and refocus on the screen and than the control. With the 2008-2010 all you had to do was watch you fingers do the work and look at the screen the whole time.

    Check it out, you'll see just how annoying it really is. :mad:
  • kvn1kvn1 Posts: 52
    edited October 2010
    you are obsolutely right about those wrong things of new 2011.
    One more ugly thing is black spoiler and black side mirrors and black bottom bar even on EX-L. The picture on honda web site show this bottom is color keyed but the reality is not, only touring is.
    The no inner armrest on second row seat is stupid, many people have 2-3 kids and usually 2 kids in second row and the big kid on 3rd row, and they do want an open access to 3rd row all time so they have more space to do things inside the van such as change kids cloths when going to the beach, or no need to move second row outside chair for your kid to access 3rd row (all you need to do is press the slide door opened for your kids to get in) or momy move back and for from 3rd row..... Have you seen 3 todlers sitting in the same row for a long trip? Should have design removable armrests.
    The LX offer 7 seat, but guess what I just checked it out and the second row has 2 inner armrest, BUT does not have outer armrests any more on LX, WTF they are thinking? I asked the sale man that can they take 2 arm rests on LX and install on EX and he also laugh at the way Honda design this thing.
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