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Honda Civic 2005 and earlier



  • Hi.
    I purchased a new Civic LX 2001 a few weeks ago.
    It's great although I had to take it back to the dealer because the left front struts were bad.
    What I notice though is that when I turn off the engine, I notice a very slight 'shudder' from the engine. Is this normal? I have 712 miles on it.
    Thanks for any input you can provide.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    As a current 97 Honda Civic HX 5sp owner, I was disappointed when I drove the 2001 Civic EX coupe 5sp. Lets start with the outside: Huge trunk overhang in back, but small (good) hood overhang in front, makes car look unbalanced. Ford Focus style tailights. "Flip" style door handles, when the rest of the world has moved on to "pull" style handles. Ugly wheelcovers. Inside: Still no headroom with the mandatory sunroof. Seat fabric that grips (and feels) like Velcro. Crummy seat height adjuster. Poor sounding stereo with minute volume control. Driving: Suspension is underdamped, too much "float" over road dips. No steering feel whatsoever. Engine seems less willing to rev. Shifter was stiffer than mine (although still better than competition). But worst of all, the braking was appalling.

    After getting back in my Civic, I felt like I was in a sports car: great steering feedback, road hugging suspension, better braking. Needless to say I did not buy the car.
  • Among the complaints I have for the 2k1 Civic is the wimpy, barely adequate audio system. The competitiors' sound much better (check out the new Elantra for example). If I were to replace the factory stereo unit, does that mean the keyless entry won't work with an aftermarket stereo? I understand that the keyless system works through the FM signals in the original stereo. How can you upgrade your stereo (I am thinking about an Alpine or Nakamichi unit) without hampering the keyless entry system? Anybody have an idea?
  • "If I were to replace the
    factory stereo unit, does that mean the keyless
    entry won't work with an aftermarket stereo?"

    Only the '96-'98 Civics had the keyless entry tied into the radio. The 2001's have it as a seperate system.

  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    I guess everybody knows about this by now.
    Civic Coupe got the 5-star crash test rating(BOTH front/Side). Sedan got 5 & 4 star rating !!

    Changes in the front suspension are really paying off it seems !!
  • What would cause the sedan to receive a lower side impact rating as opposed to the coupe?
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    rear doors would have made sedan lesser stiff for the side crash.
  • I saw the TMV for a Civic LX was $13,685. How can this be so low compared to the invoice price? If it's just a calculation, is this unrealistic?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Here in No. Calif, it is not unusual to see ads for Civic LX 4-dr Automatics for $14,400. [In Edmunds case, don't you have to add destination charge to their so-called TMV? I haven't paid much attention to their numbers, preferring to simply find the best prices in the region the old-fashioned way - pick up the newspaper and the telephone.] In So. Calif, the price tends to be even a slice lower than that - the four-doors are commodities and sell at commodity prices.
  • In response to the frozen topic of fuel economy, here are my numbers. I have kept track of every tank for 2600 miles and I get 32 mpg. This is with 75% city driving and an aggressive driving style. I always bottom out on the EPA numbers no matter what car I drive.

    I measure from full tank to full tank using the trip odometer as it should be done too.
  • FYI to those interested I put in the Honda CD player this week. Sounds great too. Install went really well except for the body clips surrounding the center panel. 2 of them broke while pulling off the panel. Cost .16 cents each and popped right on.

    Works really well in conjunction with the radio. 1 hour install max time. Mail ordered from hondapartscheap post above for 254 delivered.
  • I am looking for a 92-95 civic ex 2 dr, 94-97 accord ex 4dr or 92-96 prelude with vtec. if you are in WA near seattle and are selling one email me
  • they fix the radio problems.

    My new EX has 1100 miles on it. Must say I'm not real happy with the car. The radio problem, as mentioned above, is very annoying. Have had to reset 5 times. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR UNTIL THIS PROBLEM IS SOLVED. Also, since the anti-theft system runs through the radio, you will NEVER be able to upgrade or buy an after market system without losing the keyless alarm system. Great thinking Honda! Honda says it will have a fix in the new year. I'll believe it when I see it. Other problems: Driver side seat belt retractor is weak and slow. Definite lag or delay in auto transmission taking hold when you punch the engine in the low range. My first Honda after years of Toyotas. Very disappointed. (Repost from Maintenance Problems)
  • seanzseanz Posts: 1

    I wonder whether now is the good time to buy the 2001 civic LX since it is the end of year, or I should wait after the new year? What should I expect to pay for CD player installed?

    Thanks for your help. It's gonna be my first new car, really want to do it right. :-)

  • I just purchased a 2001 EX and I've noticed an odd rattling noise around the dash area... or it could be from the sunroof, hard to tell. Also, seems that the EX engine makes alot of noise; the dealer says it's the injectors and the noise is a normal "Honda engine noise". They can't seem to locate the source of the rattle. Has anyone noticed anything like this on their 2001 EX?
  • I was surprised to see that air conditioning is available on the Civic DX as a dealer-installed item. Does anyone know if it is as good as the factory-installed AC on the LX and EX models?
  • Just make sure, when you buy the DX that they DO NOT use the same radio or keyless entry system in the EX. As many earlier posts point out (including mine), there is a very bad bug in the system that remains unfixed, with no fix in sight. I must say, given my experience with the 2001 EX, in only 1,100 miles, I would NOT buy the car again. Have also seen some posts on the net re: the rattle in the sunroof (not the dash). All in all, for a new Honda, with their supposed reputation, the car is a big disappointment.
  • I paid 14,800 for my 01 LX here in Florida and I read that as close to invoice. I did not hesitate to buy it now. I also considered the current news about energy prices out west and record snow and cold creating oil demand etc. If gas goes up the demand for this type of car will go up too ... who can predict the future anyway.

    I paid 254 delivered for the CD player and installed it in an hour. It was really easy to do it too. I would not think twice about doing it yourself or paying anyone handy to do it for you. I bet that I could install one in 15 minutes now that I have experience.

    good luck with your car ...
  • gruszgrusz Posts: 1
    I bought a 2001 Honda Civic EX in October because my husband had a 1997 (traded it in for a 2001 Accord EX) and it was a nice car.

    I am having the same problems as billyspeed and cwopete. When I picked up the car I popped the hood and couldn't close it (they fixed it), there is a rattling coming from the dash that is driving me crazy so I have to keep the radio on, and I have had to reset my radio at least six times because it keeps going back to code.

    Also, I got 31 mpg on my first two tanks of gas. However, I live in Chicago and there has been a lot of snow and the last two tanks have given me about 23 mpg.

    Merry Christmas everyone.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    Regarding msg 104: Is Honda still routing the remote entry and dome light through the stereo? This is the most bone headed idea I have ever come across. When I first got my 97 Civic, I installed a Pioneer cassette player (I pulled out the factory Radio) and spent the following week trying to determine why my dome light had stopped working. After a lot of searching under the dash for what I had thought was a loose wire, I connected the factory radio back up and, what do you know, back came the dome light, which by the way, provides less light than a candle. I then ordered the crappy factory cassette player (which works with existing factory radio) and installed it into the idiotic position behind the cupholders.

    Regarding msg 107: I had A/C installed by the dealer in my Civic HX and it has been the best A/C I have ever experienced despite being the newer type of refrigerant. No problems after 80,000 mi. The equipment was the same as what was installed at the factory. (probably is still the case).
  • I just bought a 2001 ex coupe and it seems to be hesitating upon acceleration. I wasnt sure if it is my car or if anyone else has had this problem. Also gas mileage is horrible. I have been getting 26 on the streets and the braking seems to be slow. I am really not very happy with the car. anyone else having any of these problems?
  • svenjsvenj Posts: 19
    I have the 2001 LX sedan automatic. I don't have any problems at all and have been averaging about 36 MPG. I know the radios are screwed up in the EX models, but I haven't heard anything like what you are talking about.
  • Did you buy your Honda CD Player from If so, I assume you got a single disc player and not the in dash changer. Did the unit come with installation instructions? I tried removing that tray where it is installed by tugging on it and it seemed impossible to remove. Did you check dealer pricing on this CD player as well? Thanks for your help.
  • I got the single DC player from a post on the board from
    for 246.41 including shipping with instructions. Here is how you install it. Dealer wanted $400.

    1) Pull out the bottom panel/storage compartment that is below the DC player opening. It has the 12V outlet in it.
    2) Remove the 2 bolts at the top of this opening that anchor the main panel and radio with heating controls.
    3)Push the main panel with radio out a few inches (hard push) and disconnect the the wiring plugs, about 6 of them (30 seconds).
    4)Take the main panel with radio to a table and install the DC player, this requires 4 screws and 1 plug. (5 in).
    5)Put the main panel I/radio and DC back in connecting all plugs.
    All of the wiring plugs are different so you cant screw it up.

    If you need any more info let me know.
  • Just got notified today by the dealer that Honda will fix the EX radio problem. They have ordered a new radio for me. Should be in shortly. If you have a 2001 EX make sure you notify the dealer and get the new radio while you can. I would do it even if my radio had not "gone to code" as you never know when this bug might materialize.
  • I ordered the player. Great savings! I was gonna go Aftermarket CD player until I saw your post.

    Instructions look good. I will post If I run into problems.
  • I had some trouble with our new 01 Civic X. The squeaky noise turned out too be a strut that had to be lubricated. At first the dealer tried to tell be there wasn't any noise. Then we went on a ride and the noise appeared.
    The gas gauge isn't acturate either. The dealers explanation is that the 01's are super sensitive to inclines therefore the gauge is not always registering properly. These two problem seem to be straightened out now. We do love the car. For those who have the squeak check out the struts.
  • I'm going to UNC-Chapel Hill next year and will be getting a car for graduation. I'm trying to decide between a new Civic or a well-maintained used Accord. Which one has more power and is more sporty? I've driven both, but I cannot really make up my mind. I do know that the Accord has more room, but I think the Civic will have enough room for me. The accord seemed to rev easier, but it may be that it's just broken in, whereas the Civic is still pretty much not broken in. The Civic's steering seemed to be looser around curves. Have you guys noticed this, too? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks, and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
  • Called the service rep today, my 2001 EX is going in for a new radio tomorrow! That's one of three problems eliminated so far (on a car with less than 1500 miles on it). I find this very discouraging, why this brand new car rattles and squeaks, and has an unacceptable level of engine noise (fuel injectors?) is beyond me. I guess we were so excited over the rave reviews on the 2001 Civic EX that we overlooked the poor assembly and quality of the vehicle. It's sad that our second car, a 1996 Plymouth Neon with 54K miles on it runs quieter and doesn't rattle like the Honda. So the old rule of never buying a first production year vehicle still holds true...the redesigned 2001 Civic EX has been a disappointment.
  • Wow! So many people disappointed with things about this car. I just want to say that mine is A)Quiet as a mouse. At a light we have thought that it is stalled. B) Tight and squeak free. Have not had a single complaint about this stuff. Really like the steering and the control while driving over railroad tracks. C)Plenty of power. Pulls out quick and runs on the highway. D)Great fuel economy. 32 MPG average for me and I drive aggressive. E)Radio on the LX works great. Sorry you EX folks.

    Anyway, thought I would register as one happy owner. Hope you guys with problems get them worked out.
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