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Mazda MPV



  • tbonertboner Posts: 402
    The go for the smallest rim and greatest aspect ratio. For instance, my Buick came with 205/75-14 (where the 75 is the aspect ratio and the 14 is the wheel size)

    So it has nice tall sidewalls to soak up any road imperfections. The 225/55-16's I replaced them with (new wheels included) are about the same diameter, but with a smaller sideway.

    I wanted that because I'm more interested in tire responsiveness, than a smooth, quiet ride.

    So if you want smooth and quiet, go for the smallest wheel such as a 15" and get the higher profile tires.

    OBTW, quiet is typically a function of the tread pattern, not the sidewall. So read the reviews, check with your tire vendor and ask which is the most quiet that fits your application.


  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Some of you have heard me mention this before...but after 20 years in the car business I can't think of a vehicle that has been or is easier to sell than the current MPV. The features and benefits exceed most consumers expectations. The ride and drive well exceeds peoples expectations plus the price is reasonable. All the things that make the sale very easy!!
    Some of the competition is very good but not better and the arrogance of many Honda/Toyota dealers has made this even easier.

    We sell alot of different brand mini-vans and none are in the same league as the MPV.
  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    I agree that the MPV is a nice mv and along with the Sienna the most dependable,but if it is so easy to sell and in a separate league then why are so few sold when compared to the others,and why aren't the reviews better? I can understand prior to 2002 with the underpowered engine(Bad decision by Mazda),but not now.
  • LOL! Sorry, we make too many assumptions sometimes, eh?! OEM stands for "original equipment manufacturer". How that applies to your tires is the size that originally came on your MPV and what Mazda recommends as a replacement. If you have an '00 ES, then you should have 16" alloys wheels (not steel wheels w/ hubcaps). The OEM tire size for that wheel is 215/60/16, basically the 215 is the width, 60 is the height, and 16 being the rim (wheel) diameter. You can find the OEM specifications on a sticker (aka the tire placard) mounted inside the door jamb of the driver's door. Once you've decided on the tire brand you want, then you have to decide upon the size. You can stick with 215/60/16, and most folks do. If you want a slightly wider tire for better handling characteristics, you could go with a 225/55/60 like Tboner did, but those are really the only two sizes that will work on your wheels. Just remember what I said about the "load rating". It needs to be 94 or higher. This is also listed on the tire placard. Fortunately, I've yet to see a tire in either of these two sizes that didn't meet or exceed the 94 rating, so you should be safe there. Good luck!
  • This was posted over on the by Alex. I'm sure that these numbers reflect the increase in horsepower from the new 3.0 liter engine, but also the value and good looks of our beloved van:

    Passenger Van sales in US (August 2002):
    1. Dodge Caravan - 16,585 (17.4%)
    2. Honda Odyssey - 14,810 (15.5%)
    3. Ford Windstar - 12,048 (12.6%)
    4. Chrysler Town & Country - 11,011 (11.6%)
    5. Toyota Sienna - 7,935 (8.3%)
    6. Chevrolet Venture - 7,899 (8.3%)
    7. Mazda MPV - 5,071 (5.3%)
    8. Kia Sedona - 4,826 (5.1%)
    9. Pontiac Montana - 4,825 (5.1%)
    10. Chrysler Voyager - 2,922 (3.1%)
    11. Nissan Quest - 1,960 (2.1%)
    12. Mercury Villager - 1,674 (1.8%)
    13. Oldsmobile Silhouette - 1,621 (1.7%)
    14. GMC Safari - 1,368 (1.4%)
    15. Volkswagen Eurovan - 535 (0.6%)
    16. GMC Savana - 222 (0.2%)
    Total - 95,312 (100%)

    Passenger Van sales in US (August 2001):
    1. Dodge Caravan - 14,582 (16.9%)
    2. Ford Windstar - 11,846 (13.7%)
    3. Honda Odyssey - 11,792 (13.7%)
    4. Chrysler Town & Country - 9,341 (10.8%)
    5. Toyota Sienna - 7,684 (8.9%)
    6. Chevrolet Venture - 7,438 (8.6%)
    7. Pontiac Montana - 4,278 (5.0%)
    8. Kia Sedona - 3,725 (4.3%)
    9. Chrysler Voyager - 3,383 (3.9%)
    10. Nissan Quest - 3,038 (3.5%)
    11. Oldsmobile Silhouette - 2,843 (3.3%)
    12. Mazda MPV - 2,532 (2.9%)
    13. Mercury Villager - 1,469 (1.7%)
    14. Volkswagen Eurovan - 1,193 (1.4%)
    15. GMC Safari - 970 (1.1%)
    16. GMC Savana - 189 (0.2%)
    Total - 86,303 (100%)
  • I posted this topic before, but got no response.
    I noticed my new 2002 MPV lx has Dunlop SP40 a/s(15'), a lot cheaper than SP4000.
    I found on the dealer's parking lot that some other new MPV has Continental tires.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I think Rich's perspective is from once the customer is in the dealer. Mazda's biggest problem is getting people to the showroom. If they can get people on test drives, the products sell themselves, at least most of them. Mazda has some class leading cars in terms of feel and driveability with the MPV, Protege & P5, Tribute, Miata, and the upcoming Mazda6.
  • rlorrlor Posts: 12
    I have a three-day old MPV ES 2002 with an overdrive light that flashes on occasion, a steering wheel that vibrates more than my 1987 Volvo 740 at 70 mph and a mild case of misalignment to the left. I am particularly concerned about the light. Anybody out there have this problem? Is it normal? Manual says it could be a bad thing.
  • go back a few hundred posts to find a long discussion on this topic. In short, it's most likely they way you shift.

  • rlorrlor Posts: 12
    I could not find that discussion, but I am a little confused. What do you mean by the way I shift? It's an automatic. What am I missing here?
  • tbonertboner Posts: 402
    It could be the way you manipulate the throttle. If you are changing the throttle just as the computer is changing gears, you could catch the tranny at the wrong time.

    Say you let off, the computer is getting ready to shift, and you get right back on the gas. You could experience a very rough shift.

    That's just one example.


  • alexv1nalexv1n Posts: 248
    OD OFF light flashing could indicate a transmission or TCM (transmission control module) problem. On 2002 vans built before March 11, 2002, TCM has a programming error that could cause Check Engine Light go off or cause OD OFF to flash. It may need to be replaced.

    Here is more info:;PrbID=57;PrbID=58

  • Hi!

    I was at a Mazda dealer today and they quoted me on an LX with Rear AC, Roof Rack, and floor mats with MSRP $23700 for $22532 where the Invoice price is $21899.

    First, he told me that $22532 includes the local tax and tag but not $2000 cash incentive.

    Local tax is 3.2% so this offer sounded like $21833 + tax which is lower than invoice by $66.

    So far, it sounded good, and I did not take $2000 cash incentive into factor since I was going to finance it for 0% x48 mo. (48 mo. @5.49 -2000 cash was about wash I will be paying $2383 in interest and payment per mo. would have been higher than 48 @0%)

    However, here was a kicker.. He then turned around and told me that to finance it(which he knew was my intention), it would cost me $486 / Mo. Then I left the dealership thanking him for taking time. He was telling me that I should get back to him ASAP since they are selling them out fast. Hmm..

    When I got home and did calculation, $486 per mo. didn't jibe (this is correct spelling, look up your trusty webster) with quick calculation, since $22532 / 48 = 469.81 not $486, then when I calculated out $486 / mo, it totaled to $22532 * 1.032 which was added tax. Hmm.. Did he make mistake when he quoted me $22532 contained tax and tag fee? Or was he trying to put a wool over my eyes by quoting me $22532 but actually trying to have tax hidden into higher monthly payment?

    Do you think it would be reasonable for me to ask to get the van for $500 below invoice since 2003 are here already and I am willing to take old stock from him? I remember the days when invoice price was FAR below the MSRP, I wonder how the MSRP now a days seem much closer to invoice price. Are they hiding something here?
  • Even with automatics you still have to shift from park to drive. We've noticed that the shifter has to be pushed outward (towards windshield) once moved from P to D; otherwise, the OD light would start flashing after a while. Also, when OD light is flashing, do you still have the square around the gear designation letter?

    BTW, we still had this problem AFTER the module had been replaced. The module was replaced because of transmission's hesitations. It was fixed once we "learned" how to shift. It's so ironic that we had to learn how to shift an automatic. We hate automatics and will buy the first (new) minivan with manual sold in US.

  • rlorrlor Posts: 12
    I really appreciate your responses. I am taking the van in tomorrow to be looked at. I hope it is nothing serious because I really like the van but it is a lot of money to spend just to have to go back to the dealer within a week.
  • When one is looking at a "New" 02 MPV on a lot and notices that it has 101 miles on it, is it still a "New" 02 MPV?

    At what point do "Test Drive" miles affect the price of the vehicle?

  • Does the fuel filter in an MPV EVER have to be replaced? If so, when? It says absolutely nothing about the fuel filter in the maintenance section of our 2000 manual or in the maintenance schedule in
  • Hi!

    It seem like the dealer DEFINITELY was trying to pull wool over my eyes. When I called him back, he told me that he said "22532" is the sale price and Monthly CONTAINS tax and tag fee.

    I even said "Geez 22532 including tax is below the invoice price" before leaving his desk.

    22532 is actually $800 over the invoice price, good price? I don't think so. Especially for 02 model.

    I called another dealer, and this one tells me that he CAN get me the deal $22500 for LX with tax and rear air, floor mat, fog lights and roof rack. This comes out to $21811 selling price which is actually $260 below the invoice. Now we are talking!! Now, of course, can he deliver on the promises?? It was just too late for me to run down to the dealer so I will deal tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

    By the way, Mazda just announced 36 month zero % financing on all new 2003 MPV's. The dealer told me about it today. So, it may be that 2003 may have cash back announced very soon. Not on their website ( though.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Glideslopes: I don't think 101 miles will be a factor in negotiating a mileage discount. Fwiw, some banks regard a vehicle w/fewer than 6,000 miles as 'new.' Mine had 300 miles on it, but it was transported from another state to the dealership I purchased at.

    Mainsail2: I too noticed that Mazda does not recommend a service interval for the fuel filter, and I don't know the official Mazda word on this. Personally, I generally replace them every few (3-4) years on my cars. They're cheap, and usually simple to replace. If you live in a region that uses MTBE in the fuel, filters may clog sooner than other regions, due to the trait that this type of fuel mixture has to pull all the crud out of your fuel tank and send it down stream.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    There isn't one.

    There is a strainer in the tank that does not require regular maintenance.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Wow, I've never heard of a strainer before. That explains why there isn't a service interval.

    Thanks Maltb!
  • tbonertboner Posts: 402
    to check underneath MPV for fuel filter. I cannot believe there is no filter.

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    It's pissing them off that several manufacturers (honda included) have taken away that upsell.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Well, anything that makes IffyLube upset... I'm all for it. ;)
  • otishotish Posts: 59
    A poster at another board was looking at the MPV and was wondering about tether locations for the 3rd row seats. She is in Canada and tethers there are mandatory and she brought up a good point about what to do if you have 3 in car seats. She was told by the salesman there that there are only locations for them with the 2nd row chairs. Anyone aware of any others?
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    is located near the hatch opening, by the hatch striker (?) but more on the drivers side of the back. Confusing, eh?

    Basically, look in the floor cargo area in the back and look on the vertical surface near the hatch latch. There should be a carpet tab (hidden, perhaps) that pulls up revealing the tether anchor location. This should be on the driver side of the vehicle, maybe within a foot of the rear hatch latch. At least that's where it is for ours.

    Hope that helps,
  • i the '02 model, a piece of round plastic with a tether sign is right beneath the tab in the carpet which has to be peeled off in order to reveal the tether anchor.
  • gampagampa Posts: 78
    Just noticed that the 2002 MPV 3.0 liter has a timing chain... that saves about $400 in 60,000 miles...
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    This will make the mazda mpv buyers happy....Honda has just announced an extended warranty for the Oddy. minivan, and other honda/acura products because the trannys are comming apart. This is problem that big bad honda company can't seem to make go away. A 2% failure rate is huge....

    Gee whiz....everyone tells me they are perfect. hahaha. Ok, I'll stop gloating, our Acura store is in this mess..

    Guess this makes the MPV shine even more!!!
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Rich, I'm laughing on the inside. Okay, okay, I'm laughing on the OUTside. :)
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