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Nissan Maxima



  • I bought a base SE due to I wanted to keep costs under 22K....for the extra money vs the GXE it was worth it to me for the gauges, the smoked lamps, fogs etc....I do like the way it handles although the ride is a lot stiffer than I could ever imagine...

    I feel every groove in the road..I mean every one! Is this normal? Unless the road is freshly paved the ride is very busy...mostly evident on the highway...side roads are ok..only have the 16" so I cant imagine what 17" must feel like :) My 91 Celica GTS rode smoother on the highway...I'm not kidding!

    I do like the looks of the spoiler although if I had to do it all over again I'd either go to one extreme or the other meaning I'd buy either a base, base GXE or a loaded SE or GLE....hell I'd take any other Max except mine...who am I kidding :) lol I do find that I wish I had not gotten a base SE..adding up the stuff I'd like to upgrade on the car would have been worth the extra 2 or so grand...oh well...

    I'd probably opt for leather also...went for a ride in my friends new Passat wagon with heated would come in really handy on those cold New England mornings :)

    I am also getting around 22mpg..about 4500 miles on the car....
  • I just bought a 2000 SE for $25.5K + tax and tags with the following:

    Splash guards
    Wind deflector
    Sunlit Sand
    Basically loaded....except for the 6 cd changer

    Was that good?....Also, anyone not have the trunk problem and chirping sound?
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    Thanks all you SE owners for responding to my question. I guess that's exactly what I was looking for when I bought my SHO in '93, lol. I couldn't understand why anyone would buy a GLE! Now, here I am 7 years later enjoying my GLE. IMO, you won't sacrifice much in terms of performance, but maybe I ought to drive one first b4 I make that claim, :)

    Also, the silence has been broken! In today's 26 degree weather, I started hearing ticks coming from the A pillars. It didn't start right away, only after the heat had been on for a few minutes. Not too bothersome...yet.
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    Yes! I finally got my new 2001 Maxima GLE over the weekend. I think the car is really great. It’s quite pleasant to drive and feels very comfortable. The handling doesn’t feel as tight and the pickup is not as good as my old M3, which is to be expected, but the ride is much nicer and so is the sound insulation. And of course I like the roominess. Overall a very pleasant car.

    So far I found two problems. The car seems to pull to the right when under acceleration. It is quite noticeable, and happens consistently. Initially I thought the steering was very sensitive and the road was tilted to the right, but it happens on a perfectly level road. Does anybody know what it can be? Would it be easy to fix? I’ll greatly appreciate your input.

    Second problem – the front passenger door requires more force to shut down than any of the other doors. I don’t know if this is a problem, and if I should pursue this. The door really closes well and requires less force to shut down than any of the doors of my old car. It’s just that it is different from the other three doors. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • A while ago you posted info about how you fixed the glove box lock rattle. As I just recently fixed my passenger A Pillar rattle this weekend, I now notice the dreaded glove box lock rattle since my car is now a bit more quiet. Do you remember where that post was located, I have tried searching prior topics to no avail. I do remember there was a tricky part to removing the lock, and did not want to do anything until I reread the post. Thanks!
  • I now have 25k on her. I've been getting the same mileage ever since break-in was over.

    Sgr....Try the highway test. Get up on a lane if possible. See if the car stays straight if you briefly let go of the wheel. If need to have it aligned by the dealer. It'll cost you nothing since all adjusments are free for the 1st year, or 12k.
    The doors can also be adjusted...just show the service tech.....MAKE SURE to tell him-her that you want the door to LINE UP perfectly when done. I've seen them adjust the strike plate to the point where the door won't line up when closed.

    1st...There's a HUGE difference in performance between the GLE and SE. Mostly in cornering, and emergency maneuvers but...get a 5 spd ?...geez...can't compare the 2. The GLE is much quieter, and smoother though.

  • Did anyone get any followup from Nissan after purchasing a Maxima? I mean thank you letters, surveys, keychains, free oil changes etc? Friends of mine received all of the above after buying Fords, and Pontiacs but I so far I haven't gotten anything from Nissan. Just wondering if I am missing out on anything.

    BTW, my y2k GLE is 2 months old now (build date 3/00)and its as quiet as its ever been. Not a single complaint.
  • bigk200bigk200 Posts: 170
    After you remove the latch assembly from the glove box, the actual key lock barrel must be removed from latch assembly.

    There is a spring loaded metal tab on the back side. If you push it in, the barrel should come right out. Once you have it out, you will have to get creative on how to quiet it down. I used thin layers of scotch tape on various flat places to eliminate metal-on-metal contact between the outer ring and the inner cylinder.

    Once you begin taking it apart, everything will make more sense.
  • If you want to some time, we could meet at the same lot that the Max Meet was at in Natick(Framingham?) I don't mind driving out there and you could take my car for a spin. You could also hear my chirpy car :) At least your pillars are only passenger one is cracking pretty good...I stuck some foam in the space between the dash and the pillar but must not have gotten it back far enough.

    Funny...the colder weather is bringing out some other buzzes etc but the rear deck rattle/vibe/noise subsides in the colder temps...weird..

    Cachet...havent received any toys from Nissan except for a couple of surveys that I havent They should be fun to fill out
  • to get the assembly out, do you just unscrew the two screws inside the glovebox? I assume that after you take these out that the assembly just comes off of the front of the glovebox.

    I just dont want to take those 2 screws out and hear something falling off inside and not havinf tehe latch come out lol :-)
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    Hi, I haven't posted for a long time on this board, but recently a problem has come up. I have a GLE, purchased in July. Lately the trunk has occasionally popped open unexpectedly while in the garage (i.e., we find it open when we go into the garage in the morning, when we know it was securely closed the night before). I remember a few comments about this on the Infiniti I30 board, and maybe here, don't recall.

    Anyway, has anyone else had this problem? Could it possibly be responding to neighbors' garage door openers or something? So far it has never happened while driving, but it's worrisome, nevertheless.
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    Could it be that the key fob in making contact with something in your pocket...even when you're inside the house? I suppose you could see if you could get it (the car) reprogrammed and exchange your fob.
  • bigk200bigk200 Posts: 170
  • Make sure that when you exit the car that your knee doesn't accidently hit the door mounted trunk switch.

    Anyone, out of curosity, why is that you can lock the seat backs so that no one can get into the trunk, however, once your inside the car why can't a thief/valet parker/nosey wife just pop the trunk by using the switch? Last time I tried you didn't need a key or anything to activate the switch.

    I haven't tried this yet though, will the gas/trunk switch operate while the car is under way? Or is it speed sensitive, preventing any accidental openings.
  • I got the SE with everything except leather. I like all the SE touches such as spoiler, gauges and those handsome 17" rims.

    I agree with lsf, I've set off my panic alarm several times from inside the house when I shove my keys into my pocket; you're possibly just pushing the button on the FOB.

    Living in central NY, I think snow tires are required. I got 4 blizzaks on 5 spoke rims from tirerack. I find the 17" to be slippery and don't want to risk an ill-timed slip. Traction control is also very useful, just turn it off if you want to play spin-the-wheel.

    I got the new TCM and noticed no difference; still a very gentle shift from 1st to 2nd at full throttle.

    Best I've ever gotten on straight highway is 26mpg.

    I'm still waiting for the bumper clips and new brake pads. My brakes groan terribly. I got a large black scuff mark on the 1/2" wide upper bumper lip, but I'll make sure they don't repaint the entire bumper.

    It's amazing how Bush "trusts the people" except when it comes to counting or voting or..... probably anything else.
  • It happened to me several times. I had the key chain in my pocket with the key fob on it, bent down (while in the garage) and the trunk popped open!! I also had the "lock" activated in a similar manner, and once I activated the panic button.

    It is possible that your key fob is too sensitive. You may take it apart and put it back together after some exploration - be creative if necessary.

    warrenul - you lock the seat release from the trunk side. You have to couple that with the disablement of the remote trunk lock, of course (that little switch on the trunk latch).
    Just my 2c.
  • for the glove box lock info. Slowly but surely I will eliminate as much of the interior annoyances that I can myself, without the dealer infecting it any further!
  • I'll try it this afternoon.

    trusting people and having a hand recount done in heavily Democratic areas with people who may have motives are 2 different things. Right or wrong, certain conditions must be met in order for a hand recount to be valid...none of these conditions have been met in Florida. Just because the vote is close does not mean that laws are to changed please the Democratic party. Maybe it is the right thing to do but the right thing to do does not always fall under the law. But then again Al Gore believes that the Constitution is a living breathable document that can be changed by whoever happens to be in charge at a certain time in history...

    And you New in the heck could you vote for Hillary???(If you did that is ) Ack!!

    Ok back to Max's....I also had the TCM replaced but I do feel a difference...while it is not totally dramatic, it is defintely a firmer shift into second.
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    We've got Kennedy...can't complain about Hilary if we elect Teddy in this state. Anyway, Lazio was not much of a candidate (according to the press). Anyone else ready for an answer? As much as I disagree with the manual count in such a select grooup of counties, at this point let them be done with it and while they're at it count those ballots from the military! Then call it quits, whoever's still standing gets the (prize?). The next 4 years will be awful. 50% of the populace will claim it was robbed! Oh, is this the Max forum?
  • Is there anyway to disable the horn from "honking" after I leave the car and lock it with the clicker??? Most systems beep or just blink the lights etc. If not now I know...
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    Well, I'll check with what you guys said about possibly an oversensitive fob or something, but I doubt that's the problem since both my husband and I hang our keys on a peg near the door when we're in the house. Also the garage is downstairs but the main living part of our house is above that, seems like a long distance for the signals to work.

    warrenul, no, the unlocking trigger is NOT speed sensitive! Right after buying the car, I did accidentally open the trunk by hitting the button on the driver's side door by mistake. Fortunately we were coming up to a stop sign and could quickly get out and shut it, but there's nothing to prevent an accidental opening while you're moving on down the highway.
  • Yes you can disable the horn from beeping...I did it but cant remember how off the top of my head....however it is done, it is right in the owners manual....getting home late at night and beeping the horn was not something I enjoyed doing(or my neighbors ) :)

    lsf......touche' :) I probably forgot about Kennedy as I have never voted for that slob in my life :) I see Hillary as a much bigger danger to America than Teddy ever will be...jmo.. And I'm not some right wing fanatical Republican...I'm actually registered a unenrolled(independent to other states) although I do tend to agree with Republicans regarding many issues but also disagree on other parts of their platform...I think due to the Republican majority in the House and Senate, GWB would have an easier time than Gore......but I agree half the country will be bent.
  • the instructions are on the back of the key FOB!!
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    Saw this last week when Speed had an issue with his fob battery. I think if you hold down the lock and unlock functions simultaneously, you will shut off the horn.

    BTW, Mass. repubs are more liberal than southern demos, imo. ;)
  • Hi all,
    I have a y2k GXE 5speed. Couple of things - I am getting fairly consistent suspension squeak from the passanger side front and back suspensions. Any ideas on this befor I take it in to the dealer? Also, has anybody had any experience with the passanger air bag surface being a slightly different color (slightly) from the rest of the dash - and it's not the sun as the car is in the garage all day.

    Appreciate any help
  • I just wanted to help....
  • I have / had that problem...and my stinkin dealer fixed it by adjusting the strike plate. Now the door closes fine...but it is very obviously no longer aligned with the rest of the car.
    Make sure they DON'T do that as the fix.
    My dealer..adjusted the strike plate, caused the door to go out of alignment with the body, and now says ...oh..we have to send it to a body shop to get fixed.
    Pissing me off.
    I think there's some cars that get messed up on the line when putting that door on.

  • y2ksey2kse Posts: 104
    in the 5-speed forum. I can't post messages there right now, so I'm going to post this one here. Hopefully the problem will be resolved quickly so we 5-speeders can get back to our specific issues.


    I received the following e-mail from Chris Wardlaw,'s Editor-in-Chief, today:

    "We haven't forgotten you. We were unable to arrange a loan of a 2000 Maxima, but Nissan is supplying us with a 20th Anniversary 2001 Maxima in a couple of weeks. The only reason we're borrowing the car is to investigate this concern."

    This was my reply:

    "That's fantastic news. Perhaps we'll finally get to the bottom of this.

    Specifically, I'd suggest you test the vehicle for the following:

    1. Inability to hold rpm on an unloaded engine below 2800 rpm.

    2. Inability to maintain a steady speed in 1st gear between 1500 and 2500 rpm.

    3. Increasing/hanging rpm between shifts after accelerating rapidly to approximately 2500 rpm."

    Stay tuned!
  • Never looked there, the ginko isn't working!!!
    Thanx, Now I don't announce myself when I arrive
  • Doh! majahns beat me to it..I dropped my keys in the lot leaving work today and when I picked them up I noticed the FOB instructions also! Heh...well now I remember how I did it :)

    Bruce, thats great news....I'll be watching as I'm still lusting for a 5 spd :)

    boconnell Not sure about suspension squeak but if you are talking engine mounts, I'm the right guy to talk to :) What color is your interior...I've notice on my frost that Im getting a square discolored box on my airbag on dash. Guess its a normal feature from Nissan as I remember seeing some posts about this many moons ago.

    Gym- Stuff like that makes me cringe on bring my car to the dealer.....

    lsf- You sir are correct...I am embarrased to call Celluci a Republican
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