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Nissan Maxima



  • you slipped in ahead of me.
  • The 1995 Maxima my Mom has requires the highest grade of fuel (or that's what the dealer told us).
    Is this still true of the 2000 model year? Thanks for the help!
  • Absolutely. The VG's (SE's only) and the VQ's all require 91 or higher octane fuel. That does in fact include your moms 95, and the 2k's as well. using a lower grade won't hurt the'll just lose some performance, and the extra detergents in the higher grades.

  • Joe, I read somewhere that you should use Traction A tires for good traction in Winter? Maybe the performance tires you use are not so bad.
  • I've never seen a tire that didn't have a traction -A- rating. Those ratings, like the wear rating, only compare a tire to another of it's own companies tires... basically being a useless way of comparing different companies tires. But yes.....i have the Bridgestone Potenza RE92's ( as do all 2k-01 SE's w/17" pkg, they seemed to do ok......can't compare them to a real snowtire though.

  • do you find yourself spinning the tires really easily in the snow with the 5 Spd? This will be my first winter with an automatic in 15 or so years and to tell the truth, I'm a little scared! I'm so used to being able to keep a car in the gear I want and use the engine to slow me down rather than the brakes.

    I test drove a 2K 5spd a few weeks back and I could not believe the amount of power that first gear had while even lightly accelerating! I don't think I could imagine trying to get going in the snow without spinning my wheels in to a bank :)

    Granted the last 15 years have been in 4 bangers(85 Nissan PU, 87 Accord and 91 Celica GTS(man I miss this one)and this is a 6 but man...this car has an awful lot of get up and go..

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    Ok way off topic sorry.... :) Been a trying week
  • I've only driven it a few times in the snow, and to be honest..I really don't remember. I'm sure they spun at times....I used 2nd gear to start out, that I do remember.

    With the ABS you'll have NO problem in the snow...don't'll be pleasantly surprised !! If you also have the traction control, you're all set. Enjoy it, and don't worry..the Maxima is heavier than the others you've mentioned...especially the weight over the drive wheels. I also had a 97 Stillen Supercharged Maxima w/235 performance tires, and an automatic....I'd drive that anywhere in the snow.

  • Joe, what is the "VG" engine that you say is o nly in the 2000, '01, etc. SE, compared to the "VQ" we all know about so well? And also, as I mentioned before, no luck with the Bose faceplate? Havce I no option at all?? Also--I had that vibration in my 2000 SE steering wheel along with brake noise (front end)--had it checked and the dealer ended up "resurfacing" the rotors (or whatever it is that they do to fix)--but no new rotors. Was that wrong? I tried to differ but they said my rotors were not needing to be replaced, just "refinished." Funny, on the service report I received it says that I may need new rotors "in the near future" (on a car with just under 24K miles ? Is that right?) And one more thing, they ordered me a new blower motor (under warranty) because I, like others I've heard talk about here, had that really irritating "whirrrr..." sound--sometimes it was louder than the radio! Anyway, I just wanted to share all of that with you. Thanks!
  • Do you need a new grill for one of your speakers? Which one? I'll ask my buddy at Bose.
  • Well it’s finally happened. After 29000 miles my front end is shaking violently when braking. Its such a coincidence that 2000 miles ago I had my tires rotated at the dealer. Now I pissed at the way these junior monkey mechanics don't properly torque wheels when they rotate them. I think after I have it fixed I will never rotate my tires again. Who wants to pay for new rotors after your car is out of warranty! On my 96 max I never rotated my tires and although I am aware the tires won't last, as long I never had any problem with my brakes!

    Other then this y2kGle has been perfect except now that it’s cold again the dreaded A pillar cracking has returned! Nissan needs to put more sound deadening materials into this car. My 2000 pathfinder LE is quieter inside and has never had any rattles. Maybe now that Nissan is making money they won’t try to cost cut the quality of their cars so much. Don’t get me wrong I love my car but there is flat out no excuse for any interior rattles in a car in this price range.
  • Let start by saying that I love my Maxima SE super black automatic, but I cannot get over how poor the paint job is on my car. To put it mildly this car is a scratch magnet. I've owned my share of black colored cars and have never had this problem. My Maxima looks after one year what my Toyotas looked like after 3 or 4 years of use. To make matters worse, the scratch repair kit that I've used succesfully on previous cars does not seem to work well on my Maxima (I still see the scratches clearly even after applications). I wish that Nissan's cost cutting didn't include paint jobs, I would have gladly paid more for the car if it meant having a few more coats of paint.
    I guess the moral of the story is I think I would have been better off with a lighter color, since from what I've heard they hold up much better.

    Did I mention that I love this car?

  • Joe;
    My 01 SE also has the Bridgestones, but I noticed last year looking at the 00 Max that most of them had Toyo's, as did my 95 SE. Total switch or does Nissan use both?? I got 60,000 miles out of my 95 Toyo's. BTW I am planning to do the 1000 mile oil change and have them check how tight the lug nuts are...Thanx
    I can't belive the re-counts either, I've gone from a CNBC junkie to a news hound, and BTW Norah O'Donnell on MSNBC is off the hook...Sorry off topic. It is rivalry week-end..Fla.-Fla. State, USC-UCLA, Mich.-Ohio State, doesn't get much better than that!!!

  • Speed,

    I'm sure you new before you purchased your black
    car that they are hardest cars to keep up. Unless
    you wash your car twice a week and wax it often,
    they will show everything.

    I hope you never and I mean never put your black car through a car wash. What I mean by that is car
    washes really do a number on black cars as well as other cars, but the scratches show the most in
    black cars.

    The only black cars that maintain their original great looking finish are the ones that get hand washed, dryed with high quality 100% USA cotton towels and glazed or polished all the time.

    If you don't have the time your car will not look
    the way it looked when it was new. A great deal of work is needed to keep a black car looking great.

    BTW Have you tried Zaino show car polish, it's the best polish that I ever used. Good Luck.

  • Thanks, but I'm talking about the facepalte on the head unit....anything you can find out would be great! Thanks!
  • Typo, I got over 40,000 miles out of the Toyo's on my '95 SE...
  • Nissan uses a couple different tires on the maxima...the 17's are all Bridgestone Potenza RE92's though.

    The paintjob on Maximas, if not a little on the thin side, is awsome in my opinion. I have the Islandic Pearl's flawless...Black is a pain in the [non-permissible content removed]...shows every little thing.

    Maj...The VG was the engine code until 95...then it became the VQ. The Vq has been used from the 95 model to current.

    I personally would not have let them resurface my rotors in such a new car. I'd have demanded new ones....especially since they know of the problem.

  • Duke, I have Toyo's on my 00 GLE, but the warranty section of the owner's manual indicates a number of different brands could be used.

    Paint, I too have super black, I wash by hand every week. Last weeek was the first I've missed. I'm a little worried now that it's turning cold. I have also Zainoed my car...I am pleased after a month or so. The beads of water are quite different...but it works. I had a white Taurus b4, white was not good either. If you let it go at all, it begins to look really tired. Doesn't age well IMO.

    Bush/Gore, how come most of the cyber guys seem to be Bush guys? was 70/30 or 80/20...I too am fed up with this whole thing. I'd like to see Bush, the victor will be the loser IMO.

    College football....Mich and Yale...go Florida (ugh, there's that state again) beat FSU...anyone else tired of the Bowdens?
  • Just a note I have sunlit sand and have gone through a auto car wash ever Saturday since July 3rd 1999 and the paint looks has good as the first day I bought it!! I guess light colors hold up better.
  • umpopaumpopa Posts: 37
    I really appreciate the discussion about whether you canor cannot order to your own specs. I just ordered a 2001 GLE with Meridian, in-cabin microfilter, Splash guards, floor mats, 6-disc changer, and was told by competing dealers and then by No. American Nissan that the sunroof MUST be added if the Meridian edition is ordered (it appears nowhere in the brochures or website!). Since I didn't want the sunroof, we negotiated a favorable price (above original invoice because of the addition of sunroof, but below the total invoice including the sunroof!) we'll see if and when the car arrives sometime in the next three months. This experience has not clarified if you can or cannot order the way you want, only that the car I want MAY be out there somewhere. Thanks for all your guidance. I'll let you'all know what arrives when!
  • Since you "ordered" it the way they wanted you to, chances are they will in you your car. Congrats!
  • pbvgpbvg Posts: 6
    Anyone looking to get the auto dimming rearview mirror with compass and or temperature display go to .I haven't looked at the mirror's on the 2001's yet but I'm almost positive this is the same one. This company made the regular rearview mirror on my SE-R.
    Black may be hard to keep clean but nothing looks better than a nice and clean black car.
    Maxima of course.
  • greforgrefor Posts: 34
    on the IS300/G20/Passat/Maxima borad. Please read and comment on this posting. Either the G20t is one amazing and under-rated vehicle or I bought the wrong car. Joe, could a G20 stand up to what is claimed? If so, what does that mean for my Maxima? I don't mean to 'dis' the writer, but it just seems too good to believe.
  • I just picked up my new 2001 Maxima last Monday. It is a Gray Lustre SE, auto, C&C, cloth seats (frost), splash guards, floor mats. I had been considering the purchase of a new car since the 2000 Maximas first came out. I drove a lot of different cars (Intrigue, Accord, Regal GS, Passat) and referred to many different sources including this board. I'm convinced I got the best car for the money. I love driving it!! The car is extremely solid at highway speeds and the pick-up is amazing.... comparable to my Father's V-8 Olds Aurora. A couple of concerns:

    I live in New England and just drove it through a rain storm and didn't feel secure at all. Will this car be useless to me come the first snowfall if I don't take off the 17" wheels/tires and put on snow tires? I wanted traction control, but the dealers all package tcs in with all the other luxury options, driving the price way up. Plus I got a great deal ("I" think) for the car and my trade by taking from dealer stock. Some of the posts above seem to indicate that people have done okay through a winter on 17" tires.

    Fuel economy has been about 21 mpg. I was hoping to do a little better. Will this improve as the car breaks in?
  • I bought just about the same car 1 month ago. I live in seattle and iv'e gone through a couple of heavy rain storms, and i was very happy with the results, i dont know if im impressed with the bridgestone tires or not, cornering is not what i expected, or used to. Iv'e wondered the same about snow, even though we dont get much here. I guess we will see. Im also getting about 22 miles per gallon, about half freeway and city, That better get better, I got better with my Mark8. Overall, im happy with my purchase, it fits my needs perfectly.
    Has anyone heard what the 0-60 is for the automatic? I heard about 7.2 or so, and then i read some one talking that it is over 8 seconds, i find that hard to believe, but on the other hand, my Mark 8 rates at 7.1 and it sure feels like its a lot faster than the Maxima, im not complaining, just wondering. I also test drove a 300m and it rates at 7.7, but i thought the Maxima had a lot more get up and go than it did. I wonder where the get their numbers.
  • no deal. When any car sits on a dealers lot, it costs them money each day in finance charges, which they pay for from their holdback. THe cheapest way for a dealer (and you) to get a car is to order it. That way, they get to keep 100% of their holdback, and you can negotiate your best deal that way..
  • I don't know what post you're talking about but...The G20 only has 145HP. It's a very nimble car but not even near the Maximas numbers.

    The 17" tires are great in the rain. I've never had any problems at all...I've even driven them in snow with surprised results.

    Gettingold.... The Maxima SE is far quicker than both the Mark VIII, and Aurora needs the 5 spd to do it. The Auto Maxima SE has been timed anywhere from 7.2 to 8.2. How they vary so much is beyond me. The 5 spd has been timed from 6.4 to 7.1 . In real world driving, it's propbably closer to the higher numbers but....for someone who doesn't mind being hard on their clutch, mid 6's are very easy to obtain.

    Hound...your mileage will surely get better as the car breaks in. I'm getting about 28mpg with the 5 spd. The auto is close to those numbers too.
  • You must do a lot of highway driving. How heavy is your foot? I try to stay mellow, but have a hard time holding back..all the time. I'm getting around 23 mpg (GLE), whick is still better than I did with my SHO 5 speed.

    I'm curious, this board seems to have more SE owners than GXE or GLE. For the SE owners that have AT, why not buy the GLE? What was it on the SE that you wanted...spoiler, titatnium guages, stiffer suspension?
  • The only thing that I don't like about my loaded SE Maxima is the Stiffer Suspension. Everything else I wanted including titanium-tinted gauges, 17" wheels, color keyed door handles, rear spoiler, black leather steering wheel, fog lights, and smoke-colored taillights.

  • I drive 53 miles each way to work..all highway so, that's why I get such good mileage. But....I'm a lead-foot. I've acually gotten her up to 146MPH ! just to see what she would don't drive to work that fast, I probaly average about 75-80MPH. At those speeds, I probably get closer to 25 or 26.

    The SE is a completly different car than the GLE handling & looks-wise. You can't get the 17" wheels on the GLE. You get sport seats in the SE, (with the cloth trim, leather annoys me) You can't get the black-out taillights on the GLE. can get everything the GLE has, added to an SE but, not the other way around. So....a loaded SE acually has more than a similarly priced GLE.

    If you don't like a firm, sporty ride, you don't get an SE though. The GLE is more of a touring car...the SE is more of a sport sedan.

  • pbvgpbvg Posts: 6
    Joe how many miles do you have on your car? My last car was a 200sx SE-R and the gas mileage was poor for the first 10K miles then it got better. At that time I lived in N.Y.C. and the gas is differnt from November to Febuary to reduce emissions in NY. I forget what it's called. In those months the mileage suffered. I now have a 2K Maxima with 3K miles on it and I'm getting 22mpg like alot of others. My wife drives a Altima SE (you wanna talk about a stiff ride the Max SE is like a old Caddy from the 70's compared) and she has 5K and change on her car and the mileage is starting to get better just now. I'm guessing Nissan engine's take a while to break in.
    I bought the SE because I like the stiffer ride and the better road holding. I do push the car on the turns. Plus you can't beat the way those 17" wheels look. The 16" wheels don't to the car justice in my opinion.
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