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Mazda MPV



  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
    Here is as close a comparison as you can make today.

    Drive an 01 MPV

    Then drive a 01 2wd V6 Tribute.

    It has the 3L.

    As far as acceleration goes, it will be very close to the 3L MPV.

    This should tell you if you really need the extra torque and HP of the 3L.


  • garyjwmsgaryjwms Posts: 28
    My opinion is . . . The 01 MPV with the 2.5 is the best bargain out there right now, and it'll be interesting to see whether the bigger engine at higher cost will make the MPV less of a bargain (of course it's got the best design, the best handling, etc. but if it becomes difficult to get an MPV for under $25K then sales might sag, IMO).

    I'm perfectly happy with the 2.5 MPV. It accellerates fine for my tastes, and for $21K you cannot get a better van. My bigger concern is its MPG -- I got 21 MPG on the first tankful, but it's been around 16 MPG since. I think my wife likes running the AC. . .

    As for what to decide, I think I'll join the choir and say it's really up to you.
  • garyjwmsgaryjwms Posts: 28
    Wouldn't you know, one month after buying my MPV I've managed to lose the little key fob that activates the alarm and the keyless entry. (My wife still has hers, fortunately). My fob was still attached to that cheap wire ring that it was on when the dealer handed me the keys, and it managed to work itself free. I've retraced my steps back to when I last knew I had it, and so far no luck. My hunch is that my 1-year-old daughter, who is always playing with my keys managed to pull it off somehow, and I will find it wedged between the sofa cushions, or behind her toybox or something like that. I hope this will be the case, anyway.

    Anyway, I'm in the market for a replacement, and so far, I've got a bid on a replacement fob I've found on ebay (Looks like a new one being offered by a locksmith). I haven't yet checked on what the dealer would charge for one, but does anyone else have any suggestions as to where I might find a replacement one for less than the dealer?

  • We just got a 2000 MPV w 7500 miles on it. It seems up hills from 2nd to 3rd it 'lurches' - otherwise drives fine. Does not happen EVERY time, but enough to make it seem not right. Is their a bulliten on this? Think synthetic fluid would help it? Thanks!
  • patsfanpatsfan Posts: 8
    Thank you, evryone. The main reason for my question was to see how passionate folks are about the 2.5 and it's performance.

    Most people were satisfied with the engine as it is. Most also felt the $$ will go up with the 3.0. Good idea to try the Tribute, though.

    Decision: Time to buy!

    Thanks again...
  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
    It weighs about 300-400# less than the MPV so
    maybe you could take a few extra sales dudes or sales gals along with for balast. 8^>

    We like the 2.5L. I would like the 3L even better. But we don't drag race the MPV and I'm not afraid of high revs.

  • su_a_vesu_a_ve Posts: 68
    Whoever said before, carsdirect is not a referral (like autobytel).

    They use the locator to find the vehicle, and yes you wil be picking up the vehicle from that dealer. But you actually pay Carsdirect !!! When you start your shopping, you literally can build the vehicle the way you want it, but that won't mean you'll find it. But then once you enter your CC for the deposit (which I'm told is fully refundable) you'll talk to a rep who will then get into the locator and find what's out there from all dealers within a radius. Once you find the car, you can then buy it, or you can get your deposit back. But in any case, the price should have the same markup over invoice as quoted by their system.

    I did not buy from them cause I was not sure about the 4.9% financing at the time. Carsdirect was only advertising the dealer incentive. Their price was $150 over invoice. I paid $240 over invoice (2001 LX).

    My .02...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    fwiw, CarsDirect is an PowerShopper partner. Here's a link that further describes the process. Info about other partners can be found here.

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  • rice13rice13 Posts: 3
    I had the same problem as Wireless1 described in his post: I couldn't find the combination of color and options that I was looking for. I called all the local dealers and they didn't have any luck either. (I was adamant about finding a blue or red van -- can't stand earth tones, and it's too hot here in North Carolina for black.) After countless calls, I finally went with The price I got with them was comparable to the best price I'd been able to get locally for a boring color. Cars direct located us a vehicle in Atlanta, and my husband flew there to pick it up. (We almost had to mud wrestle over who would get to escape our tots overnight and enjoy the peace and quiet of the 6 hour drive back to NC. But that's a post for another board....)

    Using Cars direct saved us the headache of further calls to locate what we wanted. But that was really the only advantage. I think the company is actually fairly limited and is little more than a broker. Price wise, we paid about the same as we'd been quoted locally. They just enabled us to find a closer match with what we were looking for.

    Contrary to what's on their web site, this is not really an "interned" buying experience. The only thing that happens on the interned is marketing and solicitation of buyers. You tell them what you want, with the options you're looking for, and they give you a price. If you like the price, you give them your credit card number and contact information. Then they contact you by em-ail or phone (we worked by phone) and the rest is done in that medium.

    Incidentally, the way our deal worked was that the pleasant "vehicle specialist" at Cars direct took our order and looked for a vehicle by making calls to dealers they work with. They don't make an exhaustive search -- it's limited to their contract dealers. After making a few calls, the vehicle specialist came back with the closest she could find to what we wanted. It had one additional option that we didn't want (fog lights), and after we expressed hesitation about the deal, she actually called the dealer back and the dealer agreed to split the cost of the fog lights with us. So we went with it. Payment was made directly to the dealer, not through Cars direct. (Some of the information on their web site seems to have been superceded in actual practice.) Anyway, Carsdirect doesn't collect anything from the buyer - you pay direct to the dealer. The dealer gives a cut to Carsdirect. The guy at the dealer was very up front with us and told us what Carsdirect got: there was $900 profit on the vehicle, including holdback. Carsdirect got $450 of it.

    Anyway, if you're having a hard time finding what you want, you might want to try Carsdirect. But you'll have to travel to pick up the van -- they won't deliver it.

    All in all, after hemming and hawing about our purchase, we're pleased with our Red LX - a major step up from my fushia '84 Volvo wagon. Judging from other comments on this board, we'll probably continue to be happy with it.
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    glad to hear you found the color you wanted. Red is a tough color to find. While we were looking for our MPV, I visited 5 Mazda dealers and only saw one red DX. I like some of Mazda's vibrant colors. I've been looking at Tributes and love the color Galaxy blue. Thank goodness you didn't want an ODY, the color choices are terrible.

    My Wife drives a Sand Mica 01LX and loves her color choice. At first, Sand Mica wasn't my first choice, but the color kind of grows on you. Sand Mica changes color slightly in different lighting.

    You really like bright colors, a FUSHIA Volvo:)

    Happy miles!
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    are you going to paint Rolf Fushia? LOLOLOLOLOL

  • This is the first time I'm posting a message here. Does anyone know of any web site or after accessory company that sells a bumper or bumper guard for the back or front of a MPV 2000? I live in New York City and commute daily which is not a problem but when I park in the garages I've received numerous little and not so little dings from the attentants that valet park my van. Or maybe any suggestions on how to safe guard the bumpers. Thanks and I have enjoyed reading some of the hints that the users have provided and I do like my MPV because it's better than the Ody and all the other vans.
  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
    I dunno if this hint will help, but I find a daily beater you really don't car about dinging is a very cost effective solution 8^)

  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    There's a very fast old purple (fuscia?) colored 245 wagon out there LINK maybe it was Rice's? But no, Rolf will stay his original blue/green self...keeps me out of the speeding tickets I sorely deserve. I need the lettering off the back of that car, lol.

    Rice! Congrats on your purchase of an MPV, tho I mourn your loss of your fuscia brick (the Volvo) if you off'd it.


  • garyjwmsgaryjwms Posts: 28
    Well, there is a happy ending to this story. I wrote over the weekend that just one month after we brought home our new MPV, I managed to lose one of the key fobs that activates the locks and the alarm. After retracing my steps and coming up empty, I began to research what it would cost me to replace it. I located a locksmith who has a store on ebay, that specializes in remotes and key fobs, many of them factory sealed and new. The link to their site on ebay is the following:

    The Fob for the 2000-2001 MPV cost me $26.95, incl. shipping & insurance. The local Mazda dealer should reprogram it for me without charge. I was hearing that replacement fobs from the dealer ran as high as $90, though a dealer had e-mailed me on Monday to tell me that the part alone costs $62.

    But as it turns out, the morning after I purchased the replacement fob, my wife called me at the office to tell me that the staff at my daughter's daycare had found the one I had lost. It turned out that my hunch was right -- my daughter had been playing with my keyring, and had pulled it off. So now we have an extra fob, "just in case" this ever happens again.

  • garyjwmsgaryjwms Posts: 28
    I'm happy to hear other folks' experiences with Carsdirect.

    I was the one that had described carsdirect as a "referral", but I did qualify it by saying that they do operate differently than autobytel, and others, who merely pass your contact information onto an area dealer who then does the dealing. I guess what I meant by "referral" is that Carsdirect doesn't have any inventory, they are limited to what is in dealer stock. From the dealer's POV, it is a referral, in that a customer comes in and drives a vehicle off their lot, and the dealer transacts what amounts to a cash sale with Carsdirect. That's how our sales rep at the dealership described it, anyway.

    The vehicle specialists at Carsdirect also appear to work regionally, as the guy who worked with me explained that he was responsible for customers in So. California, Arizona & Nevada. Fortunately, I only had to go 45 minute to Irvine to pick up my MPV. And similar to Rice13, the vehicle that I ended up buying had a few more features than what I had originally requested (such as Rear A/C, a roof rack & the rear step plate) but these are features that I am now happy that I have. The color we got (Sand Mica) was our second choice, but we're happy with the color as well.

    As for how we paid for the vehicle, our 2 Cashier's checks (our down payment and that of our lender's for the loan amount) were made out to Carsdirect, but we brought them to the dealership when we picked up the vehicle. So in our case, we didn't actually "pay" the dealer, though we turned the checks over to them.

    As for the price, it was much less ($1000) less than the best price that I could find on my own with area dealers. Here's how it broke down:

    2001 MPV LX w/Security Pkg, Rear A/C, Roof Rack & Bumper plate:

    MSRP: $25,105 Invoice: $23,118
    Our price via Carsdirect: $21,118 (after rebates)

    I was curious as to how the dealer & carsdirect made money on the deal, and so Rice13, I am glad you shared that bit with us. However, our dealer also said that the holdback is dependent upon a positive customer evaluation -- essentially, he said that if we give the dealership less than perfect marks on the customer satisfaction survey, they don't get the holdback, and they lose money on the deal. Did you hear anything like this too?

    All in all, I was happy with Carsdirect, and based on our experience, I would recommend them, and at least using their website to comparision shop.
  • I was the one complaining about finding the right vehicle. I am glad to report that we finally found a dealer that was willing to look around and get us what we wanted. Last night I picked up our:

    2001 MPV LX
    Sand Mica/Beige
    Security Package
    4 Seasons Package
    Rear Air

    Not an option more, not an option less than we wanted. The deal went reasonably smoothly, though I feel in my gut that the dealer used a transportation charge (since they had to go get it from another dealer) to pad the total amount of the deal. I hesitated and they basically haved the charge (from 200 to 100), but I agreed in the end because I was getting a good deal otherwise. Because of the company I work for, I was eligible for the Mazda S-Plan (the Mazda version of the Ford X-Plan) which gave me a price that was 1.3% below the invoice price. Then I was able to take $1000 dollars rebate AND 1.9% financing. So overall I love the van and love the price.

    Haven't driven it all that much in the last 24 hours, but I already appreciate the handling. I expected more lean in turns, and I was pleasently surprised when that didn't happen. I also find the ride to be comfortable and quiet. Looking forward to a long trouble free life with this van.

  • Congratulations on your purchase--and the deal you got on it. You did great!

    As to the handling, I think it's the single most impressive thing about this van. I'm constantly amazed at how car-like it is--a total change from the other three vans I've owned over the years, and light years from the wallowing I'd grown used to on my 94 Voyager, a car I loved in all respects BUT that.

    Welcome aboard, and Happy Miles.

  • patsfanpatsfan Posts: 8
    Last offer from dealer:
    '01 Sand Mica ES with 4 seasons, muds, net and rear mat, moonroof, roof rack, fog lights - $25,900.

    I am thinking I can weasel another $200 - thoughts?

    I test drove the van and to me the power was fine . again, thanks for your suggestions.
  • msgjvhmsgjvh Posts: 196
    Did that include the $1500 rebate? If it did I would run away! You can certainly find a better deal. It's never their last offer at that price! If they say that walk away!
  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    What is the invoice price? You should be able to get the van for invoice less the rebate. Also, you might want to test drive it with the A/C running up a hill to be sure the power is okay with you. If you rarely use the a/c or have flat terrain where you are then it should be okay.
  • rbladerrblader Posts: 28
    msgivh is right. If it doesn't include the rebate, then you're better off to keep on looking. I got my 2001 ES with all of that plus a rear bumper rubber step plate and the in-dash changer for $1000 less. Looking back, I think I could have gotten it even cheaper(a few hundred bucks more-if I took the time to haggle.)
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    and they only had 3 MPVs left( 2 black LXs and a Sand Mica ES). I'm glad we purchased our MPV a few months back and got exactly what we wanted. It seems the $1500 rebate is helping sales.

    I went to the dealer to look at 01 ES Protege, what a nice car. Currently, Mazda is offering 48 months at 0 percent, $500 rebate and a free Moonroof. They also have a few Pro 5s, but don't want to pay over MSRP with no incentives. I currntly have a 96 DX Protege. Any MPV owners looking for a compact sedan should consider the Protege. Largest interior in it's class, and larger than some midsize cars.

    Sorry to get WAY off topic.
  • rice13rice13 Posts: 3
    I was interested to see what others paid via Carsdirect. We paid 21,300 after rebates for an LX with rear air, roof rack, and fog lights (the option we didn't want). This included destination and all other extras exception documentation ($198) and state tags/tax. Sounds like others have done better and gotten the security package too.

    By the way, our dealer told us that the holdback of 2% was automatic - not based on the dealer's performance or how long they had the vehicle on the lot. Ironically, I had e-mailed this same dealer directly a few days before I gave up and contacted Carsdirect. I hadn't gotten an answer because the guy who had been handling internet sales for that branch of the dealer had left and hadn't yet been replaced. So we probably could have worked out a better price by dealing with the dealer directly via the internet. Oh well.

    We are enjoying our apple red MPV. No problem finding our car in the parking lot! We took our first road trip this weekend up to the mountains in North Carolina. No trouble on steep climbs with 3 adults and 2 kids. The shifting does seem a bit jerky, but this is the first automatic I've ever owned, so I guess it'll just take some getting used to. Apart from that, the entire family (from 2 year old to elderly grandmother) was happy and comfy. My only regret is that there is so little cargo space. We can't fold down the back seat because we have 5 regular passengers (hence the van). The best solution for us was to take out one of the middle seats. That actually worked extremely well. We put the cooler, food, and car toys there and Mom or Dad in the middle row could dish out whatever was needed.

    As for the fushia Volvo - it's in Durham, NC. We can't get rid of it until my 5-year-old gets unattached from his best pal. He's a self-proclaimed "vehicle boy," and thinks of the Volvo (which he calls "purple") as his best buddy. (Somehow he hasn't noticed that he's already cheating on the purple car with the red van.)

    Our driveway now holds the bright red MPV, which really vibrates with the fushia Volvo and recently repainted red '90 Mazda pickup.
  • rice13 - I know what you're talking about with boys and their (parents') cars! However, my 2.5 year old (who can already name every make of car on the road) wasn't as attached to our Subaru. When we told him that we'd have to say goodbye to the Outback, if we got the MPV, he said, "Let's get the minivan!" BTW, we're nearly neighbors - I'm in Raleigh. So it's good to hear the MPV can handle our mountains with ease in the summer!
  • patsfanpatsfan Posts: 8
    Final deal:

    '01 Sand Mica ES with fog lights, moonroof, 6 disc cd, net, mat, 4 seasons, step plate, roof rack, and mud guards.

    Trade: $5,500 is what they gave me ('96 Jetta GL, 65k miles - KBB said $6,000).

    I gave them my Jetta and $20,465. If I add what I thought my car was worth ($6,000), I come up with MPV cost of $26,465. Sticker was $28,900. I financed at 4.9%.

    Edmunds had a TMV of $26,695. How did I do?

    By the way, we love the van.
  • Patsfan,

    The best measure if you are doing well is to find out the invoice price for your vehicle and options and compare your price to that number. Based on my own experience of buying this van (about a week ago) I would say that you should be able to walk into any dealer and buy the van for about $300 over invoice before rebates. I have heard that some have managed to negotiate to invoice. I was lucky and managed to use Ford's partner plan to get 1.3% below invoice.

    Right here on Edmunds you can select the car and choose the options and see the invoice price. If your dealer wants more than $300 over invoice before rebates, I would say that you can do better.

    My $0.02

  • patsfanpatsfan Posts: 8
    Thanks, Rick. According to Edmunds, invoice for this van is $26,715. I went with all the necessary info. and was shooting for below invoice. I got it for $26,465, but that was after the $1,000 rebate, which you get vs. the $1,500 when you take the 4.9 financing.
  • vaikarvaikar Posts: 1
    Just purchased my MPV ES yesterday. Thanks for all the great information I found in this discussion group.
    Got a pretty good deal. I got ES with roof rack, cargo mat, net, fog lights. Drive out price was $26,000 (with the $1000 rebate) [this works out to almost the invoice price on this car]. Did not pay any dealer fees, paid only a $50 documentation fee.
    The dealer in houston (Jeff Haas Mazda, Justin Flannagan) I dealt with was very nice. Found him to very honest and did exactly what he agreed to do.
    I had a question for you folks, did any of you get an extended coverage and how is Warranty Gold coverage?
    The finance department at the dealership tried to sell me an extended warranty for $1300.00 (I got a better quote for a longer term from Warranty gold ($738)).
  • patsfanpatsfan Posts: 8
    The warranty is not worth even $500, let alone $800 or $1,300. Happy trails......
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