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Nissan Maxima



  • I've been recieving LOTS of mail from some Extended warranty company, telling me that my warranty is about to run out (on a 1 yr old car ? I don't think so). Just for sh%ts and giggles, I called to find out what their price was...LOL..Well...after almost swallowing the receiver...I hung up on the crook !....To extend your warranty 4 years/100k...they wanted $1800+ !

    before hanging up on the guy, I told him what I did for a living, that I've been doing it for close to 18 years now.....LOL..he didn't want to hear it....he continued to try and sway me purchase his bogus warranty. careful when these come in the mail....unless you really feel the need to extend your warranty...DON'T CALL !!! they won't take NO for an answer.

  • The problem you are having with your radio could be any one of 4 conponents in your car.
    1) The first component that could be causing your radio to mute would be your head unit which I believe is made by Clarion.
    2) The second component that could be causing your radio problem could be the amplifier which I believe is made by Bose.
    3) The third component that could be causing your radio to mute would be the speakers which I believe are all made by Bose.
    4) The fourth components that could be causing your radio problems could be loss connections with the wiring harnesses connecting all components together.

  • I just picked up my 2001 fully loaded GLE in Canada, in the process saving around $2500 (after taking account of US import duties and the cost of going to Toronto from NYC and to driving home. I wanted to let potential buyers know that I found Jon's (see post #29 above) advice on this invaluable and accurate. So far the car is a joy - it even has running lights and a full size spare (which I believe are unavailable in the US). Unless you're deeply put off by the speedometer in KM (with miles is smaller print) and the climate control in oC instead of oF, there's no reason to buy a Nissan in America if you live within a few hours of the canadian border.
    Thanks again Jon.
  • greforgrefor Posts: 34
    about buying the Max up in Canada at the same time I was shopping for mine. It just sounded too good to be true and too easy to save so much cash. I live in NJ, so Canada is certainly not too far a drive to save a couple Gs. Are you sure everything is legit? Say no so I don't feel like an idiot:)
  • The PIAAs are a bit more white than the stock, well the SuperWhite H3 fogs are, but the Plasma H4 s are more like the "HID look" (very very slight hint of blue). Anyway, on the 2K, they are a nice combination, IMHO. I ordered them from, and with the 33% off your first order coupon code, you can't go wrong! You can also get wax and cleaners, and even suspension parts with the coupon.
  • finally got to talk to the rep who was not returning my calls. I talked to my SM today and I think he dropped a bug in someones ear about the non-returned calls. In any event here is what he had to say to me:

    "Nissan Field Engineers have concluded that the noises coming from your car are characteristics of the design of the Maximas engine mounts. Your mounts have been repaired to their original specs"

    He then offered to extend my warranty on the powertrain to 6/100 from the 5/60. Some Gold Package or something like that. what Nissan is saying is that after 3 replacements(including the original parts that came with the car) and with no change in the sound of the chirps(other than increasing in noise) my engine mount problem has been fixed.


    If this is the way that the engine mounts are designed to sound, why did it take 3 trips and parts replacements(not to mention probably investing a third of the dollar amount of the car) to deem that this is normal operation? Sounds like to me that they are saying we have no clue what it is so we are just going to say it is a normal occurence. I think that is what bugs me the most...their indifference.

    So pretty much Nissan is washing their hands of this and was told that nothing else can be done. I feel closer and closer to the 5 spd guys every day :)

    I'm not here to demonize the Maxima...I really like the car(just not mine lol) fact I find myself looking over every new one in the lot everytime I visit the dealership...its at a point where I'm on a first name basis with everyone there(not really a good thing) Actually the SM and his guys have been great...they have done everything I have ever asked of him regarding the mounts......Nissan basically gave him a cease and desist order on pursing anything further with the mounts.

    Well...back to the drawing board I guess...will try the certified letter route next...

    BigK I am planning on bringing the car to a mechanic who used to be one of the lead techs at my dealership. My folks have dealt with him for years with their 95 Max and he is top notch with their car. I will ask him about all your theories as I have printed out your suggestions regarding the ICV etc.

    Darn it...can never make these posts short enough..heh sorry :(
  • We can't let this guy go out and buy a Camry! I own the GLE and like the ride, the acceleration and the handling a lot. The GLE comes with a lot of the finer touches like Bose, that are extras on the SE. The GLE is an AT, and it sounds as if you want the 5 spd. If sporty is what you want...a lot of SE owners here can confirm it's handling and acceleration. I think if you compare the numbers, the Maxima beats the Camry pretty handily. I ahve never been able to justify the "old lady" look of the Camry. my two cents.
  • bigk200bigk200 Posts: 170
    Let me know what you find out from your mechanic friend.

    I think you are on the right track gy getting a 2nd opinion from someone who isn't required to recite the "company line".
  • I have an Auto. 01 SE w/17" tires, to me the ride is very stiff, much harder than my '95 SE as I remember it, BUT I'm getting used to it, and the car handles and steers great. Get the Bose, if you don't, You'll regret it. Drive the cars with the 16" and 17" tires and see what works for you, both SE and GLE. Any Max will ride firmer and handle better than a Camry, I happen to think the trade-off is worth it... My takes, what do you folks think??
  • bamadjbamadj Posts: 18
    I would definitely go for the Max! I didn't end up test driving a Camry, but drove my mom's around for a month and a half while waiting for my Max. Granted, her Camry was a '91, but even '91 Maximas looked better and roomier.

    I have heard OVER and OVER how much FUN a Max is to drive and in comparison, just how boring a Camry is. I definitely agree! It feels so nice inside and the doors all shut solid to make it feel airtight inside (something the Camry never did). I don't know all the stats, but I believe the Max also packs much more horsepower than the Camry.

    MAX is definitely the way to go if you want to feel good, comfortable and styling while on the road! It takes the boring out of driving and you have NO trouble merging in with traffic (and that's even with the AT)...

  • Well, actually it's impossible to judge what's important to you. The Max is definitely distinctive looking and the Camry does have a bland old lady, republican look to it. But then, of course, si8 might be an old lady and I might look exactly like Mel Gibson and I bet JoeNissan is Josephine.

    I owned a 90 5 speed SE before trading in for the 00SE Auto (my left foot just got lazy, but I do miss the old stick). Had great luck and enjoy both cars immensely. I got everything except leather and think the Bose, Meridian (heated seats and side airbags), traction, sunroof, white gauges, al gore, and 17" wheels are worth the extra effort. The ride is tight but slightly firm, so judge for yourself. Check out the 5 speed carefully since it sounds like it can be hard to handle in stop/go traffic, if that is a major part of your regular commute. I wish they had the Merlot last year, I like it.

    So take your time, no need to rush and make a bad bush decision.

    Good luck...subliminal George
  • bamadjbamadj Posts: 18
    I just want to say a quick thank you to those who take this board seriously and answer even some of the silly questions I have...

    Because of the information I've received from all of you, my car is now at the dealer service department having the oil changed at 882 miles, alignment (car was pulling to the left), and re-torquing the lug nuts on the rotors. The torque problem I would have never known about and because of this board, I am now doing what I can to prevent damage to the rotors - I'm all for preventive maintenance. I spoke to Chris (the service manager) and told him why I wanted all of this done and he agreed 100% on why I was having them change the oil, align the wheels, and re-torque the lug nuts. He made me feel very comfortable and knowledgeable - he mentioned that he used to work for Chevrolet and noticed all of the above on their cars as well...

    So, THANKS a bunch guys and gals. That's what this board is all about.

    And may all of you have a wonderful and joyous Thanksgiving! And for those of you that have to drive, be careful...

  • Joe ..I asked my SM yesterday if they use tourqe wrenchs when they put the wheels back onto Maximas(Had a balance done) He actually seemed like he didnt that normal for a SM not to know what his techs use? He said that they use different colored pieces that go on the end of the wrench...color coded for specific cars? Do you guys do that?

    heh George...nice least you have the right first name for the next commander in :)
  • The sunroof is only available with the C&C package which adds some of the stuff you don't want. But the SE is the way to go if you want stick

    As for the Bose I think it's worth it, great base and sound, very little distortion (but I have to say my previous car was saturn SL2 with a terrible stereo system). I suggest taking a CD with you to the dealer (something that has a lot bass) and popping it in. That's what I did to see if I wanted the Bose.

    As for the Camry - there is no comparison in my mind. I tested the big three Japanese cars (Camry, Accord, Maxima). The Maxima was the best handling of the lot. For the price the Maxima is the best.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • bamadjbamadj Posts: 18
    I want to back max2001's comments. To me, the BOSE is definitely worth it. The sound is absolutely awesome and so solid! The bass can run you out of the car. It is the best "factory" stereo I've ever heard.

    Yup, the sunroof only comes with the C&C package, but it's worth it - the other "stuff" that comes with the C&C package include:
    variable intermittent wipers
    auto-dimming rearview mirror (very handy)
    cargo net (nice for small items in trunk)
    HomeLink Universal Transciever (awesome - I don't need my garage door opener anymore)
    8-way power driver's seat (easier to get "fit" comfortably in the car)

    Let us know what you decide!
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    Joenissan – thank you again for your help. I will get the wheels re-aligned. I am relieved it is easy to fix.

    Bamadj – you mentioned you would be re-torquing the lug nuts on the rotors. Why would you do that if you haven’t done any wheel rotation? I would have thought the factory would have installed the wheels correctly when the car was assembled.
  • When you went back for your first oil change and wheel alignment, did you go straight to the Service dept? you didn't have to interact with your salesperson right? I'm totally new when it comes to getting my car serviced, and would like to know who to speak to right away to get things done. Am i right to assume that the person you spoke to at the service dept, you met him for the first time that day? thanks
  • I have a 00 Max SE and I test drove a 00 Camry V6 and V4. Here are my thoughts.

    Camry: Excellent reliability
    Maxima: Excellent reliability

    Camry: Spacious interior
    Maxima: Even more spacious interior

    Camry: 2nd most stolen car in US
    Maxima: Not even in the top 10

    Camry: V4 is gutless, V6 is uninspiring
    Maxima: V6 will make you WANT to drive more

    Camry: Suspension is soft, rolls a lot
    Maxima: Stiff suspension, corners really well

    Camry: Indistinguishable looks
    Maxima: You know it's a Maxima when you see one

    Camry: Feels like a basic people mover
    Maxima: Feels like a real car!

    Camry: Boring to fun
    Maxima: Be may have too much fun

    If anyone can think of more....feel free to add!
    Seriously re-consider before you plop down the wad of cash for the Camry. It is indeed a good car, but test drive a'll see and feel a huge difference.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  • Well, those pesky Passat owners are contending that their cars are more "exclusive" simply because Maximas can be rented while Passats cannot.

    Wanna join the fray?

  • I'm bringing in my 2000 GLE on Tuesday to have a few things to be looked at/replaced 1)the TCM, 2)the groaning brakes/warped rotors and 3)the fan whirling noise. I bought the car last Dec 4th and have almost 20,000 miles on it. Is there any reason to believe that these would not be covered under warranty?

    Also, at this time of year with all the thanks we should be giving, I wanted to thank you for your help on a variety of topics.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!
  • Hey....I had my fan replaced, too! That just about drove me crazy, the "whirrrr...." And yes, it's replacable under warranty. Unfortunately, they told me "no way" to new rotors, they say "well, it's your brakes, they're going to wear just like anything else..." can you believe that??
    Happy Thanksgiving all!!
  • bamadjbamadj Posts: 18
    sgrd0q: unless I misunderstood all of the posts, the factory is where the lug nuts are over-torqued. So, I wanted to get that fixed ASAP, whether or not I was rotating wheels. I'm sure the factory installed the wheels correctly, but the posts say the lugs are way over-torqued. Even the service manager knew what I was talking about and was happy to oblige.

    kyleknicks: yes, I went straight to the service department. Actually, the guy that sold me the car had introduced me to him that day, but that was it. From past experience and this one, once you buy the car, that's the LAST you see of the salesperson... I called Regal Nissan (my dealer here) and asked for the service department a couple of days ago and scheduled my car for today. I got it back about an hour ago.
  • My dealer replaced the TCM with only minor encouragement, I took the service rep for a ride and he offered the new TCM once he realized I was serious.

    The brake groan has a known TSB to hand sand the rotors and replace the pads. My car expert friend says its normal for metallic pads to deposit stuff on the rotor and cause a noise, but it does not diminish braking. He is a motor head and used to regularly sand his Accord rotors (he obviously has no kids). The fix is to go to "softer" pads that won't deposit material on the rotors as much. I believe the softer pads actually brake better but wear faster so it's a trade-off.

    At my first visit the dealer said they could not replicate the noise and I had trouble too, then I relaized it only happened after the brakes got warm like after coming down a long hill. My next visit, I presented them with a note saying the groan can be replicated by warming up the brakes, so feel free to take the car for a they owned up to the problem and ordered the parts. You do need to "encourage" them with firm attitude and documentation.

    I did not have a rotor problem.....George
  • I hear you guys saying that you have had your fans replaced due to a whirring noise...I noticed that if I turn the windshield defogger on(the one that lights up red instead of green) that my radiator fans kick on automatically and it is pretty loud that what you are talking about?

    Why does this fan come on anyways? Cant remember any other car I have owned as having this "feature" when the windshield defogger is turned on.
  • This refers to the actual blower. Some '00 Maximas, when the fan is turned on (heat/air) there is a loud "whirrr..." that comes from the area where the blower is located near the glove box--Ok, it's the actual blower. This is a known issue/problem and is replaced under warranty.
  • The reason the fan comes on in defrost mode is because in this mode, the A/C compressor comes on.
    And yes....most dealerships use a torque sensitive attachment for the air rachet, that is adjustable.

    Bors.....No....all the problem areas you've mentioned will be covered. There is a TSB out for all of those known problems.

    I'm glad I was able to at least help a few of you !

    Hope you all have a fantastic and healthy thanksgiving !!!

  • I have a 2000 GLE with 18k miles, and, after a several month absence form this forum, it's value is once again apparent.

    I still give this car four stars, but I seem to be having similar problems to some other owners:

    1) My rotors are appparently warped. I get steering wheel shimmy when I brake, but I get no noticeable pedal pulsation (which is surprising).

    2) My fan (climate control) makes an annoying whirring noise, mainly at low speed. It's getting worse. I see that this is a known problem.

    3) I thought at first I might have the same squeak problem as jeffmaxse2k, but after a brief offline discussion, I think I have a loose belt instead.

    4) I'm not sure if the tranny is slipping as per the TSB, but it sure feels mushy from 1st to 2nd. I'll have the dealer check it out soon.

    Finally, I hit a deer while going about 50 mph about three weeks ago. It mashed the left front fender beyond recognition and cracked the headlight reflector assembly. The deer flew over the top of the car and left two deep hoof scratches on the roof, and damaged the windshield moulding. It could've been a whole lot worse--at least I'm okay, and the car is driveable, except the fender rubs the tire if I really hang a right turn. (By the way, I'm sick of people, mostly ladies, asking "Did the deer live". NO, IT DIED!!! I'm sure some buzzards and maggots had a nice feast...) Actually this kind of works out, 'cuz I'll have the body shop fix some other scratches and dents, plus I'm getting a pickup truck as my rental vehicle for two weeks. That will come in handy for some haulin'.
  • wow... u're heartless... poor deer!!
  • GOOD !!

    Something that does that much damage had better NOT get up and walk away !! Glad you're ok.

    As you've probably read in these posts, all the problems you've stated, are not only covered under warranty (sans the deer hit of, but known to be problems of the Maxima, and have TSB's out for them.

  • umpopaumpopa Posts: 37
    Happy Turkey day, all! Well, I'm making plans for my currently-ordered 2001 GLE, and want to give myself a holiday present, some Zaino products (I can practice on my current car before the GLE arrives!). My new car will have the Sterling Mist paint...doe anyone know if this is a clear-coat paint?

    Thanks for your help!
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