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Nissan Maxima



  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    That "dealer inspection" they are trying to charge you is their advertising fee. I wouldn't really pay that if I were you, because you don't have to. Why should you pay for Nissan to advertise the car, right? :)

    That does sound like a good price though. What's the MSRP on the car you are looking at?
  • berbelberbel Posts: 167

    I agree with VOCUS. If that "inspection" fee is
    some duplicitous way to hide "advertising costs"
    just tell them you are not going to pay it. I commented on this subject once before on this
    board. ADVERTISING is "cost of doing business"
    just like paying homeowners insurance is cost of
    owning a home. When I bought my Max they tried to
    hammer me with the same thing. I simply told them
    I wasn't paying it and it came off the paperwork!
    Also.....I think you have a pretty good price on
    the new SE. Good luck.

  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 375
    There is a TSB for hood vibration...but from the way the bulletin is worded late 02's (and assuming03's) are "not" supposed to be affected. The left(drivers) side of my hood on my '02 SE bounces/vibrates at highway speeds as well. Nissan has a fix for it, so it should not be a problem. My 02(built in Feb) falls outside the VIN range of affected cars.
  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 375
    The 02's and 03's are essentially the same with the only real difference being the titanium package. If you want to buy now you will likely get a better deal on an 02- Plus get the low financing or $1000 rebate. I cant speak for all the SE's across the country...but I have seen very few SE's (02 or 03) that do not have leather. About a month ago I saw one silver 03 SE at the dealer I bought my 02 from that was a cloth 6 speed. The dealer told me that is a rare combination. I know the 6 speed alone is hard enough to find. Good luck
  • There is really someone on here with the name "obiwankenobi"??? Wow. Interesting. I have had "obiwankenobi1" since 1999 because someone already had "obiwankenobi"

    I guess he was here first! :(

  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    I will stand (partially) corrected, as some of your comments are true...I agree with you about "picking on the guys" due to layoffs and such, but that still doesn't change the fact that cars made by Japanese makers seem to have a better quality rep than the cars made by our union boys (and girls) over here, and every buyer out there really wants as much quality as their money can buy...later...
  • Greetings. I'm new to the list and need some advice from Maxima SE owners. I am seriously considering purchase of a 2000 Maxima SE 5 speed, dark green, beige velour interior, sun roof, a few other small options. The car has 37,000 miles on it, looks great, and drives great. This will be my first Nissan - replacing a 94 Probe GT 5 speed. Asking price is $18,995 - a bit high according to Edmonds - at an Acura dealer. Any problems that I should be looking for? I have an excellent AAA shop that I can take it for evaluation - I figure it's worth the $50 they will charge for a complete look over. Would appreciate any advice on this ASAP!
  • My lease of 2000 Maxima GXE is almost over.
    I scheduled ITS inspection next week. I enjoyed every moment driving it. Car is 2.5 years old, 30K miles and I was offered $12.800 trade in price by Nissan dealler. I was also trying to get new Camry but could not get more than $13.500. And of course they wanted to sell new car for MSRP. So I checked with NMAC and I have to pay only $250
    as early termination fee. This is lower than I expected. I want to return it earlier to avoid charges for tires later on.
    I want to get used Nissan now (2001 or 2002 model) and let somebody else pay 1st year deprisiation. $5000 for one year is too mach. I like the car but I don't like to waist money.
  • Jazzermp, I bet they bought it for $15000 a max.
    Give them $15500 for this car. Check your local newspaper for how much people selling this car.
    You'll be amaized.
    Good luck.
  • I’m hoping that someone on this board can help me get some information straight. I have a Consumer Guide Used Cars & Trucks book for 2002. Inside it lists average repair costs for each model reviewed. For the fourth and (fifth) generation Maximas it shows the following costs:

    A/C Compressor $625 ($705)
    Alternator 450 (290)
    Automatic Transmission or
    Transaxle 1080 (1310)
    Brakes 210 (455)
    Constant Velocity Joints 1145 (740)
    Clutch, Pressure Plate, Bearings 515 (635)
    Exhaust System 375 (480)
    Radiator 445 (380)
    Shocks/and or Struts 1530 (470)
    Timing Chain or Belt 1305 (460)

    I was under the impression that the fifth generation Maxima is a revision of the fourth generation chassis and mechanicals. So it seems surprising that repair costs on CVJ’s, Struts, and Timing Chains fell so dramatically. Does anyone know if these numbers are reasonable, and if so, why?

    On a different specification I remember reading that my fourth generation Maxima has a turning diameter of 34.8 ft. while the 2000 Maxima’s number was 35.7 ft. I’ve been interested in buying a 2002 Maxima SE 6-speed, but just saw that it’s turning circle is 40 ft! Could this be true? And what would account for the huge change in the same generation?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help with these questions!
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    jazzermp, I'd ask the same question in "Real-World Trade-In Values" topic under "Smart Shopper".
  • Thanks for the quick responses on my "maybe" purchase. I'm on my way to see a Gold SE with less miles for the same asking money at a Nissan dealer - way out of my neighborhood, but maybe a better deal. Thanks again!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The Maximas are now carrying pretty sizeable rebates and also showing up in some rental car fleets around the US (namely Budget, where I have rented one from). That lowers trade-in value quickly. And also, the first year is also the biggest hit too on trade, if that's any consolation.
  • gerapaugerapau Posts: 211
    The turning radius is quite large (40' sounds just about right) on all SEs with 17" wheels. It is due to the larger wheels. The 2000 Max SE with 17" wheels had the same large turning radius so it is not new to the 2002s.
  • I own both a 4th and 5th generation Maxima so am curious about your post.

    Do you think there's any possibility that the repair costs (that are quoted)are inaccurate due to warranty coverage being in place on the 5th generation and probably not in existence on the 4th generation?

    Have you called the local Nissan dealer and ask them to quote their prices for these repairs?

    The numbers just don't seem to make much sense to me either. I guess the good news is that the odds of having to get these repairs done on a Maxima are much less than most FWD cars.

    FYI, my 95 GLE with 190,000 miles has only had the shocks/struts from your list and is still in excellent condition.

    The most frequent repair has been for oxygen sensors (twice) and brakes (twice).
  • berbelberbel Posts: 167

    I would approach this pending purchase cautiously.
    The 2000 Max had what has been widely characterized
    as a "fuel cut out" problem w/ the manual tranny.
    The existence of that problem caused me to buy my
    SE w/ the auto transmission. Nissan has since cor-
    rected the fuel cut out issue (though if my memory
    serves me correctly, they never "formally" ac-
    knowledged its existence) Maybe some others on
    this board can be more helpful regarding this.
    I do know the time, early 2001,
    there were numerous posts on this board about
    the problem. Good luck.

  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    Hello gang. this topic arises occasionally, so I thought the following article might be of interest. It's called Car Clinic by Brad Bergholdt, Knight Ridder Newspapers as was published August 31 in my paper.

    "The primary benefit of high-octane fuel is its anti-knock characteristic. In addition it may contain higher grade additives that help keep fuel injectors and intake valves clean.

    Modern engines deliver far more power and fuel economy than their predecessors by employing a higher compression ratio and utilizing sophisticated combustion chamber designs and valve, fuel and ignition management systems.

    Operating the engine on a lower octane fuel than specified will invite engine-damaging detonation and reduced power and lead to expensive repair bills. Premium fuel burns more slowly than less costly 87 or 89 grade. The air-fuel mixture burns at a lower temperature, providing a smooth and controlled flame front, lessening the chance of a hot and stressful explosion. Detonation can damage pistons, valves and head gaskets."
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    Just read the C&D criticism of the Max. They're bemoaning the fact that it isn't a true sports sedan. Here's my criticism of their article:

    1. The Max is a sporty car that is also a practical family sedan. In this price range (around $25K), what other midsize sedan is as sporty while still being practical? The WRX comes closest, exceeding the Max for sportiness, but failing in the family sedan area (small trunk, no folding rear seats). The Grand Prix is another, but is neither as sporty as nor as practical as the Max. Plus, the Max has a better interior than both.

    2. Front wheel drive. C&D complained about torque-steer and wished the Max was RWD. For those of us that have to live through winter, this would eliminate the Max from many people's list. Yeah, you can get winter tires for your RWD machine, but it's an added expense and hassle (two more visits to the dealer/mechanic per year - yay). Hmmm, I can get this vehicle that'll cost me a couple grand more in tires and about 10 extra visits to the garage, or this one that'll do fine in most conditions without buying new tires. Tough one.

    3. C&D stated that the G35 would be a better choice. Sure, if I've got an extra $4000-$7000 (depending on the Max trim). But what if I don't? Plus, the RWD issue.

    Basically, I think they want the Max to be a BMW with more cargo space. Well, guess what - a 3 series goes for like $35K without adequate cargo space. I'll take my $23K Max and be very happy, thanks.
  • Mirth, you're absolutely right. I've had the same discussions with Bimmer-types many times and I'll stick with my Max, too. Now, if Nissan goes to a RWD platform for the '94 Max and thereafter, I will probably seek another car, but that won't be for at least 5 more years when my current lease comes due.(...and yes,I do live in the snow-belt in Canada, so I appreciate the differences between FWD and RWD...) Also, a few messages back, I was asking about the "vibrating hood" issue on my Max, and someone said there was a TSB for it but they didn't include the details. Could you please, so I have something to refer to when I talk to my dealer? On another note, for all you Zaino lovers out there, I just washed my car after a 4000km (2400 mile) trip thru the USA and the bugs and grime came off real easy. Just used a little of their car-wash fluid straight up on a wet cloth and the bugs just wiped off. I will use Zaino forever!!!
  • dklanecky,

    The numbers in the Consumer Guide book are NOT related to warranty status. I also have a three year old version of the guide when fourth generation Maximas were still on warranty and it contains the same repair costs.

    I haven’t spoken to my Nissan dealer about this because they haven’t given me very straight answers in the past.

    I’m glad to read that you’ve had good luck with your Maxima. How much did new struts cost you? Was it in the ballpark quoted by Consumer Guide?

    My 1997 SE 5-speed has 135,000 trouble-free miles. The potential cost of replacing struts, a clutch, a pitted windshield and brakes in the sometime future has me rationalizing a possible trade up to a used 2002 with remaining warranty.
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    hammer - I believe the link to the "hood rattle" TSB is posted a few hundred posts back. Sorry I don't have the exact post.
  • Just wanted to share my excitement. Brought home a 03 Majestic Blue Maxima SE today. Has titanium, meridian, sunroof, Bose, trunk mat and I love it. Got it with Black leather. Was going to get the blue with grey leather but the black looks more classy IMHO and the mats are grey as is the carpet so it offsets the interior very nicely. Just got done putting my first of several coats of Zaino on it. I would NOT let the dealer wash it. It just came off the truck and they had not prepped it yet. They were very suprised that I insisted on washing it myself and their "detailer" came out and told me I would not be able to get the adhesive off that they use to keep the protective sheets on in shipping. Needless to say, a little warm soapy car wash and the glue residue is gone. Did virtually everything over the internet and I got it in Renton, WA for $250.00 over invoice. They didn't even try to sell me anything extra as I told them from the get go I did not want it and they honored my request...along with the comment.."I can see you have bought quite a few new cars". Anyway, with a whopping 20 miles on it I have now put it away for the night. I had a 99 Lexus GS 300 before this for 3 years and I gotta say, so far is isn't too far behind in the creature comfort areas AND it has a much more powerful engine. Just had to share!
  • here is some other problems that I encountered with my 00 SE w/5 speed with under 40K. I have had the computer reprogrammed 2 times, 1 strut replaced, 2 steering racks, ignition coils, fuel cutoff problems, fuel economy issues, acceleration issues, etc.

    Make sure that you review its repair history.

  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    I have an 00 SE Auto. Have had several trips to dealer for rattles/squeaks, but besides that just routine maintenance. Oh, had two tail lights burn out too, forgot that. All was done under warranty and costed me nothing besides my time. Turned 37K with none of the strut, computer, etc probs. Why did your computer need reprogramming, what did they do? Just curious.

  • Nissan claims that when the "service engine" light comes on that it generally means that the computer need to be reprogrammed. I know, it doesn't sound logical, but with Nissan, what is?

    Mine computer needed reprogramming twice in the first year (about 4 months apart). The dealer was unable to tell me why the light came on.

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777 has a long-term 2002 Maxima GLE in their fleet. From their recent update, they have questioned the car's long term reliability because they got a second recall notice in the mail on theirs.
  • That may be just dealer jibberish for resetting the computer after the "service light" came on.
  • Just curious how many of you think the new '04 Maxima will mark the end of the Maxima as anything resembling a sport sedan? I don't like all the rumours and spyshots that indicate it will be "bigger", "plusher", more "upscale".
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    IMHO, such descriptive terms are just to drum up interest in the new design. I doubt very much the 04 will be significantly different from the current model. Among other things, Nissan will be limited by how much it can charge for the new model, which, in turn, will restrict the extent of upgrades it can make so that it can still make a profit on the new car. I also doubt the validity of the ever increasing HP ratings. The current engine is rated in excess of 250 hp, but I don't think it provides, in relative terms, significantly greater power than the prior rendition, which I believe was rated at 220 hp.
    That said, however, I think the current Maxima is a very good car, except for the rear suspension, particularly in light of its reliability record and engine design, which I recall has been rated 10 best in the past 7 or 8 years.
  • gerapaugerapau Posts: 211
    While I don't believe that a second recall notice should make anyone worry about the Max's long term reliability, I have had nothing but problems with my 2K SE 5 speed since I bought it 3 years ago. This is a wonderful car to drive but 20+ visits to my local service department have tainted my opinion of the Maxima's reliability. The problems that I have had so far include:
    - many squeaks and rattles
    - rear bumper was re-painted due to misalignment of trunk
    - reprogramming of ecm due to problem on cold start
    - reprogramming of ecm due to "fuel-cut" problem
    - replacement of front brake rotors after 15,000 miles
    - transmission problems after 5,000 miles (stranded on side of highway when car would not go into 1st gear)
    - power drivers seat switch was replaced
    - all 6 ignition coils were replaced (it was tough convincing the dealer to do this since no tsb was ever issued for this problem in Canada even though one was issued in the US and the cars are virtually identical)
    - axle seal was replaced when transmission was leaking
    - axle seal was replaced once again when transmission was leaking
    - faulty altinator was replaced (this one stranded me while on vacation and over 150 miles from nearest dealer. Thank God that Nissan roadside assistance picked up the CA$700 towing charge)
    - leaking transmission (for the third time in under a year) prompted the dealer to overhaul the transmission. Fault bearings were the problem.
    - other minor adjustments and problems

    While I have had many problems, I know of at least 3 friends who have 2K+ Maximas and none of them have had any problems at all. Maybe I have a "Friday" car. I am not sure. Hopefully the problems will not continue as my warranty is about to expire.
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