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Nissan Maxima



  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    A faulty odo should not necessarily cloud the title. When a dealer orders a new odo to replace a broken one, they specify the number of miles to have programmed on it. As long as it's the same as before, no title work is needed according to my DMV (MN). If they reset it to zero, well then you have a problem...
  • that's why the new Altima has a better rear suspension and the new Maxima will likely switch to it as well. The new Altima rear suspension does give it more control through turns perceptibly. Granted, the beam is light years better than on a Mustang or a Camaro.....
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    The advertising fee is a legitimate part of a dealer's invoice. Of course, it's up to him whether to charge it against you. Obviously, your dealer had some wiggle room. Good job.
  • jmaxejmaxe Posts: 198
    Don't be easily deterred by Southpoint's quote of 3% over invoice. I bought my '01 GLE in March and that was their initial "offer" but I ended up paying $500 below invoice after about a month of waiting and some haggling(I believe there was a $500 dealer cash incentive at the time). If haggling isn't your style then go ahead with the San Antonio deal.
    I have purchased two Nissan's from Southpoint and have been quite pleased with my purchase/service experience.
    Good Luck.
  • berbelberbel Posts: 167
    You may believe that a dealer's cost of advertising
    his cars is a legitimate part of his invoice to me
    as a consumer and I respect your opinion. I am and
    continue to be diametrically opposed to that con-
    cept in principle and will fervently oppose the
    imposition of any such fee as an enduser.

    By the way, you don't happen to sell cars for a
    living , do you?

  • Has anyone noticed an inordinate amount of water inside the door jams and floorboards after they wash their Max??...I gotta tell ya it makes me wonder about quality control even in Japan.
    We're talking garden hose..not even the car wash...Joe D.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Read my profile. Some dealers love me, some hate me. What I meant was the invoice does include an advertising fee charged from the manufacturer, about 2% excluding destination in Nissan's case. I agree it should be part of doing business, or it should just be rolled into the cost and not be a separate line item. Dealers who attempt to roll their own TV, newspaper and radio ads onto the cost, those are the guys who really burn me.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    I have a new 2002 GLE and notice hardly any water in doorjams after washing.
  • I had same problem with water. The Nissan rep tolp me to close the doors before washing. I tried that. It worked. Sorry I couldn't resist ;->
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
  • If you get the leather seats on a '02 Max SE, do you also get the driver seat memory? This is a huge feature in our next car. If not, I guess we'll have to go with the GLE.

    Am I correct in assuming that with extended warranties they can be purchased anytime before the expiration of the factory warranty and not just at time of car purchase? What are people paying for extended warranties on '02 Maximas?

  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    1. Nissan's brochure indicates that the SE Leather Package DOES include "driver's seat memory system" and "4-way power front-passenger's seat". This package also has "driver's seat entry/exit system (automatic transmission models only)" and "automatic temperature control".

    2. Are you talking factory or 3rd party extended warranty? I would only recommend the former, and with no deductible. Couple times I've looked into them, the factory says you have to buy within first 12,000 miles or 1 year from date of purchase. 3rd party warranty terms are entirely up to them. I get bombarded with offers for cars I bought 4 or 5 years ago and no longer even own.

    3. If luxury items and warranties are important, you might consider an I-35. Loaded and with a great warranty, not to mention dealer service and loaner cars.
  • Just left dealers lot. I told him instead of us haggling over price of a new Maxima SE would he simply state how much over invoice he is willing to let car go for. He said $500, I said I was thinking $300, he said That's fine. That would put SE with no options at $23,711.00. It seems like a go to me, BUT I keep seeing these ads for $22,499....22,999. I wonder if that is real or do they screw with ya with those prices (those dealers aren't to close to me or I would check, hate to make trip unless ads are legit). Any1 here do much better than $300 over invoice??
  • I own 2000 maxima se automatic
    The problem is first to second gear slip or delay
    i know there is some bulletins ntb00039a but this bulletin did'nt resolv the problem.

    Appreciate any help!
  • The ads might possibly be for demo cars, or they could be loss leaders on less-popular colors, who knows. Just call the dealers who are running those ads and try to find out if there's just one at those prices, or what.

    In general I think most people are paying around $300 over, but that's not to say lower prices are totally impossible.
  • Dealer offered 300 over invoice I assumed that would be 23,711. Forgot to add 300 for ad fees. That would make price of Maxima SE 24,011. It seems ok but I will definately check out the dealers offering same for 22,499...22,999. in the daily news and new york post.
  • I don't know about your area, but around here, dealers have been offering the 2002 Nissan Maxima for about 1000 below invoice. That's for all Maximas on the lot. Altimas can be had for Invoice though.
  • Where are you located I would like to know where maxima's are going for 1g under invoice
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    I bought one last month and got nowhere near invoice (and they were moving off the lot).....great car though - love it!

    Altimas at invoice??? This dealer (SC - I assume?) won't stay in business long selling at those prices - most places they've been going right at MSRP or slightly lower.

    Think the large majority of Maximas are going closer to $1k under MSRP than $1K under invoice!
  • tell me where you are I might call and take a trip!!!!!! cOULD you pls give dealer name and #, I'll even meat ya there and give ya good bottle of what ever ya drink!!!
  • Is it just me or is there very little rear headroom in the Maxima? We drove a Passat and a TL-S in addition to the Maxima and the Max had my head touching the headliner, the others didn't. This was a '02 GLE.

    Also, is there a separate button/knob for the fogs, or are they on with the headlights.

    Tough decision between loaded Max SE and TL Type-S.

  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    did seem a bit tighter in I-35 than the TL Type S I test drove. Both had sunroofs. But I don't worry too much about how my mother-in-law will feel in back. :)

    If you're looking at loaded Maxima SE compared to TL Type S, why not consider I-35 Sport? That way you get the Vehicle Dynamic Control System. Plus better warranty and service. If the TL Type S is within your price range, then so is the I-35.
  • I've only sat in the back seat of my Accord for an hour in the past year. And I've only had people back there for about 10 hours all year, so back seat room is one of the lower priority items. And I don't think a baby seat will have any headroom issues.

    We do like the I35 and we're going back on Monday to see it again.

    We've been offered invoice on the Max SE (about $27,900) and near invoice on the TL-S ($29,450). The I35 was initially offered at $30,500 with only Sunroof and Cold Weather and that's $2k over invoice/$900 below MSRP. The I35 sport would put it at about $32,000 or so, which is over our top of $30k. We'll need to get them down to $500 over invoice with Sunroof, CWP and Sport to make that an option. Wish me luck.

  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    I think Maxamillion is only 16. You'd be contributing to the delinquency of a minor! :))
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    Maxamillion is from upstate South Carolina as per his post in the Nissan Altima - 2002 Redesign thread.
  • If sunroof is what you want, you will loose headroom. First Maxima I sat in was without a sunroof, that was fine, next I sat in one with sunroof. While sitting in one with sunroof my head touched in front and in back. No problem for me I don't want a sunroof. I like the smoother look on roof line, the sunroof takes that away. Anyone else finding offers like Maximillian got of $1,000.00 under invoice. I can't see how that is possible. Even VPP is not getting that.
  • Does the Maxima come with tinted windows and outside mirrors? I didn't see it in the brochure and didn't think to check last night at the dealer. I know the Acura TLS and Infiniti I35 do.

  • I have a 2001 Maxima GLE. The fog lamps have a separate knob than the headlights. I suspect that the same applies to 2002's as well. Of course, the fog lamps will ONLY work if the headlights are ON. . .it's the law. The Maxima has "auto" headlights that automatically turn on when it gets dark outside. Does the Acura TL have that feature?
  • I think I may have got a great price on a 2002 Nissan Maxima SE, but you guys and gals are the experts so you tell me.

    Ordered the following options: Navigation System, Bose Audio System, Leather Trim Pkg., Meridian Pkg., Traction Control, Side Air Bags, Powered Sunroof, Wind Deflector, Front and Rear Painted Splash Guards, and Floor Mats.

    Invoices for $29,234.00 got it for $29,530. That comes out to $296.00 over invoice. Placed $1000.00 down to order the vehicle and got copies of all paper work which the negotiations took place on and had the Sales Manager sign them all. Better to be safe than sorry.

    Now here are some of the other figures State Tax (6.25%) $1845.63, Vehicle Inventory Tax $62.31, License $71.30, Title $34.75, and Doc Fee $50.00. For a grand total of $31,593.00 not including down payment.

    So if all goes well in March I should me living the Max life.

    P.S. I really do think I should give thanks to all the people at I have been researching this vehicle for about the last four months and all their advice as well as the advice from this bulletin board is awesome. Keep up the great work everyone and just remember no matter what you do in life BE PREPARED!!!
  • I also have the slip from 1st to second. Only happens when roughly half to full throttle. Much worse with a cold tranny, but it does it all the time. And, all of the shifts, up and down are generally bad. The car is never in the right gear for my driving.

    Anyway, I have tested even with a fully heated up tranny, and with full throttle starts, the car revs all the way to 6200 or so, several hundered before the redline, then attempts to shift up, but instead, it somehow seems to get caught in the middle of first-second, and revs even higher, an 1/8 of an inch into the redzone, then grabs second and keeps going. I have 31K on it, (an 00), and am bringing it in for 30K checkup this week. Will let you know what they do, I too know about the TSB and will insist they fix it, and will let you know if it in fact gets fixed.

    Did they perform the warranty work on yours and it's still doing what mine is? I drive the car hard, but dont beat on it. I frequently run full throttle from toll booths and on ramps, but isnt this what they picture the Maxima as?

    ANyone else have this issue, was it fixed or not?

  • berbelberbel Posts: 167
    Cost of Advertising/

    Not to belabor this but apparently and unknowingly
    we are referring to the same thing. A dealer expecting me to pay for his newspaper and radio, t.v. ads, etc. It's kinda akin to some of those
    clowns expecting me to pay for "dealer prep."
    This is positively ludicrous!!!
  • berbelberbel Posts: 167
    The problem to which you are referring is un-
    questionably covered by a TSB. I have about 50,000
    on my '00 SE and the TCM was replaced by my dealer
    without a hassle about 27,000 mi. ago. There was
    a noticeable and marked improvement in the shifting
    of the transmission after the TCM was replaced.

  • Bunch of comidians out there....ask a serious question and you get stupidity reigning on high...ohh well!!...I'm dying here.
    Does anyone know if the secondary switch on the Max for the foglights be changed or rewired so it "can" be independent of the headlights?..Has anyone tried this...Thanks ...Joe D.
  • I'm wondering if my digital lnock sensor is working. My 2k 5spd pings on anything but Premium. Shouldn't the knock sensor kick right in and retard the timing. The dealer said if anything was wrong the dumby light would come on...any thoughts besides always using premium, I want to make sure it does work properly.
  • umpopaumpopa Posts: 37
    Write-ups on how to do the foglight rewiring can be found at and at, as well as lots of other stuff!!
  • Hi guys. This is my first post here and I'm hoping you can help me out. I'm interested in the 2002 Maxima but unfortunately the power sunroof interfers with my headroom since I'm tall. So I'm considering the Maxima without the sunroof. But with the way the "option packages" are set up, it appears that I can NOT get the Bose premium sound system unless I get the sunroof! Does anyone here know if I CAN get the Bose premium WITHOUT the sunroof option? (either as a separate option, or dealer add-on maybe?) Thanks!
  • The Bose comes standard on the GLE, and Nissan makes GLE's without sunroofs. I have a 2k1 GLE with Bose but without sunroof (or spoiler).
  • Sorry dude, but like the song sez, ya can't have one without the other. Have you thought about the GLE.That comes standard with leather and Bose premium stereo. If Spoiler is must have , dealer can add that on for $350 or so. TMV on GLE=$25,486...TMV on SE is $23,968. (TMV is what Edmunds calls fair market price althought I don't think they have adv fees in it and dealer will chg them). So ya get some nice leather good stereo and no sunroof. I am 5'10" and sat in SE with, sunroof my head hit in both front and back seats.
  • How drastic a difference will I notice in driving the SE compared with the GLE. I want Leather, but in SE to get it you must get sunroof and BOSE. I don't mind paying for the Bose but I dont want sunroof, my head hits. GLE I can get leather and Bose for $25,544////SE I would be forced to add sunroof and pay $27,290. I don't mind loosing the spoiler on the GLE.
  • I certainly hope so. Will let you know Wed eve when I pick it up. The tranny is so bad I rarely do a full throttle shift anymore for fear it may just die. It seems odd though that some electric part can be to blame for the tranny not shifting, as it feels more mechanical in nature. Like the torque converter not working right or something. I will definitely do a test drive as soon as I pick the car up, with the guy there to confirm.

    Lets hope so!!
  • I did however replace my suspension 2K miles ago, but the tranny has been bad for far more. I just hope they dont try to cop out on the repair. I replaced the springs and struts with Tokico's and Eibach. Also went a plus zero on the tires to 225/55/16. They are a bit wider and look more aggressive. I dont think they will say anything, but you never know.
  • hrvathrvat Posts: 18
    I'm shocked to hear that your head was touching the top of the Nissan but not the Acura TL. My problem is actually the other way around (both front and backroom)!

    My biggest gripe with the TL is it's lack of headroom as I found the Maxima (even with the sunroof) to be one of only a handful of cars with good headroom. This is one of the reasons I've scratched the TL off of my "wish list" (the $29K price tag doesn't help).

    Pertaining to the other posts on the cost of the car, dealerships in Bergen County, NJ are advertising the SE (cloth interior, no sunroof) for $23,499.
  • "Pertaining to the other posts on the cost of the car, dealerships in Bergen County, NJ are advertising the SE (cloth interior, no sunroof) for $23,499."

    What dealers are advertising these carsand in what paper. I have only seen ads for "cosmetically as is" cars . I picked up the Press & Ledger on Sunday and didnt see any other ads.
  • ...the Maxima was on sale at Benson Nissan in Easley South Carolina for the past 2 Fridays. All Maximas on the lot for invoice, every last one of them. The Altima are going at invoice too, because around here the Camry outsells the Altima by a wide margin. Altimas aren't selling as well as they did earlier this year, they are BEAUTIFUL CARS!!! I can see about 10 camrys and about 2 or 3 Altimas a day. Also, no need for drinks, I can't I'm only 16. I am sorry it took so long to post back, for some reason Edmunds had been down on my computer for about a week or so, I could only post from my school. Good luck with your purchases.

    For those who care, I had my chance yesterday to "sneak" to the local Nissan dealership after church. The new Altimas were there, 5 actually 2 3.5SE and 3 2.5SL models, no 2.5S models. I wasn't the only one there though, there were two couples there together checking out the Xterras and the Alitmas, nobody paid any attention to Maximas or Sentras. I really LOVE the styling of the new Altima and apprently the young couple I chatted with Loved them as well. The woman went on to say "it's BAD" LOL. Well all agreed that the Altima looked better than the Maxima but that the Maxima kills the Altima in overall refinement, quality, workmanship and interior design. Those Maximas are nice, but I think I'll wait awhile to see what the Altima's interior is like in 2003, I want the Altima more than the Maxima now, I can actually afford to buy a 2.5S with the conveience pkg., ABS, and sunroof. Boy I am going to have some fun deciding which car I want.
  • Hi all. I'm considering buying a 2000 Maxima GXE Automatic with 30,000 miles. The seller told me that he had to replace the transmission computer at 23,000 miles. This scared me and I am now reconsidering buying this car. Should I avoid this MAX, or is this a minor problem that shouldn't cause any future problems?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
  • corkfishcorkfish Posts: 537
    Nissan automatics seem like they never shift properly and they kill the performance big time. Avoid the automatic and get the manual.
  • I replace my TCM at around 8000 miles and I now have 46000. The trans has been flawless so It is possible to replace a computer module and not have any problems.
  • Maxamillion (and anyone else who had problems with this site): Like you, I couldn't log on to Town Hall for over a week. Juice found the solution for me. Edmunds had a server problem that somehow affected the cookies in my files. You have to zap the Edmunds cookies. With Internet Explorer that is: Tools, Internet Options, Delete Cookies. Once you get going again you re-establish the cookies that help you in Town Hall.
  • hrvathrvat Posts: 18
    The car quotes for the SE were in the Sunday Bergen Record. If you don't have it, I'm sure your local library does.
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