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2011 Honda Odyssey Discussion



  • queenv1queenv1 Posts: 53
    I don't think Bernardi would help me save much money here in Canada with shipping and duty costs.

  • erik_herik_h Posts: 77
    As the owner of a Lexus I checked out the Sienna and of course you have to look at the Odyssey. After a few test drives and research it was clear the one for me was the Honda. Better road feel, better interior, better handling, more high tech features. I'm looking at keeping the vehicle for at least 6-10 years so the price difference isn't that big a deal to me. I bought the EX-L and I'm happy with my purchase, love the 8inch backup camera in the middle of the dash, the built in XM, 2gb CDL, and USB. I can put all my cd's on the USB drive and plug it in to the radio and never have to change it.

    One thing I couldn't believe was the simple things Toyota could have done to improve the interior. In prior Sienna models they were like a Lexus on the inside,but not anymore.
  • We have found a big problem with our 2011 Odyssey. The tailgate opens TOO far, and hits the garage door when it is up. We have a standard garage door opening, and our house is just a few years old. Honda has said that they increased the open height of the tailgate, while maintaining the ability to open the gate while parked inside. This is our 3rd minivan, and second Odyssey, and we've never had this problem. Was this an oversight by Honda? Any word of a recall to install struts that have shorter travel?
  • Picked up our new 2011 Odyssey EX yesterday and as soon as I hit the highway the engine light came on. I took it back to the dealer a couple hours later and they said it was throwing a weird code so they looked around and a sensor connector was a little loose so they tightened it up. Problem solved!
  • queenv1queenv1 Posts: 53
    Phew! Good thing it wasn't something major. Are you in the US? What final price did you pay when all was said and done? Did you get a roof rack put on? Of course I mistook a roof rack for roof rails and was wondering where the rack was because I thought the specs said rack. They enlightened me with the difference.

    Victoria in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Yes, I was very worried it could be something bad so was happy it was a minor thing causing the engine light to come on! We are in the US, Ohio to be exact. Selling price for the vehicle before dealer installed options I picked was $29803 (before tax fees etc). We added splash guards, side molding and the roof rails- we did not add the cross bars since we just wanted the "look" and not the actual functionality. The three options installed added about $600 to the above price, but we are happy we added all three.
  • queenv1queenv1 Posts: 53
    Wow.! That's awesome. Over here I paid 32,961 Canadian before anything else. Also over here you just don't add the splash guards. They already have them on the vehicle and expect you to buy them. You could say no and have them taken off of course but finding matching ones elsewhere isn't worth the trouble I think. We also get charged for a block heater which is needed here. Did you have the good tires on yours or the cheapy ones/ I have the cheapy ones that are only good for about 30,000 km. I wanted them upgraded but they wouldn't do it. Then they also charged me for a tank of gas. I'm waiting for the final bill of sale that tells me exactly how much they charged me for gas. Since it is an 80 litre tank it will cost about $80 to fill it. We'll see when I pick it up tomorrow or Friday. In Canada a roof rail means the grooves in the roof. A rack is the 2 long bars. I remember in 1995 paying $500 ish for my roof rack. I would have saved a substantial amount of money had I bought the Odyssey in the US but the risk is losing the warranty and other weird things when you attempt to import a vehicle. Well enjoy your EX. I plan on enjoying mine.



    If the dealer buys a van for $30,000 at Invoice, and they sell it to you at a invoice price of $30K, they still made a profit on you. Dealers get a holdback of 2-3% on the price of the mini-van. So Honda manufacturer sends them a check for $900 at 3%. So yes--holdback is profit. They have room to move on the price. Use this information to your advantage when Negotiating with the sneakies....out there...
  • Yep, the new continental tires are on our van too. We only put about 20,000 miles on a van over three year lease so I hope/plan for the tires to last at least that long or I am not going to be happy! I sure wish you didn’t have to get the top of the line to get Michelin tires standard these days. Heres to good times in our new vans! :)
  • queenv1queenv1 Posts: 53
    Now you tell me. That info would have been handy a few days ago. Does this apply on both sides of the border?
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Yes - holdback is available on both side of the border.

    But most dealers are loathe to dip into it. That holdback is typically used to cover their financing costs on their inventory.
  • Bought a demo 2010 EX-L with RES and NAV for $31,800 (this price included doc fees, destination fees). This does not include tax, tag, title. No trade in. According to USAA/zag, this price is $1700 below dealer cost and a few thousand more under invoice. Car had 6K miles but was never titled. Really wanted a plain EX-L but could no longer find one as Southeast dealers seem to have just Tourings or EX's left. Probably you can do even better depending on how many 2010's are left on lots.
  • queenv1queenv1 Posts: 53
    Interesting point about their financing costs. I wanted to buy my vehicle entirely on my credit cards so that I could take advantage of all my airmiles. They said the max they would put on my card was $2500 and anything over that I would have to pay a 2% fee. So even though this holdback would have covered the cost of my request they didn't dare dip into it.
  • The Honda hold-back is 2% according to Edmunds.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    They said the max they would put on my card was $2500 and anything over that I would have to pay a 2% fee.

    Technically, they couldn't charge you a 2% fee for using the card as that is prohibited in their merchant agreement with their processor. More than likely, their merchant agreement prohibits them from processing an entire vehicle purchase - I know that my agreement does and we aren't even in the business.
  • co_copco_cop Posts: 17
    I've used two credit cards to buy my prior van back in '08, a 2008 EX-L RES with two credit cards and financing. 3500 on one, 4500 on another. I paid for half of their fee to their processor, and had no problems then.
    Also, while doing my research, I read many times that the hold back was 3% of the MSRP and not 2%. My 2 cents.
  • clermontflclermontfl Posts: 108
    edited October 2010

    Do what I did, buy about 4 of those POOL NOODLES, cut them in half and slip them over the cross bars (hurricane bars) toward the bottom of your garage door, hold them in place with zip ties. It's working great with no problems. The POOL NOODLES will absorb not hitting the metal portion of your garage door.

    The only thing though, you have to open the rear tail gate Manually, because if you use the remote opener on your Key Fob, the door will be in electronic mode, and as soon as it senses resistance it'll close back down....good luck...!!! ;)
  • queenv1queenv1 Posts: 53
    What percentage was half of their processing fee?
  • erik_herik_h Posts: 77
    I have a 20 year old house, I back in and have no problems with the door height on the 2011.
  • co_copco_cop Posts: 17
    It was something like 150 bucks for both transactions or 1%.
  • Yeah, the older homes have better and roomier garages, compared to todays cheaply built homes, they also have bigger backyards. These big back yards come in handy when you are trying to bury the dead animals. :blush:
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    I've used two credit cards to buy my prior van back in '08, a 2008 EX-L RES with two credit cards and financing. 3500 on one, 4500 on another. I paid for half of their fee to their processor, and had no problems then.

    The key is that they didn't let you charge the entire car - merchant agreements tend to prohibit that. As for charging you the fee, again - it's prhobited in standard merchant agreements. Maybe car dealers are exempted.

    I read many times that the hold back was 3% of the MSRP and not 2%.

    Depends on the brand - IIRC, Volvo has no holdback.
  • I don't know how accurate Edmunds is, but this info is directly from their
    web site. The Honda holdback is 2%. I've also included the URL.
  • loucapriloucapri Posts: 214
    YES, there is holdback and other marketing fee depends on where you live. My thinking is they open the door for business and people work there just like any of us (has family to support). I can see they need to make profit from us. Just not a BIG proft :)

    It does cost the dealer to put up this big HONDA sign on the street.
  • These are the lowest nationwide Odyssey 2011 prices including Destination Fee and Regional Ad Fees. Please post your experiences with these as a negotiating price point.

    LX - $25,161
    EX - $27,927
    EX-L - $31,000
    EX-L(Res) - $32,405
    EX-L(Navi) - $32,758
    Touring - $36,536
    Touring Elite - $38,728

    The smartest Honda buyers have got these prices as on date. I know these are low but posted them so we are more informed on overall market variances.

  • otter8otter8 Posts: 3
    I couldn't find where someone got a touring for 36,536. Could you post what dealership gave that deal or maybe PM me? Thanks.
  • queenv1queenv1 Posts: 53
    Now those are prices in the US correct? I can't see those anywhere in Canada.
  • loucapriloucapri Posts: 214
    I probably not doing well then. If any dealer around me will sell EXL(Res) for 32405, I will sign right away :(
    seattle area
  • Prices posted are US prices pulled from car dealers, dealer management systems, and data integrators in the auto industry. Like the NSA's Carnivore sifting through EVERY email building actionable intelligence. These are best prices to date and are expected to trend downwards. No one will quote you these prices, you need to beat them down to or below it. More power to y'all!

    Now let's go get 'em.
  • berriberri Posts: 7,759
    I finally actually saw one on the road today. It was white so it showed the flaws. All in all it wasn't as hideous as the pix, but it wasn't eye candy either. I couldn't tell which model version it was. I was particularly drawn to the cheap looking black mirrors and the gaping gash in the rear quarter panels for the sliders. I think that window design and the overall lower height draw attention to it. Those drawbacks kind of stick out rather predominantly unfortunately. I'll have to wait and see, but it seemed a little too rude to get me into a showroom to check it out closer. Maybe after I see a few more out there it will look better. Ironically, it looked a bit like the current Mopar vans from the rear view mirror as I drove past it (that hearse like look). I guess I just don't understand why someone would jump in line and pay close to list for it, but obviously others see it differently which is a good thing I guess. Since the 2011 Mopars will now have a modern engine and 6 speed, I'm thinking Honda may make that 6 speed standard in all models next year. Personally, I think the 99-04 ones probably still look the cleanest in their styling.
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