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  • yaoxyaox Posts: 14
    I have bought a Maxima a couple of weeks ago. Now it has 650 mileage. It is said that oil change should be done in 1000 mileage. But I will have a long trip (more than 1000 mile) in this weekend. Do I need change oil now or after trip? Thanks for your advice.
  • kyleknickskyleknicks Posts: 433
    anyone taken their maxima's to the dealership because of a badly scraped bumper (to repaint)? some idiot took out my right corner of my bumper this weekend and normally, i wouldn't care, but my gle is so perfect other than that bumper corner. wondering if they could just paint the corner and if they could match the pearl white.

  • jimmie8jimmie8 Posts: 31
    I had the same problem. I bought a bottle of the touch up paint, and it worked fairly well on the scratches/chips on the hood of my car (steel). However, because the bumper is plastic, it appears to be a slightly different shade of blue in certain types of light...and because of that, the touch up paint looks really bad on the bumper (sometimes). However, white might be easier to work with. The dealer might also be a lot better at it than I was.
  • eclipsegseclipsegs Posts: 66
    Unless you know someone at the Nissan dealership, don't go there to get your car painted. They'll rip you off. As for your scrape, it depends on how deep and wide the scratches are and how perfect you want it to look. I had the same incident happen to me. In most cases about half of the bumper cover would be repainted. If the scratches are deep, sanding would be required. If not, you might be able to have it professionally buffed out. Good Luck!
  • ludacrisludacris Posts: 185
    has anyone done the AE chrome sill installation? was it easy? i heard that it was a tool-less job and all you had to do is snap it in. thanks
  • koski1koski1 Posts: 4
    thanx jmaxe .

    This is my page where I have 2 pictures of the next Maxima.

    My friend who gave me these said the next Maxima will now compete with the Avalon. It is much larger than the current one.

    She is also sending me a picture of the 2003 Pathfinder.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Posts: 419
    that's about the smallest trunk opening for a Max that I've ever seen.... say it isn't so.
  • joeandcarol2joeandcarol2 Posts: 152
    I recently test drove a maxima with a 5 speed manual. With your feet off the pedals the clutch sits higher than the brake pedal. I have never encountered this before and the result is that everytime you use the clutch you feel like you have to unnaturally lift your left foot very high when releasing the clutch. Don't think I could live with that. Also for a "four door sports car" I found the shift linkage very high effort and long throw. Why does Nissan not pay much attention to this part of there otherwise wonderful auotmoble?
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    At first glance, can't say I like it much. But the Infiniti is even worse! Talk about weird taillight designs - looks like someone changed their mind in mid-design. Maybe it's their idea of being "edgy?" I don't think Infiniti customers particularly want "edgy," they want refinement and understated luxury.

    Neat site, vinceburlap, I like your thumbnail pics of all the cars.
  • robertrrobertr Posts: 125
    Based on the picture, I kind of like it. For some reason, it reminds me of an Audi A6. The Infiniti on this site does not look as good. The Infiniti pictures looked better on some other sites.
  • ludacrisludacris Posts: 185
    the 03 maxima looks pretty good to me too, of course ill have to wait to see the real thing. actually i really like the new infiniti G35. i can see why some wouldnt like the tailamp design, but if theres a design problem i have with the rear end itd have to be the slot on the back of hte trunklid to raise the trunk. that looks like an afterthought to me.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Just to let everyone know, my buddy decided against the 5-speed and went for the automatic. I guess he decided it wasn't worth the hassel. He got a black GLE and picked it up yesterday. Thanx to all for their comments. It looks pretty good but parked next to my Intrigue, not as good.

  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    maybe it's just personal tastes but not judging a book by its cover is always a good idea when it comes to cars... besides, nothing's going to look good compared to the Maxima when your dashboard starts to fall apart, sunvisors rattling, body panels dancing and dangling, etc. etc. Detroit just doesn't know how to make cars nor do they know how to keep a company running (ERRR Oldsmobile).
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    Well, that's a little harsh. I agree that U.S. - run auto companies (note: I'm NOT saying U.S. made cars - non-U.S. companies are making plenty of cars here these days, including Toyotas, Hondas, BMWs, and more) have had their troubles, some self-inflicted, some not, over the last 20 plus years, but let's hope, for the sake of the U.S. economy as a whole, that they CAN run a company and design cars that people will want to buy. Besides, the entire auto industry is becoming more and more globalized, so U.S. and "foreign" don't even mean what they used to.

    But let's give some credit. The U.S. carmakers are trying to give the public what they want, at a price often better than the imports. Let's hear it for people who buy the Intrigues, the 300Ms, the Intrepids, and all the others. Personally, yes, I'm glad I drive a Maxima, but I at least considered several U.S. brand cars before buying. I don't know if the U.S. car industry has lost people like me for good (I've only owned one U.S. brand - a Jeep, for 2 years - over the last 20 some years). I hope not, really, and when it comes time to replace the Maxima, I hope that there will still be some viable U.S. companies around with some attractive, affordable products to consider.

    FWIW - the car I most liked, after the Maxima, was the Chrysler 300M.
  • djcunnindjcunnin Posts: 8
    This picture has been discussed many times on and, this car is an Opel concept, not the 2003 Maxima.
  • massmaxmassmax Posts: 8
    Ekster-I use Foreign Auto in Reading. They are right across from the train station. The number is 781-944-2920. They are also great with Toyotas and many other imports.No need to go to a dealership for non-warranty stuff.
  • kedsmaxkedsmax Posts: 2
    Hi All! I read through the last 300 + messages just to see what everyone was talking about. I decided to replace my "LEMON" '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (NOT A RECOMMENDED PURCHASE) with a '01 Max. The competitor to the Max when I was deciding what to purchase was the Pontiac Grand Pix GTP (My parents own a '98). I chose the Max for 2 specific reasons, while the GTP sported a 245 HP engine, I found that the manual transmission in the Max as well as the sportier look and feel made my decision for me. Riding the GTP felt like I was in a Caddy. Probably the reason my parents chose that vehicle! :-)

    By Nov. I had a new Satin Blue Pearl '01 SE, manual trans. w/ Conf and Conv package. While I'm in SUV withdrawal, I certainly don't miss all the problems I had while I owned my Jeep. I have no serious complaints about the Max. Just wish that I had gotten the darker interior, frost floor mats in the front are ready to be replaced after the winter driving.

    I do not have any issues with paint chipping, I'm more inclined to think that it may be specific to the color. I do notice, however, that it chips easily from the couple of spots where inconsiderate idiots have knocked my driver/passenger front door paneling. While it'll probably cost between 20 and 50 dollars for a body shop to pop the paneling off and paint it up, it isn't so bad that it can't wait. I did have an incident at the local mall where someone who had a trailer hitch on their truck backed into me and left a nice little puncture in my rear bumper, which cost the insurance company approx $720 to repair.

    I do have to say that the Potenzas that come standard with the Max's, are absolutely the WORST tire in both the rain and snow and I don't know how they got a good rating in Consumer Reports. Since I live in PA - it is key to have something that will get me through the snow! If anyone has any suggestions - I'm open to them!!

    One thing I do notice on my car is that since day one it's difficult to put the car in 1st gear. I can't figure it out, even letting the clutch out and then back in it doesn't go easily - I haven't had to go back to the dealership yet for anything - At 10K and 8 months not a problem yet. I've been changing my own oil and don't have the time to call them up and have them check it out - anyone else with a 5 speed notice this?

    As far as the breaking, it is a noticeable difference between the GMs and the Nissans. I occasionally switch the Max to ride in a rocket of a car, a Pontiac Trans Am Ram Air (Now that's some speed) and I find it much easier to deal with the clutch, because it's a little stiffer and you know when to release, the breaking doesn't require such a gentle push like the Max - it requires a hard tap.

    I like to hear what everyone has to say - message boards are definitely a wealth of knowledge!! Talk to you all soon!
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Not sure which car you are talking about but my Intrigue is solid as a rock. Not sure why you are bashing it either, I've done nothing but praise the Maxima which is a very similar car to mine.

    As for quality, one only needs to look at the JD Power web site to see GM and Nissan have almost identical quality stats. Nissan is not Honda (thankfully).

    Peace man!
  • bimmer4mebimmer4me Posts: 266
    I wasn't thrilled with the looks of the current generation Maxima, however, it's beginning to grow on me after seeing what a simple change in a design of a headlamp can do for a cars looks...I like the 2002 to very much and with the new, even more powerful engine, I'm considering selling off the plain vanilla Accord and purchase a MAX.
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    Looks like HID lamps, similar to Lexus 300rx (suv). The CD changer (view the close up) looks like 6 in the dash, although the screen reads 3. No too many changes, looks good though.

    2003- looks like a cross between the 300M and the current Altima.

    Kedsmax- check out Weather tech rubber mats. they hold the sand, mud and snow that come in on boots etc. They're expensive, $75 for set of 4, but they're great in my book (car).
  • tony1034tony1034 Posts: 32
    Has anyone changed their tire size on 2000-2001 Maximas with the 16" wheels? The stock tire size is P215/55-16. This is an odd-ball tire size and I think the car would look a lot better with 50 or 45 profile tires.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    speedracer3 good job on getting those specs up so quickly.

    I also drive a Y2K Max and would love to trade up for the 2002, except my wife would kill me.

    I hope the 2003 styling changes will be enough to make me do it. Just as long as its a performance car and not my parents Avalon.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Any debates about the looks of the supposed 2003 photos are a waste of time. It has been pointed out several times elsewhere that Vince Burlapp's photos are not reliable. Many are not the car models that he says they are.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    I noticed that navigation system is available for the first time on a Maxima.

    Compared to the new 2002 Altima 3.5 SE, the Maxima will have 20 more horsepower, optional navigation, and 6-speed transmission on the SE model instead of 5 speed manual on the Altima.
    Is that enough to justify a large price difference?
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    But what is the price premium for the 2002 Max compared to the 2001?
  • eclipsegseclipsegs Posts: 66
    "Compared to the new 2002 Altima 3.5 SE, the Maxima will have 20 more horsepower, optional navigation, and 6-speed transmission on the SE model instead of 5 speed manual on the Altima.
    Is that enough to justify a large price difference?"

    Read the NissanNews articles more and you will see that there are way more differences.
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    Ok, So I got your attention.

    But just think of it a 2002 Max with Nav, HID head lamps, 6-speed trany 260hp and can probably run a 0-60 in six seconds flat.

    More interior room and a better all weather car.

    Is the Lexus really twice the car? NOT
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
  • Welcome to this Maxima conference. Sorry to hear about your 99 Jeep. I too had a 99 Grand Cherokee Limited Jeep which got bought back from Chrysler in March 2000. What a relief it was to get rid of that lemon. So far I really enjoy the ride I get with my 2000 Maxima. I will be renting a Grand Cherokee during my vacation so that will help with SUV withdrawal for another year. Try renting once a year it may help with your SUV withdrawal.

    Here's a link to a paintless Dent Removal site that you might look into to fix your parking lot mishaps! I had 2 dents removed and was completely amazed at the results. These Dent Wizards are located all over the country. Most dealers have a paintless dent removal person that they use. Have fun with your new ride.

  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Besides the things previously mentioned, (6 speed, navigation and 20 additional horsepower) the only other significant feature I noticed in the specifications on the nissannews site that is only available on the Maxima and not the 2002 Altima 3.5 SE is power passenger seat.
    I know there are plenty of "differences" between the two cars, but I do not see that much that is significantly "better" on the Maxima besides those noted above.
    A rear power or even manual sun-shade would be nice on either since the Passat and I35 have power sunshades available and a manual sliding rear sunshade is available as a dealer installed option on Honda Accords.
    Of course, in 2003 an all new Maxima wil come out that will likely make a big leap forward, but in the meantime, the 2002 Maxima seems like a somewhat weak product sitting next to a loaded 2002 Altima 3.5 SE.
    The few people who opt for a 6-speed Maxima SE will probably have good performance gains over an Altima, but not that mush else to show for the extra cash spent.
    Why buy a base strippo 2002 Maxima GXE automatic instead of a V6 Altima??!
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    I think that the Maxima is one fine car, but I also think the Altima right now is a slightly better car, especially value wise. THe Maxima GXE probably wull be hard to find because only 5% will be produced for 2002. I can live without the power passenger seat, which I would never use anyway.

    I printed some of the pictures from and I showed them to some family memebers, all except one prefered the new Altima over the Maxima. I personally prefer the Altima.

    BTW, the Passat does not have a power rear sunshade, it is manual.
  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    Does anyone know how the '02 Maxima and Altima will be priced? I heard that an Altima SE V6 will be around 22K+. If that's true, that's one heck of a deal (although there seems to be a lot of options for the SE model). The Maxima will be hard pressed to be sold b/c you could probably get a decked out Altima for much less than a Maxima SE (granted it has more features and power).
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    I saw the new Altima (2002) last night at the Nissan Pavilion near Washington D.C. (This must be the summer of the aging rockers - saw Eric Clapton a few weeks ago and Peter Frampton last night - Let's rock on, boomers!) Anyway, I digress...

    The Altima is a good looking car, but I had the uncharitable thought that it looks like what would happen if a Lexus IS300 mated with a Ford Focus. The front, especially the headlights, looks like the triangular headlights of the Focus. The side has a sharp crease, angling upwards toward the back. The rear lights look very IS300 like - round lights set into a clear frame. Personally, I didn't care for the color on the display model, which was a greenish-gold with black interior.

    I didn't look into the inside all that much, but it looked basically well thought out and comfortable for four people, probably ok for five in a pinch. The seats looked good, with the same center seam that the Max (and I guess the current Altima) has, but more rounded on top.

    Overall, here was a look of crispness about it, both inside and out. Certainly more cutting-edge than the current generation. I would guess that it will do well with a slightly younger market than the Maxima is designed for.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Only 5% GXE's? It seems hard to believe that 95% of Maximas are going to be SE's and GLE's.
    I can see the 2002 GXE being a hard sell next to a V6 Altima though, but I would thing they would not be that low production.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    I read somewhere on that Nissan was cutting Maxima production down to 80,000 units for 2002, they sold about 105,000 last year. The SE is the best selling Maxima model, according to 58% of Maxima sells wull be SE, 37%will be GLE and only 5% will be GXE, because the GXE and Altima 3.5SE wull overlap each other. 80% of all the new Altimas will be 4 cylinders, while the other 20% will be the 3.5SE, the 2.5S will be the best selling model probably. Nissan expects to sell about 190,000 Altimas in 2002.
  • djp2cdjp2c Posts: 39
    Go to and get all the info you might want on the 2002 Maxima.

    It will be available August 1, 2001

    It still has those black and white gauges which will probably stop me again.

    They should look at the Passat gauges.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    Tried your suggestion and is a computer dealer in North Carolina. Their website directs people to, which appears to be Nissan's website, but only has 2001 Maxima info. Where did you see 2002 Maxima info (i.e. especially pricing)??

  • ludacrisludacris Posts: 185 or both are websites dedicated completely to the nissan and infiniti vehicles and news...the 5th gen forums on also have info on the 02 max, plus a bunch of nice maximas ; )
  • djp2cdjp2c Posts: 39
    Sorry for not putting in the page you need to go to.

    It is as follows:

    Good Luck.

    But look at those damned black and white gauges
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Thanks for the URL for nissannews. They indicate pricing info to be released soon. Has anyone seen anything on pricing elsewhere??

    As for black on white guages, I've been driving with them on a 95 SE for 109,000 miles and I guess I've gotten used to them. Perhaps not as good looking as some European alternatives, but they beat the standard white on black used in many cars.

    Personally, I'm dissapointed that a car as good looking as a BMW 5 series has a relatively unattractive "cockpit" (i.e. dash/instrumentation/radio/console design. I think they could take an aesthetic que from the Mercedes CLK. Guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  • tonyred2tonyred2 Posts: 8
    I own a 1997 Maxima SE with 46,000 miles. I purchased the car new and it came with TOYO Tires that have begun to crack and show signs of wear.

    My mechanic (who doesn't sell tires) suggested that I replace these tires within the next 5,000 miles.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for what type of tires I should purchase?

    I am from Chicago, IL and need a tire that can handle highway driving, and some tough winter roads.

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. You can E-Mail me at [email protected]
  • robertrrobertr Posts: 125
    I have about 19,000 miles on my Bridgestone RE92 Potenza 225/50 R17" all-season performance tires. Last week I was driving on the expressway in very heavy rain and had to hold my speed down in comparison to some other traffic because I was experiencing hydroplaning (however, maybe the other drivers were too but were too clueless to notice it).

    The tires seem to have plenty of tread left, in contrast to the concerns of some posters last year who thought the tires would wear out in 20,000 miles. I'm curious to know what others are experiencing with tread wear and in heavy rain where it rains too hard and fast for the water to run off the road. Has anybody needed to replace these yet, and at what mileage?
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    I have 60,000 miles on my 2000 SE with the same size tires and wheels (original equipment).

    I drive 95% highway miles and I also put on dedicated snow tires last winter for about 10,000 of the 60,000 total.

    Mine are getting a "little slippery" in the rain recently (especially out of toll booths). I had just assumed it was due to overheated rubber getting hard over time. I took delivery of the car on November 12, 1999.

    I also am interested in what people are using for replacements on the 17" wheels and what their general level of satisfaction has been?
  • yaoxyaox Posts: 14
    Recently I found that my 2001 maxima will make some "croak" noise when I use brake at low speed or turn. Any sugguestion will be appreciated.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    I haven't had that problem in a long time, but assuming all your parts are functioning properly (check them carefully) and if it is just brake pad groan/squeak, sometimes you can spray a chemical called "disc brake quiet" and eliminate the noise...I used to sell it when I sold parts years ago, I am sure that Pep Boys, AutoZone, etc. will have something similar or identical...let us know what happens...
  • norbert444norbert444 Posts: 195
    I recently noticed that my driver seat (or seat back, I am not sure) started to creak when I move in it. Does anyone have any remedy for that? It sure spoils the Bose sound ;-)
    thanks ... Norbert
  • gooniesgoonies Posts: 24
    i had the same problem, it would "croak" when i made slow turns. take it to the dealer. its a suspension problem. something is "binding" or rubbing against its each other and it shouldn't.
  • gadmangadman Posts: 1

    I also have a similar problem on my 00' SE. I spent a little time investigating, and it seems to be coming from the seat belt latch to the right of the driver, and the long connecting piece attached to it that goes down the right side of the seat to anchor the latch. This piece is not 100% fixed in place (i.e. it has a little "play" to it to account for movement of the seatbelt). But, when it moves (which is almost any time I move), it seems to be causing a creaking noise, at least in my car. I'm going to have it checked out at my next service. It's not dangerous, but very annoying.
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