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Honda Civic 2005 and earlier



  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    I don't really care what test results NHTSA or IIHS published for any cars. I am not going to sell my 6 months old 02 Civic EX for any of the test results. Also, I am not going to lose any sleep for Subaru or Toyota or any other imports/domestic test results. This is a Honda Civic board.


  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Someone traded their 6 month old 02 Civic EX for an 02 Elantra GT due to quality issues (rattles, etc.). I think that's the first time I have heard of someone trading to a Korean car from such a new Japanese car, let alone the "great" Civic. Hmm...their experience mirrors exactly the complaints Car and Driver had with the car.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    That is a total shock to me as well.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    bjk- I know this is a Civic board. It's just that I made a comment about the Civic being at the top in terms of crash tests, and someone else made it a point to correct/disprove me. I just wanted to counter that with the new NHTSA results, which was not available at the time of the discussion. That was all.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    I don't feel we need to apologize for a thread on crash tests involving the Civic. Those who don't care for that kind of discussion can skip over those posts, start a new thread about something else regarding the Civic, go for a ride in their Civics, etc.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    That's suicide, backy. This is the only thread where people actually like me (I think)...I just can't risk that.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    When I said "thread" I meant a chain of posts on one topic, in one board. A "board" is, for example, Honda Civic Sedans. So I wasn't talking about starting a whole new board (although there is probably already one or more boards dedicated to crash tests). Is that less suicidal? :0
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    Less dangerous, but still too risky nonetheless. I'd rather be caught paying full price for an 03 Accord.
  • so about to get a 1999 with 47,000 miles on it, it's a steal, can't tell ya how much though, cause u'll all wanna know how I got it..... anyway just wanted to know from u knowledgable folks, if the 1999 is a good year for the Civic, I guess they are like wine, there are good years and bad years. Is the 1999 6th gen? and are there any known problems with the 199?
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    I have a 99 LX auto. No problems (neither major nor minor) for the last 3 years.

    The only thing you want to do is change the tires (if they're the original Michelins that came with the Civic). After getting a flat tire 2 times, I decided to just switch the front tires to all season Goodyears. The car brakes and rides noticeably better.
  • Hey guys, I just bought a 2002 civic ex, automatic sedan, for $15,000. was that a decent price or was I shafted?
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    It's a decent price. enjoy it.

  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    That was a fair price. You done good. On top of that, I hope you took advantage of the great interest rates that Honda is currently offering.
  • If you bought a NEW 2002 Civic and not a used one for that price, you made out like a bandit.
    If it is used or a DEMO, you paid a little too much.
    Either way, enjoy. It's a nice little car.
  • I bought a 02 civic lx 2 coupe two month ago and got taken for a ride i paid about the same 16,200 out of the door 02 a/t rear wind,mud flaps.
    been to the dealer 3 times with center air vents that wont stay put they were shifting as I drove and a rattleling in the front, they replaced the vents they work now and the rattleling twice with the same dealer talk "we did find some broken bushing and were replaced" yea in the way out of the dealer the rattler was still there now, I am taking it again next week for the third time. Next will be reporting it to the Honda and the Florida lemon law. Let's see what happen today I made the second payment.:(
    Greetings from sunny Miami.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    You can't take that car back on the Lemon Law. The problems are purely appearance and don't affect the resale value or performance of the car. No way.
  • Well the car have this rattle in the front suspension they (dealer) claim they fixed a broken part twice and still have the same problem so, if they are lying or if they are not why it keep breaking? It is a value and safety concern. Right now, the cars upper struts mount nuts and the area around it are scrashed what would that tell you about a car that it is two month old today. They got a good check that cleared thru all to the last penny.
    Greetings from sunny Miami.
  • Hello, I just bought a 2003 Civic 4dr LX Auto. I paid 16,300 out the door (this included GAP insurance).

    1- Did I do good?

    2- Has anyone else noticed that when you turn up the dash lights with the lights on and it is fully up, once you turn off the car and leave it off for a while and turn it back on, the lights will default to the lower setting?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,549
    I'll never understand...a person buys a new car, feels good about the deal but then caomes here and asks that question. Why ??

    Some will tell you you did good and others will tell you that you paid too much.

    Who cares? You now have the car...ENJOY IT !
  • kcirredkcirred Posts: 10
    When you switch to defrost mode, the A/C will automatically turn on. Does anyone know how to disable this silly feature?
  • Has anyone else noticed that when you turn up the dash lights with the lights on and it is fully up, once you turn off the car and leave it off for a while, and turn it back on, the lights will default to the lower setting?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Firstly, it's not a "silly feature" - it's integral to taking moisture out of the air in defrosting situations, and makes the whole process go much faster. Just set the temp the way you want it, and the AC compressor does its bit to get the moisture out of the car.

    Secondly, why do you want to turn it off? Whenever it's cold enough and wet enough to use the defroster, we always want the compressor running - why not?
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358
    Window foggy is due to car's inside warm air meets the cold outside temp at windshield and form condensation or cold outside air meet the warm inside temperature. There are two ways to get rid of frost on the windshield either with hot or cold method. Car's rear windowde froster is using hot method with heating element to heat the rear window to get rid of condensation. While front windshield is different most of the cars designed with cold method, When front defrost is turned on, A/C will blow cold air to the inside of the windshield. Especially during the cold weather, driver will keep inside temperature warmer than outside, if front window defrost (A/C) doesn't blow cold air on the windshield, it will fog up too fast.
  • seafseaf Posts: 339
    It's not the AC's cold air that defrosts the windows. It's the AC's compressor that defrots it. The compressor sucks moisture to work, and the byproduct of that process is the cold air. So you could set the heater all the way up in the winter and turn on the AC and you'd still defrost the windows.

    On the other hand I wish there was a way to keep the AC off when I turn on defrost. Sometimes the fog isn't so bad that I want to suffer acceleration in a car.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    >>> On the other hand I wish there was a way to keep the AC off when I turn on defrost. Sometimes the fog isn't so bad that I want to suffer acceleration in a car. <<<

    Why not just touch the A/C button to turn off the compressor after you switch the HVAC system to defrost mode? That's what I do (on my Elantra) in cold weather. My hand is already near the button so it's not a big deal.
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358
    Compressor never sucks the moisture out of thin air. If a compressor can suck any moisture then it must have a open loop compressor to physically suck air in then you will have water in and mix with your compressor line. Since car's A/C and compressor system and its refrignant HFC R-134A is a close loop system it never actually SUCKS the moisture out of the air. It compress its refrigenant and when refrignant reaches heat exchanger it will expand during that process it takes heat out of the air and make it cool, then fan will blow the cool air inside the car. During the heat exchange process moisture will form condensation on the exchanger.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    To clear things up, (no pun intended) air conditioning systems cool the air. When the air is humid, the AC will cool the air to below its dew point, at which time moisture will condense on the AC evaporator coils and is directed to the ground. The cool dry air can then be reheated using the cars heater coil operating on waste engine heat and blown on the windshield. This is the "best air" you can get to dry the moisture or defrost from your windshield.

    If your car is not warmed up, then cold air blows on the windshield, which can sometimes cause condensation on the outside of the windshield in very humid outside conditions(the old dewpoint again effect again!) This you can use your wipers on. Unless your car is warmed up, you may not get effective defrost, so you should wait until it warms up. Better have a clear window than an accident trying to peer thru fogged or frosted windshields.

    Most new cars temporarily cut off the AC compressor when you accelerate hard, so you will still have performance when needed.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Most systems that automatically turn on the AC in defrost mode won't let you manually shut it off with the AC switch. My 00 Accent didn't let me. I could push out the switch but the AC light stayed lit. Are you sure the AC shuts off with the switch in your Elantra?
  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Posts: 620
    I can switch off the A/C in my Elantra once "defrost" is selected. But I leave it on to do its job.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Yes, I am sure.
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