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Honda Civic 2005 and earlier



  • dave210dave210 Posts: 238
    Does it hurt the car or parking brake when I shift my automatic into drive or reverse (with foot still on the pedal brake) and THEN disengage the parking brake? Sometimes I forget it's on, and I'm already in drive or reverse when I release the parking brake. Mind you, my foot is always still on the pedal brake when I do this. Just want to make sure I'm not hurting the car. Thanks!
  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    no it won;t hurt the parking brake as long as you don't drive away with the parking brake on.
  • Actually dave210, you are doing the correct thing. As long as your foot is on the brake when you shift into drive or reverse before releasing the parking brake, you are preventing excess wear and tear.
    When parking, you should put your foot on the brake, engage the parking break, shift into park, then release the brake. This prevents the transmission from taking the pressure of holding the weight of the car on an incline.
  • I was able to figure out how to install the in-dash Honda CD Changer. I took pictures of the job. For anyone who is interested, go to the following link:

    The link will change when Cox assumes the @Home server. I will re-post when this occurs.

    P.S. We purchased the CD Changer at and were very pleased with their service, etc.
  • I just recently bought a 2002 civic coupe LX. I had a spoiler put on but now the mount brake light on the back window doesn't work. Is the spoiler light supposed to compensate for this?
    After spending over 19,000 thousand for a new car I would expect every dang light on the car to work...

    Does anybody know the answer?? sincerely jsaint
  • I do believe the light in the spoiler replaces the light on the rear dash. They probably have to use the wire from it to power the light in the spoiler. I have a question, though. Is that $19k the amount you financed with a roll over from your last car? Looking at LX coupes myself, I have been quoted around $14,300 for it with an out-the-door cost of $15,500. Adding stuff like a CD player and mats will still keep it around $16,000. I am looking at 5-speeds, though--so an automatic will add $800. Just wondering.
  • Am I the only one who thinks it's strange that a CD player is not standard on the LX trim level? I find it strange that a $15,000 car can come with air, cruise and power windows/locks/mirrors--but cassette. Even the DX with no cassette is strange as well. I wonder if they may add CD standard for 2003? They changed the suspension from 2001 to 2002, so maybe a radio upgrade for 2003 may not be too much to ask?
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    if it has to be one to keep prices low. You can put a car kit with a disc man to play your cds. Better yet, you can burn a MP3 Cd with 150 songs & get an MP3 player with a car kit. No need to have 6 disc changer etc...... All these Car kits work through magnetic cassete which makes cassete player a better option to have on a car.
  • gasguzzgasguzz Posts: 214
    you're looking for. You will lose frequency response through the adapter, which may be the whole point on why we play CDs.
  • I'm all for keeping prices down, but how much extra could it possibly cost to sell with CD standard? Especially at their selling price? Maybe $100? I just think if Protege, Sentra, Lancer, etc can come with CD for less money than Civic, a Civic LX could benefit from standard CD.
  • gasguzzgasguzz Posts: 214
    We're talking corporate Honda bean counters here.
    If you get the 15" wheels at the DX/LX then you won't spring for the EX. If you get the standard CD, then you might not jump for the cd changer. Marketing ala Honda. People will buy Civics based on the H badge alone. They pull you in just enough but won't give you all, that's extra.
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    We're talking about an entry level car (at least in Honda's US line). Yes the bar for standard equipment has been raised by some of the other manufacturers listed and if a standard CD player is that important, go with one of them. Heck I remember when they didn't even come with a radio.
  • Is not THAT important. It's just frustrating to know you've spent almost 2 grand more than you could have bought a Sentra GXE for--and you still have to upgrade the stereo. It just seems like an inexpensive way Honda could make the Civic LX look more attractive at its price point.
  • dabimmerdabimmer Posts: 165
    After 3 months of ownership I have to report that I am completely happy with the 4 dr EX.
    It drives very well, handles great, rides well. Looks good with its alloy wheels and Ruby Red color.
    What more could I want, sure the Sentra and Elantra offer more for less money but when it come
    right down to putting your hard earned money on the table, what is ultimately better than a Honda?
  • Take the firm, sporty suspension of a honda, add some hard-riding, semi-performance tires (D60A2's) and add a pothole-ridden daily commute - is this the recipe for exhaust failure? I had the B-pipe replaced about 2 years ago after a total failure - whole exhaust dropped at the front of the b-pipe. Last year the weld between the pipe and the muffler body failed requiring a new muffler.

    I realize the exhaust system (especially in northern states using road salt) will not last the life of the car, but I've never seen a 3/4 year old car need a new exhaust. Is it possible that the harsh suspension is shaking my exhaust system to an early grave?

    BTW, is it safe to remove heat shields from the exhaust? I've had one adjusted numerous times but it continues to work itself loose.
  • People will defend Honda to the death, no matter what its failings are. I've owned one or two Hondas, and lots of other cars as well - the Hondas were okay, but nothing special... overpriced for what you get, with very high parts prices, but a wonderful reputation that makes most people jump onto the bandwagon. Buy what makes you feel good, but remember that Honda has to monitor costs like every company to turn a profit. If they can cut a corner, they will. On older Civics, Honda used to specify flimsier cloth for the back seats, on the theory that few people would sit there and wear them out... saved a few pennies, I'm sure.
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    What exactly is your point? You seem to be saying Honda has "failings" because it tries to maximize profits. I think most people are aware that Honda is a business and all businesses try to maximize profit. No one forces anyone to buy any vehicle. If a CD player on a $14K Hyundai makes their heart flutter, more power to them.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,555
    And you too can share in the terrible corporate profits!
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    you guys are a bit unreal. His point wasn't that Honda was a big, bad corporation. Just that it is still a business and not some mythical organization that produces cars to make people happy. If you re-read his post, he wasn't even dogging Honda. Just pointing out that they exist to make a profit just like the other guys. Little sensitive overhere.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    I've had the EX 5sp for several months with the following problems:

    Shifter sticks in first and clunks into second when cold.

    Dash creaks like a car with 200K on it also when cold.

    Power windows make interior door panels move in and out. I thought this problem was solved years ago. Previous Civic didn't do this.

    Silver paint trim flaking off by power window buttons.

    Stereo reception only for the strongest stations. All other stations (which used to come in stereo on previous Civic) are in mono.

    Floor mat worn out after 4k miles

    Doors have to be slammed to close properly.

    Ride quality that is 3rd world. Are there any shocks in the back of this thing? A firm ride that floats over every minor dip - the worst of both worlds.

    In summary, this car is a poor excuse for Honda. Honda still builds excellent engines, but the rest of the Civic is marginal at best. Throw in an "average reliability" rating from Consumer Reports, no rebates and it's amazing this car is a best seller. Well, no it's not amazing, the Cavalier used to be a best seller - I rest my case.
  • Thanks, Seminole_kev, for understanding my post. I'm not bashing the company for wanting to make a buck -- I'm thinking of all the "ditto-head" owners (and dealers) who seem to be blind to the fact that Honda doesn't have a lock on the economy car business. Cutting corners is the key to survival at the lower price points, but the real trick is knowing which ones to cut ;-)
  • I'm with you 2001 Civic LX Sedan has been a major disappointment. At 13,500 miles I have had to have wheel bearings and a tie rod replaced, a/c condenser replaced (the car wouldn't cool...I understand the original condensers were inadequate and have been upgraded) and the driver's window switch replaced. All repairs have been done by my dealer who, true to reputation maintain a "there can't possibly be anything wrong 'cause it's a Honda" attitude. Although the engine and drivetrain (5 spd.) have been fine and the mileage is good Honda really dropped the ball on this car and despite all the unprecedented second year "improvements", the complaints seem to be continuing for the 2002 models. Tell me if you've noticed any of the following:

    1. bouncy, bottomy rear suspension...
    2. front suspension clunks over bumps at low speeds
    3. rattles...dash, passenger B pillar area and REAR DECK
    4. Glued door upholstery is bubbling in places...and getting worse...only solution I'm told is to cut and reglue
    5. Heater duct on driver's side blows directly onto my right foot..floor setting seems slow to warm the car
    6. High road noise at highway speeds despite Honda's claim to "extensive" use of sound deadening materials...supposed to be quieter than previous noisy were those?

    This is my first new car since 1983. I did a lot of research and decided to go with "proven" Honda reliability and resale and wasn't concerned about the new design. What a mistake! I am going to keep this car 1 more year and buy a new Corolla.
  • britton2britton2 Posts: 305
    I used to drive a '86 Honda Civic DX Hatchback until last March when I bought a '01 Corolla LE - let me say that my old Honda was built rock-solid mechanically - the only problems I incurred in the 14 years and 7 months I owned the car was a freon leak, a very slow oil leak (which happened during the last year I had it) and at 13 years of age I had to get the radiator flushed out - the interior held up very well except for the driver's seat which split on the driver's door side and alot of the stuffing came out - I sold the car last March for $1,400 - it had a little over 109,000 miles on it - I did alot of reading/research before deciding on a '01 Corolla LE - it came down to either a '01 Honda Civic LX or a Corolla LE (I had a '80 Corolla hatchback before purchasing my Honda in '86) - at first it was a no-brainer - I wanted another Honda - but then I began test-driving several small cars and comparing the features and the Corolla came out on top for these reasons:

    1. Rated #1 in quality - JD Powers survey
    2. Better powertrain warranty
    3. Did not have Firestone tires
    4. More horsepower than Honda
    5. Tighter turning radius
    6. I preferred the design/layout of the dashboard
    7. Has an outside temperature gauge
    8. Got a much better deal than Honda would give me

    I am still a big fan of Honda - my old Civic served me very, very well - but I am extremely pleased with my new Corolla, after almost 10 months it has been flawless - no rattles or squeaks and the car's ride is smooth as silk -
    just my 2 cents!
  • cwliangcwliang Posts: 54
    I just recently purchased an '02 4-door EX auto. I have to say that I am a little surprised at how many rattles this new car has. I mean, it's not unbearable, but it IS brand-new. For me, the major culprit of the rattles is the plastic covering of the A-pillar on both the driver and passenger side, about 3/4th the way from the top. It sounds like it is coming from the front of the dashboard (where the dash meets the windshield). When I push around on the plastic molding, the rattle tends to go away, making me think that there is some less-than-high quality materials being used on some of the plastic trim. There is also an occasional buzzing coming from my seatbelt anchor (by the driver's ear), which for me only becomes apparent when I drive over potholes or large bumps.

    Rattles aside, however, I've found the Civic to be a very nice drive. I chose it over the Protege for its stability, refinement, and noise at highway speeds, and over the Corolla, which I felt had very numb steering at all speeds (something my old '91 Camry had as well). My favorite part of the car is the steering feel, which to me is perfectly weighted -- light enough at slow speeds so that maneuvering is easy, but heavy enough at high speeds so that it doesn't feel twitchy. As for the handling, well, I'm a fairly conservative driver who only drives the car hard on lonely stretches of backroad... Compared with my other car, an '00 Accord, the Civic seems very light and throwable, with some body lean, but it is pretty willing to do whatever you ask of it. Sometimes I think it is a little less capable than the previous generation Civic, but I don't know if that's really what I think, or if it's the brainwashing of the whole strut-vs.-double wishbone debate. And it IS sometimes a jostling ride, especially on pothole-filled roads in the city, but I haven't experienced the floatiness that people have been bringing up. But the Accord is like that to a lesser extent, and I think a lot of the increased bounciness is because of the shortness of the car.

    So it's not perfect, but to me it does have an interesting and unique driving feel, even if styling-wise it is one of the most indescript cars on the road. Overall, I'd have to say I'm happy with it, but I pretty much knew what to expect. (Except those rattles!)

    One question: has anyone else had this happen? When I brake with constant light pressure on the pedal, sometimes the car will brake lightly at first, then 'catch' and suddenly slow down much faster (this all with constant pressure on the pedal). It's as if the brakes decide suddenly to clamp harder, or almost like the transmission is upshifting, but I don't see any change in the RPM meter. Any ideas?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Has anyone here tried out the new 02 Mitsu Lancer before buying the Civic? I think you would be pleasantly surprised by its refinement. I have 4k miles on my OZ Edition and not one rattle or creak. The suspension provides the smoothest most comfortable sporty ride out of all the economy cars. It drives like an Accord to be honest. No bottoming out or floatiness, but not so firm that it rattles you to death. No clunks or other such annoying sounds. The car is amazingly quiet on the highway too, no annoying droning engine or loud tires. You only hear some wind noise around the windshield. It doesn't get the good mileage of the Civic but I think it's power advantage is worth it. The engine is definitely smooth as it is one of the few with twin counterrotating balance shafts. The build quality of my Lancer was outstanding! No defects except a small unfinished paint spot on my rocker panel extension which was quickly and pleasantly taken care of by my dealer. I compared it recently to my friend's 00 Protege and 01 Sentra. I came away glad I bought the Lancer. It simply was a much more refined and nicer driving car. One note to those who mentioned the door panels flexing in and out when using the power windows: my Lancer does this too; I was at first surprised because I never noticed this before on older cars, but apparently it's quite common now. For those concerned about Mitsu's quality, I used to own a 93 Diamante which was reliable and mostly problem free when I sold it at 173k. I recently talked to the current owner who now has 184k and has had no problems. Everything was original on it, including the AC. My good experience with that car told me Mitsu can hold its own with Honda and Toyota.

    Anyway, I just thought I would let those contemplating a Civic know that there are other cars out there that are better than the Civic in many areas. Don't buy one without comparing it to other cars and just trusting word of mouth and past reputation, because it is plain to me and by posts on this forum that this car is not at the top of the stack like it used to be. It's still a good car; it just doesn't excel in many areas. These many posts of suspension problems and rattles is quite disconcerting. I didn't expect much out of my 00 Hyundai Accent, but it turns out to have none of the problems everyone in here is complaining about after 21k miles. Honda should be ashamed of themselves! They are going to lose a lot of customers if they keep this up.
  • pogo11pogo11 Posts: 7
    Hello (and perhaps goodbye) to all! I’ve been pricing the ‘02 Civic (EX 4 door sedan, side airbags, auto trans) with a friend whose ‘87 200K mile Corolla seems to be on its last legs. I may be removed from these boards for asking this, but can we trust Edmunds TMV prices? My shopping comparison showed the TMV to be quite high.

    To figure out the best price I tried going to Edmunds TMV, which quoted about 17300 + 8% tax and DMV fees ($1700) for a total of approx $19000 out the door. A visit to a local dealer got us a quote of 18600 out the door, everything included. Lastly I emailed several Honda dealers in the area and the best quote received was $18000 total, all charges included! This was about $1000 below the TMV price, and well below Edmunds invoice price........ does Edmunds receive funding from the automakers? I’ve heard people on other boards say they distrusted the TMV and thought it was high, and I now tend to believe them.

    . Also have to say that after visiting a dozen various car dealerships in the last 2 months to buy my new pickup truck, and then going to the Honda dealership with my friend, I found the Honda salesmen the most obnoxious and agressive I’ve ever dealt with, they were extremely pushy and rude. Interesting to note that seems to bear this out, saying the website receives more complaints about Toyota and Honda dealers than any other...... The explanation given was that the Honda dealers know that they have a popular product and can afford to go on the offensive with customers. I'll try to be fair, though, perhaps I just got a bad apple, not representative of other Honda dealers.

    Appreciate any thoughts on the subjects above, if the post survives.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Of course you can ask that question! :-)

    However, I think you'll find folks more knowledgeable about the TMV over on our Smart Shopper Board. You might want to look through the active discussions over there while you are waiting for some response here.

    As far as whether Edmund's receives funding from automakers, you might want to check out these resources: Editorial and Business Disclosure Statement and About

    Let us know how things go for you.

    Sedans Message Board
  • bostontbostont Posts: 37
    Pogo11, I too have found a much lower price than given by Edmonds. I'm buying a 2002 Civic EX Coupe with auto and side airbags for $18,311 out the door. The car is priced at $16,488 plus tax and license etc. Rather than being upset with the salespeople, I've been impressed. The price they offered at first was much closer to the TMV, but I let them know I wasn't interested and left. The next day she called me and offered to take the lower price. My car will be built on January 15th and I should have it before the end of January. They've been very quick to keep in touch about any questions I have and I feel confident I made a good deal. I might have done better going to the big city and haggling, but I hate to do that.
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    Maybe you read a different post. What I read said "the Hondas were okay, but nothing special... overpriced for what you get, with very high parts prices".

    Not exactly "dogging" to use your term, but a little too much of a generalization to be taken seriously, don't you think?
  • soberssobers Posts: 496
    It is national average of the prices being paid for the car (or regional avergae) The car deal is way too complex than TMV or any pricing guide can come close to if you have a trade-in. So if you are getting $250-$300 over invoice(Edmunds invoice) for Civic Lx/EX & additional $150 for floormat+gaurds it is a good deal. Can you do better...of course....every now & then somebody gets a better deal than others. Just make sure that you give you best shot with proper pre-purchase research(internet) Calls to nearby dealerships about their 'best' price & choose the dealer which treats you better even if you have to pay $50 more. A good dealership is imp to good ownership experience & is worth the extra $50-100 you would pay. Also respect the salesman's time the same way you want to be respected.

    NOW: I saw a few long posts suggesting Lancer over Civic. If you know Detriot press has given Lancer the runners up for MOST DISAPPOINTING new enrty n the class award!! Read it on

    Also let me know where you can get the amazing BALANCE that you get in Civic. Price to Content in LX trim (Keyless can be had for $150 installed), The mpg (32-37!!), Quality, Safety, Reliablity, Durability, Ride & Handling, Resale it shines in almost every category & can NOT be matched by ANY competitor OVERALL. Sales figures prove it! Civic did 334,000 sales WITHOUT special fianncing like 0% on Focus & Corolla. 2001 Civic had 3.9 for a month or two in the last month.
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