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Mercedes-Benz S-Class



  • mrman_3k1mrman_3k1 Posts: 52
    mlbarnes, I have the truck closer, I am not sure if you can get it once you have the car. I would check with my MB dealer to find out if they could do it.

    roger23, depending on how long your waiting list is, I would wait to find out if there will be any changes for 2003. If they are minor, I would go for the 2002. If you can, place your order, here in the Bay Area, I you would have to wait for 2003 models anyway right now, even if you want a 2002. So good luck and ask your MB dealer.
  • chapman7chapman7 Posts: 23
    Roger23: I will be interested to see what information you receive concerning the S class changes and the model year involved. Like you, I am interested in the S55 but can wait a year if they are going to make significant upgrades to the 2003 model. I am not thrilled about some of the "cheap" plastic parts in the interior of the car and would expect them to upgrade them asap to avoid further criticism.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The only significant change seems to be available 4-matic for the S-class in '03; this is what one of's own editors told me too. From what I recall about another TH participant's post (he read something in a German auto magazine, I think), there may be a few minor changes to the interior, but nothing too drastic. It is a very new car, afterall.

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    P.S. I'm certain that you won't be disappointed with '02 ML500, but don't set your hopes too high about a drastically different interior ;-)
  • roger23roger23 Posts: 48
    I thought of a 2003 4matic with ABC and sports package, but from what I understand (correct me if I am wrong), you will not be able to get a 4matic s class with the sports package, so I am still leaning towards the S55 for 2002. Rumour says however, that the S55 will get a power boost for 2003, so my agony of indecision continues.........!
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Roger, I have no idea if you will be able to get ABC or the Sport Package with 4-matic. But if you hear anything, feel free to share with us! The next generation E55 will supposedly be supercharged, but I'm not sure if this applies to the S55 as well. Whatever you choose, I'm sure it will be great!
  • girtgirt Posts: 2
    My wife's Lexus was stolen. I'm looking at a '95 S500 with 48,000 miles. It would be a commuter and trip car (i.e. big boat OK). Any particular concerns with that model/year? - Too many miles? Should I expect high maintenance or should it act like a late teenager? (My 500SEL gave us 150,000 great miles.) Thanks for your comments.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I would bet too that the 2003 S will have changes, for a couple of reasons. First of all the S-Class' main competitor, the BMW 7-Series will be all new for 2002 and it supposed to re-write the book on luxury cars from what I'm being told. They really are going for the I-Control system, standard in the 760iL. On a *somewhat* lesser note there should be a new Audi A8 and Jaguar XJ sometime during 2003, both probably will end up here as 2004 models. So I expect Mercedes to meet these competitors head on. Now the new supercharged 5.0L V8 will power the E50 Kompressor, but I'm doubtfull that it will be put into the S55 to make it the S50K. I *hope* that Mercedes allows AMG to do the V10 that they have talked about for years, it would fit the AMG S model perfectly. We'll see.

  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    Considering that 2003 is the year the new SL is debuting, along with some new engines, I suppose some changes are in order for the rest of the top of the line lineup as well. From what I have read, there might be a power increase for the S55, although I doubt it will be supercharged. Maybe it will be given the 360 hp, the same as the current engine offered in Europe. Also, expect the power of the S600 to go much nearer to 400 hp.
    And, maybe, they will offer the leather upgrades in the interior as standard or at least optional thoughout all the lineup. Now this would be great.
    Anyway, these years are so exciting for all the car enthusiasts, especially the MB admirers like myself. They are struggling to develop appealing features to make cars more appealing, and I love it. I especially love this "supercharged era" Mercedes has just initiated. Maybe 5 years from now, I may be able to get my hands on a S Slass that can have 500 Hp, a top speed of 200mph, makes 0-60 in 4,5 sec, and is ultra smooth, ulta silent, and ultra modern at the same time. Quite a dream.
    talk to you later
  • mrman_3k1mrman_3k1 Posts: 52
    I was wondering, where do you get the info. for all these cars. I have seen the future tellings from Edmunds, but that doesn't have a whole lot. If you could please tell me where you get the info, that would be appreciated!
  • chapman7chapman7 Posts: 23
    Anyone know why the S55 MPG for city/hwy is only 14/17 when the S500 is 16/23 and the S600 is 15/23? There is quite a difference, especially for the highway driving. I have been told that the AMG cars require a lot more maintenance because the engines are "Tweaked". Anyone know if there is any validity to this? Thanks for the info.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • py_gurupy_guru Posts: 2
    Given that this is the first model year for the S-600, there should be some
    teething problems. Anyone heard of any such problems? In particular,
    any issues with the economy feature where some of the cylinders shut off ...
    Thanks for any info.
  • mrman_3k1mrman_3k1 Posts: 52
    I have a 2001 S600, I haven't had any problems. Everything so far has worked great, and is staying solid. There are no "extra" noises and the insulation is is still going strong. The cylinder shut off works like a dream, you can not even tell it is cutting a bank. The ABC works great, active ventilated seats work great, the whole enchilada is great. I would recommend it to anyone willing to wait for the delivery.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi from's PR Department.

    A journalist from one of the country's largest newspapers has asked us for help finding consumers who recently purchased a Lexus L430, Mercedes C class or BMW 3 series after considering a more expensive vehicle, or anyone who recently considered purchasing a luxury vehicle, but decided not to because of the economy.

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  • sean2gsean2g Posts: 17
    has anyone here tinted there s class windows?????? I was looking at the options and when i looked at the manual roller type shade, there was an asterik that said Do Not Tint WIndow. how can that effect the window????? THANKS IN ADVANCE
  • rexconde1rexconde1 Posts: 278
    I believe that would be because if you have the tint plus the window shade, it would impair the drivers vision. Besides you wouldnt need both.

    Even the Limo tint you can see outside not implying that you would, but with a shade infront of it it is impossible to see outside.

    You could do it, but I think that this is MB's disclaimer. Go for it! I really like the S-Class with tint, even if it is just a few shades darker

  • I've read here that some S Class owners have experienced electrical isssues that resulted when they've had their windows tinted because of water dripping on the electrical control boxes in the door panels. Also, there were questions about the tinting effecting the very tight window seals on the S Class (or perhaps it was just that the tinting wouldn't last long because of scratches that would inevitably result from the tight seals).

    I recently went into a place in New Jersey that specializes in M-Benz aftermarket equipment installations, and asked about the obvious flow of soapy water that I observed running into the doors of a brand new S430 Sport that was having its windows tinted. The installers claimed that it was no big deal, but I was less than reassured by their answer and sloppy lack of precaution in sealing off the door panels.

    For what it's worth, I must say that the results looked great, though.
  • sean2gsean2g Posts: 17
    Is it possible to put the tailpipes seen here:

    on an S430. if so it would look great!! thanks

  • taisontaison Posts: 71
    You would need to either get a new bumper or cut your existing one to accomodate the tailpipes. Just get the AMG body kit and add the tailpipes.
  • mlbarnesmlbarnes Posts: 48
    I had my first problem out of my new S430. My DC player stopped playing on Friday. I had to wait at the dealership for about 1 hour and half for the repair. Are there any other problems that I may encounter?
  • sean2gsean2g Posts: 17
    If possible everyone could eveyone WITHOUT stock rims post their picture/s of their S class thanks.
  • mrman_3k1mrman_3k1 Posts: 52
    Drew or anybody else that works for Edmunds, I saw a while ago the comparison test for the Luxury cars for 2000. Could you guys look into doing it again for the 2002 models, with the new BMW 7, MB S and the others. I think it would be very interesting since both the BMW and MB would have a V12 and there is the new Lexus LS. Please post anything if something like this is in the works!
  • py_gurupy_guru Posts: 2
    What is your experience so far? There were some earlier posts
    indicating that a single A/C wasn't sufficient on hot days.
    Is this still true? Would you recommend getting the Rear A/C
    for the S-500?
  • chapman7chapman7 Posts: 23
    For a car in the range of $90,000-$100,000 to have an air conditioner that is incapable of keeping the rear passengers comfortable would be unbelievable and would certainly add amunition to those who feel that MB has lost its touch with building a quality automobile. I find this hard to believe but, if true, quite disturbing to put it mildly.
  • dkiehl1dkiehl1 Posts: 1
    I need some help. I've never owned a Benz and I'm considering one on Ebay. There's a '95 black S600 coupe with 63500 miles on it. Is there anything I should know about this model or model year or anything that would help me decide. It looks great in the pictures but I've never even driven one of these cars. They sound incredible from all the literature I've seen. Thanks alot! Dan
  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    Got above message before starting my S500 over the weekend.

    If you're lucky to get it. You'll have to go to your Benz dealer to get new COMAND software. Which took me over 2 hours.....
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382

    Just a reminder that the MB chat is on tonight (6-7pm Pacific/9-10 pm Eastern). Hope to see you there!

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  • georget3georget3 Posts: 53
    Paul, could you elaborate more about your "SOS Workshop" instance? What is the mileage? Circumstance under which it occurred? And, also, how does the updated command software differ?
  • pfiorentinopfiorentino Posts: 26

    Yes, I'd like to know to a bit more, too. I'm supposed to pick up my new car Friday AM and would love to know if this is simply a matter of loading a new CD ROM and upgrading the software..or is it perhaps more complicated if it took you two hours to accomplish the task?
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