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Mazda MPV



  • Sorry chris1113 - I don't have the unit myself but most electronics have that sort of info in one of those two places.

    Unless someone else with the unit can help, I'd suggest calling the company and asking for the amps. They should be able to give it to you.
  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    What is the K&N filter all about, and is it worth it?
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Um, is that a good thing? No undue attention...I've been swarthed before. ;-)

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    There's a K&N Air Filters, bolt-on power? discussion here with, er, conflicting opinions :-)

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  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Steve_HOST: You're missing an indian summer here, just in time for the fair!

    Rutger3: The K&N air filter is a washable filter that drops in-place where your paper-element OEM filter goes. Takes a minute or two to install, costs about $35, but has a million mile warranty. Opinions vary on if you get more hp (I don't see much/any), but in my log book, I have recorded about .5-1.0mpg increase over the past two months of use. It's K&N p/n 33-2177, available at k&n's website, and other online retailers.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Just what I need - a Mat Valley pig running me down at the fair. I'm still sore where the Nampa pig creamed me last week :-)

    btw, the K&N website makes no claims (last I looked) for increased mpg.

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  • OK, I did the procedure shown here and on the MPV website and it works just fine. In case you were wondering. Thank you!!!!!
  • I want to use Mobil I synthetic tranny fluid in my 2000 MPV to smooth out the cold shifting, but the dealer tells me that Mazda does not have a list of approved products, and is still calling for the Dexron II specified in the Mazda manual. Does anyone have an experience with this or know whether the use of synthetic would void the warranty in the event of a transmission problem? Does the synthetic help smooth out the shifting?
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    My local dealership offers a synthetic atf for their cars (I forget the brand offhand, but I'd never heard of wasn't Dexron tho). I had them install Redline D4 aft (approved as a Dexron II/III/IV replacement per their literature) and the service manager didn't have a problem with the product at all. I think you have a service manager that might not be in the know, or maybe just doesn't want to do this for you...tho some sm's are sticklers for only using OEM products.


  • Thanks for the input. I'll check out the Mobil I product (it's easier for me to get than Redline), and make sure it's compatible with Dexron II and go ahead and make the switch. Hopefully, it will smooth things out and cope with the Florida heat better than the regular Dexron II.
  • Regarding your most recent post(#2020), I see you are running Redline ATF in your MPV. I have 12 quarts of Redline D4 headed my way and was wondering how much your dealer went through to replace tranny fluid? Did they fully flush for you? I have a feeling that 12 quarts may not be enough! Also, do think it was/is a positive move upgrading?
    Thanks, Ken

    PS: Thanks to everybody who responded to my previous post regarding cold engine idle...
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Youz guyz: What is the spec level for the atf?

    I think the amount of fluid you need is either 16 or 18 quarts actually. I'd have to look at the service invoice, since the service dept. brought the oil in for my application, and if you'd seen my work bench you'd not hold your breath for that answer. I'm bad, I have been having the dealership do all oil-related services on my van, sort of as a cya for myself. I'll check tho. :-)

    The fluid switch process they used for my van was a vacuum system that flushed the system as well as filling "at the same time" I was told. Seems to work fine for me!

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    8.5 qts per the shop manual
    that's without torque converter drain, which is probably another 3-4 if you are flushing.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Pints, quarts...can't keep them straight! :O

    So, 12quarts should be there if you're flushing. I'd better go check to see if I didn't buy them an extra few quarts! Thx for the confirm Maltb! :)

  • Thanks for the info. I was hoping I didn't need to shell out more $$$ for additional fluid! Also, my MPV is brand new(1250 miles). Should I wait before replacing trans. fluid?
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Oh, for sure wait then. My dealership refused do the job until the van had 12k miles, and said I should wait till 15k actually, but I whined and did it at 12k. You're going to need to run in everything before you switch. Waiting isn't going to hurt anything.

  • drrocketdrrocket Posts: 67
    I brought a case (12 qts) of Red Line Oil D4 synthetic ATF when I went to have my ATF changed, only to be told it would not be enough for a thorough flush. Service said it would require ~16 qts, so I had to reschedule after I acquired more of the elusive stuff. Allegedly it actually used 15 qts (though I can't remember where they [or I] put the unused remaining quart).
  • Does anyone know if the LX model has such a filter? If so, where is it and how much does it cost to replace? Also, has anyone priced after market fog lamps on the MPV? The dealer wants $400.00 for factory lamps and states that the front bumper needs to be removed in order to install. Is this true? Do after market lamps require removal of the front bumper?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Located right behing the glove box which is easy to remove. There is a small door on the blower unit that opens to reveal the slide out filter. the Mazda P/N is LC74-61-P11 and sells for about $32...pretty steep if you ask me.
  • Thanks for the advice. Tried over a dozen Mazda dealers in No and SoCal without luck, except for Don Kott. They rent MPVs: $70/day and .30/mile over 150 miles. Would have ended up a pretty pricey test drive for 4 days and more than 1000 miles. I did have a dealer in San Jose offer me a day-long test drive, but I'd feel kind of guilty emptying my father-in-law's storage facilty and strapping kids' beds to the roof of a vehicle that would be sold as new.

    As previously mentioned, Hertz rents MPVs but won't guarantee a vehicle make with your reservation; although I was told that if I show up to pick up my rental and they have one available, they'd let me have it.
  • Thanks for the info about the cabin filter. It was easy, already have the new one installed. You were right about the cost too...$32.35. It is steep, but the old filter was really dirty.
  • speevnspeevn Posts: 2
    Actually I think in the manual there is a step by step how to install the Fog lamps. And, I think I remember that the bumper does indeed have to come off to install.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    I have a copy of the actual instructions for the foglamp installation. They do say to remove the bumper, but I think it's so that you can more easily cut out the holes for the lamps themselves, because that's all you really do to the bumper while it's off. Imho, after studying the instructions at length, I don't think you *must* remove the bumper, although that step doesn't look hard anyway if you have a good set of wrenches.

  • pshornspshorns Posts: 1
    Just picked up my 2001 silver LX with security package, rear air, 4 seasons and roof rack. With the rebate, I drove off at $21919. The sad thing was I had to trade my 92 Protege . . . hope the MPV holds up like that car did. The great info on these boards made the decision easier!
  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    Just completed a tank full(300 mi) of mixed driving (a/c on) for my 01 LX, 21mpg.

    Separately, why doesn't Mazda use the same 6 cylinder engine as they use in the Tribute for the MPV,or for that matter,the 6 cyl engine used in the 626?
    Furthermore, after the first 3000 miles,I am very happy overall with the van. The disappearing third seat ,rear roll down windows,styling, ,diveability,sound system,are excellent. Starting to see more on the road. Now for the negatives:
    -third row seat comfort is not very good. We had 7 people in the van last weekend and both myself and my wife had the 'pleasure' of riding back there,separately. Leg room is tight,seats not nearly as comfortable as the 4 front seats. There definitely should be a CENTER HEADREST and 3 POINT BELT for the middle passenger,Mazda missed this one.
    -the dash board is too far forward,primarily for the front passenger,although leg room is okay.
    -the fan could use another speed,somewhere between the first and second settings.
    -not a negative,but how about Mazda splitting the rear seat so half can still be used for a passenger. Again,very happy so far,but I love pointing out little things that bother me.The only 'real' negative above is the third seat.
  • I'd thought about that split third row too! That would be nice. It may be harder to keep a flat load floor though (speculation) - take a look at the latches on the side walls. How would the seats latch securely if they were split? I'm sure that could be worked out, but at what expense? I'd sure like to have that feature though.

    The 626 V-6 hasn't been as reliable as the Duratec so that may be part of the reason Mazda used it. OR since they both are 2.5L, Ford could've pulled the plug on the Mazda unit to reduce costs. You almost bet the next generation Protege, 626, and possibly Miata will have Zetec and Duratec motors.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    When the MPV first came out in Q2/Q3 of '99, this question was asked about the use of the Duratec. The reason given is that it was a "money" decision, meaning that it would be better financially for them to use the readily-available Ford motor than use another Mazda motor. I forget the exact wording Mazda used, but it was sort of to the effect that they decided to use a U.S. sourced powerplant rather than a more expensive Japanese powerplant option. Also, as j2kbarlow stated, the Mazda V6 was debatebly not as dead-reliable as the Duratec.

    My opinion is that they didn't use the 3.0 because Ford wouldn't let them, since Ford knew they were going to phase out all their models currently using the 2.5 Duratec (Contour/ Mistique) and would have spare 2.5 mills around. Why let em go to waste, right? I suspect they also were committed to using their 3.0L motors for other projects, such as the Trib/Escape project at the time.

  • Just finished 1,000 miles of driving to the beach and mountains. We've had the van for about a month now:

    1. MPG was better than expected (about 23.5). Most of this was dead flat interstate w/cruise control on, but we did have 2 adults, 2 kids, A/C on 75% of time, and a van packed full of stuff. Pre-trip city driving MPG was hovering around 20.

    2. Power shortage in the mountains (West Virginia) was noticeable but acceptable. If I lived in a hilly area, I would probably not buy this van. It really struggles with uphill acceleration.

    3. Rear air is a must. At one point I considered not getting this option. I am really glad I have it.

    4. Rear seat comfort. Somebody mentioned that the 3rd seat is uncomfortable. I actually found it to be the most comfortable, as I could fold down the 2nd row seat and use it as a footstool. If somebody is sitting in the 2nd row, then yes, the 3rd row is a bit hard.

    5. Handling, sound system, and road noise were great. Mostly cruised at about 70-75 MPH, but had it mistakenly at 85 for awhile and didn't even notice. Little noise, and almost no vibration.
  • alexv1nalexv1n Posts: 248
    In the beginning, there was another consideration of using 2.5L vs 3.0L. I remember some posts about import taxes (in Japan?) for engines with displacements larger than 2.5L (allegedly just for this purpose Mazda modified the original Ford motor from being slightly over 2.5L to slightly under that [it is in fact something like 2.49L] and changed the compression ratio to keep the HP the same as in Contour). There were options that the MPV with 3.0L engine would cost about $1,000 just for that "large engine" import tax.

    I believe that the MPV is the only van assembled in Japan, so the other manufacturers aren't affected much by this factor and Mazda wanted to keep the price low...

    I can't tell if that information is accurate or not, I just remember the discussion over a year ago. So I may be wrong here.
  • Some of you might remember a couple weeks ago I vented my frustration by posting about my experience with reasonably near by Mazda Dealerships. Well thanks to the incouragment I got from some of the post, I tried again and am happy to say we are Very Happy owners of new 2001 Sand Mica,LX-touring Pkg,4-Seasons Pkg,Rear Air,Roof Rack,6-Cd Changer. Invoice + $300 - 1000 & 4.9 financing absolutely no hassel from Dealership. But If you want to know the rest of the story continue reading.

    Called "Crippen Olds,GMC,Mazda,Volvo" in Lansing Mich. Talked to Brian Houghs, asked if they wanted to sell a MPV told them what I wanted on van and what price I was willing to pay. He went to talk to his sales Manager George May and Much to my surprise was right back saying no problem (Will say right now that Crippen is a great dealership and I will not hesitate to buy from them again)they could do the deal.
    Brian found the van We wanted still in Port. and got it ordered for Us, delivery in one week.
    One week later on Monday Brian called van was in they would prep and we could pickup after work (Monday is a late day they stayed open until 8:30PM). We arived at Dealership At 7:00Pm and there it was clean and beutiful ready to go just as they had said (Life Couldnt have been better).
    We took the van out for a test drive, My wife was driving first about 5 miles from dealership she found a parking lot and pulls over so I could take my turn driving, when I opened door we were hit with a strong burning smell, I told her too Pop the hood and when she did smoke came out of the engine compartment. I checked the insturment panel for any lights or if temp was high,all seemed ok so we got in and went right back to Dealership. When we got there the smoke was gone and burning smell was less but still there and know there was a slight sound comming from the engine (sounded like a belt barly rubbing on somthing to us). Brian could hear the sound so he said it was probably the belt as we had said but that mechanic was already gone so we would have to wait until the next day for him to check it out. Tuesday Brian calls to tell me that they are reading error codes indicating that fuel injector for cylinder #5 is not working, that they will have to oder parts and that they were also getting some control modual just in case that was bad it would be a day or two getting parts and replaceing them then testing the van.
    about 2:00Pm Thursday Brian calls saying parts were in and they were working trying to get it done before they left. About 5:00pm Service Manager call asking if we had been givin a set of keys for the van they couldnt find both sets and that they needed them to reinitialize so they could start the van to test it. I call home to my wife (dont ask me why?) but she did have the set.they sent a driver to our house to pick up the keys and they would finish up Friday morning.
    About 11:30AM Brian call me at work the van was going to need a NEW ENGINE (20 miles on it a it blew a piston) He said they had been searching and that there was another van same color and all the same options except 6-CD Changer in GrandRapids MIch. would we be interested in that van, I said OK!. About 2:30PM Brian Calls (apologizing all over himself) The other Dealership had made a mistake that van was not available. But that they had found another van everything the same except this one did not have fog lights in grandville Mich. he also explainded that this van had been setting on the lot(why I dont know)for awhile and that its invoice was from before the mid season price increase so it would cost about $600 less than the original van.
    I told him to get it, so he sent a driver right out to get it and that they would have it ready Saturday Morning for us. Saturday we arrive at dealership and they are just finishing up the van.
    So to finish this story up we test drove the van everything was great,signed papers,saved $600,got $50 gift certificates to OUTBACK Resturant,Free "Zoom Zoom" decal for back window,wife very happy that means I am happy(you men out there know what I mean).So everything worked out It was just our luck that we had to take the long way around to get there.

    Thanks for all you advise
    and I hope this story makes your
    deals seem a little better.

    PS. anyone in Mich please try "Crippen Olds,Gmc,Mazda,Volvo. They were absolutly great through out the whole ordeal.
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