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Mazda MPV



  • rman3rman3 Posts: 3
    Hi all

    As I understand, rear entertainment systems are not an option in Canada...are they in the U.S. ? Seem to be. Anyhoo, anyone had them put in aftermarket in Canada...Ottawa area, Toronto area ? Maybe I could drive to US and install ?

    I guess one of my options is to talk to my kids more, but let leave that as my fallback ;>)

  • rman3rman3 Posts: 3
    Will likely take MPV plunge this fall...anyone had good/bad experiences with the two dealerships in Ottawa ? Recent MPV purchases ? How did ya do ?

  • For add-on to roof rack, I liked the way Yakima does the job with DoubleCross Towers. (#0110).

    These attach to factory rails, but use Yakima round bar across (sturdy). Then you add whatever type roof bike rack you want.

    Ultimately, I went with adding a hitch and a swing-away rack. Just a bit pricier however.

    Good pedaling!
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    I agree with esprocket on the double cross, as one of the best ways to attach to the factory rack, but it does cost more. I believe that setup will cost about $150 plus any attachments (rockymounts, Yak Bike attachments). I went w/ drilling and installing the rails only because I already have RailRider towers from my previous MPV.

    Hmmmm, I wonder if the RailRiders will attach to the factory rails? If I were a betting man...

    I have an idea. If you have access to a Yakima retailer, take your MPV down there and see if a RailRider tower will go onto your factory rails. If so, you can find them mega-cheap on ebay. Just a crazy thought...crazy enough that it just might work, no? If you don't have access to a Yakima dealer, send me an email, cuz I have another idea also...only a bit crazier, lol. It does NOT involve duct tape however.

    The hitch mounted systems are pretty cool too, they swing out of the way and everything. I don't do those only because I don't want to have spendy gear munched, ouch.

  • Thanx wpenner, et al.With respect to 2001 LX pricing, I was dismayed that dealer told me NO rebates existed at present and that there was no financing terms less than 6%, regardless of terms.Also refused 180 days "same as cash"- which is not near as lucrative as 24 mos. 0% financing. I'm with julibean-- evil people et taste bad. Although honesty not a strong suit-I certainly expected truth to a direct question. Nontheless, I purchased 2001 LX with LX security pkg., rear air, roof rack,et RES for $20,500 (trade-in '92 Previa, high mileage value 2100-4200-previously offered $2000 X 3 Toyota dealers). That's all inclusive pricing--T,T,R, etc. I'm assuming same with all these other prices I'm reading... Looking forward to add. purchases of clutter-catcher and HEADPHONES! Goodbye Toyota (after 18 yrs-twas a tough break)
  • Forgive me if I am jumping in the middle of some threads. . . am really frustrated with Mazda. The MPV is the compromise vehicle between my husband and myself (the other choices are the Ody or the Grand Caravan). At any rate, have tried priceline, at $500 below invoice with no takers. The dealers in our area are stuck at approximately $23500 for a LX equipped with the security package, 4 seasons package, mud guards, and two items I don't feel a need for -- a roof rack and dual A/C. The local dealer offered me $2800 trade for my 1994 Saturn SL2 (good shape, single owner, 76,000 miles) and a $500 rebate. Financing is better through a bank. DC wants to deal. . .what's the scoop with Mazda? Negotiating from a position of arrogance? Or am I missing something?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Your dealer sounds a bit high to me offhand. A cursory look at the True Market Value indicates that the MPV should run around $21.6 and your trade at $3100. Maybe you should plug your area and color into the calculator and take a print out to the dealer?

    Here's the link:
    True Market Value

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  • alexv1nalexv1n Posts: 248

    I have purchased 2000 LX in August 2000. There are 3 MPV dealers in Ottawa: Carling Motors, Bank Street Mazda, and Performance Mazda. I checked the first two. First I went to Carling motors (they are just across the street from my work). I tried to haggle a little bit but they were quite hard going. The salesperson ran to his manager after every word I said and returned with sad face saying that the manager couldn't go with it and they are making virtually no money on me.

    I wanted LX with sports package, fog lights, floor mats, cargo mat, cargo net, rear bumper step plate, block heater. I was ready to pay about 28 - 29K before taxes and what they could offer was $30,400 or $29,600 if I don't take their financing.

    Then I went to Bank Street Mazda and they agreed to 29K with no hassle or pressure at all (48 month 2.9% financing included). The price was about $3,800 off sticker. I was even a little disappointed because I had read lots of stuff about the games dealers play etc here on Edmunds and was ready to fight but I didn't have a chance :-) So, I just signed papers and didn't even go to Performance Mazda (quite far away from me anyway).

    So, I'd suggest you to check Bank Street Mazda (ask Jim Cochrane - he's a nice guy) first and probably go to Performance Mazda as well (I saw a lot of MPVs on the roads with their plate frames as well). They only you can go to Carling if you are not satisfied with your deals...

    I hope this helps.
  • alexv1nalexv1n Posts: 248
    Hi again,

    The last time I changed oil (Dec 2000) I saw a white 2000 MPV ES on the lot with the RSES installed. So it IS available in Canada. Just ask for it...
  • Dear Steve, et al:

    Thanks for the suggestion; have done that previously. Been told by two dealers Edmunds is not reflective of the true costs associated with production, running a business, etc. Also been told Edmunds isn't the one that has to honor the trade-in values, and that your numbers are based on national averages, versus what's happening in the local economy. The more I read, the more convinced I am the MPV is our vehicle, but am unwilling to sell my soul -- or our finances down the road. Any other thoughts out there? Any dealers anyone can recommend in the southwest Michigan, Chicagoland, northern Indiana areas?


  • devinrdevinr Posts: 3
    Straight scoop on pricing. Just got back from making a deal on a 2000 MPV LX. My MPV has:
    Security Package
    3-1 Combo
    Rear AC
    4 Seasons

    Final price including delivery charge after the $1750 rebate was an even $21,000 added document fee of $149 and tax. The invoice was 22,755 so I paid $5 over invoice than minus the rebate. They had originally quoted me a rebate of $2250 two weeks ago but the salesman plead an honest mistake. The $2250 was on the LX(2), not sure what that means. So they are dealing if you live in the right place (in my case KC). Good luck to all and thanks to those who post here, I have been monitoring this board for 6 months debating which van. Price and comfort that this van would work, finally won me over. Special thanks to blacklx, tboner, javadoc, blondemom for all the insightful posts...any thoughts on an extended warranty/service contract. The dealer seemed extremely high, trying to trade off the word service contract with warranty contract. Wanted $1300 just for the 5 years; 75, biting on that one...
  • tango_28tango_28 Posts: 35
    4 season Package
    Roof Rack
    Fog lights
    Touring Package (with 16" wheels, 9speakers and a sub woofers, etc.)
    3-1 Combo
    My wife and I paid $21,300 for our MPV. This was in Minnieapolis/St. Paul area. Thanks to all the people who have written to this message center.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Perhaps you could try Blast Fax Car Buying? And maybe don't limit yourself to dealers just in your area (you can use any Madza dealer for your service and warranty work).

    For more insight on why dealers won't accept a TMV number (and to take your mind off the MPV for a few minutes), you may want to scan through the Edmunds vs. Kelly's discussion.

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  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Very odd. My apostrophe's are in my edit window, but don't and won't won't post. Apologies'''''

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  • nerbynerby Posts: 2
    Hi there, I'm new to this group.

    had my first test drive in a MPV LX. I'm looking to buy.

    Anyone from Southern Ontario? Looking for a dealer with best price. I don't have much patience for the salesmen who play the good guy-bad guy routine with their managers.

  • Dear Steve, et al:

    Good to hear the deals are out there, and on 2000's, no less. A 2000 would be fine with us, given that Mazda made few, if any, changes. For those of you that just purchased a 2000 MPV, were they on the dealer's lot? How did you find them?

    Will submit another query to Priceline for a 2000; will keep you posted!

  • blacklxblacklx Posts: 60
    Congratulations to all the new owners. I'm glad if I was able to help at all. I know that everyone helped me when we bought ours. I was able to walk in there and know what a fair price was.

    We're still waiting on our 6-changer CD to be replaced. Is it reasonable to expect some "special treatment" since it hasn't worked since the beginning. Like maybe a free oil change or something like that.

    We'll be taking it on our first "road trip" this week. It's not a long one, less than 2 hours each way but we'll have it loaded with all the kid stuff. It's going to me much nicer than taking the pickup or trying to cram everything into my Honda Civic. Just wish that the CD player was working so we could amuse the kids with their music.
  • snorris1snorris1 Posts: 3
    Just purchased a 2000 DX yesterday. Dealer had 3 left. Call around. I've been shopping for about 3 weeks and have found a couple at most dealers. A couple only had AS models and everybody seems to have a red one.
    I wouldn't hesitate, it looks like they're really bargaining to get them off their lots and the rebates end 4/1/01
  • snorris1snorris1 Posts: 3
    Hello again, Bought a LX, and it's EX's that the dealers have--stupid spell check!!!
  • toddmodemtoddmodem Posts: 19
    Hi nerby,

    I'm from Niagara. Whereabouts in Southern Ontario are you?
  • jb03jb03 Posts: 31
    Sounds like the dealers you spoke of are trying to run a game on you. If you are willing to travel to southeastern MI you will definitely get a better deal. I bought my 2000 LX Touring back in August from Metro Mazda in Ferndale, just north of Detroit for $1,000 below invoice and special Mazda financing. At least two other dealers around the Metro Detroit Area were willing to deal. There are owners in the Chicago area also. Hopefully, someone will respond to you with dealer info from that area.


  • rman3rman3 Posts: 3
    Thanx for your opinions re: the Ottawa dealers. I too had a good visit with the Bank street dealer...

    Mazda Canada says they do not offer RES as an I guess my question is, how are people doing it in Ottawa and other parts of S. Ontario..I assume after market guys are putting it in for dealers...I am checking to see if ROSEN has any distributors/installers in the area...

  • brmudabrmuda Posts: 50
    Maybe you misunderstood. The complete Rosen system includes a "junction box" for accessory add-ons/plug-ins like Nintendo game system or a video camera. I'm not sure I'll ever make use of a plug-in as the VCP is plenty to keep my boys occupied during road trips.
  • nerbynerby Posts: 2
    Hi there.

    I'm from Oakville. I believe you poste earlier and referenced St. Catharines Mazda.

    Can you share the deal you made?

    I think I'd be happy with the LX as it comes.

  • philbeauphilbeau Posts: 19
    Just bought 2001 LX w/ Security pkg, 4 seasons, roof rack for $21.9K. don't let the dealers get you down. I found Edmunds Invoice prices to be right on the mark and dealer willing to deal at Invoice less incentive. For me that meant $22.9K less $1K incentive. I ended up going through a wholesale club (BJ's wholesale) to get my deal. Also, I looked into a Credit Union (3% over Invoice-Incentive) for comparison. I will say i'm very pleased with my MPV. Only observation I have is that the "tan" interior seems very light in color and don't think it'll stay looking clean for very long.
    Good luck.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    When it came time to turn in my 2000 MPV with a tan interior, I was worried about getting some of the kid stains out. However, they all came out without a problem. I used a scrub brush with water and a little laundry soap. It looked brand new after a year with my cracker eating, juice box sucking, dirty shoe wearing kids.

    Just scrub it down and use the shop-vac to suck it dry.

    I have yet to try the same with our gray interior MPV, but I expect the same good results.

  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    Did you have your seats scotchgarded? My Wife and I will be purchasing a Sand Mica LX MPV shortly and are concerned about the beige interior(2 very dirty boys, 8&4). I have even considered getting an ES for the leather. Also, I'm fairly new to this site, why did you get another MPV?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Nope, no scotch guard, but I wonder if there was some protection on there. The seats were a breeze to clean.

    Yes, I have another 2000(silver/gray). The previous one was red/beige but with no rear air :~( After one summer in So Cal I realized why dual air in a mini-van is a good idea.

  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    Glad you like your MPV! I've heard nothing but good things from a company called Warranty We are going to purchase a LX shortly and I checked the price for a 7 year/100,000 mile and the cost was only $730.00. Something you may want to look into. I'm going to purchase this plan when we get our van, since we intend to keep it at least 7 years.
  • lpatter1lpatter1 Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 2001 Mazda MPV LX and thanks to edmunds tmv I got it for $22,000 with leather. My wife likes it and that is all that matters. We had looked at Sienna but to much. I am concerned about the Ford motor it has in it, anybody aware of the reliablity of the motor. We traded a Plymouth van for this one and it was a piece of hit!!
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