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2011 Honda Odyssey Discussion



  • queenv1queenv1 Posts: 53
    I need to purchase a 2nd set of rims for my new 2011 Odyssey. I'll get a quote from Honda when I pick up my new wheels tomorrow. Anyone know of a good place to shop for rims in Canada?

    GO TO TIRERACK.COM they ship everywhere. you can pull up your make/model/trim/color of your car/van and apply different rims and tires to your car/van.

    You can PIMP OUT your car/truck/van without leaving your home in you underwear...!!

    GOOD LUCK...!!! HAPPY SHOPPING.....!!! :)
  • I just purchased the EX-L. I did not want the Continental Tires as I have had them
    on another vehicle and they were junk. The salesman told me they only put the
    Michelins on the EX-L w/Res and higher models. I told him I wanted the Michelins or
    no deal. They made it part of the deal. I paid $1100 over invoice and they gave me
    $13000 on my 2007 Colorado extended cab pick-up. I was happy with the deal.
  • queenv1queenv1 Posts: 53
    Excellent. Mine wouldn't deal the tires. But at least these junky tires are current. That means that they are stamped 3710 which means they were made in the 37th week of 2010 so roughly September. Otherwise there would have been no deal. The saleman didn't even know about this little trick or wasn't admitting to it but I don't buy tires that have been sitting somewhere drying out for a few years and then they try to sell them as new. Too many folks have died as a result of their tires blowing and such. Enjoy your van. I'm loving mine. Had to rearrange the garage so that it would fit in there beside my husband's Camry as my 1995 was smaller.
  • To begin I'm in the market for another minivan. Currently, I owned a 2002 Odyssey and paid MSRP at that time. I am happy with it but looking to replace due to the high mileage. Anyway, I test drove the new Odyssey and came away unimpressed.
    The new Odyssey appears to be smaller but the dealer kept insisting it was larger than the previous generation. Anyway, I sat in the van and was annoyed at the low ceiling. I bumped my head a couple of times exiting the van sitting on the second and third row seats. The dealer says honda decided to make it sportier by making the minivan a little wider and lower. I hate this!! By doing this, the minivan is not as comfortable as the previous generations of Odysseys. Also, lots of cheap plastics are being used all around the interior. The minivan drives nicely but not as roomy and comfortable as the one I owned. By the way, I brought my my family (two small kids) along to the dealership and they liked the old Odyssey better. Also, the new Odyssey is selling at or near MSRP so we will continue our search for another vehicle.
  • It is truely a good thing that others/we don't see things like you do since I sincerely think it is a very beautiful van, with all the right trims and versions of it being available. In anycase, to each thier own and I still think comparing the older 99-04 to what is being made now is rather unfortunate when you consider the advancement in aerodynamics and the reasons why they are now being designed in a particular way. You can tell I like them so I wish you all the best as you continue on your jouney into liking it.
  • I don't know where you are coughing up these numbers but you couldn't be farther from the true numbers. As far as I am concerned and having a brother as a regional director, your numbers are so wrong. I will not devulge any information as to the prices but using the LX as an example and for all you that are following the listed pricers from "pilotosyssey", the LX odyssey cannot be advertised for lower than the invoice price of $25,976.00, (Invoice).All you need to do is start your negotiation from MSRP and work your number down to the where it will be comfortable for you and profitable for the dealer, after all, they have to make a little profit too to stay alive. It is Bottom feeders out there that make it hard for some of the folks in car sales to have such a hard time making this an honest living. In the mean time, "mr.pilotodyssey", tell us where it is nationwide that folks are buying brand new redesigned odysseys for the prices you posted. I for one dont believe you!!!!!!!
  • Honda Motor Co., Japan’s second- largest carmaker, fell the most in almost five months in Tokyo trading after the company lowered its second-half earnings outlook.

    Honda dropped as much as 4.4 percent, the most since June 7, to 2,807 yen and traded at 2,812 yen as of 10:16 a.m. in Tokyo. It was the second-largest decline among companies in the Nikkei 225 Stock Average, which fell 0.1 percent.

    The automaker expects to earn 92 billion yen ($1.1 billion) in net income in the six months ending March 31, compared with an earlier forecast for 105 billion yen in profit, according to a Bloomberg calculation based on the company’s first-half earnings statement on Oct. 29.

    Honda revised its outlook as the yen trades near a 15-year high against the dollar, reducing the value of overseas earnings. The Tokyo-based maker of Accord sedans also lowered its full-year global vehicle sales forecast to 3.615 million units from an earlier estimate of 3.64 million, citing weaker demand in North America and Europe.

    Sales in North America aren’t recovering as much as Honda earlier expected, Executive Vice President Koichi Kondo said.
  • Sales by Japanese automakers, which benefited from the “cash for clunkers” program, will fall more than the overall market, analysts said. Toyota Motor Corp.’s deliveries may drop 29 percent and Honda Motor Co. may decline 27 percent, the average of four analysts’ estimates. Nissan Motor Co.’s sales may slide 24 percent, the average of four estimates.

    Toyota’s share of the U.S. auto market will sink to 15.6 percent from 17.9 percent a year ago, the largest decline among major automakers. Toyota recalled 1.1 million Corolla and Matrix models last week for problems with stalling, which adds to the more than 8 million vehicles it recalled in the last year for defects linked to unintended acceleration.

    ‘Surprisingly Weak’

    Toyota’s “surprisingly weak” sales also could be driven by “sharply increased competition from Honda, which started offering very generous deals to buyers,” Barclays Capital analyst Brian Johnson wrote in a note last week.

    Honda boosted discounts by 66 percent from a year earlier while Nissan raised incentives 28 percent, and Toyota lifted them 27 percent.
  • Well is the holdback 2% or 3%. It makes a difference, don't you think? Where are you getting your information??
  • Grover,


    This information is coming straight from the website you are currently on..good luck..!!
  • After driving my 1995 Odyssey for the past 15 years with 474,000 km on it the 2011 has been a God send for me. I couldn't imagine driving anything bigger but that's me.
  • I booked my 2011 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/ RES about 10 days ago. The dealer is telling me he doesn't know when the car will come. He says it could be weeks or month or more. Is this common experience for the 2011 odyssey delivery?
    The price we settled was $32850 including dest charge + fees + taxes.
    is the dealer trying to get out of my deal by any chance?
  • Wow That is a great price. You must be in the US because you would never pay that great price in Canada. In any case my dealer told me this past Saturday when I picked up my Odyssey that inventory was a real problem right now. He sold everything that he had on the lot (5 vehicles) and said he had a list of people waiting to buy but was getting anxious about not being able to supply them with a vehicle which means they might just go elsewhere. But elsewhere may not have the inventory either. Must be a hot vehicle!
  • it is supply distribution manipulation
    that ensures prices to remain firm.
    nyt comes back
    w/ a not so glowing report on the '11
    i use to want one r=1&scp=2&sq=2011%20honda%20odyssey&st=cse
  • That is an incredible price, congratulations!
  • dodgehappydodgehappy Posts: 118
    edited November 2010
    We leased a 20011 Black EX and had a few dealer installed options added- Roof Rails, Body Side Molding, Splash Guards. If anyone would like to see pictures of what these accessories do to the look of the exterior, let me know and I can send a couple photos your way.
  • gene00gene00 Posts: 113
    I find this very hard to believe - if that is the price your dealer quoted you (well under invoice) for a 2011 EX-L/RES, I doubt you'll ever get it. It's either a mistake or a cruel joke.
  • I'd love to see the pictures. I was thinking of side molding myself but would prefer to see it first.Thanks
  • Consumer Reports have a preliminary report up on their web site. It confirms the debate going on wrt Sienna light steering and has new Ody softened up its steering. They state that Ody lacks the steering preciseness of the previous model. Also they state that road noise has lessened. It looks like Sienna with its Sports model has moved toward Ody steering preciseness and Ody in general is moving toward Sienna with lighter steering. Compromise is a terrible thing. These two are still by far the best vans on the market.
  • send me an email to carshopper43235 at yahoo and I will be happy to wash up the van and snap a couple of pics to send.

    Re: queenv1
    I'd love to see the pictures. I was thinking of side molding myself but would prefer to see it first.Thanks
  • My lease was up on my 2007 Honda Odyssey so I decided to buy the new 2011 Touring Honda Odyssey. I LOVE it!!!!! It rides like a dream, looks gorgeous on the inside, and I even like the new body. I got it in black, which looks super elegant and sleek. I have three kids so I wanted to drive a safe and reliable car. Honda has surpassed all my expectations. The new Odyssey ROCKS!!!!
  • Not to mention safety features and fuel economy. Change can be difficult. But I would not put my family in anything less.
  • ccone1ccone1 Posts: 7
    edited November 2010
    Odyssey Reduce Road noise & improve mpg is mainly due to new continental ECO tire. Engine is the same as 2010.
  • klcrdklcrd Posts: 8
    Does anyone know of any dealerships in the New Jersey Area that is selling Odyssey EX-L with RES for 32,000-34,000. Or Metropolitan New York
  • Has anyone saw/got quote for 2011 EX-L with NAV and RES feature.

    Honda 2011 Odessey spefications says it is available.

    All leading car websites inform this model exists.

    In NC state, most of the dealers says it is not available.

    Is anyone know this model available in Virginia or Georgia?

    May be in any other State
  • ***UPDATED*** 11/04/2010


    2010 Honda Odyssey, Ridgeline, Civic Hybrid - $1500 :shades:
  • If you are interested in seeing a pic of a Crystal Black 2011 EX with Exterior accessories- Roof Rails, Side Molding, and Splash Guards... I posted a pic of our new baby at the odyclub:

    Pic of 2011 EX
  • Picked up my Smoky Topaz Touring Elite from Faulkner, in Harrisburg PA a few weeks ago. They were great to work with and knew I was an informed internet customer - I had searched dealers from Northern Virginia into the Philly Metro area.

    No trade.

    MSRP $44,030 incl destination.
    Sales price $40,530, including destination

    I added roof rails, and the heavy duty mats so I am sure they made some money there. But my deal only needed minimal negotiation, and was much better than what I was seeing three weeks ago when I closed the deal (Only $1000 - $1500 off MSRP offers at that time.) The total OTD was about $44K including taxes, etc.

    Financed through the dealer (not Honda fin) at 2.49 for 60 mos.

    I am extremely pleased, and from reading other posts looks like there is a bit of competition locally as Rahal is offering great deals as well.
  • Beautiful! Thanks for posting. Just changed my mind from Silver to Black.
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