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Nissan Maxima



  • not.....

    Followed BigK's instructions and removed my latch assembly...the pulled out cylinder...than carefully pulled inner lock out of metal bracket

    here is where you have to be oh so careful...the little tumblers are not held in by anything...tilt to one side and out the come with the spring..(Yes I did it...ack!)

    Luckliy I was able to put all the tumblers and springs back in...taped up the metal bracket and reinserted the cylinder...of course I put it in backwards the first time.....take the cylinder out of the bracket, tumblers fall out again...kick the cat..(j/k) :)

    Finally get it all back together again and this thing is solid.....I mean that tumbler had zero play in it....put it back in car...toook a ride..."rattle, rattle, rattle" Arrrrggghhhh!!!

    Obviously the rattle is not coming from the guess the next time I bring the car in to fix the rattles that they say dont exist or blame on an unfixable lock, I can call their bluff. Dorrie...believe me..Crest is next :)

    All in all, you have to very very careful in doing this depending on your coordination level...I got very lucky as I usually screw this things up big time.

    thanks BigK Your instructions worked great..only wish it was the lock in mine :)
  • jamberjamber Posts: 21
    Well, I had the Nissan dealer's manager look at all the scuff marks on my Maxima (the guy in detail buffed my Maxima too much (see post #127)). The manager was very nice, and tomorrow, I will bring my Maxima in and they will replace my side moldings and replace my sunroof wind deflector (the manager said they are charging the negligent guy in detail for the parts!) I have to set up an appointment to have their body shop to take care of the burn marks from the buffer on the spoiler and the rear window frame. I questioned about the clear coat being damage by the negligent buffer, their detail manager said it was fine... I got my survey from Nissan and will include this story with it, so if in 5 years my paint starts to fade or peel I have something to back up my claim. but I may trade my Maxima in before that because...

    I just got my AutoWeeks buyers guide for 2001 and they listed the Maxima for a redesign in 2003. And they said the I30 will be redesigned as well and will be a rear wheel drive!!! So I guess this holds true for the Maxima as well??? Also AutoWeek had a review on the 2000 Maxima SE and they praised it... the only negative comments that I can recall is the power steering could not keep up in the slalom test, but the 17 inch Potenzas made up for it, and the styling was questionable...someone said it reminded them of a Neon? (they must have seen the GLE tail lights)
    Also I read that Nissan may bring back the Z in 2004 or 2005 and it may be built in the new factory in Mis.
    Anyway... I'm here in Florida (yes I voted correctly!) and it has been in the low 50's in the morning and I used my heated seat to take the chill off... they are great, a nice feature to have even down here on these chilly mornings... I would have to have them if I lived back on Long Island NY!

    I received a "VIP" card from my dealership, that entitles me to free car washes, 10% discounts on all part services and merchandise and other things like free gifts with every demo test drive... I'm not impressed... and I'm not going to have their detailing touch my car again! I always wash//wax my own cars by hand!

    I love this car, it is such a blast to drive!!
    I'm so glad I got it!
  • Is Sherwood Green the least popular color? Has any one replaced their SE tailights?
  • I found that the Cool Blue Headlights by Sylvania for 12.50 apiece are a pretty inexpensive way to upgrade the stock OEM lights that come with the 2K Max. Put out a much brighter, whiter light than the stock lamps. I was amazed at the for onlt that short money, you won't feel so bad if one burns out early...

    Have any of you upgraded the stock lamps and with what? I sort of like the contrast between the new Cool Blues(really more white than blue) and the more yellow fogs
  • The new Z will be out sometime next year as a 2002 model. It'll be a normally asp. 6 culinder woth more than 250HP, and be priced UNDER 30k.

  • That should read "Cylinder"
  • bigk200bigk200 Posts: 170
    The glove box also rattles because the latch assembly does not pull the glove box tightly against the (3) rubber stoppers. This is much harder to fix.

    The best solution would be to shorten the wire loop that the latch attaches to, but if you look at it, you will realize that this is not easy to do.

    On my car, I made some new rubber stoppers and replaced the factory ones. The glove box doesn't fit quite as flush with the rest of the dash, but at least it doesn't rattle anymore. No one notices the difference in fit except me. To anyone else, it looks completely normal.
  • It sounds like the noise may be coming from that wire loop...thanks for the tip on the rubber stoppers..I will look at that tomorrow.

    thanks so much as always

  • Is this true that the next max will have rear wheel drive?

    Chad for President!
  • Well it is possible...when the Nissan Field guys were looking at my car they were talking to the SM of my dealership about something like was(is) that the Altima would be moving up in power and size to take take over the Maximas market segment and the Max would be moving up to be the Q45 sibling and compete in a more luxury dollar market. Could be bunk and all talk but I thought I saw those same sort of words on another board.
  • bigk200bigk200 Posts: 170
    I think its true. Go to and click on "future cars". (or some link similar to that.) Then click on 2003 or 2004 and look for an entry regarding the Maxima.
  • I bet it makes you wonder how you survived without those heated seats in sub 60 degree weather. Almost like Siberia down there in Alabama. LOL If we get a 50 degree day up here in 'Joisey', I may wear shorts to work and show off my chicken legs:)
  • bamadjbamadj Posts: 18
    Yup, I'm loving my heated seats and don't regret waiting for 'em! :) Well, we're feelin' the cold down here in Alabama... You can laugh at the temps I'm about to give, but it's cold for here... The high today is 42 and it's dipping into the low 20's and teens in the evenings. We have a freeze warning for tonight... OK, you northerners can quit laughing now. ;-)

    Off now before we get away from Maxima topics. Loving mine!!!!

  • bamadjbamadj Posts: 18
    jamber, what's the deal with your car? I remember both of us being excited about getting our new Max's and now yours is mucked up because of the dealer buffing it. Did you ask them to buff it or what? Just curious because I pretty much got mine off the truck and they cleaned it, but didn't buff it to my knowledge. No scuff marks, misalignments or anything like that on mine. Can't say it won't creep up with rattles or such as many have posted. I'll wait my turn I guess... :)

  • I replaced the stock headlight bulbs with some PIAA Super Plasma H4 bulbs. This was easy enough to do. Replacing the fogs are a lot more trouble, since you must remove the lower bumper protector (a screw, a bolt, and some plastic clips) and then another screw on the fog light housing. The light assembly must slide out of the from of the bumper, then just replace the bulb. I used PIAA SuperWhite H3 with stock wattage. Don't use overwattage bulbs, you'll fry your harness! Also don't touch the glass on the new bulb with your fingers or the bulb may burn out prematurely!
  • how much were the upgrade PIAA's?? are they much brighter?
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    I bought my GLE in August...the last thing on my mind was heated seats. Now that it's nearly thanksgiving here in New England...the leather is a little cold first thing in the morning. FOr the extra... what $500?... i wish i'd added the Meridien.
  • bamadjbamadj Posts: 18
    I can understand. I "ordered" my car in September and we still had 90+ degree (and about 100% humidity) weather here. But, I know how cold it can be in winter even though I was sweating at the time... I am so thankful for mine!

    I'll be hot in the summer, but won't be using the heated seats. They're here for my comfort in the winter... The extra $470 was definitely worth it, and so was the month and a half wait ONLY because I wanted Meridian here in the south... That's OK, I'm smiling now... :)

  • I know you are the seemingly "go-to" guy on this board, and that's too bad, seeing as we can't get straight talk from our dealers or service depts!! But your input is really appreciated! You're honest! Can you answer another question? My 2000 Bose--I've noticed on different stations that during a song, the audio will completely mute for about a second and then come back on. What could this be--the unit itself? I thought at first that it was the stations reception then I found that it happened on different channels. The sad part is, I've emailed Bose about this and other questions, and not a word back! Thanks!
  • While having a hard time sleeping one night. I put on the walkman and heard a guy with a web site about head lamps. Yes it is true this guy is a FREAK about head lamps. This guy can tell you ANYTHING about head lamps, (like upgrading) well you get my point. Here is his site
  • bamadjbamadj Posts: 18
    JoeNissan, I am taking my car in tomorrow morning to get the oil changed (I'm at about 875 miles, but want it changed before I get on the road for Thanksgiving).

    Do you recommend I have them re-torque the lug nuts to my front rotors or what? I was a little confused on some of the posts and want to get this issue resolved as well while I have my car there. Or should I just wait until I rotate my tires the first time?

    Thanks a bunch! (Of course, I hope you're reading this message board and haven't left us for Thanksgiving yet!) :-)

  • I haven't really had the time to investigate this, but can the trunk be released either from the fob or from the pull handle in the drivers side door when the car is in motion? or even when it is in drive?
  • on my y2k Gle, the disc changer stopped playing discs. When I push the CD/Chg button while playing on anything else (say FM), nothing happens. Unless if the CD is in the in-dash player, that one will play. But not any discs in the changer. By the way, there are 5 discs in the changer and the changer can be opened and the discs removed from the changer.

    I had some work done on the back bumper (the cover was replaced after damage). Could it be that something got disconnected and not reconnected? From the above, it appears that the changer has power to eject the cartridge with the CDs but otherwise it's dead.
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    joenissan, thanks for your input. As you advised me I tried letting go of the steering wheel in the middle lane on the highway and the car does indeed pull to the right. So I guess it is a wheel alignment issue that I need to address when I bring the car in for service. Do you know if it would be easy to fix the problem? Do you get many new Maximas with a wheel alignment problems? Again, thanks for your help.
  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
    I've had to remove a couple not-so-civil posts. This is a great topic which goes hundreds of informative, polite posts without requiring my intervention. I really appreciate it so I do regret having to remove these posts. Try to disagree with mutual respect, OK?

    ...oh, and one more thing, keep the political commentary to a minimum, OK?


    Sedans Host
  • si8si8 Posts: 1
    Looking for some feedback from new Maxima owners. I have a leased 4-Runner thats matured and I'm considering the Maxima SE w/ 5-speed, in merlot color. Not too interested in the 17inch wheels or the all power seating, but is it true that if I want a sunroof I must order these in the SE convience package? And what about the BOSE, is it worth the extra $900? I am looking for a better highway ride than the 4-Runner. Has anyone been converted from the Camry to a Maxima? I'm trying to decide on which one. Difficult to find a 5-speed without being fully loaded anywhere. Dealers try to talk me into Auto but I prefer 5-speed for the sports car feel. Any advice???
  • yes !..Simple fix. Just have the dea;er align the car. It takes about 1/2 hr to do.
    Our dealership doesn't see too many because all our cars are done before delivery to our customers. The reason for this is the way the cars have to be "Cinched" down on the trucks for transit. the suspensiones are basically bottomed out in some cases which isn't good for the alignment.

  • Yes..I'd have them properly torque the lugs while it's in.
    The reason they become warped is because the lugs are overtightened, and usually NOT equally. So...what happens is the rotor, being unevenly tightened, heats up, and cools down in that same uneven manor, causing the warpage...Good luck.

  • As long as you're sure it's not the radio station cutting out...take it back to the dealer to be either repaired or replaced. That's NOT normal.

  • y2ksey2kse Posts: 104
    [Sorry everybody. The 5-speed forum isn't accepting posts again. Looks like I'm stuck with having to post over here temporarily.]

    I received the following communication from my Zone Rep today:

    "Sorry for the delay. I would like to schedule your vehicle at your convenience at a local LA dealership. I am free to schedule you any day after 11/29/00. I believe the closest dealership for you would be Performance Nissan in Duarte. Let me know what day would be good for you.

    I have talked to engineering, and to date, there is nothing new to do other than to confirm proper TPS adjustment."

    This was my reply:

    "Right now I'm available on either 11/30 or 12/1. The best thing for me would be to meet you at Performance Nissan first thing in the morning. Their Service Department opens at 7:00 am and I could meet you there at that time. If that's too early, perhaps 8:00 am would be better. I'd prefer not to run it any later than that. Performance Nissan's Service Department is also open on Saturday if that would work better for you.

    Thanks for checking with engineering. As I explained, adjusting the TPS on other 2000 Maxima 5-speeds has had absolutely no effect on the condition I have described to you except to make it worse. Furthermore, Nissan has steadfastly refused to look at evidence provided by independent mechanical and automotive engineers as to the true cause of the condition. Under the circumstances, I'd be satisfied with a written report from you evidencing the condition as I have described it along with a statement outlining Nissan's suggested remedy.

    My goal when we get together is to run three simple tests:

    1) Is the engine unloaded capable of maintaining rpm below approximately 2800 rpm without dropping to idle?

    2) Is it possible to maintain a constant speed in 1st gear in a range of approximately 1500 to 2500 rpm?

    3) Does engine rpm increase between shifts when accelerating aggressively to approximately 2500 rpm and then shifting normally?

    Let me know when you're available."
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