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Nissan Maxima

L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
Welcome to the continuation of the Nissan Maxima -
Part 10
topic. Those of you joining us from that
topic are welcome to continue your discussion.

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  • Hi everyone,

    I hope this is the right forum to put this topic up here. I scanned a bit in archive but couldn't find the topic.


    I have 1996 Maxima GXE with the standard AM/FM cassette. I went to Best Buy to get a new stereo installed and they told me that because I have the Bose stereo system, the amp in it requires all the wiring to be done completely differently. So instead of getting free installation that comes with a new stereo, I have to pay additional $160 (for a $300 stereo!).

    I left and thought that this didn't sound right. I didn't think GXE came with a Bose system (i thought only SE & GLE did) and they were just trying to take advantage by making me pay this amount.

    Any advice, comment, or similar experience?

    Thanks all.
  • My dealer took about 1-1/2 hours to fix the trunk and that included an oil change! I would just use some touch up paint on the trunk lip to prevent any rust.

  • I have 4 Blizzak snow tires that I got for my 1998
    Dodge Intrepid that are 205/70R15. The original
    equipment on the Intrepid is P205/70SR15.

    The 2001 Maxima GLE original tires are
    P215/55HR16. Is it possible to use my 15 inch snow
    tires on the Maxima GLE? (I don't care about any
    speedometer difference - only if it can be used
  • You're not planning to put 15" tires on 16" rims are you? or are you going to buy 15" rims to put on the Max? I don't know if I'd try the mix and match routine? Good luck
  • bigk200bigk200 Posts: 170
    I stuck up for you on the 5-speed board.
  • Hey there.
    If you have a bose system, the front lid/door of your Cassette player should say BOSE.
    The 96 GXE should not have come standard with BOSE system.
    Also....I thought it was just the speakers that were BOSE.
    So...if you don't see BOSE labeled on your cassette player, then you most likely don't have a BOSE and those guys at that store are either completely out of it or just trying to make undeserved money off of you.
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    I am confirming my suspicion with a friend of mine who works at Bose and helped design the system that went into the 1990 Max. I think it is more than just speakers. In fact, I believe there's a Bose amp attached to underside of the rear deck on my 2K GLE. However, if you don't have the speakers, you certainly don't have the Bose. You can always check the sub woofer which may not have the Bose name on it (on the grill) in older models. But underneath (from the trunk) the id should be easy. If you don't have the sub don't have the Bose.

    BTW, he told me that Bose has designed a new system in the STS. That makes the Max, the STS and Saab?
  • You're absolutely correct. The Bose system wasn't available on '96 GXE's, only SE's and GLE's.

    The AMps were different from the 4th gen to the 5th gen. In the 4th gen...the AMPS were at each speaker, not so on the 2k's.

  • I thank you..I guess....but, this isn't a 4th grade schoolyard, it's a forum for USEFULL info to be passed on (hopefully). Not a forum that has the need to be "stood up for". All my years with Nissan can speak for itself....if others care to listen. If car run perfect !

    Thanks again

  • It depends on what year you have....for 2k, they come already painted.

  • you mentioned that if someone gets their bumper repainted by the shop that there might be a mismatch in color. i have a question, is it true that if you order a spoiler as an option on a max such as my gle, that it comes unpainted to the shop then painted and "baked" and then installed before delievery? i only ask because it looks like an exact match between my spoiler and the rest of my car. just curious if the shop did a really good job or they were just lying to me. thanks
  • bamadjbamadj Posts: 18
    Hi Joe, I asked last week about this and didn't hear back. I'm only bugging you because I'll be taking my car in next week for an oil change and want to deal with other issues as well while the car is there...

    Anyway, I wanted to know if it was possible to get the paint dots on each wheel removed? If so, what ramifications are there to doing this? A few folks around me seem to think it wouldn't be a big deal, but I want to take care of my car and do the right thing.

  • why would u care about that little paint dot on your wheels?? it's there for a purpose obviously since every maxima wheels have them. i saw them on mine when i first got my car, but if you keep your wheels clean, that little paint spot is the least of your worries. i'm more into making sure i dont have rattles and things like that than removing a tiny paint spot that was meant to be my wheels
  • I don't know if it's possible to remove it w/o removing the paint on the wheels themselves. The dot on the tire is easily taken care of but, You can ask the dealer if you'd like, I'd leave it alone if it were me though.

  • i know this is GLE place, but had anyone see nissan X-trail! this SUV looks so cool!!! hey joe do you know this SUV well, i want to know how good is this X-trail

  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    You mean Xterra? If so, it is apparently a very capable off-roader, but I would wait for the power upgrade.
  • Currently the X-Trail is a mini-ute only for Japan...then for Europe. In order for it to arrive here, Nissan needs to drop a V6 in it (only 4's are scheduled so far), and be sure it won't clip the heels of it's XTerra. probably in a few years.

    A fullsize SUV is in the works though....I just hope it gets here before the craze

  • eblumeblum Posts: 52
    I removed the dots on my wheels with my finger damage to the wheels.
  • jamberjamber Posts: 21
    Joe, I just wanted to thank you and everyone else who gave tips a while back for changing the oil/filter yourself. I reached 1000 miles this past Friday on my 2001 5spd SE and I changed the oil/filter, it was real easy, the filter required a wrench to lossen it up, but it was easy and only took me 15 minutes of actual work (I waited 1/2 hour to have just about every last drop of oil drain out). I used MobilOne and a PurOne Purolator Filter. I also put on wheel locks and rechecked the torqued on my lugs.

    I noticed the paint spots on the wheels before I drove off lot, the salesperson did not know what they where but pointed out the all 4 wheels had them... When I washed my Maxima the first time I scrubbed a kinda hard on one of the paint spots and it came right off, but the other three did not so I took a wood popsickle stick (thought it would be good since it was softer than the wheels), but when I gently tried to scrape a paint spot off, it took a tiny chip of clear coat... urrrgh I should have left it alone! I used some clear nailpolish to seal the tiny chip.

    I'm still waiting for the dealer to get the replacement side moldings in that they messed up in detailing with the buffer. I'm PO that they even used the buffer on my new car, I hope they did not mess up my clear coat! How would I tell, or do I have to wait until the paint starts to fade in a few years? I also found a small "burn" mark from the buffer on the corner of my spoiler and my rear window black frame as well as the sunroof wind deflector. I called the dealer and spoke to a manager, he said to bring it in and they will take care of it, that they want to make sure I'm completely satisfied. That same day I got a letter from the dealership saying to let them know if I'm not "Completely Satisfied" and if I cannot give them a perfect 10 on the survey that Nissan may send me.
    I got the survey and will wait to fill it out until they fix these small blemishes from the "Buffer Happy" person in the Detail Dept.

    Other then that I'm so happy with this car, it is such a pleasure to drive... so those 4k rpm and higher shifts... I now have 1900 miles (yes I put 900 miles on it in 4 days, I drove to Homestead FL for the NASCAR races). and I have loved every mile I have driven!
  • When I apply the brakes on my 2K Max (17K miles), I get a rapid oscillation in my steering wheel, which slows with the car, and the braking isn't very smooth. Is this a sign of warped rotors? The brake pedal does not pulsate. I have read past posts about overly tight lug nuts, and the front tires haven't been removed since I've owned the car.
  • It's highly unlikely that you don't also have a pedal pulsation...however slight. If you say the steering wheel is vibrating when you brake, and goes away when you let off the brake...take it back to the dealer, you need new front rotors.

    be sure they REPLACE them...NOT turn them on the lathe, and ...make sure they're torqued properly, not put back on with the air'll just be back in another 17k.

  • No, the 15 inch snow tires are already on the 15 inch rims - and on my '98 Intrepid. Was wondering only if I could put them on a 2001 Maxima GLE.

  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Make sure they have the same amount of lug nuts, the same offset, and the same rolling diameter within 3% of the stock wheels.
  • umpopaumpopa Posts: 37
    Joenissan: Clearly you are the "go to guy" in this topic, and I appreciate and respect all that I have seen you write as informed and clear in communication. I read your response to Bamadj, who asked about this in response to my post (#850), and need further clarification: I have negotiated for an ordered-right-from-the-factory GLE. I am aware you have stated it isn;t possible to get a car ordered to your specs, only what comes off the line, but Dealers #1 & #2 both say they DO accept orders for the specs I want (as does the 1-800-Nissan1 phone number), and that it takes roughly 3 months for delivery.

    Dealer #1 and the 800 number people say I can get the Meridian Edition without traction control or sunroof, but Dealer #2 says I must get the sunroof, if the Meridian package is ordered (I don't want sunroof or traction control). Dealers 1 and 2 differ in price by $100 (with #2 at invoice, and #1 $100 above, both plus regional advertising, warrantee fee, TT&L).

    Do you think #2 trying to bait and switch, to get me to pay more upon delivery? Could they be right? ( and other sites don't say the sunroof must be bought as well, only Dealer #2 says that!) It seems Dealer #1 sounds like a better one to deal with (even for $100 more)...if he is telling the truth! Help!!

    Thanks for your reply!
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    I couldn’t help but respond to the above post.

    I too “ordered” a GLE with the Meridian package, but no other options (particularly no sunroof). I waited 3 months and was finally told the order was cancelled – they couldn’t get the car. I believe joenissan to be right – they look for a car with your specs and colors to come up within the 3 months – if nothing comes up they cancel the order. That is, your order never makes it to the factory. The question, in my mind, remains – how actively do they really look during the 3-month period.

    What they did for me, however, was that they looked around a little more and found me a car with my specs, but with a CD changer, traction control and some other minor stuff. I was given the option of buying that car at its higher price, or get my deposit back. I was really unhappy with the situation, and almost got my deposit back right away. Now I am considering their offer, and also considering some other cars.

    It does seem as if it is very difficult the get the GLE with the Meridian package but with no sunroof. They finally found one for me (after waiting since the end of July) but it also comes with a traction control, cd-changer, and some other minor stuff.

    Hope this helps.
  • bamadjbamadj Posts: 18
    My guess, based on Joe several times telling me you can NOT order a car and now with sdrg0q's response, I think the dealers are full of crap! I think they pacify you telling you "Yes, we can order it..." and then they try to find it after promising it. It seems like umpopa is experiencing just that. If you really could order the car, then no dealer should be able to tell you what certain options the car has to or not have. And poor sdrg0q was promised a car, waited 3 months, and then bam! I think that sucks and I too was frustrated with my dealers. They also told me I could order the car, but I settled with the exact one I wanted, but having 2 options I didn't care to have.

    So, from now on, do NOT believe your dealers when they say you can order one. They just want to tell you that to pacify you, but in all reality it's a lie. It makes sense now why dealers tell you certain things about the options and why they differ so much on that. I think it is awful that they waited 3 whole months to tell sdrg0q they couldn't find one. They would know within a matter of days, and if they cared, they would also have kept looking those whole 3 months and been honest about it.

    Ugh! That's ridiculous. Now, on the other hand, I absolutely LOVE my car, but it sure is awful that you have to deal with people like several of us have to to get the car. I'm very happy with my decision, but I hate the frustration some of you are having to go through and lots of frustration I already did...

    OK, I'm done venting now... ;-) Must be all these long hours I'm working as well...

  • I plan to put Michelin Pilot Alpin snow tires on my '00 GLE. Does anyone know of a mail/net source of steel wheels? I have tried and they have only alloy wheels available. Thanks
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    A large number of people continue to contact me about buying a Maxima in Canada and bringing it home to the US. The posts I've made before have been lost a couple boards back so I will summarize again here. I bought in Canada a couple months ago and all worked smoothly.

    So why to do this? Save some big money! The exchange rate just keeps getting better for the US. Here's some sample prices for Maximas in Canada (converted to US dollars, and including duty):
    1) Maxima GXE, auto trans, traction control, and convenience pkg. Convenience pkg contains everything in the Meridian and Com and Con pkgs. $20,800. (US dealer invoice is $22,740)
    2) Maxima SE 20th Anniv Ed. Auto trans. Includes traction control, Bose, Meridian pkg, and leather. Does not have the ground effects though. $23,500. (US dealer invoice is $28,006)
    3) Maxima GLE. Auto trans. Includes traction control, sunroof, Meridian pkg. $22,700. (US dealer invoice is $25,852)

    Here's the answers to the most asked questions:
    - Yes, it's perfectly legal as a US resident to buy a new car in Canada.
    - Maxima meets all US safety and emissions requirements (California too).
    - You will have to pay some Canadian sales taxes, but they send you a refund after you take the vehicle out of the country.
    - The warranty is honored in the US.
    - It's identical to the US Max, but in Canada they come better equipped with options.
    - Speedo is in km and miles; odo is in km, but can be changed if you prefer.
    - I have found some dealers willing to sell over the phone at close to invoice, far below list price.
    - Get your financing at home first.

    Quick summary of the process:
    1. Call dealer and make a deal. Get VIN number.
    2. Call Nissan and get US emissions and safety compliance letter (will fax if in a hurry).
    3. Go to Canada, pay, drive away.
    4. Stop at Canadian customs. Get form stamped.
    5. Stop at US Customs. Show compliance letter. Pay 2.5% duty.
    6. Register vehicle and pay your state's sales tax when home just like normal.
    7. Get Canadian sales tax refund check in the mail.

    I bought in Canada in September and I know of ten more people who have done it or are in the process. It's not difficult at all. Sure, there's a little paperwork to do. Many people are surprised how close to Canada they really are. Anyone from Chicago to D.C. is easily within a one days drive of Toronto. And much of the West Coast is close to Vancouver.

    I'm glad to help anyone out with questions or good contacts. Just email me.
    [email protected]
  • I don't think I would call it "Bait & Switch"...It may just be that the one dealer is being a bit more realistic as to what he can find for you. TCS and the sunroof are stand-alone options on the GLE but.....most are built with them anyhow. That's not to say the dealer can't find one.....He just wants to sell you a car, and not have to wait the 2 or 3 months it may take to find that exact car.

    You have a few options ( you..not the, you can either wait and see what they can find or, insist that you don't want those 2 options in your car. If one comes in with either or both the TCS, and can say "I'll take it but...I'm not paying for the 2 options I wanted deleted from the car".

    Keep in mind...TCS can be turned off. You have 40.5" of headroom WITHOUT the sunroof. That number changes by less than an inch WITH it. Unless you've tried one with the S/R, and need more headroom, I'd take one with it. If you need the headroom....they're out there w/o a'll just need to give them time to find one.

    As for the ordering can (and WILL) tell you what you want to hear but...Their hands are tied. They have to search from whats produced to find the car you want....they CANNOT direct order from the factory. Besides....Mr Ho Yen Chi doesn't speak english...LMAO...Good luck!

  • jkwcmwjkwcmw Posts: 11
    Joe: I recently had to replace one of my tires after getting a tear in the sidewall. I decided to have them rotated at that time since I was at about 7,500 miles. I asked them to torque the lugs as opposed to using the impact wrench. They ended up using a torque stick attached to the impact wrench. Is this OK? I really don't want to go out and buy a torque wrench, however it would be cheaper then having to change or resurface the rotors. Thanks in advance.
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