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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • i have a 323i 2000 model...

    2 months ago, i had a race with my friend's car, a mazda 240 94 or 95 model. i was making a 35 to 40 degree turning at BQE brooklyn, NY in 100 mph more... the car so so stable and stick to the ground.... a great turn... what a great car...

    shouldn't complaint and ask for more.... : )

    by the way, i won the race by 4 car distance after i was in 85 - 90 mph.
  • I have a few questions regarding a used 1996 382i sedan and wondering if this car is worth buying. Since this is a rear wheel drive, I am wondering how will this car drive in winter in snow conditions. I have never driven rear wheel drive. Car looks in excellent conditions with fully loaded (options: sport pkg, premium wheels, AT, Leather w/heated seats etc) and owner is asking for $23500. Is this worth the price. Any information on this model car will be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi, folks, I just bought a brand new BMW325i 5 speed on December 29, 2000. I really liked my car. However, today when I drove it on the high way, my car suddenly had a serious problem. At that time, I shifted the gear from Gear 4 to Gear 5 (the highest speed), but I found the car didn't have much power (even though I press the gas pedal very hard). It seemed that speed 1-4 (gear1 to gear 4) were fine. Only speed five was not powerful enough (but I can still drove on Speed five). I remember I used to press the gas pedal slightly at speed five, the car would be very powerful and fast, but today it was a big difference. I wanted to talk to the dealer tomorrow, but I don't know what will happen. I just bought this car for less than one month, then I began to have such a big problem. This really drove me crazy. Will the dealer just repair this for me? Or will the dealer give me some compensation? Did anyone have the similar experience? What should I do? Thank you very much.
  • kelfkelf Posts: 83
    Has anyone found any dealer anyplace in the US who will do very attractive prices based on their true invoice price for any of the new BMWs?????
  • 44rayn44rayn Posts: 2
    [This is news posted on by an unconfirmed bmw manager, Jon Shafer. Please confirm.]

    Here is the official Product Planning Dealer Bulletin quote,

    "The new 3 Series has represented value since it's introduction in 1998. In MY2001, BMW continued to improve the 3 Series with the introduction of the new more powerful M54 engines, new packages, and additional safety features.

    However, BMW's key competitors have launched and will launch new products that are increasingly competitive. The all-new Mercedes C-Class, Lexus IS300 and Volvo S60 launched last year and the all-new Audi A4 and Jaguar X-type will launch this summer.

    To maintain the competiveness of the 3 series, BMW NA will improve the value position by increasing the amount of standard equipment beginning March production"

    "To maintain the competitiveness of the 3-Series, ..." Effective March Production fwd.

    Now "std." equipment!!:

    325i and 325iT:
    > Foglights
    > Cruise Control
    > Automatic Climate Control

    325Ci and 325Cic:
    > Automatic Climate Control

    > Power Seats
    > HK
    > Sport Suspension

    330Ci and 330Cic:
    > HK

    NO increase in base MSRP...
    :* 325i sedan & wagon: PP now $2,700.00
    : (was $3,500)

    : - Sport pkg. now $1,400.00

    :* 325Cic PP now $1,400.00 (was $1,900.00)

    :* 330i sedans: PP now $2,900.00 (was $3,850.00)

    Color Changes:
    > Gray Green replaces Sea Green on Converts, added to coupes
    > Oxford Green replaces Fern Green
    > Black Sapphire now available for all
    > Orient Blue now available for coupes
    > Topaz Blue now avail convert, sedan, wagons
    > Gray leather now avail w/Bright Red all models
    > Black leather/l'ette now avail w/Gray Green (coupes)
  • twoof1twoof1 Posts: 308
    It is confirmed. Mr Shafer is the Sales Manager for Cutter BMW in Santa Barbara, CA & he knows his stuff. He would not post official BMW news without it being true. Note that these changes are effective starting with March production.
  • BMW rarely broke down like had mentioned, Bill. I owned several cars before like Lexus and Acura. those gave me more problems. I got my bimmer last year in May and i hasn't given me any problem at all. It's realiable.

    In fact my the other car, Benz CLK 55 AMG, has been sent to the dealership for repair. ( an unknown problem for me ) it just stopped and all the warnning like appears on the screen. So, what do think about this?

    If you got a new bimmer that broke down suddenly, no worry, call the 1-800 # and people will come an get you in no later than 45 mins. ( i called once when my tired weared out ). So no worry.

    afterall, it depends on whether you are lucky or not to get a trouble free car.
  • stokdgsstokdgs Posts: 65
    Footprints, Congratulations - its almost here !! I hope all goes well for you, you are going to be so so happy with the car !!

    Skippy14 - I too own a 2001 325I, 5 Speed, and I know it has awesome power anywhere from 50mph on up in 5th gear, easily.. Are you using premium 91 Octane gasoline?? Is your oil level up to the line?? Either of these conditions not being met could definitely affect the performance of your car.. If gas is not highest grade, computer will turn down the timing functions, and probably other things to avoid damaging engine, thus limiting the amount of power available to you, and if you dont have good clean oil in the car at the proper amount, the oil pressure needed to activate the double vanos variable valve timing wont be enough to make this also turn on, and increase the amount of power available to you.
    If these conditions have been checked to be ok and you still experience the lack of power, you need to go into the dealer, have them drive the car with you, and let them look at your computer, at least. Good luck, this is not a condition that is impossible to correct.
  • I've always wanted a Beemer for their suspension and drive and I finally saved up enough money the past three years to buy a new one two months ago. A '01 330 sedan. Well, I was incredibly excited and drove the car everywhere showing my friends and family. Guess what? The damn thing's transmission (parts of it anyways) fell out of my car while I was on the 405 freeway here in Los Angeles and almost caused an accident. How is this possible???? This is a brand new car!!! I'm now in the process of suing BMW to get my money back. After something like this where I almost lose my life, I just can't look at a BMW again. What pieces of junk! I guess BMW's high sales record last year has really upped the overtime in Germany and their beer drinking German workers are getting tired and bored. I've always heard about the reliability problems of BMW but I never believed it until now. I'd rather drive a Lexus any day. Reliability is really, really important to me now. The Germans have a long way to go to meet Asian manufacturers. I wish we could've bombed those krauts more during the war. Damn, I hate BMW. And they're gonna charge me for the repairs. Can you believe that?????? DON'T BUY BEEMERS...TRUST ME, I KNOW
  • 4426444264 Posts: 67
    I find your story very hard to believe, care to tell us which dealership you are getting your car fixed?

    If they're blaming you for the repair and you're suing BMW, you must know which part of the transmission fell off.
  • fjm1fjm1 Posts: 137
    parts just fall off and almost cause an accident?

    Uhm yeah whatever. ;-(

    Had a chevette that threw a rod once but have only seen a tranny grenade in the way you describe once, at Englishtown dragstrip.

    Banjo, I fail to see the humor in your slurs against Germans. I am a GI stationed in Germany and also dislike Germans, but to make a statement like that is beyond bad taste.
  • tchewtchew Posts: 1
    Any recommendations on which BMW dealer / salesperson in Seattle area to work with to buy a new 325xi?
  • I just bought a 2001 325i a few weeks ago. I'm having a problem with a vague clutch. It is very difficult to know when the clutch is engaging and I often stall the engine, particularly in traffic. It is also very difficult to shift gears smoothly. Does anyone know whats going on??? P.S. I've been driving manual shift cars for over 35 years so I'm not a novice.
  • I will begin shopping soon for a 325i and wondering if there is an advantage to driving a 5 speed besides a lower price? I have driven a stick since I have been driving, and just wondering how reliable is a BMW clutch?

    Also I am looking for a 325i with leatherette and the Sport P. I want to pay under 30k for this is this something that is real? If so what is the best tactic to proceed? I love the look of this 3 series and want to get one so I would appreciate any info to help make me believe that this is a solid purchase. Please email response to or post a message here. Thanks fellas.
  • BEEMERS are motorcyles, BIMMERS are the cars.
    Thanks for your otherwise informative post which I have filed under "F" for Fruitcake.
  • sybelesybele Posts: 42
    Hi folks. Would really appreciate if someone could answer the following questions:

    1. Any problems installing an infant car seat?
    2. Is the upgraded stereo a most? How bad is the base CD/AM/FM?
    3. Difference in G/M between 325 AWD and RWD?
    4. Is the extended warranty worth buying?
    5. Minimum over invoice price I should expect?

    By the way, I think I read a post were somebody bought a 325xi for less than 30k. Can you please post the options you got for your car?
  • stokdgsstokdgs Posts: 65
    Larry, I too, own a new '01 325I with a 5 speed, and compared to my Acura Integra GS, yes, it is different. Of course the Acura has cable actuated clutch, that is adjustable, and I find that kind of arrangement, much easier to use too. I can actually feel the clutch engage, and since I control the engagement point, its very easy and predictable.

    BMW, on the other hand has a hydraulically actuated clutch, that they tell me, is not adjustable, and it also engages higher in the pedal travel than Im used to, and it took a few tries to get that down. I dont have a problem with it now, I have also heard that BMW also puts a switch in the clutch engagement, to help "smooth" out the engagement. Some people are taking this switch out and finding this helps one to "feel" the beginning of the engagement better, with no adverse effects to the car.

    Im going to have to live with the way it works, but Im definitely going to get a UUC Motorwerks short shifter, as I find the long throw, kind of vague feel, not exactly condusive to making full throttle power shifts.. : - ) One thing that you will be able to do and will like, is engage in 1st, and actually idle down the road, as smooth as if you had an automatic, very nice in bumper to bumper traffic...

    Larry, you will get better, unless you have some kind of mechanical problem, might not hurt to run it by the dealer, I did, and they said sorry, its the nature of the BMW. Think the way they must want us to drive the car is long, lazy, shifting, singing/yodeling, all the way, to 155mph ??
    : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) : - ) I love this car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • goody4goody4 Posts: 55
    I can answer nos. 2 and 5.
    The base stereo is mediocre, even with 10 speakers. The Harman Kardon upgrade is worthwhile, but no one will mistake it for an after market system. The in-dash CD player is a separate option.
    I think you meant to say, What's the MAXIMUM amount I should pay over invoice?" $1500 is a fair deal. Others say $2000 over is a decent price, but I guess it depends where you live. I paid $1500 over invoice, and felt it was an OK deal, certainly not a good deal.
    BMW is offering 5.9% financing for a short while, so take advantage of this if you have good credit.
  • sybelesybele Posts: 42
    Hi goody4

    Thank you for your prompt answer. YES, I MEANT MAXIMUM OVER INVOICE. I guess I should stop typing after 3:00 AM.
  • hzhaohzhao Posts: 28
    Could any one post some detail about this offer from BMW. I am in the market for a 330xi, any advise will be greatly appreciated.
  • millerro3millerro3 Posts: 136
    5.9% up to 60 months, that's about the long and short of it
  • lokkilokki Posts: 1,200
    He claims that he owns a Daewoo Lanos over in the "Daewoo Lanos - Don't believe Edmunds" topic.
    (Post 189, 26 January 2001)

    In fact, given his post there, I would suggest that he is unlikely to own a BMW,

    "...[A]nd people with REAL money don't drive the "millionaire next door" book...people with money have it bc they don't waste it on dumb things like are meant to be transportation, not status...for status, I'll leave that to a big home, big investments and MARCUSE, who argued that materialist obsession is the deathknell of modern civ. He's right and DAewoo is here to help us be more responsible. "

    He is merely flame-baiting BMW owners, and I would suggest that you (and ideally the hosts) react accordingly.
  • It was stated on message #471 that there was software for the palm pilot. I am not leasing but I was wondering if there was software that would help calculate the interest rate when choosing to finance the vehicle.
  • mike_542mike_542 Posts: 128 must be an anti-bimmer person. Bimmers are very reliable!
  • in the showroom in houston, they have a 325i with a 4K wheel and tire package. anyone know what invoice price is for this? i don't like the wheels that come with the SP and want the look of the 330. or can i get the 330 wheels on a 325?
  • well, it's really hard to believe that your 2001 bimmer's transmission fall out like that.

    did you recall that you hit any bum hard or hit anything under your car? if not, it almost impossible your situation would happen. Because you are talking about transmission and not other part of the car.

    i have owned my bimmer 200o model bimmer for almost a year. it gives me a good and reliable feelings towards it. good power, good stability while making corner, good handling and so on.

    by the way, i found out something really interesting regarding the gas which we use for the car. Last week, i took Sunoco Ultra 94 gas New jersey turnpike gas station. My bimmer is extra powerful than it use to be. may be the bimmer fans can check this out!
  • stokdgsstokdgs Posts: 65
    Kevin, I have an '01 325I with SP, PP, etc, and know what youre saying about the wheels. Im learning to live with them too. The 330 wheels should fit but watch out that theyre different widths, believe theyre 8.5" in back and 7.5" in front, while the stock 7 spoke SP wheels are 8.0" all around. See if the dealer will give you the catalog on all their wheels, I have one but its at home now,.. Go to BMWUSA and you can get the latest pricing... Chris, Bailey, am I right ??
  • coucou Posts: 3
    In reference to message 577 - New Pricing and Standard Features for 3/1/01 on cars.
    When will dealers take orders reflecting the new pricing? Does this mean the car needs to be ordered in March to be considered March production? This can be a nice savings. Thanks for your input.
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