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Nissan Maxima



  • dabronxrdabronxr Posts: 73
    Huh? what do you mean 'You are missing the fun everybody is having". I bought the car in December, and I am having so much fun they are gonna lock me up!
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Got my official notice from Nissan yesterday - 2 weeks AFTER I had the work done! Was tipped off by Took my Max in for it's 1st oil change and the recall work. Took a total of just over an hour.
  • 5greyhounds5greyhounds Posts: 338
    You are 100% correct. Do not know where my brain went. If you find it let me know. I will come and get it. Just getting old I guess. So many cars, so little time.
  • My new Maxima gets crappy milage of 19.2 when i check my trip computer. Why is it so low. I already changed the oil after 700 miles of breaking in. Its at 1000 miles, and the mileage still sucks. My driving mostly consists of suburban street driving.
    Is there any way to improve mileage?
  • dogworkdogwork Posts: 5
    I have a 2002 SE with the 6-speed manual and just passed the 1000 mile mark...getting 23 mpg consistently over last 4 fill-ups. My mpg on the car's computer is consistently telling me that I'm getting approximately 28 mpg, soooooo...the computer hasn't shown to be that reliable for some reason. It's odd that yours calculates low and mine always calculates high though!?
  • bianca2bianca2 Posts: 78
    dmathew, try figuring out your mpg the old-fashioned way, doing the math. It could be that the computer itself is off. 19 does seem low, although it's likely to get a little better now that the engine is nicely broken in and you've passed the 1,000 mile mark. I usually get around 23-25 mpg, city/suburban driving. I get maybe 27 or so if it's straight freeway driving, no stops, but that's pretty rare. This is 2K GLE.
  • weltonwweltonw Posts: 21
    I also have the 6-speed, and have gotten 19-20 mpg for my first two fill-ups (calculated the old way). This included little highway driving. If I rememeber right, the trip computer was usually showing a reading in the low-20s.

    It's really hard to say what's good mileage since it depends on so many things:
    - type of roads you drive on
    - the length of your trips
    - your driving style
    - climate
    - use of accessories
    - tire pressure
    - quality of fuel
    - ...
    I wouldn't be able to name them all.

    For me a good test would be a long highway trip. Assuming good tire pressure and not using A/C the whole way, then I'd be satisfied with 25 mpg or higher.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    geez, my trip computer was showing 27+ mpg (2002 GLE automatic) the first 3000 has dropped to 26.5. So...I figure I'm getting around 22-23 mpg. 19 mpg seems way too low...
  • whchanwhchan Posts: 5
    My '02 GLE has ~7000 miles on it. Ave mpg is 22-23. Has not shown increasing or decreasing at all since day 1. Roughly 80% highway and 20% service roads. The trip computer will always says ~27 mpg.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282 1995 SE doesn't have a trip computer! I think it would bug me to have something as inaccurate as it appears they are in the new Maxima. What's up with that - has anyone complained and gotten a response?

    As far as "crappy milage" concerns after only 700 to 1000 miles, I would still wait a little longer (another 1000 miles) before concluding anything is wrong. Depending upon your region, you may be using oxyginated gas. Break-in for newer close tolerance engines is also a little different. I have had a Honda S2000 since November, now with 2,500 miles, and the engine has gotten stronger and milage has improved from barely 20 to 22+ mpg over time.

    P.S. I was specifically instructed not to remove the original, factory installed oil in the S2000 for 3,000 miles (add as necessary, but don't change). Apparantly, new engine lubricants and additives would be lost if you changed too soon. After 3,000 miles, change and swithch to Mobil 1 at your pleasure. Does Nissan make a similar recommendation with the new Maxima?
  • To bring up an old topic on the board, are you using premium fuel? If not, that could be part of the reason for your low gas mileage. From past postings, most people cite a loss of about 10% fuel efficiency when using non-premium gas. The point behind this - just use premium because the difference in price will be worth it from a gas mileage and peace of mind standpoint. I have exclusively used premium 92 octane and have close to 10K miles on my 2K1 SE automatic. I have been getting ~22 mpg and that's with a 60 mile round trip commute in Atlanta traffic. My guess is the 2K1 would get 27+ on a long highway trip. Anyway, 19mpg is way too low..unless you have been driving it really hard and having too much fun...which you shouldn't be doing in the first 700 miles anyway.
  • weltonwweltonw Posts: 21
    I attribute my 19-20 mpg on:
    - new engine: only 700 miles
    - the driving I do: 90% of my trips are <10 miles on suburban roads
    - the climate: it's still fairly cold where I'm at

    I use the recommended premium fuel, but as was mentioned it might be oxygenated - will try to find out. I'm also driving the car fairly conservatively, given that it's the break-in

    Bottom line, I think 19-20 mpg is not abnormal given these conditions.
  • My 02 (Auto) Maxima SE on the freeway is getting 32 miles to the gallon! Pretty good in my book! Although, when I run the computer on constant, it is more like 24 miles to the gallon everyday.
  • montmaxmontmax Posts: 32
    Those trip computers aren't accurate at all, and I have experience with them from Cadillac and BMW. Same thing never are accurate!
  • alfaberalfaber Posts: 19
    On the I35 board (where I belong with my car), the consensus seemed to be that the mpg computer reads about 3-4 mpg high. That is exactly my experience with my I35 as well. The annoying thing is that the equivalent computer in my 1995 Volvo 850 was accurate to within less than one mile per gallon. So, it can be done ...
  • vanbo57vanbo57 Posts: 46
    Weltomw, I've got an '01 SE automatic. I'm getting between 18 and 21.5 or so in the past 7,000 miles. Not great however my daily commute is 5.5 miles one way on suburban streets, stop sign to stop light. I'm sure that is why. Much better when I am on the highway. Have not taken a long trip yet but I suspect that I will feel better when I finaly do and see 22 - 23 MPGs. Enjoy your car.
  • Ok, some of you have metioned calculating mileage the old fashioned way. Pardon a dumb question, but how exactly does one go about doing that?
    If i know from the gas pump station, the exact amount of gas i put into my car, how do i proceed from there. The only 2 "certain" numbers are the amount of gas being put in and the mileage - but you can't simply divide mileage by the gallons, since theres an unknown amount of reserve gasoline left in the tank. I'm ofcourse assuming you can't trust the "DTE" value given by the trip computer.
  • Yes, i use premium gas only, and my drives are mostly below 8 miles, 3-4 times a day. The climate is mild winter, and the tires are always at 32 psi.
    I drive normal, and without hard accelerations.
    Its still dissapoints me to see my mileage on my '02 GLE at 19.2 at a 1000 miles!
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    What are you guys complaining about? In the 5 years I had my '95 SE auto, I never got over 21 mpg in the city. Those were imperial gallons too which means I got less than 17 mpg with US gallons. There was nothing wrong with the engine either -- smooth as silk and great performance. Of course, part of the reason for the low mileage is that up here in Canadian cities, we make lots of short trips and city driving often means stop and go driving. Our cities have ZERO freeways. Well, except for Toronto.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I've been calculating my gas milage the "old fashioned way" since I bought my 1995 SE (5 speed) new in September 1994.

    Start with a full tank and reset the trip odometer to 0. When you fill up, your mpg is the trip milage divided by the gallons used to fill. It doesn't matter how much gas is left in the tank, since the calculation is miles driven divided by gas used. In the event you add gas, but don't fill up, keep a running tab on the gallons purchased and don't reset the trip odometer until your next full fill up. I only reset my trip odometer after I've topped off the tank so that I get an acurrate reading of total gas consumed for the actual miles driven since the last full fill up.

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. Over 122,244 miles, I've averaged exactly 24.00 mpg (5,092.97 total gallons). Since January 2000 (41,660 miles), my best tankful is 30.33 mpg, my worst 19.41 mpg. I do a fair amount of highway driving (10+ mile trips) and some, but relatively little, stop and go commuting or very short trips.
  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    I just heard that on TV. Anyone know how long the term is?
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    I believe it's 3 years.
  • Ok, i understand the trip mileage divided by the gallons used to fill up. But how do i know that i've reached the exact mileage where all of the gas i had filled up at the pump(say 20 gallons)has been used up - do you wait until the gas light starts to blink? Is that a good indicator to go by? You can't select just any arbitrary time to do your mpg calculations, since if the car drove 300 miles, you have to know exactly how much gas has been used up to drive that 300 miles? I don't think you can just assume that at your next fill up, you've used up all the gas that you had previously filled up in your car. From what i've read before, the gas light indicator doesn't always start to blink at the same level. It can vary from month to month. And i don't trust the trip readings or the visual gauge as good indicators.

    >Start with a full tank and reset the trip >odometer to 0. When you fill up, your mpg is the >trip milage divided by the gallons used to fill. >It doesn't matter how much gas is left in the >tank, since the calculation is miles driven >divided by gas used.
  • dmathew,

    I think your thinking way too much about this ...

    It's very simple.

    1)Fill your tank and record your current mileage (or simply reset the trip odometer).

    2)Drive ... and drive some more ...

    3)Refill the tank and record the current mileage (or simply read it off the trip odometer). Divide the miles driven (the current mileage less the mileage you recorded in step 1 or the current trip odometer reading) by the amount of gas it takes to refill the tank and you have your miles per gallon for that period.

    Granted, this is not entirely accurate as you may not fill the tank to the same level on both fill-ups, but it should be close enough. For more accuracy, record the amount of gas used for each fill-up but don't reset the trip odometer. After drving for 1,000 miles or so, fill up, and total all the gas used for each of the fill-ups. Divide 1,000 by the gallons used and this is your mpg.

  • kyleknickskyleknicks Posts: 433
    this is how i calc my mileage.. im sure it's just a repeat of what other people had said...

    1. fill your tank till it clicks...once the pump clicks, do not pump anymore...
    2. reset your trip odo to 0
    3. drive until the next time you need gas
    4. record the miles you've driven using the gas u filled in step 1.
    5. pump your gas till it clicks... record how many gallons, take your total miles divided by the gallons you pumped...and that's your mpg.

    key is not to overpump after it clicks....

    i have a 2k gle with 20k miles using Mobil 93 and sometimes Hess 93.....started with about, after 18months, about 25.5 miles ALL highway miles from Springfield mass to NYC. probably about 23mpg mixed local and highway.
  • Ok it makes sense now, i was thinking too much..
  • bdlfebdlfe Posts: 21

    Sorry dmathew347, but you're confusing me now.

    Isn't the "unknown" reserve, 18.5 gallons, the fuel tank capacity of our maximas minus what you fill up??

    Yes I'm also getting the crappy 19-20 mpg mixed driving on my GLE. On long highway trips, I've been getting 25-27 mpg.

    The trip computer's calculator sucks, as everyone is attesting to. And if you leave your engine on while your filling up as I once did, it gets all whacked. The mileage calculator goes to like 40 mpg!!!
  • bdlfebdlfe Posts: 21
    the weird dte calculation is most likely leaving the engine on when you filled up that last time. far be it for any nissan dealer or corporate to know anything about it, gee makes me think if any of them drive nissans, maximas at least?
  • tiger8tiger8 Posts: 120
    Who can tell me the turning circle of the '02 Maxima SE or GLE? Does it depend on tire size? Consumer Reports tested the Inifniti I35 and said the turning circle was a wide 44 feet and criticized the car for being unwieldy.

    But in their April (car) issue, they said the turning circle of Maxima was only 36-40 feet, depending I suppose on model. . How can this be? Aren't the Infiniti and Maxima virtually identical?
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Well, it says in Apr CR, that it's 39 feet. Where do you see 36-40 feet? However, the brochure for the 2002 Maxima shows 35.4 ft (GXE) and 40 ft (SE, GLE). Difference due to tire size I would think. And who said the Infiniti and Max were "identical"? Maybe similar but that's about it....
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