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Mazda MPV



  • otishotish Posts: 59
    As someone has already stated yes you can have the sunroof as well as the roof rack. We do too and have used a car top carrier on a long trip to the lake.

    Your dealer can get the tethers installed for you and most have done it for free although the tether parts will cost you around $8 each. They work with the 2nd row captains chairs and are really nice. They match the interior color of your van (beige or grey) and come with a nice cover that snaps on for when they are not in use. There are also marks on the mat for the bench seat that show the dealer where to cut out so the tethers fit thru nicely. It is a good set up. I personally only need one car seat and chose to put the tether on the driver's side seat so we can still use the the slide feature of the other captain's chair. Hope this helps and enjoy your van - you will love it!
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    It's Mazda's policy to provide those tethers free of charge so don't let the dealer charge a dime for that, they get reimbursed.

  • otishotish Posts: 59
    I have nothing but good things to say about my van (we have owned this beautiful red ES for over 14 months now and no problems!) It is really a joy to drive and the reliability factor here seems to be very high. I too got burned with a Chrysler product and will not go down that road again. We get stopped a lot with questions and positive comments about this van. People always think it is brand new. As far as your door handles they have not shown any signs of wear in our van. To address your question about the engine power I think you will find that the majority of us find that it is not a problem either. Our other vehicle is an Infiniti Q45 so it is not like we are used to wimpy engines. We have no complaints with the MPV power and have driven it on trips ranging from Minnesota down to San Antonio. I think you will love your MPV too.
  • rjr425rjr425 Posts: 53
    Owned a 94 Voyager SE (short base). I originally bought it because I liked its looks and because I admired Iacoca and the way he pulled Chrysler out of the hole. I only kept it for 30k miles and had one seige of transmission trouble early on, which Chrysler hunted down and fixed for good (well, for 30k miles that I know of). I got rid of it because although it was plush and comfortable and a hell of a road car and quick as a rabbit, it had the handling qualities of a school bus. And I got bored with it. Until I began reading the DC van sites and found out about its nasty habit of dropping its transmission out of warranty, I kicked myself for three years for getting rid of it. Probably saved myself a bunch of headaches by getting bored. Didn't save myself any money, though. It's expensive to trade cars before you've even finished paying for them. Ouch!
    I can't say that the van was a piece of excretum (I can't help it; I'm an English teacher), though. Once the initial tranny problem was fixed, the thing never gave me another problem. Until I read the posts, I'd have recommended the DC to anyone. As a matter of fact, I was set to buy another one. Until...

  • cutter44cutter44 Posts: 42
    Hello all,
    Just curious if anyone has had to change a tire on their MPV yet. I picked up our new 2001 silver LX last Tuesday night and kind of rushed the salesman through the check list because I wanted to get going and drive it! As a result, I never got the spare tire tutorial. Reading through the owner's manual it looks kind of confusing and a bit of a pain to access the spare. Is it as bad as it seems? Maybe when the weather breaks I'll try a "test run".

    BTW, based on comments posted here, I picked up a clutter catcher from Walmart Saturday and it does fit like a glove. The emergency brake's a little inconvenient now and you do have to position the console just right because of the front arm rests, but it's nice to have a little more storage. I guess it could also be a problem for the second seat passenger's feet when the seats are pushed together into bench mode. The deeper cup holders are convenient, too. Overall, $25 well spent. Thanks for the info.
  • alexv1nalexv1n Posts: 248
    I drove with two pairs of full sized skis inside the van. However I didn't put them vertically. The third row seat doesn't actually rest on the floor. There is a considerable space between the seat and the floor. You can slide the skis right beneath the seat easily and put it in the "aisle" between the seats in the second and first rows. So it's no problem at all (unless you put the clutter catcher console between seats).
  • Getting ready to buy but wondering when the 2002 models are coming out. any ideas?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    With 250 miles on the MPV, my wife gave me the opportunity(oops! was that a curb?) to try out the spare tire set-up. If was very easy and the tool kit even comes with a large bag for the damaged tire(kudos to Mazda). However, being a purist, I used one of the trash bags that I keep in cargo area. Getting the spare tire out from under the side is easier than the the pickups I have seen, so no problem there.

  • brmudabrmuda Posts: 50
    Just to clarify..... Mazda WILL cover Rosen ent
    system installed aftermarket under its new car warranty provided it is installed by "factory approved" installer. In my case, mine was installed by Classic Soft Trim (nationwide shops who specialize in aftermarket "factory approved" accessories (ie., Rosen systems, leather interiors, etc.).

    Classic's paperwork actually states all of this.
  • brmudabrmuda Posts: 50
    Just returned from 1st "road trip". Covered approx 600 miles roundtrip. MPG going was 19. MPG on the return was 22. Avg speed was 65-70. I think mileage was a bit lower on the "going" side due to pretty hefty winds in the midwest. Overall, I think it's a good road vehicle. No major complaints.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Too bad you got a flat, hope the rim's okay, and I hope the weather wasn't nasty.

    I think Mazda got it right with their spare tire setup. Sometimes it's the little things that matter the most, like the baggie in the tool kit, or the nice way the lug nut key snugs to the tire iron. They prolly had a design committee that decided exactly what needed to be in the tool kit, lol. I remember when we got our MPV in Portland, just before we drove it back to Anchorage, we tested the workings of the spare, and it is indeed very easy, esp since you can stand out of harm's way when cranking the spare down, and not emptying a full trunk, exercising your "vocabulary" at the same time.

    I ran over a screw at a tool rental place in Rolf last fall (renting a ladder for those bloody Christmas lights), and had to remove stroller, subwoofer box and emergency box before I could lift the trunk floor and remove the spare, saying some good "Christian words" as mom always called them. To it's merit, the tool kit for the car even came with some leather gloves with "Volvo" inked on the backs of them (no baggie tho), so I had to smile while doing my best rendition of a 15 second NASCAR pit stop...which probably took more like 5 minutes. Must be cuz I didn't have my Rainbow Warriors jacket on. :)

    I'm old school too, and keep gloves, a small tool roll and flares in the compartment next to the subwoofer.

    Incidentally, just for conversation, does anyone use the small tray under the front passenger seat? I don't think we've ever put anything in it, save for some spare gloves.

  • msgjvhmsgjvh Posts: 196
    My only problems with the spare were that the crank wrench does not fit as snugly as I would like. I would have preferred a hex nut instead of the slotted one. Plus, when removing the tire from the cable it took me a while to figure it out in the dark along side the road without a flashlight. Hence, there is now a flashlight in the tool bag! It was extremely funny to watch the tire repair guy try and figure out how to put the spare back on and where. I let him walk around the van for a good 5 minutes before lending my newly found expertise.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I spent 4 years working in Mazda's warranty department. I can tell you from experience that what you are saying is not correct. Also, look at your warranty guide in the glove box. Page 32, last sentence of paragraph 3 states, "If parts or accessories are sold but not installed by a Mazda Dealer, they are covered for the first 12 months/12,000 miles, from the purchase date excluding labor charges."

    Of course, if you didn't purchase the item from a Mazda dealer, a Mazda dealer can't warranty the part and Mazda's warranty only applies to Genuine Mazda Parts and Accessories.

    Like I said before, the place that you purchased your system from is free to warrant their product as they will but they can not claim that the item is covered by Mazda's warranty.

    A side note: there is no such thing as "Aftermarket Factory Approved Accessories".

  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Heh, maybe a rechargeable light with it's own power plug snugged into the side of a panel would be a really neat feature? Or your own personal mechanic, I could handle that. "Vinnie, find out where that clunk's coming from!" Then again, I *am* Mrs. Javadoc's own personal grease monkey, hmmm, I feel like a sucker now! ;-)

    Reminds me of some auto parts commercial I saw a while back. There's this guy sitting in the back seat of someone's SUV (a Yukon I think), and he says, "Hang on, I hear something rattling!" He climbs out of the vehicle, which is lumbering down a two-laner, and crawls under it, flashlight in his mouth. At the end of the commercial, he plops down in the seat again, "It's okay, it was only a twig." I think I watch too much TNN.

    I too have learned to carry a few items, usually only after I've needed them desperately. Duct tape is ever present (good for taping exhausts back together when 100 miles from Nowhere, BC), as well as a collapsible snow shovel, which our friend Maltb will never need living right near paradise, lol.

    Maltb, btw, know where I can rent an MPV when I come down to Orange in May?

  • seguyseguy Posts: 133
    Had a 2000 MPV loaned to us over night. Great features, but lacked power. Dealer said sept, would offer 3.0, is this fact or rumor, as I have yet to find anything in magazines or net, besides dealers statements. Though I don't think they'd make that up, since that could slow sales on 2001's. Live in Colorado Springs, loaded up van with 3 friends and tried to cruise @ 80mph with AC, but very heavy-footed on gas, don't think fuel economy would be very good, also downshifted often to maintain speed. Could be the altitude here I guess. Dealer offered $5000 off MSRP, but would like to wait for 2002's with more power. Otherwise great ride. Any comments on new engine??? (traction control would be nice too...)
  • msgjvhmsgjvh Posts: 196
    Please do not be under the assumption that you will get $5k off the MSRP on a 3.0 equipped 2002! Once that 3.0 gets installed these babies will be the life of the party! You will be lucky if your not paying $2-3K above MSRP like the Odyssey. So you will have to weigh the opportunity cost of waiting for a 3.0. In this case it appears to be at least $5k.
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    I was going to wait for the 3.0 in 2002. But,so many MPV owners have said power isn't a issue. It seems people who drive it for the first time, feel it's underpowered. My Wife and I have test drove 3 different MPVs and they drove fine, one had a bad vibration around 60mph. I believe if you like the MPV you should "pull the trigger" on a 2001. The incentives for a 01 are and will be terrific to unload them before the 02s come out. I don't think you will pay over MSRP, on a 02, but the days of the great deals below invoice, will be a thing of the past. No one I know of has had any issues with the 2.5 Duratec. How do we know there won't be problems with the 3.0? It is suppose to be the same engine that is in the Tribute and there have been a few quality issues with that engine.
    It's amazing how many car reviewers labeled the MPV as very underpowered. The MPV's reputation has been unfairly represented in the press. I've driven many minivans and they aren't entering any drag races.
    If you want the BEST looking minivan, best handling(sedan like), only minivan produced outside of North America(engine built in US),least problems and most loyal owners around, the MPV is your only choice.
    We will purchasing a 01LX very shortly, waiting for my tax refund for a higher down payment.

    Thx to Java, Blondemom!, maltb, rjr425 and all the others for your input. You have been very helpful. It's just getting "old" defending this wonderful van.

    P.S. Before you purchase your MPV make sure to test drive it at highway speed. A few have had some vibration, as I noted earlier. Find one that drives well. But, shouldn't we all test drive our car under all of your typical driving conditions before we sign on the dotted line? Just my 2 pennies worth:)
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I gave that one some thought when you asked before. My MPV sources are, how do you say, exclusive. All I can say is call Hertz, Avis, Alamo, Budget or Enterprise and see if they stock those. From what I know, the MPV has fairly low Fleet sales. It seems that GM, Ford and DC like to give their vehicles away to the fleets for the extra exposure.

  • Am seeing ads. for the free RSES system on the LX in NJ.
    Is this in addition to the rebates or in leiu of ?
    Am hoping to get one this week.
    Most prices on this list are in line with prices.
    Should I still go thru the grind with the dealers ? pros / cons ?
  • alicecalicec Posts: 6
    I am very happy with our purchase of our 2001 ES. However someone at my part time job was telling me about a friend who got a great deal on a new 2000 recently and she stated "It's just like yours with leather seats and everything" (This person has never seen the inside of my van). Were there any significant improvements to the van in 2001 from the 2000 model? From what I've read, there doesn't seem to be much of a difference.
  • jschmiidtjschmiidt Posts: 10
    From Tampa, FL:
    Thanks to those who responded to my initial post. As I mentioned, I purchased a 2001 Sand ES w/roof rack, dealer installed fogs and entertainment system for $300 below invoice on Sunday. I'm feeling much better about my decision.

    Went to the dealer Monday evening to swap my Dodge GC after they had installed the fogs and entertainment system. I was on I-275 in the middle lane when all of a sudden I heard a load thumping noise. I thought it was a Harley or some other vehicle that needed Midasizing. Then I felt some shake and saw some smoke out my rear window. I'm thinking "This can't be happening to me. Not now!". Transmission? Rear-end? Turns out I had a blow out on my right rear tire. (My first ever.) Now I know the tires were not made by Dodge, but I swear this vehicle was possessed and had all intentions of pissing me off one last time. I guess having to put in a brand new starter one week earlier wasn't enough.

    Of course it also had to happen where the only place I could pull over was where the road went uphill, (Florida is by the way very flat!) had little shoulder, and then a grass embankment. Luckily the DOT road service tow truck came by shortly thereafter and put on the spare for me. There's no way I would have been able to do it without a heavy duty jack like he had. He let me use his cell phone to call the dealership, and the salesman said not to worry and just bring it down there.

    What a relief to finally get rid of that nightmare. I had a wonderful drive home in my new MPV with that excellent stereo cranking. The wife loves it. The kids love it. This is the first time I've ever gotten a vehicle that was top of the line; i.e. leather, wood grain, entertainment system, so they were very excited and loved it at first sight. I'm sure my youngest was happy the next morning when he got to watch his Elmo tape on the way to day-care.

    The only drawback I can see so far is that I won't get to drive it as much as my wife.

    A few questions:

    1.) The dealer installed fog lights only work when the front headlights are on. They do not come on if I just have the running lights (some say parking lights) on. Is this the case for those of you who have factory installation? Or did the dealer goof?

    2.) The entertainment system is MovieVision by Magnadyne Corporation. It not only is a VCP like the one installed at the factory, but has VCR, TV, an antenna attached to the inside of the rear side window, S jack, game jacks, 2 wireless headphones, and was installed under the rear bench. Anyone else have this one? Any feedback on quality? Booklet says 1 yr warranty. Dealer initially said 3yr-50K, but has since changed the story. Since this was installed by the dealer prior to delivery, does the Mazda warranty overrule?

    3.) Haven't cut out the holes in the rear mat for the car seat tether yet. My wife hooked the tether to the bars under the middle row; similar to what she did previously with the GC. Is this OK? It seems to prevent the car seat from tilting just as well.

    All in all so far so good. Lot's of compliments from people. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

    Sorry for the long post. I'll be sure to check here on a regular basis to learn and provide feedback to others if I can as we go......

    Thanks again!

  • I do not know where in NJ you are but I purchased a 2001 withe the RSES in Feb. This incentive is until 4/2 (they say) and it IS in lieu of the rebate. You only get one or the other. We still got a great deal.

    I too checked the cars direct price and used it in negotiation with the dealer. The dealer I went to was Maxon in Union. Didn't really like them too much but got a good deal. I went in with a check from my credit union so it was like I was paying cash. That really increased my bargaining power. I was not there to take money out of the guys pocket (I'm in sales and know how it feels when someone trys to do that to you) but I wanted a good deal. So I got a 2001 LX with RSES, Security Pkg, Rear Air, Floor Mats. The TMV on Edmunds is $24,484 w/invoice at $23,361. The price I negotiated was $22,674.30. The amount taken off for the RSES is $1,372 (the invoice price). The invoice price (less the RSES) according to Edmunds is $22,989 so I got a deal at about $315 below invoice. It really didn't take much to get that either. Once he saw I had all the info in front of me I guess he figured why try and argue with me.

    Again, I thought the dealership stunk but I probably will not go there for service anyway because it is a bit far from where I live.

    I hope you get it this weekend (the RSES promo ends 4/2). My boys 7 & 3 love it. They sit in the far back seats with the second row seats down. Was able to get 2 sets of wireless headsets from the dealer also at no charge. Only because it took them so long to prep vehicle. If you have children the RSES is the way to go although, like others I do not particularly like the VCR placement. I have taken it out twice with relative ease though.

    GOOD LUCK xoomxoomxoom - buy the MPV and you won't regret it. We absolutely love it!
  • you should not tether to anything other than a properly installed tether bolt. Nothing else in the car is designed to withstand the forces that could be put on it, in fact incorrect usage could hinder the function of the seat.

    All US seats must pass the head excursion tests without the tether so it is safer to use it without until you get the tether bolts properly installed.

    Any Mazda dealer should do this for you free of charge. The tether that mazda installs is color matched to your interior, it is recessed below the deck and has a color matched cover for when not in use. I highly recommend them.

  • seguyseguy Posts: 133
    FYI: no real changes from 2000's and 2001's except for drop in hp from 170 to 160 in order to meet LEV status for the 2001. If you can find them, 2000's going with at least $4000 in incentives and rebates, depending which region you reside. Almost bought one, but not enough power for me, but that's objective to a point.
  • brmudabrmuda Posts: 50
    bee, you seem like the huffy-type, malt. Easy does it, fell. :-)

    I'll restate the warranty coverage Classic Soft Trim shops offers for Rose net systems FOR NEW VEHICLES since I know my prior post was unclear.

    This nationwide trim shop (Classic) will honor your new vehicles mar's warranty should you have any robs I/Rose system that they install. Again, this warranty is strictly offered from the trim shop - NOT Mazda. So, if you have troubles with their Rosen during Maz's new car warranty, they will repair/replace/rectify the problem free of charge.
  • brmudabrmuda Posts: 50
    Once again, this horrible spell-check got me again!!! So sorry to others for the inconvenience.

    Gee, you seem like the huffy-type, maltb. Easy does it, fella. :-)

    I'll restate the warranty coverage Classic Soft Trim shops offers for Rosen ent. systems FOR NEW VEHICLES since I know my prior post was unclear.

    This nationwide trim shop (Classic) will honor your new vehicles mfr's warranty should you have any probs w/Rosen system that they install. Again, this warranty is strictly offered from the trim shop - NOT Mazda. So, if you have troubles with their Rosen during Maz's new car warranty, they will repair/replace/rectify the problem free of charge.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I have seen too many false expectations that arise from situations just like this so I felt that clarification was necessary.

  • lattemanlatteman Posts: 1
    Just leased a black 2001 ES w GFX. Thanks for all the help. I read every message (over two nights). If I have problems I'll let you know. I'm not mechanically inclined, but did wash it myself this morning. Planning a 10000 km trip this summer, so if motor is gutless, am probably going to regret purchase. What are best products to wash, wax, clean tires, wheels etc.?
  • philbeauphilbeau Posts: 19
    Re: Post #1208.
    Haven't been here in awhile so don't know if you made your decision. Went to a few on L.I. Found Smithtown and Huntington to be No good, Franklin Sq. was o.k. Did the deal in Medford (112). Went through a Wholesale Club and got 2001 LX at invoice minus incentives.
  • rotarykidrotarykid Posts: 191
    I drive all kinds of mazdas everyday, and I can't seem to figure out how the mpv lacks power. I understand that more power can be put in a minivan, but I am yet to see the need for it.
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