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Mercedes-Benz S-Class



  • mlbarnesmlbarnes Posts: 48
    Why is the chat a read only and observers can not participate in the chat?
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    You have to log into Town Hall before you can participate in the chat. Did you not see the messages saying "OBSERVERS, if you do not notice a text box below that chat room. Please go to Town Hall and login ( Then come back and participate in the discussion."

    I hope you can join us in next week's MB Tuesdays chat!

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  • ggengeggenge Posts: 5
    I bought a brand new S430 Loaded which arrived May2000. I was told at that time that the Navigation CD for Calgary Canada would be available in August 2000, as well as a new phone to be able to use voice command, Dash keypad, etc. etc. Well it's now April 2001 and I don't have either, I just keep being told 2 months, 2 months, etc. I am really ticked off that for what I paid for that car that I can't get 2 important features, Navigation, and a decent phone. Isn't there a generic NAV CD, Or some way I can use it without the specific CD for my area (Calgary, Canada). I know you can get them for Toronto, and Vancouver and anywhere practically in the US, BUT NOT CALGARY.

    This car has every gadget known to man, and I want the last 2. Any suggestions. Regards, Greg
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Actually I kinda suspsected you must have had problems with it to get rid of it so early. I must say though that is the first time I heard a former owner of an E500 go through so much grief. All the 500E/E500 owners I have spoken with loved their cars, guess there is always an exception to everything. I have toyed with the idea of buying a 1994 E500 ever since they went out of production. However if I ever decide to do that I hope you're still on here so I can make sure I don't get the car you had. Anyway, good luck with the S500, its a fabulous car.

  • Merc1

    I strongly suggest that you get a '94 as those final model year cars had the better designed, integrated bumpers, giant headlights and more menacing spoiler (to the benefit of the all-important DRG, as all you aspiring automotive designers know), and bigger disc brakes, I believe.

    Mine was Black Pearl with a grey interior and I still have the service records and vin number, so I can definitely "protect" you down the road.

    But who knows; maybe the subsequent owner ironed out my teething problems.


    I'd be ticked, too. But more about the Nav disk than the phone. The phone is ludicrously expensive and from what I've read on this very forum is not seamless in its voice activation. I was going to order one, too, but changed my mine when I read some posts here, and spent the money on the more worthwhile ABC suspension set up.

    In my personal opinion, a much more tricked out phone set up would be to get one of the new Motorola V series phones, and one of the car kits specifically for that phone which will give you a hands-free speaker and re-charging. I saw one in a quarter of a million dollar (US!) Aston Martin the other day, and it looked absolutely perfect in its cradle next to the center console.

    It's a great phone (I just got one and like it much better than my digital StarTAC), and it's less than half the size of the bulky M-Benz Motorola OEM phones. The M-Benz Motorla also sits inside the center arm rest which is most inconvenient for access, in my opinion. Oh, and you'll save yourself 3/4 of the cost which you'd never in a million years recoup at resale time. Not to mention that with the pace of change of these phones, there will be something else new and highly desirable in a year or two. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather be able to treat myself to the latest greatest cell toy rather than being locked into the M-Benz phone which is going to seem awfully dated by then.

    Bell Canada also offers a very neat, tiny, voice activated portable phone by Samsung, if I'm not mistaken. That's the ultimate phone, right now, in terms of convenience. You can voice dial numbers with this phone not just in the car, but anywhere. Here in the U.S., that phone is only available with Sprint service plans as far as I know, so it's not practical for me because Sprint service coverage is not as good as my current carrier.

    Good luck.
  • mrman_3k1mrman_3k1 Posts: 52
    I have a 2001 S600 which came with the phone and voice recognition. I would not purchase it for that amount of money. The only reason I have it for those who do not know the specs, it comes with the S600. I have been able to work it a little, but not much. There is also a little delay. If you are patient and want it, get it, otherwise skip it.
  • georget3georget3 Posts: 53
    When I purchased my S500 in Dec., I went through similar reasoning on the phone option. I finally decided to spend the $2160 or so for it. I think the option should be looked at as phone/CD changer combination. If you were to purchase the CD changer only, it would cost you around $850. So, the incremental cost for the phone is $1310.

    Yes, the voice recognition system has a lot to be desired. However, I still would recommend purchasing the phone/CD changer option. For most part, the system works pretty well after some playing and practicing. I also believe the future software update by MB will greatly improve the system performance.

    For a car costing more than $80k, I think the option is a worthwhile and desirable.
  • ggengeggenge Posts: 5
    Thanks for your replies, I have a Startac with an ear piece/mic and lighter charger, That way I can use in either of my 3 vehicles, I wasn't going to pay $2000+ for a CRAPPY motorola/Mercedes phone which I know worked poorly, especially for that kind of money.

    So now my only concern is that BLANK SCREEN on my NAV system that I shelled out $20K more than E320 to get. Gadget guy needs GPS now!! Who makes those CD's for Canada. I'm sure it's not mercedes??

    Looks like I'll be waiting some more. I hear it works great. Siiiigggh...!!!

    Regards, Greg
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Thanks, I'll look you up if I decide to get one. I don't think they changed the brakes in 1994, but I do think the cosmetic changes made the car look a lot better. What year was your car?

  • mlbarnesmlbarnes Posts: 48
    Will the navigational system tell you when to change CDs for a different region?

  • Yes, it will instruct you to change CDs.
  • I live on a fairly steep hill. To preserve brake rotor and pad life I have been downshifting to 3rd and sometimes 2nd gear coming down the hill, resulting in no more than 3500 RPM. Is this OK? The owner's manual only advise against doing it during break-in, but to my knowledge does not give further advice.

    Does anyone else do this?
  • 4426444264 Posts: 67
    Due to special dealer incentive, I paid very little for the Timeport MB phone therefore cannot really comment on its value.

    However, I must confess I'm very happy with it, when a call comes in, the phone will automatically mute the stereo showing the incoming caller's name and number both on the stereo's dash as well as the main dash below the speedometer. All I need to do is to press the answer or not-answer key on the steering wheel.

    I no longer need to panic as a call comes in when I drive, fish out the phone from my pocket, check who's calling, find the earplug and stick it to my ear, mute the radio and then press the key to answer the call.. and oh, better find and plug in the power cord if the phone is low on battery.. And no more power cord or earplug cord messing with my seat belts!

    The MB phone is really not bad, live for the moment and enjoy the convenience now!
  • jamrock4jamrock4 Posts: 53
    I notice that a lot of successful real estate agents drive Mercedes cars. For the Mercedes owners who are real estate agents is this car basically a status symbol or does owning this car help to generate more business?

    Just curious because one would think that the cost of maintaining a Mercedes (especially if you average 30K per year) is pretty high.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    All MB vehicles in the US starting from model year 2000 onwards, have 4 years free scheduled maintenance. As such, if you lease the car for 4 years (the bumper-to-bumper warranty is also 4 years), you won't have to pay much at all, but just on the wear and tear items such as wiper blades, tires, brakes, etc.

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  • paulchiupaulchiu Posts: 378
    Someday soon, we'll all talk online in our MB's....
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Likewise Paul, we were glad to have you with us in the Friday Freeways chat. If possible, feel free to join us in the weekly MB Tuesdays chat.

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  • chapman7chapman7 Posts: 23
    2001 S500 vs. S55: Does anyone know if the S55 is a harsher riding car than the S500 with ABC and the sport package 18" wheels. Also, is it noisier inside the cabin due to its increased horsepower engine and dual exhausts.
    I am seriously considering the S55 but don't want to give up the quietness of the S500. Thanks for your info.
  • mrman_3k1mrman_3k1 Posts: 52
    I test drove the S55 and my friend has an S500. I have a 2001 S600 which has ABC and 17" wheels. The ride quality is excellent, of course everybody has their own opinion to this but I think it is great. As far as noise is concerned, both are about equal. You will most probably not even notice a difference unless you have an excellent ear for those things. I would go for the S55 if I was in your position because of the performance and luxury. Have fun with whichever one you get!
  • petervanpetervan Posts: 2
    ABC on flat terrain: I am planning to purchase a 2001/2002 S500 with ABC package along with other options. However, the MB rep told me that the ABC would be of no real value/help in a flat terrain - I currently live in Houston, and its roads are as flat as carton boards - he told me that the ABC package is more for hilly or snowy roads. To get an ABC and drive in a flat terrain would be a waste of money. What I was told does make sense, but I would like to hear more from you guys who have actual driving experience with ABC on flat vs. hilly terrains. Also, do you guys know of any new gadgets slated for 2002? Thanks in advance for any advice on this subject.
  • 4426444264 Posts: 67
    ABC should work countering the lean when a car turns either sharp or moderate corners at mid to high speed.

    I have no driving experience with it yet but that's the theory, its benefit should go beyond hilly terrains.
  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    From what i know about the ABC, it doesn't make much sense to me what that dealer told you.( I may be wrong)
    ABC is a semiactive suspension that is supposed to give you the ride of a limo and the handling of a sportscar, or somewhere near both. Your dealer should have probably said twisty instead hilly.

    I was quite suprised reading at the most recent article about the S600 in Car and Driver.
    With 5.4 seconds from 0 to 60 mph, the 600 is not that slow off the line, especially if we keep in mind that the same magazine tested the E55 in about 5.5 a few months ago
    Also, what they said about the fuel economy of the new V12, really changed my mind about the S600 with regards to the other models. After all, it should not be that much more expensive to maintain as the S500 (virually the same fuel economy as the less swift V8)
    What about that ride harshness over the potholes? Can that be attributed to ABC? Or to the lager tires? as far as I know the ABC is the same in all models and should not be stiffer in the S600
    Would the 600 be more worrysome in regards to daily driving reliability than the S500? anybody that already has enough experience is welcomed to feedback on this.
    thank you very much
  • mrman_3k1mrman_3k1 Posts: 52
    Since I have the 2001 S600 with ABC and other stuff, I can tell you that the ABC works great on curvy, city and straight roads. Let's face it, all roads are not kept nice and smooth (even though we pay about 50% on income taxes), ABC really can help the ride quality and when you want engage the Sport mode it gives a nice "sporty" mode. I didn't believe that it could really do what the video at the dealer showed, but I was wrong. It is an amazing system that if you can, get it. I haven't driven over big potholes, but I have driven over small ones, I normally keep the car in Sport mode for a more "sporty" ride. Even in the firmer sport mode the majority of the pothole bump is absorbed, not all of it is, but it is good enough.

    ABC is the same on all models regardless of the engine (or at least the that's what the dealer said). The ride quality is basically the same, the noise would be the main change between the standard S500 tires and S600, S55, or Sport S.

    I use my S600 every day to commute back and forth from work and other business functions, it is great and I always love getting in and turning that key (wanted the key less go, but it was really delayed). If you get any S, especially the S600, I would really recommend getting the 4-place seating package with active ventilated seats, people riding in the back always love it. If anybody has any other questions please ask.
  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    I was turned off a little bit to read that S600 has an elestronically limited top speed of 131 mph. I think that is unfair to the people who spend the extra cash over the S500. Granted, not many will see themselves doing more than that, but it sure is nice to know that it is there. Hopefully no one will ever experience a situation where there is a need for that speed, (god forbid, some crazy chasing you)

    I love the design in the S600 wheels, of highly polished aluminum. I wonder if mercedes makes them in bigger sizes, 18x9.5 lets say. That would be cool.

    When I decide to buy my own S 500, a change wheels and tires will be in order. I liked the chrome 220 aMGs, but in person they look like painted. If i don't go with the 18s. I will probably try to find a set of 17s like those of the CL or if lucky, those of the S600, though not the ZR type
  • chapman7chapman7 Posts: 23
    mrman: Thanks for the input re S55. Do you know if the S55 engine modifications by AMG effect the longevity of the Engine in any way? Somebody mentioned not wanting to buy the S55 because he planned to drive the car about 85000 miles or so and thought the S55 engine would not hold up like that of the S500 without the modifications.
  • Chapman7,

    I was the one who wrote that. I have absolutely no inside information but was merely speculating on my own about the S55's longevity. The S55 is a true super car but I just wonder how that mighty motor will stand up over the long haul.

    As for noise levels, the S500 with the Sports Package and the S55 have identical levels of quietness...until you floor the accelerator, of course. The S55 turns into a howling beast at that point. The induction roar of the S500 under full throttle is merely a mild growl by comparison.


    The value of ABC can be found when the car is under hard cornering, braking and acceleration. It matters not whether the roads are flat or hilly, and certainly not if winter is a season you do not encounter. Your salesman is an idiot. If you drive hard, and like to surprise sporty car drivers trying to keep up with you on tight exit ramps, then get ABC. Indeed, since your roads are flat and smooth, and ABC seems to add a tiny bit of harshness to the ride (according to C&D -- I don't have my car yet), you really are in the ideal driving environment for an ABC equiped car, in my judgment.

    But the standard suspension is pretty darn good, too, and you may be quite satisfied with flipping the dashboard suspension setting to Firm for those occasional times when you wish to play.
  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    About those MB salesmaen. Sometimes they are complete idiots. There are some of them, like the one who said ABC is for winter, that don't know jack about the features and options of the car and how to make it appealing? how can you sell a car, witout really knowing and liking it yourelf?When about a ear ago I went shopping for my current CLK 320, the guy didn't even know how to sell ne the CD changer, which after all I wanted to get by myself. After I heard him stutter about how good that was, and he had no idea, I did not get it. He was Lucky had my mind set on that car. Had it been up to him, I would have sromed out of the dealership
  • lokchalokcha Posts: 5
    Does anyone know whether or not it is possible to get leather coverings replacements for a 1999 S500L with interior colour orion grey?

    I'm using a 1999 S500L and the arm rest between the front seats is scratched in two areas. First, there is a scratch beside the front left seat on the corner (to the left of the centre openable wood compartment), and the second scratch is on the same piece of leather, just to the left of the rear aircon vents. Although they are minor, everytime I see them - I think, what a shame! I really want to replace this piece of leather, all feedback welcome!
  • mlbarnesmlbarnes Posts: 48
    Does anyone know anything about adding the trunk close switch to your car? I hate reaching up into the trunk to close it. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  • roger23roger23 Posts: 48
    I am inches away from ordering a 2002 S55 to replace my 2000 S430. However, I read somewhere that the 2003 S Class will have significant changes. ( I also heard that there are no changes to the 2002 over the 2001 models). Any advice from knowlegable souls as to my current dilemma - do I get a 2002 S55, or wait on the 2003 S55 ? Any imput would be greatly appreciated.
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