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Mazda MPV



  • Buying a 2001 LX and was offered the extended 5 year warranty for $1095. Anyone feel its worth it? Or are there any other sources?
  • A few Q's

    How far do you drive in a year?

    What is the mileage limit on the extended warranty?

    Why do I ask? The Mazda new comes with 36month/50K mile warranty. So unless you are getting 60 months and 100K miles, and you actually expect to drive that far, then go for it.

    You are basically talking about $550/year for two additional years, if you don't blow through the mileage allowance.

    It may look like a 5 year warranty, but in most cases, it really is only a two year warranty since you get three years regardless what you pay for your van. Of course if you are buying miles...

    But if you are really warranty conscious, it might be cheaper to lease for three years and get a new van when this one is out of warranty. If you drive less than 16.6K/year and can get a lease with that many miles, this might be the way to go.

    Final question, Mazda warranty or third party.

    I'm partial to the car makers warranty if I chose because they have more to lose if I'm not happy.

    My $0.02

  • The guy asks for advice. I post a few clarifying questions and this thread goes dead.

    What gives?

    Sitting at home like a loser because I'm on call this weekend 8^(
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    lol, maybe you gave him too much to think about?

    Missed you in Friday Freeway tonight - the MPV crowd was well represented.

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  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    No, wait...if Tboner shows up at Friday Freeway, I'll go farther down the list..."his knowledge, it is great."


    -Missed you there Tony!

  • msgjvhmsgjvh Posts: 196
    I wish he would have been thier I would have two intelligent folks to lemming after!
  • Friday night.

    And why do you think I'm up so early on a Sunday morning.

    Darn Computers

    PS, if your MasterCard doesn't work today, it aint my fault 8^)
  • msgjvhmsgjvh Posts: 196
    I only carry VISA.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167

    I hope I was not one of those you mentioned. I proudly tote a graphic on my race car that says "DON'T FOLLOW ME... I'M LOST TOO." If Tboner'd been there, I'd shamelessly lemming'd him too. "I'll Take turbocharged Volvos for $200, Alex," that's me.


  • ...and I'm no longer on call!

    MPV content. I'm taking it to work today, so we shall see how it does on the daily commute.

  • evaddaveevaddave Posts: 156
    Hiya everyone. Remember me? I've been out of comission for the last 5-6 weeks recovering from knee surgery, but I've got plenty of MPV stuff to contribute. So I'm apologizing now for what's likely to be a long post.

    -Front-end brake/tie rod popping sound:
    I took Maxine in to our Mazda dealer for the third time about the popping sound in the front end, and this time I took in a printout of the TSB from the forum here. When I picked up the van, the dealer insisted that it's an issue with the brake calipers, and that Mazda is working on a fix kit for it, and they'll call me when the kit is ready and they can fix the van. I'm not really happy about this, but the weather is getting colder, so we'll hear the noise less now. Hopefully they'll have the fix before Spring.

    -Side-by-Slide seats and dual sliding doors:
    After my knee surgery (ACL reconstruction), my right leg was in a leg immobilizer (mostly because my legs are too short to fit into a regular brace, but that's a different story entirely). I couldn't drive, so the MPV became my personal limo. :) My entry routine went like this:
    1. open the passenger door and slide the seat over towards the door.
    2. rest my crutches against the van, making sure only the rubber part touches.
    3. turn my back to the inside of the van and hoist myself up onto the seat (there's those short legs again) with my arms.
    4. grab the crutches and pull them into the van.
    5. pull the slide lever and slide the seat over to the center. (wheeee!!)
    6. close the passenger door.
    7. scooch myself over to the left seat and buckle up.
    The exit routine was easier:
    1. Open the driver side door.
    2. Put the crutches outside and use them as a prop.
    3. Slide off the seat (slowly).
    4. Close the door.

    Now for some non-MPV content. Hopefully some of the more automotively-inclined folks on the thread can help out. The battery in my poor Honda went dead after three weeks or so of neglect while I couldn't drive, and now it won't hold a charge. Is there anything I can do short of replacing it?

  • evaddaveevaddave Posts: 156
    I almost forgot. The November 2001 issue of Car and Driver showed up in my mailbox today, and in it was an article on the MPV LX. Basically it's the same thing all over again--love the roll-down windows, side-by-slide seats, and the fold-down third seat; hate the placement of the VCR, and the engine is underpowered. Yet they state early in the article that the van "was continually in demand" among their staff.

    I had thought from the pictures that Mazda redesigned the rear seat, but then in a sidebar the magazine shows a cargo container from Herrington that bolts to the underside of the rear seat and has pop-up sides and dividers to help contain groceries. I wonder if it interferes with the VCR at all.

    I checked the Car and Driver web site for a link to the article, but it hasn't been posted yet.

  • Looking at a 2001 MPV LX and was wondering if the rear AC is a necessity. We have a 2 year old with another on the way. It occurs to me that the little ones couldn't really work the controls. If you go without, are their any vents back there, or is it simply the front vents shooting cool air back? Thanks in advance.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I've had both and I'll never go back to the single A/C setup. With the dual air, you can make the thing an ice box.

    I suppose it depends on where you are, but in Southern CA, I would never again get one with single air.

  • Finally, after reading the posts here, test driving both the MPV and the Sienna, and doing my homework, I was able to purchase what I wanted and for the price I thought was right. I made the decision to buy an MPV now instead of waiting for the 2002. I purchased, for the wife, a pure white LX with: fog lights, front & rear mud guards, rear bumper step plate, roof rack, rear spoiler, dual A/C, and LX touring package. We got it for invoice minus the rebate ($24,293-$1500=$22,793). We financed through my credit union for 5 years @ 5.9%. This all happened on Sept. 7.

    Since then, we have added a rear seat entertainment system (for the kids), clear bra, and took it for a trip. During the trip we averaged a little better than 22 mpg and found the supposedly lack of power is not an issue for us.

    We have had no problems and are very happy with our MPV.

    Thank you to everyone on this thread. You made our choice and purchase so much easier.

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Many happy miles to you!
  • otishotish Posts: 59
    I would personally highly recommend the rear air option. We have it and I have ridden back there myself (usually when we have visitors) and find it quite handy. Yes, a 2 year old won't be operating it yet, but they will soon! Now when my 9 year old gets cold/hot she can handle it herself. My husband loves the A/C on much stronger than the rest of us so we often have it configured different in the back.
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    welcome to the MPV club! Many happy and safe miles.

  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    don't leave home without it:)
  • Run, do not walk to get the rear AC. Don't worry about your daughter being too young: you can cantrol it for her from the front. And if you get any 80+ muggy days where you live, it's an absolute delight for your passengers--and even for your front occupants when it's really hot and sticky out.

    Dave, you look as though you got a good deal on a good car. Glad this forum helped you with your decision and with the purchase. I know it was a big help to me when I bought The MPV President McKinley last February.

    Happy Miles!

  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    We even use it on warm (70s/80s) days here in Alaska. You'll want rear a/c for the small amount it costs.

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Who are you kidding?

    Malt(enjoying sunny and 80)
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Besides, it's not the heat it's the humidity that gets ya here. Yeah, that's the ticket! Of course, being FORTY-ONE degrees (that's F, not C) today, the a/c won't be used for, oh say seven months now.


  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    I enjoy the 4 seasons here in Ohio. You have 4 seasons, but 3 of them only last a total of 3 months:) I couldn't live in Malt's area. I wouldn't hang Christmas lights on Palm trees:)

    MPV content........7500 oil change, rotation tomorrow!
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Fir trees for Christmas

    TV & Movies
    Tons of Fruits and Veggies
    More Cheese than WI

    Not a bad exchange considering you can wear shorts while you hang Christmas lights.

    MPV content: Dual air gets used in November.
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    exports MPV engines, and then imports them right back:)
  • I bought a 2001 MPV LX about 3 months ago, and I didn't get rear A/C. I thought I didn't need it. Well turns out I need it. I have 2 kids, 2yrs and 2 months respectively. The A/C in the front is more than adequate for the front passengers and to an extent the second row. The third row is another story. It can get quite hot there. I have to set the A/C to 4 for quite awhile to get the Van cool on really hot days. I tried to see if I could get rear A/C installed at the dealer as an after thought but it's a no go. Mazda does not provide them with a kit. =( So I have to live with it. The Van is great except this one thing that I overlooked. The next time I'll make it the number one requirement.
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    Mazda, as well as all car manufacturers, should make rear air stardard and not an option. I have never heard a Van owner say they wish they didn't have rear air.

    I see your in Orange county, CA. Hard to believe Mazda would sell no rear air MPV's in your area.

    To all prospective MPV owners, DON'T BUY YOUR MPV WITHOUT REAR A/C! Remember, price is soon forgotten, your comfort is more important. JMO!
  • I've been hoping to hold out for the new 3.0L/5 speed 2002 model but my current 1990 Accura Integra with 167,000 miles is showing serious signs of not planning on living to see 168,000.

    I took a 2001 LX for a test drive today. Nice van, a little stiff in the ride compared with Toyota Sienna and Dodge Caravan (I've never driven the Honda) but I can live with that. I did notice the motor whine and slightly jerky transmission that has been mentioned previously on these boards.

    The salesman told me they expect to start seeing 2002's in January. I also noticed a 2000 ES in the used lot as I was leaving. So here's my dilemma:

    Do I go for the new 2001 (listing about $25k, didn't get down to hard numbers but I figure they should come down about 3k), go for the used ES, about 25k miles on it, listing for about $21k, figure they should come down to about $18k, maybe even a tad lower considering the somewhat high miles for a one year old vehicle, or try to hold out for the new models with the usual potential pratfalls of a newly reconfigured model and likely fewer price incentives?

    Oh geez I hate these kind of decisions.
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