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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • kabadsvkabadsv Posts: 11
    I am trying to decide whether I should buy a 2001 325i or wait for the 2002 model. I was told that even if I place an order for a 2001 model now, the earliest delivery possible is Oct-2001.
    Does anyone have a clue as to when the 2002's will begin to roll out in the U.S.? I live in the Cleveland area.
    Are there any web-sites where one can find information on the 2002 325i?
    Is there a significant difference between the two models. Please let me know. Thanks.
  • uafly1uafly1 Posts: 25
    After several months of reading your posts, my new bright red 325Ci, has arrived. Unfortunly, at this time I don't think that I can take delivery. My current car is a 99 Volvo C70, and I after my unsuccessful attempts I am unable to get rid it with out taking about $6k hit. The car was certified by Volvo,and yet they missed suspected frame damage. So now I am fighting with my dealer trying to get compensation, while my 325 patienly waits, I have about to decide. I might just junk the volvo and order another 325Ci, I had a hard time trying to find a red one. I just might wait and order a 2002, any suggestions?
  • mfeldmanmfeldman Posts: 140
    When are you new owners planning on diong the first oil change? 15k seems like a long time. And do you think Mobil 1 is as good as the bmw oil?
  • dparis1dparis1 Posts: 45
    Has anyone had their windows tinted in the baltimore area.
    My dealer said they do not offer that option.
  • If anyone is curious about the aux fan, you can look up info about it via the DOT (Dep't of Transportation) website. The recall is limited to a couple of months of production.

    Anyone have trouble with a fan kicking on occasionally during acceleration (and draining gas mileage)?

    I noticed the post about the center armrest. We bought one but can't figure out installation without messing with the emergency brake. Also, the instructions mentioned some tool, like a v nut--how do you get one/do you even need one?

    Lady(proud owner of 2001 Audi TT coupe quattro and 2001 325xi sedan)bugnova, to answer the who is john galt question.
  • roc50mgroc50mg Posts: 102
    check out for some helpful info about digital cameras. Personally, I'm waiting until data storage becomes cheaper before buying a digital camera.
  • erricksonerrickson Posts: 130
    Ms Bugnova: (kinda catchy)

    I did have to "mess with the emergency brake" (e-brake). At the base of the e-brake, you can loosen it, and the leathery piece will 'lift up' or 'pop out'. This will allow you to move it around and slide it through the replacement console piece. Then the e-brake leathery thing pops back into place at the base....I hope this makes sense. Please let me know if you need additional info. Definitely makes more sense when you are looking at it.

    Other random notes from my install:
    I think my install MAY have been a bit different b/c I have the Step. (?) The Step shifter has a little "clicker" thing below the knob? That
    would have made removing the knob a little trickier I think. Anyway, the entire plasticy base piece (holding the window switches, hazard, etc) "popped out" all in tact. We did have to disconnect the hazard so we could lift up the base high enough to slide the new armrest piece in, but that was about it.

    Everything pretty much "pops" in/out (ashtray, cupholders, change wheel, etc). The toughest part was "lining up" the two main bolts that secure the armrest to the e-brake and the front of the console. However, once those two bolts were in, it was clear sailing.

    I found the instructions that came with the armrest really were fairly straight-forward....As for the additional tool required.....Don't have it, never heard of it / didn't need it!
  • Thanks very much for your post on the center armrest. I will forward your post to Mr. Ladybugnova (man, he would hate that--I protest loudly on his behalf :)) and see if we need more help.

    Lady(uselss on car repairs)bugnova
  • eugeug Posts: 46
    Awhile back, you mentioned getting V-kool window tint. Have you tried it out yet? I am considering it and would like to know your impressions. How much, how dark, installation problems, etc. Thanks.
  • erricksonerrickson Posts: 130
    Very informative post on the Audi board about the lease vs buy issue. Not trying to start that debate again (as it has been beatin' like a red-headed step-child) but you made som compelling arguments for both sides. I know a few people over here mentioned the tax benefits of leasing....As for us, we purchased for the same reasons you listed (good credit=5.9%, you own something at the end of the term, and you don't have to "hold your breath' when you get a ding or exceed the mileage cap)
  • erricksonerrickson Posts: 130
    Having the V-Kool tint installed tomorrow! The cost is $575 (ouch!), and I think I am going to use the V-Kool 40. I have also learned the following:

    V-Kool-metallized film-ruins FM reception if installed on the rear window. This applies if your antenna is "built-in" to the rear window (aka mine- 2001.5)

    To combat this, they are going to use Huper-Optik 'Stark 40' on the rear window. The Huper is a 'ceramic' film, that will not affect reception. The two films look similar color-wise, and are about equally effective. I think the V-Kool is a little more effective, hence getting that on the sides.

    Not worried about the install....This place does BMW's, MB's, Porsches, etc....

    Talked to the guy at (not sure the exact site-name) It's the site that describes all the types of films. Told him I wanted the absolute best I could get, regardless of price, and he said he was about to install V-Kool on five $250,000 custom buses purchased by some Shiek from the Arab land. I figure it's good enough for my piddly 35K Bimmer.

    Will keep you posted!
  • hawkberthawkbert Posts: 21
    I have a Kodak DC4800, which I picked up for $350 through a pricematch and $100 rebate. Since the rebate period is over, this deal is dead. The camera should be selling new for well below list price ($600) on Ebay, however, since many people took advantage of this deal with the intention of reselling the camera. Check out the Hot Deals forum at for the latest deals on digital cameras and storage media and lots of other stuff.

    I've been very pleased with my DC4800. I don't know about flesh tone problems (perhaps my eye isn't trained) but film-realistic photos are very possible. This camera's only weakness is that the automatic mode can choose settings poorly sometimes, mostly in indoor low-light settings. This was helped by a firmware upgrade, but not totally fixed. Considering you have full manual control available, however, this isn't a big deal.

    If you don't mind spending more money, there are certainly better choices, like the Canon Powershot G1. I chose this camera because it offered such good quality for such a low price. helped me greatly when I was looking for cameras. Good luck!
  • roc50mgroc50mg Posts: 102
    where are you? any news about your car? I called my dealer today. no new info for mine until tomorrow. hopefully it'll be at the vpc by then.
  • unboringuyunboringuy Posts: 90
    As I previously reported, after waiting another 10 weeks or so for 330xi number 2, I was rear ended five days after taking delivery. The car is still drivable, and damage appears limited to the rear bumper and exhaust. I haven't been driving it since the accident, and my appointment at the body shop is not until July 30. I have no idea how long it will take to fix.

    I know that many of you out there are anxiously awaiting your cars. What do you think....should I drive mine until it can get fixed, or play it safe and keep it in the garage?
  • jnscheongjnscheong Posts: 66
    Any thoughts on upgrading to the 4-Yr/50000-Mile Full Maintenance program? How much did you pay for it? And how long can you wait after delivery to purchase this option?

    Thanx for any info.

  • drcrdrcr Posts: 87
    dantlo- thanks for the info on the gas. I'll have to get it done.

    Good job erickson, bug- I have the manual and no real problems. the unique tool? I never heard and didn't need either

  • drcrdrcr Posts: 87
    what color is your car. Got silver and toying w/ the idea of clears. Gotta do the CD changer next.

    I saw a 325 silver/sport like mine w/ silver vs wood trim. looked great wish I knew this could have been a special order vs the wood. oh well
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    For the second time in two weeks, our beloved "BMW 3-Series" board has been removed from my subscription list. What gives? I just happened to check my preferences and noticed that it was gone again. I hit this board via the drop down menu for Sedans and viola, 35 new messages.


    I just finished writing a forecasting system for the "Electronic Imaging Division" over at Fuji and the Big Cheese for the division says, "Save your money this year, 2002 will finally yield cameras (from all manufacturers) that are both cost justifiable against conventional cameras and have storage/resolution that will serve in all but the most demanding situations." So, hang in there and borrow a camera or scan in pictures from a conventional until next year.

    Radar Detectors,

    I used to have one of the Remote style detectors back in the late 1980's and made the mistake of driving with it turned on up in Ontario, Canada on a trip to the top of Lake Superior. On a delicious empty stretch of road somewhere several hours north of Sault Sainte Marie, I got tagged by the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) NOT because I was speeding (I was) but because he had a "Radar Detector Detector", and he knew that I had a Radar Detector. He was very polite while he explained to me that what I did was a NO-NO and that (the then) standard policy was to remove the offending device and destroy it. He then asked me to open my hood, reached in pulled the unit out, put it in a tough little bag and stomped on it until it was quite beyond repair and handed me the bag. Apparently the penalty if I was a Canadian resident would have been much worse!


    I plan on sticking to the standard oil change regimen as put forth by the BMW engineers due to the fact that with over 9 quarts of Synthetic oil in the crankcase, I suspect that the interval could actually be more like 25K miles and still not be a problem. FWIW, it is my understanding that the oil BMW uses is a special blend, I do not know if it is better/worse than Mobil 1, just different.


    Drive it. So what's up with the 30-July appointment? Did ya'll have a freak ice storm and all of the good body shops are full?

    Best Regards,
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    There indeed does seem to be something going on where some of us get rudely unsubscribed to various discussions. Some folks have been talking about this in Talk to the Hosts over on our News and Views Board.

    From what I gather, Web Crossing is looking at the problem. If you experience the problem, please report it in either that discussion or here (I'll pass it on), including whatever detail you can.

    You can tell approximately when it happened by noting the date and time of the last post read via Reading Subscriptions and the next new post when you discover the problem.

    Meanwhile, hang in there - they ARE working on trying to sort it out.

    Sedans Message Board
  • brave1heartbrave1heart Posts: 2,698
    Here's the pricing I got from the K40 distributor:
    - front receiver (radar and laser) installed - $710
    - front and rear receivers (radar and laser) - $1,100
    - laser DefuserPlus (additional $300)
    In short, I can't justify the premium over V1, which I just ordered for $440. This price includes a small Concealed Unit, which is very similar to the K40's Overhead Control and it can just as conveniently be placed behind the wheel, in front of the dash. 30-day money-back guarantee - I figure you can't go wrong with that. I think as long as you don't have a tinted windshield, the two systems should be as good in detection and the V1 would even be better in rear detection, unless you get the front and rear K40 receivers ($1,100). In addition, the V1 is portable and can be used in any vehicle, while the K40 is custom-built in your car. The V1 offers similar features with its Concealed Unit at 1/3 the price of the K40. I may get the laser DefuserPlus, though, I'm not sure. It looks like a license plate frame and it essentially replaces your front plate frame. Not sure how legal it is and how easy it would be to steal it, though. I'm guessing it could get you in trouble with the law and it would be relatively easy to steal it without breaking into the vehicle. I am planning on using the V1 primarily in rural areas and only as a supplement to my senses.
  • gr8st8gr8st8 Posts: 33
    After 3 months and 4000 miles, the temperature needle in my car finally swung to the red zone.

    It was a nice day yesterday here in Michigan with the temperature in the high 80s and I was just coming out of this supermarket and ready to go home.
    As usual, I needed some cold air to cool me off a little so I turned the AC on. After about 5 minutes, I began noticing that the AC was blowing hot air instead of a cold one. As I was about to drop the AC temp further down and increase the fan speed, I watched the temp needle swung very fast to the right side and it had just reached the red zone when I turned off the engine.
    I immediately popped the front hood and checked everything. Luckily, nothing spilled, there was no smoke although there was a slight burning smell. Called the roadside assistance and had the car towed 70 miles to my dealer. Got a call today from the dealer saying the fan has been replaced and picked it up ASAP(it was less than a day but I already missed it that much:-)). I was surprised they got it done so quickly since I've been reading that there's a nationwide backlog of order for the replacement part, I tried to match the part number with the one I got from make sure the dealer has replaced it with the correct one) and I was relief to see that they matched(which is 1-17-11-7-516-813, for those of you who care).

    I have known that my car is part of the recall ever since Fred on posted the list of VINs, but I refrained from making an appointment with the dealer because:
    1. Fred posted an update about the first batch of customers to be notified by BMWNA and my car isn't part of it.
    2. I knew eventually the fan had to be replaced but I thought it could at least hold until BMWNA notified me to go to the dealer. I mean I've driven the car in all kinds of traffic situations(stop-and-gos, short drives, long drives, long traffic jams, you name it) and I have never had any problems. Guess I was wrong, it's just that I had so much confidence in the car.

    Finally, my advice to you fellow bimmer owners whose cars are part of the recall, DON'T WAIT! Go to your dealer and insist of making some kind of appointment to replace the fan even though you haven't been notified by BMWNA. My dealer told me that they are going to replace pretty much all E46s they sold. I forgot to ask them which model but I would assume all E46 2001 models.

  • ross66ross66 Posts: 15
    based on your knowledge I feel lucky to get $2000 over invoice on an 02 330i. But I do have an order form with this in writing. I had been talking to them about an '01, so he didn't try to up the numbers much from what we had been talking over the past 2-3 months. They also didn't appear real up to speed on the 02 3 series changes.

    What do you year about the 2002 330i SP? On the international web site they have pictures with a very M3 looking aero package in front. Some on claim this is not coming to the US.
  • tenet1tenet1 Posts: 354
    It is almost impossible to custom order a 2001 as the last day was july 3rd. Also, dealers can no longer modify vehicles that they have already ordered that are not "pre-sold". The best you can do is hope that your dealer has one similar to the one you like, or they can obtain one for you through a dealer swap. Your dealer can find a car similar to the one you want (that is now in production and not pre-sold) and obtain it through this swap. Most dealers can do a nationwide search.
    As for 2002's, there will be minor trim changes but iam not sure on the price. Most dealers I spoke with said that they will probably want close to MSRP for the first few months. Also, I believe that the first 2002's will hit the dealers in October.
    Hope this helps.
  • ross66ross66 Posts: 15
    I'm a firm believer in the V1. People think I'm crazy when they find it's $399. Definitely better than cheaper detectors I've had in the past. Like the directional arrows and the bogey detector.

    Haven't had issues in Florida with police seeing it on the windshield.
  • denrightdenright Posts: 285
    Spoke to my dealer today. He said he is hoping that I will be able to take delivery on Friday! If not, he said Saturday should not be a problem. I am SO PUMPED.

    Just hope my baby made the voyage without incident and in perfect condition. I also hope I never have any sticky gas pedal or overheating problems. Crossing fingers...
  • unboringuyunboringuy Posts: 90
    Regarding the wait until July 30....I am sure that there are many fine body shops in town, and I in fact am pretty happy with the one I typically use. However, I got a referral from someone who told me that a particular shop is the place to go with BMWs. The "premier" BMW dealer in town recommends this place. And when I called the claims office of State Farm (the offending driver's insurance carrier), they asked me where I was taking the car, and I told them. They said that almost all of the BMWs go there.

    So, they get booked up!
  • eugeug Posts: 46
    Why don't you just tint with Huper all the way around? Is there that much difference?

    Also, do you have the specs. on the V-kool tint? Their web-site doesn't have it available.
  • yeeehayeeeha Posts: 33
    specs below are for the "v-kool-70" film:
    *visible light transmission 70%
    UV rejection 99%
    visible light reflectance 8%
    *total solar energy rejected 55%
    infra-red rejection 90%

    (* = combo 70% vis. lt trans combined with 55% tot solar energy rej. is supposed to be a big deal)

    "Why not do Huper all the way around?" Not sure. I know the V-Kool is more of a clear tint, while maintaining its effectiveness. (But, the lady said the two were very similar in color???) I will find out the answer tomorrow, and let you know. This place deals with only V-Kool and Huper, and I can't find any reason why they would favor one over the other...but I will let you know....
  • skobolaskobola Miami, FLPosts: 207
    I lost my subscription as well. And before, I lost it for SLK, Z3 and MB C. It seems to me that something is wrong with Edmunds' servers, probably backup overwrites the existing profile with the initial one (i.e., when nobody of us had any subscriptions).
  • roc50mgroc50mg Posts: 102
    I really really hope that we'll be driving our cars by this Friday or Saturday. I've been on vacation for the past 3 weeks, and I've been dying to drive the bimmer during that time, hoping to take the car on a few nice roadtrips while I had the time off, but now I'm due to start my new job next Monday. I figured I could have gotten a lot of practice driving stick by then, but now I'm going to have to fit it in whenever I get a chance. Also, I have a wedding to attend down in Maryland this Saturday, and I was hoping to drive my brand new bimmer down there from NY. So I really must get that car by Friday or at the latest, by Saturday morning. I'm gonna keep pressuring my dealer everyday for the next few days to try and speed of the VPC delivery process. I too will have my fingers crossed. Keep me updated on your progress, and good luck!

    unboringuy: Your story is the most tragic of them all. We should set up a special collection for you. Did BMW give you a 3 series loaner at least while your car is out of order?
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