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Mazda MPV



  • gunga64gunga64 Posts: 271
    Isn't it amazing the junky tires they put on new cars. I'd rather them give me the money they spent on tires and pay extra for ones I buy on my own. I can recall when I was younger I'd buy goodyear or firestone tires, only to see them wear prematurely or for some unknown reason get a flat in the sidewall instead of a repairable area. I wish these dumb manufactors would stop putting junky tires on new cars. They have useless warrenties on them when they are new. Give me Michelin tires of my choice any day. I could get them for 1/2 the prices these clowns pay for the junk they put on these new cars. One of the dealers I went to told me for a fee we will give you tires for life or some nonsense. Yeah right.
  • bob57bob57 Posts: 302
    I cannot recall any new car I purchased that had decent tires on it. Most of them become racing slicks after 20K miles. The last time I argued with a tire manufacturer about a set of out-of- round tires the district manager told me "Hey, an egg will roll and it's not round..."
    With attitudes like that I'm not wasting my time with them anymore. They act like you're taking money from their grandmother. Of course, the auto dealers are absolutely no help. "Not our tires, man".
    When the original tires bomb out I just go out and get a good set Michelin's and be done with it.
  • j2kbarlowj2kbarlow Posts: 89
    I concur that most OEM tires are junk. There are exceptions. One was my Subaru Outback that I traded in for the MPV (Michelins standard - 66K miles and counting). I noticed that you can't even buy the Dunlops that came on our 2K1 aftermarket! If they last 25K miles, I'll be satisfied. My '93 Miata had the same issue.

    Anybody have any idea which OEM tires hold up better on the new MPV's?
  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    So I can whine,after having just bought an MPV,does anyone know what Mazda is doing with rebates or financing now that 7/9/01 has passed?
  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    My last set of oem tires lasted 63,000 miles on my van. General XP2000 GT. They were pretty good.
  • gunga64gunga64 Posts: 271
    Just found out 1500 till 10/1/01 was on site for mpv
  • garyjwmsgaryjwms Posts: 28
    Hiya Folks!

    Well, after lurking on this list for the past few months, I purchased a 2001 MPV LX with the security package, rear a/c, roof rack and rear bumper step plate. I bought it through and had an absolutely positive experience (I can elaborate more on this if anyone is interested). I shopped the carsdirect price around to 3 area dealers, and none could come within $1000 of the price.

    With rebates ($1500, plus an extra $400 via the Mazda graduate program which I qualified for), the price for our van came to $21,118. With tax (8% in California) & Title, the price was just over $23k Just for comparison, I priced out a comparably equipped Sienna and Odyssey on Carsdirect, and found that the MPV was $5,500 less than the Sienna and $6000 less than the Odyssey. Needless to say, I am thrilled with the deal I got!

    The vehicle we replaced was a 96 Dodge Grand Caravan, which had 78,000 miles and a myriad of problems, ranging from annoying to rather expensive. After driving the new MPV for a week, here are some of my initial impressions (and inevitable comparisons with our previous van - hope you don’t mind):

    In so many ways, this new vehicle is a perfect fit for us. We have 2 small children, so a van continues to be a necessity for us. And given the poor reliability of our GC, we decided to look for a new van. Our mechanic, who also works as a sales rep for a leasing company, suggested we look into the MPV -- several of his other clients were really pleased with the MPV, and it offered the best value for the money.

    One concern that my wife and I had was whether or not we could live with a smaller van than what we were used to. The truth is, the MPV is everything we could ever want in a minivan. The MPV is "deceptively roomy" -- that is, while there's less overall space, it's much better designed, and with the infinite seating configurations, the MPV can handle any task that our old GC could handle, from loading up with kids and adults (did it on July 4th) to hauling people and luggage to the airport. And the overall quality (fit & finish, firm ride, precise steering) is worlds better than our not-so-old Caravan, which in many ways was, well, I think the technical term is "squishy" -- bouncy suspension, vague imprecise steering, uncomfortable foam seats with little support, even the suspension made a "squishy" sound -- the way it creaked, groaned and rattled, we were always worried that something was going to fall off (and we actually had this happen!)

    While I could go on, here's my short list of things I like about our new van, and things that I would want to change if I could:

    Cool things:

    Stereo system -- it rocks! I have the standard 4 speaker system w/Single CD & Cassette. Love having an in-dash CD again, after having one stolen from my old car years ago.

    Roll-down windows in the sliding door -- my 5-year old loves this, and my Odyssey-owning friends are jealous!

    Infinitely adjustable seating -- mentioned before, I especially like how the front 2 seats can flatten into a sleeper bed.

    Rear a/c - definitely worth it - I originally ordered an LX w/Security package only, but the Cars direct rep said that the only models left in dealer inventory are also equipped with rear a/c, adding an extra $512 to the price tag. I'm glad I splurged -- this was key on the day we went to Dodger Stadium, after the van sat in 90 degree sunshine.

    Suggested improvements:

    Power locks: Keyless entry is cool, but once you're in the van, the only power lock control is on the driver's side. I want one on the passenger side as well. Also, I'd want the power locks to automatically engage when you start the Van, and unlock when you turn the car off. The driver has to manually activate the switch.

    Under seat tray -- I'd want it to be large enough to store file folders or magazines, and be lockable.

    Under second seat space -- I like that the middle row seats slide together, but I do wish that there were storage space under the middle row. There's a little space under the 3rd row, enough to stow diapers and baby wipes for our daughter.

    Security alarm beep -- at first, I thought that there was no audible indicator to let me know if the alarm was engaged, but I discovered pressing the button a second time causes the horn to "toot", which I find annoying, and I think my neighbor will as well. I'd want a softer electronic beep, and also a little blinking red light on the dash when the alarm is engaged.

    Gear shift arm -- it obscures the two buttons I use most on the stereo (to select the CD track I want to hear), But I'm getting used to it now.

    Sorry for the long post, but I hope this information is helpful for those of you lurking on this list, considering an MPV. I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up, and I'm delighted to know that the people on this list love their MPV's as much as I do!
  • garyjwmsgaryjwms Posts: 28
    Oh -- forgot to mention, I also asked for and got the voucher for the free booster seat. For those of you with little ones, it's a freebie that Mazda & Ford Dealers are offering, I think until 10/30/01. Ask for it though, the sales people may not know about it or mention it off-hand. I also found a press release on the Mazda media site:

  • j2kbarlowj2kbarlow Posts: 89
    Tried your link - seems I have to have some sort of authorization. Could you post the press release?
  • garyjwmsgaryjwms Posts: 28
    Sorry -- here's the text of the press release:

    April 30, 2001


    -- Customer-Focused Program Provides Booster Seats to Parents of Young Children --

    IRVINE, Calif. - In order to enhance child passenger safety, Mazda today announced the participation of its over 700 dealers in a nationwide booster seat giveaway program. The booster seat giveaway is one of the primary elements of the "Boost America!" program sponsored by Ford Motor Co. Boost America! will distribute one million booster seats, half through the United Way to low-income families and the remainder through participating dealers and other partnering organizations.
    Mazda dealers will distribute over 67,000 vouchers for free booster seats between now and the end of October. Customers may redeem the vouchers at Toys "R" Us for a free Evenflo Right Fit booster seat or for a discount on another belt-positioning booster seat. The vouchers will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis while supplies last.

    "This program is a wonderful opportunity for Mazda's customers to enhance the safety of their children with booster seats. We encourage our customers who have children between the ages of four and eight to stop by their local Mazda dealer and pick-up a voucher," said Charles R. Hughes, president and CEO, Mazda North American Operations.

    Experts agree that children weighing 40-80 pounds-typically between the ages of four and eight-should use belt-positioning booster seats restrained by lap-shoulder belts. The booster seat elevates the child so that the lap-shoulder belt fits better. Currently, booster seat use is estimated at 21 percent. Effectiveness data shows that children properly secured in child safety seats survive nearly three-quarters of the crashes that otherwise would be fatal.

    Mazda North American Operation is responsible for the sales and marketing, customer parts and service support of Mazda vehicles in the United States. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., MNAO has more than 700 dealerships nationwide.
  • su_a_vesu_a_ve Posts: 68
    I called my dealer to find out, and they had no clue whatsoever...

    So I called my old Ford dealer (I have also a 98 Escort) and they do have the vouchers and to stop by to pick it up... I will stop by the actual Mazda dealer I will be taking it for service (which is not the same where I bought it since they wouldn't go that low).

    If interested, I bought an LX with sec, 4seas, rear ac, roof rack and net for $240 over invoice, less $1000 rebate AND 4.9 % financing. We wanted it in red originally but they are nowhere to be found (I don't think I've seen any in the road yet), so our second choice was white. It took us a while to find it though, pretty much all over NJ.

    Also, they tried to push the useless extendend service, but the funny thing was that they were pushing their own, and not Mazda's ! - Even when I told them that I'm moving to VT in a month, they said 'oh - but Lojac would still work :).

    We are very happy with it (my wife drives it weekdays, I drive weekends). And on the 6th of July, we lowered the rear seat and watched the fireworks (at Rider U. for those in NJ).

  • billmckinleybillmckinley Posts: 167
    First of all, welcome to the club--happy miles.

    As to the security light. Believe it or not, there IS a warning light for the security system. The problem is that it's so small and blinks so seldom --every three seconds--that your average thief would have to be 106 years old to be slow enough to notice it before he broke into the car.

    I agree with your comment about the rear AC. Like you, I didn't want it and had to take it and have since come to really really appreciate it. But what I think is the niftiest feature is that third row, not only the tumble-under feature, but that spacious well behind it when the seat is up. Good grief, the stuff you can dump in there!

    Also on the security system. When you lock the doors with the remote, the parking lights blink. Easy to overlook if you're not looking at them, but if you remind yourself to watch for them, you'll improve your relations with your neighbors quite a bit. :) And if you happen to be close to the car when you lock, you can clearly hear the door locks clamp down. I only use my horn signal when I'm not sure I've locked.

    Enjoy your van

  • j2kbarlowj2kbarlow Posts: 89
    You CAN order the OEM Dunlops aftermarket - sorry for the earlier misinformation everyone.

    I've had good experience with Dunlops on my Miata, but have never seen or heard of the SP40 A/S before getting them on our new MPV. Anyone know if they hold up better than the Yoko's?
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    great results with the OEM Dunlops and Yokos. IMO, they are below average in performance and treadlife. As I posted much earlier, our family has owned 4 Mazdas( 2 Proteges,1 626 and our MPV). All came with either Dunlops and Yokos and were way below par, even with regular rotations. Replaced the Proteges and the 626 with Michelins and the cars handled much better and tread life was increased.

    Many 2000 MPV owners have stated their vans rode much better when they replaced their tires. We'll all be lucky to get over 25,000 miles on our OEM tires. I highly recommend MICHELIN SYMMETRY tires, a super all season tire perfect for a minivan. Our neighbor put a set on his 99 Quest and he is thrilled with their performance.
  • tedmomtedmom Posts: 3
    I've been lurking here and getting great info. re my upcoming MPV purchase. We have the "S" plan and were quoted prices about $400 below invoice for an ES model and LX model with touring option/rear air, enhanced CD roof rack, moonroof. My questions are: Do you think we'd be able to get a better deal off the "S" plan? $400 less than invoice didn't seem that great. Also, since the LX is about a $1000 less than the ES, is the moonroof worth the potential problems (i.e. noise, leaks, lack of headroom?). Thanks in advance. Really enjoy this board. Tedmom
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Have the dealer show you their invoice with the S-plan price listed as required by Mazda if they accept S-plan pricing. It's not likely that you will beat the s-plan price as incentives apply to that price as well, but it's also not impossible to do so. The nice thing about the S-plan is that there is no haggling over the purchase price and that the dealer can't charge you for bogus add-ons like doc fees and admin fees.

  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Having had many cars with sunroofs before, I'd opt for one always if available, and we lament not having one in our LX (couldn't find one). Modern sunroofs aren't going to give you much trouble at all really. They should never leak or malfunction (for years and years), you'll lose about an inch of headroom, and for the noise factor (biggest drawback imho), the pull-shade with the headliner material should do a superb job of isolating noise, although it prolly is a bit noisier than the steel of the roof. It's a trade-off, and you'd love how big the sunroof is on the MPV. Our next one will most certainly have one.

  • tedmomtedmom Posts: 3
    Thanks for the advice re the "S" plan and the moonroof. As a victim of leaky skylights in our home, I didn't want to repeat the experience in my new vehicle. Glad to know the modern moonroofs more reliable these days. :) Tedmom.
  • garyjwmsgaryjwms Posts: 28
    Geez, I didn't realize where the little blinking light was located -- under the tachometer in the instrument cluster. Not too visible, a potential thief has to be literally sitting in the driver's seat to see it. Not much of a deterrant, but at least they won't be able to start the car if the get inside.

    Thanks for pointing that out -- and yes, I agree about the well under the back seat -- like everything else about the MPV -- well designed and flexible!
  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    I've already bought and got a pretty good deal; but what is this 'S' plan about?
  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    Only on my second tank of gas. Is it suggested to even calc mpg now or wait until 1st oil change or until the motors 'broken' in?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    A buying program for Mazda/Ford suppliers and affiliates.

  • Hi,

    Please forgive me if this question was already asked. I read that the 2002 MPV will have a 3.0 Litre engine. Does anyone know if this is a Ford or a Mazda engine and when the 2002 MPV will make it to dealer lots?


  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    It's the same motor as the Tribute has now which is a 200hp 3.0L Ford engine. The word on the street is that it should show up on the lots in January, a bit late for a 2002MY.

  • cas6cas6 Posts: 6
    congratulations on your purchase. i am also thinking about one. which dealer in nj did you finally find was acceptable in both price and service ? thanks !
  • billmckinleybillmckinley Posts: 167
    Go ahead and begin calculating your MPG. My first tank was low [probably not completely filled by dealer on delivery], but every nontrip fillup since then--5K+ miles--has been remarkably consistent. [17.5 in all suburban driving in very hilly terrain, FWIW]. I do make it a point to keep my fillups as consistent as I can get them--no topping off. When the pump quits, that's it.

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Since I'm in CA, my 1st tank was the best until I filled up outside CA on a road trip. The gas that came in our MPV must have been some special Japanese stuff our something. The special ground water polluting MTBE gas we have here gives me about 3 less MPG than the other stuff.

    Just keep in mind that your 1st tank may vary from the local gas you buy.

  • Thanks for the quick response malt. One more question. Do you know if the 3.0 6 cylinder on the Tribute is built by Ford or Mazda?

  • I'm seriously considering a 2001 MPV LX. I've heard great stuff about the sound system. Does this only apply to the 9 speaker avail in the ES and LX touring? Or is the regular 4 speaker sound system good also.

    I'm not an audiophile, but I wondered if anybody has spent time comparing the sound in the two systems. I drove the LX yesterday with 4 speakers and it seemed fine to me.
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