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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • I've blown by three or four IS300's in the past week. I can't say we've raced, but I know they must be envious as they see the muscular outline of the 3 shoot past.

    Thanks for making me laugh...and hard.
  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    Did you just post the same message at the TL board? So, are you getting the BMW or the TL?
  • emilykemilyk Posts: 49
    My husband is actually looking at the X5 for our next purchase, but he was also thrilled with the Z3. Perhaps we should consider leasing a Z3. A while ago, there were lease promotions for as little as $299 per month. I wonder if such deals are still available?
  • Well, I've discovered that Febreeze (essentially diluted fabric softener) and dryer sheets work like a dream. Spray Febreeze copiously throughout the trunk and let it dry out. If the smell persists, just repeat. Throw in a few dryer sheets for about a week, and watch Mr. Stinky leave for good!!

    BTW, dryer sheets make for great deodorizer in your suitcase when you travel. Look at me! I'm Martha Stewart! Gag.
  • gurumikegurumike Posts: 442
    It still shows produced, not shipped. It's entirely likely that it has now been ship loaded and if today is the departure day, tomorrow is the first day it will say "to VPC", with an ETA to your local port.
    There isn't really a phone number for BMW to a department that tells you where your car is. I would appeal to everyone not to phone BMW of North America and ask any question along the lines of "yer, I'm just calling to see where my car is...". Relax, it is coming. They will try to accomadate you as best as possible but if you feel inclined to learn to information, call your dealer. They get a new update every day, except some week-ends. Your sales person is able to answer that question for you. I like to photo copy our BMW report and mail it to my clients each time their car changes status.

    My new stereo project will be less expensive than my previous and goes like this:
    Subs. An essential part of any sound system and no, you don't need to be into hip-hop/rap to justify getting them. All music sounds much better. I will be getting just one amp and one sub, in a box than will not take up too much space. I believe I will go with an Extant amp (and possibly sub too) which has an adjustable input signal. This path should allow me to disconnect (and remove, perhaps) the *weak* H.K. pieces there right now (why did they bother?!) and use the signal from the factory amp to efficiently drive a decent sub. What really blows my mind is that BMW put too lower frequencies to the front door speakers (can't decide if I rate them as mids or woofers). I ended up also going with the well recommended on this board Rio Volt mp3 player which I intend to play through the antennae on the back of the factory radio (by way of a JVC FM modulator). I'll post some pics in a week or so when it's all in the car.
  • Since I'm no veteran with the manual, I wasn't sure that I was applying the proper technque. I seem to recall that you have a lot of experience w/ manual trannys. Thanks.

    Also, I seem to recall that a number of people have been complaining about a "thump" coming from the rear of the vehicle when shifting. I've experienced this, as well. Nothing bothersome, but it is noticeable. I think it has to do with improper clutch release. If you let out the clutch too quickly, you can hear it. If you shift smoothly, keeping the rpms up before releasing the clutch, there's no "thump." Any thoughts on this?
  • ed_ph413ed_ph413 Posts: 17
    I've heard that polymer based waxes such as Meguires Medellion for All Paint (my favorite) can cloud German paints. Have any of you used this or another polymer on your 3er?

    Also, is there a major difference between the black and metallic black finishes?

  • burrsrburrsr Posts: 255
    The fact that my wife's free, company car is a minivan allowed us to be frivolous and impractical to the nth degree in our Z3 purchase decision. It's really a third, "fun" car, so leasing made sense. No need for high mileage, and no need to keep long term (may have kids by lease end; following in Brave's path :)). The $299 deal took into account the $2,000 dealer cash, and the deal was for cars that basically don't exist (i.e., good luck finding a Z3 with ZERO options). We ended up with PP, heated seats, power top, CD, and metallic paint, which is a pretty popular combination of options. Still ended up under invoice, getting invoice costs on all options. BMWFS was supporting the MFs at the time as well, 0.0023 or 0.0025, I believe (vs. standard 0.0032). Of course, all of this may have changed somewhat since then.
  • Who did you speak with at Hassel? Did you speak to a sales person? I purchased my car at Hassel and I found them to be fine. Let me know who your sales person was. But if I were you I would go down there anyway and see what there gig is. If you get there and her tune changes I would request to speak with a manager and find out why the story changed. I am sure it will be fine and I think its worth investigating.
  • Just curious - who did you deal with at Hassel? FYI: My car was ready within days of arriving at the VPC. Did you check with BMWNA to assure that it actually arrived?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152

    Trust me my friend, this is just as much YOUR pregnancy a it is your wife's, and whether she knows it or not, it is her job to keep you up to date on every nauseous moment, every paranoia about weight gain and the growing appetite. It will also be your responsibility to accommodate her need to pee at every rest area AND in between (I hope that does not run afoul of the Edmunds Terms of Use). Hmmmm, what else, OH YES, hormones/tears, I swear, my wife could be watching a Three Stooges episode and start crying! During her third trimester, she will start "Nesting" (if not before) and it will be your job to paint the nursery Pink. No Blue. NO PINK! Ah Dear? How about Blue? As I said, this is YOUR pregnancy too.


    I was going to say that Reverse might FEEL like it engages sooner than First because Reverse usually has a higher numerical gear ratio than any other gear. A higher ratio means that the clutch has less work to do to lock up; hence it may feel like it engages quicker in Reverse than in First. However, BMW has seen fit to make a liar (well almost) out of me by using a Reverse ratio that is slightly lower First in both the 325i and the 330i, so much for that theory. Mechanically, I cannot think of any other reason why reverse would engage quicker. Anybody else?


    Good hunting to find the source of the noise. I have found that sometimes after I use the parking brake, I hear a speed dependent noise from the rear of the car until I use the actual brakes once, then the noise goes away. I wonder if your parking brake has rusted a little. In my owners manual BMW suggests that you should periodically glide to a stop (from a very low speed and only when you are not in traffic) using only the parking brake to keep the contact surface rust free. Who knows, might be worth a try.


    WAY TOO FUNNY. I had a mouth full of tea when I saw your picture and I damn near lost it all over my laptop. That one is destine be a classic.

    Best Regards,
  • hippo168hippo168 Posts: 115
    My car is built!!!

    How long does it usually take to get it on a ship? and how long does it take to arrive in US (e. coast)?

    Also, how can I check which ship it is on once it start its voyage?

  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    shipo - if I was drinking tea and working on a laptop, I would be on my way to Gateway Country to buy a replacement.

    brave1heart - read what shipo wrote above about the pregnancy, then print it out. Six months from now, read it one more time and you'll be on the floor LOL!
  • roc50mgroc50mg Posts: 102
    To everyone on the board that has given me advice on driving stick, thank you. You all are very knowledgeable about cars and driving, and any pointers that you can give me is extremely valuable. I'm sure it's all about practice, practice, practice, as deepdarkblu said, and I can't wait to get my car!

    div2: What did you mean by "Do not ever slip the clutch to hold your position on a hill"?

    deepdarkblu: Your car looks very nice. Do you have any pics of the interior?

    kominsky: Real funny pics!

    titaniumsil325: My salesperson's name is Adriena. She seems like a nice person, but she totally misled me with the "90% chance for end of June delivery."

    Other questions/clarifications about stick driving:
    On a hill where I am stopped at a light, and I have my foot on the brake, should the car be in neutral at this point or should I be pressing down on both the clutch and the brake? And when the light changes from red to green, what's the first thing I should do (besides pray that I don't back into the car behind me)? After shiftin into first gear, do I begin easing of on the clutch while keeping my foot on the brake, or should I remove my right foot from the brake and gun it for the accelerator while simultaneously easing off on the clutch? And if the car begins to roll back rapidly while on a steep hill, what can I do besides panic?

    Also, in stop and go traffic where you in along, what do you do? Are you supposed to keep the car in first gear all the time, keep the car in neutral as much as possible, or keep shifting back and fourth from neutral to first. HOw do I prevent clutch wear and damaging my transmission?

    Lastly, can anyone produce a list of definite DO NOT DO's for stick driving?

  • dantlodantlo Posts: 106

    Thank you so so much for your info! I got help from BMWNA involved and waiting for their call back. Meanwhile I am driving a brand new "Daewoo" rental car the dealer provided. Dont even know what model it is??
  • roc50mgroc50mg Posts: 102
    Did you also buy your car at Hassel?

    My car is scheduled for arrival at the VPC in Newark, NJ on July 17. Does anyone know how long cars usually stay at the VPC before going to the dealer? Can anyone in the New York area give me an idea when I should be able to take delivery of my car (going to Hassel BMW in Freeport, NY), given their prior experience?
  • erricksonerrickson Posts: 130

    If your dealership is dead set on giving you trouble, you may want to try this route...I remember reading on this message board (I think by gurumike) that one of the reasons dealers don't like to give out production numbers is because once you have the prod #, you can "switch" the vehicle to another dealer.

    Do you have a production number yet? If so, I wonder if you can provide it to the dealership that approved you, and perhaps they can "move" the vehicle into their inventory....does this make sense? I am speaking from memory, but I remember finding that interesting (ie ordering from high supply/low demand region and transferring the vehicle to high demand / low supply region). No idea if that's how it works, but may be worth investigating.


    trip across the atlantic takes about two weeks. your dealer should be able to tell you the ship name. Then you can got to and find the ships schedule. All it will really tell you is when your ship is scheduled to arrive in the various ports. But it is cool to check. Hope this helps....

  • roc50mgroc50mg Posts: 102
    Has the issue of which radar detector is the best been resolved yet on this board? Is it the K40 or Valentine 1?
    Also, I checked out the K40 website and they sell something called a laser difuser plus. Is this some gimmick or does it really work? If so, is it worth buying in addition to a standard radar detector?
  • erricksonerrickson Posts: 130
    really much easier to do all of this stick training in person vs. a msg board, but I will take a stab at it....

    "On a hill, at a red light"...what to do....

    feet should be on clutch and on brake. gear should be in first. light turns green. release the brake and step on the accelerator (gently) to raise the rpm's. At the same time you are stepping on the accelerator, you need to let out the clutch (gently). I know this sounds like a pain in the @#*, but it will become intuitive VERY quickly. The first couple of times, you may want to watch the rpm's, so you keep from stalling. But like I said, it will get to where you can accelerate on a hill in San Fran while blasting Ted Nugent, and you won't give it a 2nd thought!
  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    When at a stop, I keep the car in 1st gear at least until the traffic behind me has come to a stop. Then depending on how long I think I'll be stopped, decide whether to go to neutral or not. I developed this habit riding a motorcycle where being ready to move at any time can be a literal life-saver.
  • Yes I purchased at Hassel. I received delivery of my vehicle withing days of it arriving at the VPC. I don't remember exactly how long but it was less than a week. Make sure you are compnesated for your wait - have them throw in the rubber mats and wheel locks.
  • trejos28trejos28 Posts: 93
    When you're completing the credit application it obviously asks for the car you want. But does it really matter that the cost is not the exact amount. They just list a standard 325i. But there is a 325i wagon for about the same price as the 325i I'm looking to buy. Anyway to circumvent this? Does it matter? Did I miss something? Thanks.
  • aaron330iaaron330i Posts: 136
    ...never let the old man "try out" your new car before breakin is complete! He pressured me into letting him drive it (with me in the passenger seat) and he red lined it 4 separate times. I gently reminded him the first two times to not go about 4K (i wanted a buffer), got a tad short on the 3rd, then on the 4th time, I made him pull over and told him he couldn't drive anymore.

    I just hope he didn't damage my machine!

    I just needed to vent.

    Someone please reassure me my car's ok.
  • Yes I purchased at Hassel. I received delivery of my vehicle withing days of it arriving at the VPC. I don't remember exactly how long but it was less than a week. Make sure you are compnesated for your wait - have them throw in the rubber mats and wheel locks.
  • chloe6chloe6 Posts: 38

    I posted a response for you on the TL board, but here's a quick one... we're getting the TL for me, the BMW for my husband, and a Toyota Camry for our housekeeper to use. And I don't want to shop for another car for a VERY long time!!!

    Have a great week!

  • brave1heartbrave1heart Posts: 2,698
    Shipo - everything you said about the pregnancy is totally true - you just described my wife pretty well, except we haven't gotten to the "nesting" part just yet - this is a new concept for me but I can see it happening soon. Good thing we're still renting so we can't just go crazy and repaint the whole place pink :o)

    Parking brake - I use it ALL the time in city traffic. I pull it 90% of the time if I'm at a traffic light. This way I make sure that the car won't roll back or forth and I don't have to rest my foot on the brakes and/or clutch, so I think it's a safe thing to do. It may seem like an overkill to some of you but I'm so used to it that I don't notice it. It hasn't had a chance to pick up any rust.

    Komisnky - hilarious!! This is the BoneCrusher Belle of imagery.

    Guru - I must be missing something about the economics of leasing. You're leasing a custom-ordered car for an expected 11 months and you're adding top-of-the-line built-in radar system, an air intake, and now a nice stereo mod. All for 11 months. Wouldn't this be the equivalent monthly lease on a stock Maranello for the same period?!?

    Oh, one of the big shot East Coast executives in our company took us out for lunch today and we started talking about cars. Someone asked me about my BMW and then he said that when he sees a BMW he usually gets out of their way because they're typically bad drivers. I told him that it's probably true and that this is one of the things that I like about the car - the fact that I don't have to negotiate my way in the fast lane. I think what he meant to say is that BMW drivers are too aggressive. Of course, that doesn't make them bad drivers but a lot of people perceive it that way, including him. He's all into the safety thing - he drives a large Swedish car but at least he drives a manual. Oh yeah, the manual is probably to conserve gas and protect the environment better. The safe Swedish car image fits his corporate PC profile pretty well. Of course, I didn't say that but it's nice to know that my company's execs will get out of my way if they see me coming in the fast lane.

    And a last thing: the Shtroumpf's pickup has gotten so good that now I can actually chirp the tires when I shift it into second. Has any other 325-er also tried this on a dry road? BTW, 3,200 miles and it's been absolutely totally flawless mechanically.
  • 1. Don't ride the clutch. This will wear out your clutch before you can say, "IS300s blow chunks." This doesn't just mean pushing it all the way down. Don't depress it even partially for extended periods of time (more than a few seconds).

    2. Don't let out the clutch too quickly. If you do this from a complete stop, you may stall or get the "jerks" or both. If you're already moving, it will lead to bumpy shifts. There's nothing like a smooth shift, baby.

    3. Don't downshift multiple gears (like from 5th to 2nd). Bad bad bad. I've gone from 5th to 3rd a few times, but I've done it only in situations when I've had to and when the change in rpms won't bludgeon the engine. Again, keep the shifting smooth (rpms up slightly before engaging the gear.

    4. When going in reverse, never let out the clutch all the way. You'll know what I mean if you try it. Let out the clutch gently, but you will never fully release it.

    That's all I got.
  • Yes I purchased at Hassel. I received delivery of my vehicle withing days of it arriving at the VPC. I don't remember exactly how long but it was less than a week. Make sure you are compnesated for your wait - have them throw in the rubber mats and wheel locks.
  • jfedor1jfedor1 Posts: 39
    I didn't buy from Hassel I bought from Habberstad BMW in Huntington.
    I only sent the on-line credit application to Hassel to see if the other place was lie
    I didn't even negotiate with Hassel at the beginning, because they treated me really badly the first time I walked in. The salesman I had was Asian, and could barely speak English. He didn't even want to negotiate, and wanted to tack on a $500 prep fee.
    Huntington. was very nice till I had the financing incident.

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