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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • blaketagblaketag Posts: 24
    I think this question got lost in my earlier post. Can someone please confirm for me the retail price of the E46 alarm system? Circle BMW has it listed at $300. My dealer wants $525, plus labor!


  • lrawles2lrawles2 Posts: 16
    Has anybody added after market strut braces to their '01 330 ci to help minimize roll? I am thinking of adding them to my 330cic --

    Any thoughts on:
    -- cost and dealers (Los Angeles)?
    -- do they work? Are they worth the cost?
    -- any possible effect to warranty on car?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated -- thanks in advance!
  • denrightdenright Posts: 285
    I wrote a rather long-winded, self-righteous reponse to your post above, but I thought better of it. Your point is valid, though it has its limits. Suffice to say that I dislike cops based on extensive experience, whereas most people bash lawyers based on nothing but propaganda fed to them by the GOP and the Chamber of Commerce.

    As you point out, generalizations are dangerous things, and those making indiscriminate use of them run the risk of betraying themselves as intemperate fools. I would hate to allow myself to be seen as such.

    3 (or maybe 4) days until delivery of my 330xi! Woohoo!
  • roc50mgroc50mg Posts: 102
    did you track down your car? I spoke w/BMWNA this afternoon and they told me my car arrived in Newark, but wasn't processed at the VPC yet. The told me though that the car is scheduled to arrive at my dealership tomorrow. Neither my dealer nor BMWNA was too clear about exactly when I would be able to take delivery of the car. They said they would have a better idea tomorrow. I'm still hoping for a Friday delivery.
  • Well, the BMW mats definitely look better and feel a bit thicker. I have them for my 325Ci, ordered through Pacific BMW ( They have the prong holders, which tend to break (as opposed to the velcro holders). I just didn't use the prongs at all. The weathertechs will hold more water, etc, but they don't look as clean (too many ridges). I bought some for my parents' Town Car, and they love 'em. Keeps the car clean. Depends on what's more important--aesthetics or function. I think the BMW mats will work just fine, but if you live in places where you get a lot of snow, go with the weathertechs.
  • tenet1tenet1 Posts: 354
    I got nailed for doing 86 in 55mph zone right at the 895 & 95 split while heading to DC. That one was my stupidity!!!!

    But MD cops are tough, They never take a break.
  • stevenf7stevenf7 Posts: 3
    I'm planning on ordering a 2002 325 or 330 convertible. I plan on ordering the removable hardtop for the rainy winter in San Fran. Bay Area. I had placed an order for a 2001. The broker then informed me that BMW has placed hold on the outsourced removable hardtops as BMW has been experiencing problems with them. Can anyone tell me the nature of those problems? Any estimated fix date?

    When I spoke with the dealer (Concord BOW) he informed me that I could order now and that it would have a code number that would designate it as a 2002. I'm not sure what he meant by that. Am I correct in thinking that a new configuration ordered today would be manufactured in September and would be a 2002?

    So far I have been happy dealing with the people in Concord. I was quoted MSRP on a 2001. Plus, they were willing to talk about the cost of accessories. Which is more than I can say for Weatherford in Berkeley. However, I'm located closer to Weatherford. Anyone have good or bad experiences with Weatherford/particular people there? Thanks.

    Steven F.
  • tenet1tenet1 Posts: 354
    I got nailed for doing 86 in 55mph zone right at the 895 & 95 split while heading to DC. That one was my stupidity!!!!

    But MD cops are tough, They never take a break.
  • Well, here are more miscellaneous ramblings. Hopefully, this'll entertain some of you and keep those who are waiting in anticipation of the joy to come.

    The car now has 1200 miles on it. I'm driving way too much, but I can't help myself. It feels like the engine is really broken in now. The growl seems more pronounced, even at lower RPMs. In second gear from 40-60 mph, the inline six just sings. Braveheart will attest that the sound is, in a word, intoxicating. I love my HK system, but I'm not maximizing it's use. Blame those blasted engineers for making a car sound so sweet. I know there are cars with bigger engines (Maxima, Mustang Cobra, Camaro SS, etc.), but my 325Ci's growl is music to my ears. Refined AND powerful.
    Just today, I opened it up, downshifted to second and just bolted past a Mercedes CL320. No contest. He tried to keep up, but no cigar. Sniff.

    The sport seats have been very comfortable. In the twisties, they really do keep your kiester in place and allow you to focus on hitting the apex and accelerating out rather than worrying about how far your rump is sliding. The Contisports have adhered to the road like glue. I can't imagine having 245s.

    I let the president of the company I work for drive it today. He has a 740il, which he drives like a bat out of hell. He took it easy on Lena out of respect for her newness. He absolutely loved the black leather on high gloss black interior, saying it looked very sporty. He also said the car just felt "tight." This, coming from a man who has owned a Porsche 928 S4, a V12 Jaguar XJS, and a Corvette.

    I've decided to leave the amber lights the way they are. Though I think the clears look pretty crisp, I just can't get myself to mess with the aesthetics. And though I am Asian, I'd have to say that clears, IMHO, look a bit "ricey." Once my tinting is done, I'm gonna leave well enough alone. I also can't get myself to plunk down $1K+ for the DINAN upgrades. Somehow 11 more horses just doesn't seem worth it. Maybe I'll shoot for the ESS Tuning 296 hp supercharger once my warranty expires.

    - Brake dust (or car dandruff, as I like to call it) has been driving me nuts. Kleen wheels, here I come! Drawback: won't be able to see my beefy brakes anymore.
    - Screens on the stereo/climate control are hard to keep clean. They streak easily and gather dust like Clinton gathers scandal.
    - High gloss black is hard to keep shiny, esp. on door handles.

    These are all minor issues, which don't come close to offsetting the myriad of aural, visual and tactile pleasures Lena has brought me (okay, Pat, you may have to censor me here). For those of you still waiting, once again I say, "IT IS MORE THAN WORTH IT!!"
  • bavarianbavarian Posts: 63
    I have been driving for 25 years in the U.K and the U.S.A and have never owned a radar detector.
    To date I have only been ticketed once-155mph in a 25 zone, trying to keep up with, no-that was in a dream I just had. It was doing 37 in a 25mph side street in Edison NJ...cop came up from a manhole cover with a radar gun. Before court, the Prosecutor advised me to plead guilty to "double parking" so I wouldn't get points on my lisence. $100 fine for peace of mind, but I was left with an irrational fear of manhole covers, which I am still being treated for.
    Brave, I read your list of speeding tips with relish (and a little mustard, hold the ketchup) and ticked them off one by one. Common sense really. As Brave knows from private correspondance, I travel the Chicago skyway ( a two lane racetrack, much of it elevated) and I94 through Indiana to Michigan twice a week. There are some deliciously smooth sections of straight roads where one can cruise at 100mph (limit is 65 at this point) One can see ahead for almost two miles. The cars in the other two lanes are typically going 80 here and in the main move over to let me pass-everyone seems to be paying attention and there is much less lane changing than one sees in city traffic ( I live in Chicago)
    At this speed I don't engage or encourage conversation nor would I dream of taking or making a cell phone call. My car is built for sustained high speed and has brakes engineered to function at speed. So-I am all for NO SPEED LIMIT on well paved highways with few interchanges or merging points.
    I have had the very great pleasure of driving on the German autobahn (A3) (driving Mercedes and BMW sedans)and was impressed by the attentiveness and control of drivers piloting low flying Audis, Porches,BMWs, Mercs, Opels etc on two lane roads.
    I don't feel that SPEED per se, is the cause of accidents on the highway-more the lack of focus from drivers.
    In Indiana the police use unmarked Camaros in festive colors and a brown Crown Victoria, supplemented by cars with State Police written on the side. How folks get caught by the latter baffles me...rear view mirror, anyone? Well it's hard to look in the rear view mirror if you are talking on the cell phone, trying to lift a 64 oz soda, eat a burger and fries,change a diaper, pet a dog the size of a small horsie, shave, read a paper, change your socks, argue or make out with your girlfriend,iron a shirt or whatever it is people do in the back of an SUV.
    Sooner or later my luck may run out-I am not a racer by any means-no Green Light Derby for me. I don't "blow the doors" off anyone, I drive to please me, to enjoy my wonderful car. I focus intensely on the drive-why else would I drive a BMW??! There are other motorists out there- I am very well aware-AWARE-that is the key word in speeding.
    I have NEVER in my driving life, cut anyone off, or pulled in dangerously close in front of another car (as happened to me on my last night drive to Michigan-by two guys who were racing each other) because I am aware of my surroundings.
    Of course, when I am stopped in Indiana for speeding, I will quickly slip into my "kindly old lady costume" ( a little known option from BMW)-grey wig pulled tight into a bun, frilly frock, round rim spectacles and when the officer comes to speak to me I will roll down the window and offer him some warm cookies( which I carry always), saying "Sorry Officer- I wasn't aware I was speeding-like a cookie?"

    P.S. Doughnuts work equally well.
  • You have got to write more. That last one was a gut-buster.
  • bavarianbavarian Posts: 63
    I have just been "interviewed" ( i.e beaten) by the Indiana Police and had my fingers processed through an old fashioned mangle-they dried my bloodstained tee shirt by the same method. My experience with the police (mainly in London where, travelling in a Irish Rock band van I was often sent outside to be the "spokesman" when stopped late at night by the C.I.D (equivalent of the FBI)-this was at a time (i.e anytime between the Roman invasion of Britain and the Knighting of Sir Elton John) when Irishmen in a vehicle was cause for alarm. Red eyed and surrounded by clouds of pungent smoke courtesy of the Bushmen of the Kalahari, I had to state my business on the Queens Highway. Satisfied with my explanations, the bobbies let me go with a warning (i.e beating)
    Police officers have a very hard job-often periods of inactivity followed by the heat of the chase and a face to face encounter with someone who will lie through their teeth rather than face the consequences of their actions.
    I for one, when nabbed on the highway, will take my lumps and accept my fate. I am always fully aware of the speed limit and will congratulate the officer on his catch.
    I will of course point to the $100 bill that he must have dropped just outside my window....
  • alpine325ialpine325i Posts: 209
    You're right denright, generalizations are dangerous things. I just had a few bad experiences with the police, you know, the stop sign incident? and I got carried away with the cop bashing. I just have to learn to chill more often. :O)
  • eugeug Posts: 46
    Did you pickup your car yet? I though it was going to be here this weekend.
  • jnscheongjnscheong Posts: 66
    I finally took delivery of my 330i (Steel Grey, black leatherette, sports package, xenon, and CD) this afternoon. The titanium headlight trim was missing (the people at Crevier are not aware of this issue). Crevier will call me later on for an appointment to put in the titanium trim. Didn't have a chance to do much driving since my son is sick however. :-(

    The people at Crevier were very professional. I was able to do a test drive with my wife and brother only, before I signed anything. That was nice. The finance lady was a little cold after I turned down her extended warranty offer. :-) Overall, my experience with Crevier is very positive. You shouldn't have anything to worry about.

    eug, I have been following your conversations with errickson regarding tint. I am still debating whether to do it or not. Let me know what tint you choose and where you are getting it done. In case I decide to tint my car. Thanx.


    P.S. one thing I can say about my car is that the engine sound is GREAT!
  • gurumikegurumike Posts: 442
    It seems that, despite it being the topic of much discussion, people still seem to think that all 330 cars have the titanium headlight trim. Coupes do, convertibles do and non sport package sedans do. But if you have a more recent build sport sedan, they do not! Stop putting your cars back to the "old" look! They are NOT supposed to come with titanium headlight trim in every case. There may even be other non-titanium trim cases I'm not aware of. In any case, BMW almost never "misbuild" their cars. If your car came in sans "flashy painted headlight inserts so I can distinguish my 330 car from lesser BMWs", please don't badger the dealer into tearing your freshly built car's headlights parts in order that they change the color of the pieces underneath.

    Seriously people, that's the way BMW builds them now. Just out of interest, for the people that have wanted titanium headlight trim, are you considering or have you already purchased chrome wheels and or "gold package" badging.
  • unboringuyunboringuy Posts: 90
    Number two came without the titanium trim around the headlights, and since it's jet black, I think it looks perfect that way. I can't speak for number one, since I didn't have it long enough to notice.
  • erricksonerrickson Posts: 130
    First day with the new tint, and man, what a relief! As you recall, did the Huper film on the rear, and V-Kool on the sides. The colors matched exactly, and since the V-Kool is metal, I didn't use it on the back due to radio reception issues. Price was $575, but I learned that window tint is one of those get-what-you-pay-for things.

    Car looks great. The tint is a very neutral color, but is very effective. I actually had to turn the a/c temp UP a few degrees b/c it was getting a bit nippy inside using my pre-tint temp setting! This place also tinted the sunroof (had not thought of that).

    FYI, I think the place I took mine too in Houston may be a national distributor for Huper and V-Kool or something. This lady was incredibly helpful and knowledgable, travels around to tradeshows, and knows vendors throughout the country that use these products. She may know a place out West, if you have not found one (Linda- 713-856-8333).

    Oh, I asked her about the warranty, and she confidently replied..."Yes, there is a warranty, but I promise you will not need it! We have this stuff on office buildings all over the country, and have virtually no complaints. You are going to love it."

    Anyway, if you have any questions, please let me know. Happy to answer them.
  • denrightdenright Posts: 285
    According to BMWNA and my dealership, my car arrived at the VPC today. I am also still hoping for a friday delivery.
  • eugeug Posts: 46
    errickson: Sounds like good stuff. Did they install the rear window in one pieces? Did they install the tint all the way to the edges? How dark did you go? I may do the same if I can find a installer that does both types of tint.

    jnscheong: Let's see some pics! Also, I only found one dealer of Huper in Orange county. Can't think of the name right now, but they said they couldn't install the rear with one piece. The Huper dealer in San Diego won't tint the front-side windows. They both are exclusive dealers in their area. I haven't checked LA or Riverside county etc.
  • erricksonerrickson Posts: 130
    you can buy the alarm from circle for $225, and install the thing yourself in 30 minutes!!!!!!!
    The instructions are very straight forward, and the car is pre-wired for it.

    You will have to take it to the dealer to 'activate' it, but that is no big deal. I say DIY!!

    (If I can install the armrest, I am sure you can install their me!)
  • erricksonerrickson Posts: 130
    and the guy that did the install had already left by the time I came to pick the car up. I will be able to see if they went to the edges as soon as I can roll down the windows (48 hours). I looked hard at the rear window, to see if it was 1 piece or two, and could not tell. She said if they could not do it in one, they cut at the defroster lines to make it non-detectable. I will inspect closer and let you know.
  • veekay1veekay1 Posts: 180
    Well...I guess that rare occasion found my car on the assembly line! If you scroll back a few thousand posts, I posted that my 325xi came from the factory with a single, solitary CHROME window trim (right rear window)instead of the expected shadowline/black rubber trim! Go figure!
    It was very embarrasing and to think it passed QA at Regensberg, VPC at Port Jersey and at the Dealership!! (I myself noticed it the next morning).
    veekay1(325xi, blk sapphire/gray)
  • erricksonerrickson Posts: 130
    'And though I am Asian, I'd have to say that clears, IMHO, look a bit "ricey." '....

    Just looking for your thoughts on this, not attempting to wage a battle or anything.... What is it about the clears that make you feel they look "ricey"?

    I was actually thinking about doing them in an effort to DOWNPLAY the lights, and make them LESS noticeable. I had not thought about any 'rice-related implications'.

    Anyone else have input on the clears? Is there something I am missing? Am I getting too old to identify trends? ....So I went to Van Halen and Foreigner concerts in High School
  • bingusabingusa Posts: 22
    'And though I am Asian, I'd have to say that clears, IMHO, look a bit "ricey." ' --- deepdarkblue

    Well, IMHO:

    "Though I am Asian, I'd have to say that clears, IMHO, look a bit red-necked /WASPy as they are so popular in Europe.' --- bingusa

    >>> errickson: Just looking for your thoughts on this, not attempting to wage a battle or anything.... What is it about the clears that make you feel they look "ricey"?

    My guess would be because so many Asian youngsters tune up their Hondas into clears-all-over toys for years and clears-notorious Lexus's are more popular among Asians. But I still have to say it is whites on Bimmers rather than clears on Hondas/Lexus's.

    IMHO - Be yourself and dare to be different OR just to be same.
  • boelkeboelke Posts: 14
    I just got mine tinted recently and they did a decent job on it. I don't have a lot of options here but Formula One did a good job on it. I live in NC and it gets really hot if you have black leather interior. It cost me about 250 for all the windows save for the windshield. I had stongard installed on it too. You can't tell that you have stongard until it becomes dirty and dust accumulates on the edges.

    IMO it's worth it having your windows tinted.
  • I was reading with amusement/sympathy tickets in my home state when I,with alarm, read about car searches. What's up with that, letting the cops search your car without a reasonably articulable suspicion? I didn't think, after 4 years of (admittedly civil) practice, cops could just make you open up your trunk or whatever on a whim, guys. Now if they walk by your car and see a bong sticking outta yer bag, okay, then they can search. Maybe I'm wrong.

    BTW, as far as tickets, what I've really noticed, as an ex-Marylander who used to get yanked all the time in VA when I had MD tags, and since I became a VA resident haven't been touched for speeding in VA, is that one of the main factors increasing ticket odds is having out-of-state tags. The reasoning is that out-of-staters won't bother to defend the ticket. Also, in Maryland, I drive frequently on 70W and 68W, and never get ticketed--cops really focus more on the 95 corridor and the beach, I think.


  • Yes, I am proud of my asian heritage and a big fan of rice in many forms (just not on my car). I know that clears on BMWs are considered the European standard. I do think they look good, but due to the pervasive use of clears on Civics, Integras, Accords, and other such "[non-permissible content removed]" vehicles, I'd rather steer clear of them altogether. I was 90% sure I'd get them, but once I took delivery of my 325Ci, I just fell in love. Why change something if it looks beautiful? I think I've seen three or four Asian guys driving 3s and 5s with clears. Maybe I'm just trying to avoid the stereotypes. Of course, everyone ultimately does what they like, but I'm gonna leave well enough alone.
  • reubencahnreubencahn Posts: 102
    A couple points about fighting tickets. 1) In many jurisdictions, failing to take action will result not in a not guilty plea but in a license suspension; 2) if the cop shows up on your trial day, ask to see his documents. Radar or pacing both require documentation. Radar requires certification of the operator and the radar. Pacing requires certification of the cop's speedometer. 3) If the cop is there and you don't have irrefutable evidence, consider pleading no contest. You can probably get away with court costs, no points and hopefully no driving school.

    On being stopped: Never, Never, Never, Never stick your wallet, license, registration or anything else out the window as the cop is walking up. Keep your hands on the wheel and ask permission before reaching for your wallet or the registration. (Am I the only Black person on this forum?)

    Last, as a criminal defense lawyer for 13 years, I might be constitutionally inclined to hate all cops, but the fact is that many of them are decent guys. I don't say all. I've dealt with many who are liars and racists but I've dealt with as many who are okay. In any case, even with the worst, a non-hostile approach will minimize problems.
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