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Kia Sorento Real World MPG

keinodogkeinodog Member Posts: 2
I know my 2011 FWD Sorento is not broken in yet, but I'm a little disappointed in the mileage I'm getting. I've also noticed other comparative models, eg. Equino x, CRV, RAV4, etc., are also not doing so good according to forum reports.

Some observations I made today. I did a 30 mile run on the turnpike today. For the first 27 miles my mpg creeped up to 23.4 mpg while traveling on cruise at 70mph. I noticed after about 22 miles, my mpg pretty much stayed at 23.4 mpg. At 70mph, the engine was doing 2500 rpm. I then reduced speed to 55 mph and was doing 2000 rpm. My mpg began to increase. By the time I finished the 30 mile trip, my average was 25.6 mpg. Keep in mind the car has only 450 miles on it now.
One point I would also like to make is that my 03 Accord gets 32 to 36 mpg on the highway. It has a 5 speed auto tran compared to the 6 speed Sorento. The Accord is doing 1900 rpm at 55mph and 2300 rpm at 70mph. Both engines are 2.4 I4 engines. Yes, I know the Sorento is heavier, but I'm beginning to think KIA could have made the 6th gear a little taller in order to increase fuel efficiency. At 70 mph, very little HP is needed to maintain speed. Supposedly the final gear ratio on the Sorento is .77 but the Accord is .659.
There in lies much of the mileage difference. Don't expect to get anywhere near the EPA 29 on the highway estimate traveling 70mph.

I'd like to see others report their results on both the I4 and V6, FWD and AWD.


  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    The KIA is MUCH heavier.... bet the KIA weighs a good 1500- 2000 lbs or more than the honda so you are pushing a lot of weigh...unless it has drastically decreased since the original 03 was release...my 03 weighs close close to 5000 lbs..... and would get 20 mpg on a good day......
  • keinodogkeinodog Member Posts: 2
    2011 Sorento curb weight: 3763 lbs....175hp/169 ft-lbs torque 2.4L I4 engine

    2003 Accord curb weight: 3128 lbs....160hp/161 ft-lbs torque 2.4L I4 engine

    -Should not be that much difference in mileage. Sorento is heavier but has more torque and horsepower. I still believe the difference is mainly final drive ratio. Why wouldn't KIA make better use of the 6th gear?
  • rangermarcrangermarc Member Posts: 1
    I had a perplexing MPG issue with my 08 Mazda 3 GT hatch which I was able to resolve by doing a reality check on the numbers the old fashioned way- with a fill up and calculation. I discovered that in many instances the computer readings were 3 to 5 mpg short of actual based on same pump refill. I do not know if the new Sorento has the trip computer feature but if it does, it might be worthwhile not to assume that the readout is entirely accurate and try it the old fashioned way of computing the miles.
  • lad3lad3 Member Posts: 2
    I just bought Sorento EX V6 AWD. The car computer says I am doing 13-14 MPG after I drove about 10 miles in the neighborhood on a Sunday. I will do the old-fashioned measurement to calculate the mileage per gallon myself. I will follow up next Sunday with the results.
  • almattialmatti Member Posts: 164
    That's what I get with the 2007 Honda CRV with 25k miles on the clock. You can't go buy a 10 mile drive. After a few miles of different driving and break in, do the old fashioned method - filler uip, drive some mileage on 'er, then fill er up again. Do it a few times over 400-500 mile. Then you will have pretty accurate MPG. BTW, the Honda electronic calcs are right on the money....
  • m6userm6user Member Posts: 3,181
    It's not just hp and weight. There is also aerodynamics of the vehicle of which the Accord is much more smoother moving through the air. At over 55mph, pushing the air is a big factor. Also, when you have more hp/displacement it is logically going to require more fuel to fill the combustion chamber. Computers are nice but there are some basics involved too.
  • MogulmanMogulman Member Posts: 12
    I've only driven about 30 miles on my 2011 AWD V6 Sorento. AVG about 18-19 MPG so far in city driving.
  • shahin_usashahin_usa Member Posts: 1
    I live in Woodland Hills CA and drove mine up to Lake Tahoe (about 500 miles one way) a few days after purchasing the Sorento. It only had about 200 miles on it when I began the trip. I was driving pretty fast most of the way (about 80-85) and wasn't expecting to get that great of a mileage. However, both the trip computer and my own calculations showed that I got about 29 MPG. Could it be that the sweet spot on the Sorento is at a higher speed?
  • 1mosin1mosin Member Posts: 1
    I have a 4 cyl 2011 LX with the 6 speed automatic.
    After 3000 miles of city and urban driving [averaging 21.2 MPG] I took the car on a highway trip of 188 miles. It was 95% interstate highway at 70 MPH and 5% small town stop- and go. I averaged 27.4 MPG. Love the Sorento.

    P.S. The trip was to and from a destination.
    A 10 MPH tailwind there and a 10 MPH headwind back.
    I think wind can be a big factor on these larger vehicles.
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    good to see a steady increase in MPG for the later model year Sorie.....03 here and on a good day I get 20 MPG Highway and 15-16 around town,abeit an AWD 6 cylinder here......
  • velcrodadvelcrodad Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2011 Sorento EX with 4 cyl 6 speed automatic FWD. Currently have 5000 miles. I have logged every gas fill made and average just over 22 mpg. It doesn't matter if this is 100% freeway driving at 70mph or a general mix of city/highway. Best ever was 24.6 mpg with a 40 mph tail wind behind me. All dealer says is "wait until it is broken in". I'm still waiting....
  • fnamowiczfnamowicz Member Posts: 196
    Do not believe this break in nonsense it is dealer b.s.
    Today's cars do not need a break in period under normal driving conditions your mpg.
    will not get better after 1000 or 5000 miles.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    I don't think most new cars need a break-in period either, but you should check the owner's manual.

    However, on my last new car, the mpg got better and better over time, and really didn't hit its stride until 10,000 miles or more.
  • bcw53bcw53 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 Sorento LX4 with 2500 miles. The miles are about 75% highway, 25% city. My mileage so far has been about 14-16 in town and 20-22 on the highway with brand name gas and 65-75 freeway speeds. So far the fuel mileage is very disappointing in this otherwise excellent vehicle. :(
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Member Posts: 431
    edited July 2010
    I have a 2011 Sorento EX V6 Fwd with just over 1000 miles on it in which about 360 of those miles were put on this past weekend on a trip from Columbus to Pittsburgh and back. I started tracking our driving on the tank prior to our trip and we filled up as we left Columbus and got an actual 19.1 mpg which was about 90 to 95% city driving. The second fill up on the way back which was on road that at times was 2 lane 55 mph with traffic and other times 4 lane expressway at 70 mph. Ran into a good amount of construction and also had some city driving while in Pittsburgh visiting relatives. Also, anyone who has traveled between the two cities will tell you there are many long steep hills to go up and down. The Actual MPG was 23.92 and the cars computer read out was exactly 24 mpg. I thought both fill ups MPG was outstanding on a vehicle that will only get better as I put more miles on it. I had a 2003 Hyundai Sonata V6 that I gave to my daughter a couple of years ago and it didn't really start getting it's full MPG potential until it had about 5000 miles on it. It was rated 27 on the Highway, but I usually got 30 mpg. I only bring up the Hyundai because I consider Kia and Hyundai pretty much the same company.
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  • mtnman1mtnman1 Member Posts: 431
    I don't understand why your rpms were running 2500. My 2011 Sorento EX V6 FWD runs right on 2000 rpms at 70 mph.
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Member Posts: 283
    Its been a couple weeks since I bought my new 2011 Sorento 4cylinder LX automatic. I am very skeptical of the mileage. The mpg average constantly shows 26 on my sorento mpg computer. Is this accurate or is it usually the real world is higher or lower than what the computer shows? If the real world is lower, by how much in terms of % is it lower? Any feedback and opinions would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Member Posts: 431
    The computer in my 2011 EX V6 is pretty darn close. Maybe up to .5 Mpg above actual. Just figure it out manually for a couple of tanks after you fill up. I have about 2400 miles on mine and I ran up to 26.3 MPG on 4 lane and 2 lane roads between Columbus, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pa. Lots of road construction. My final overall MPG average that the computer read was 25.8 MPG which I figure will turn out to be at least 25.3 which I am more than happy for a V6 276 HP engine with the A/C running and very hilly to Mountainess terrain for at least 1/2 the trip. Only been getting about 18 MPG in suburban driving which consists of very short trips by my wife of mile to and from work and shopping. My disappointment is that at about 600 miles my climate control sensor went bad. Took 2 weeks for the dealer to get the part. Now this morning I discovered as we were leaving Pittsburgh that it has quit working again! :sick: I'm getting to be concerned that Kia really hasn't improved their quality. We also have a bad rattle already in the passenger door fake plastic wood strip. :(
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  • orbit9090orbit9090 Member Posts: 116
    1. Go to the gas station and fill up the fuel tank.
    2. Record the mileage, before even pulling away from the pump (Mileage A).
    3. Drive normally until the next gas-up.
    4. Fill up the tank again (preferably at the same station using the same pump as pumps may be calibrated differently). This time, pay attention to how many gallons it takes to fill up the tank. This is usually shown at the pump and on your receipt. We will call this Gallons B.
    5. Record the mileage again, just like before. We will call this Mileage B.
    6. Subtract Mileage A from Mileage B. This will give you the number of miles you drove since your last fill-up.
    7. Divide 'miles driven' by the number of gallons (Gallons B) it took to fill up your tank. This will give you your car's MPG.


    Let's say you have a new Toyota Prius and want to track its mileage:

    * Trip A: Added 8.663 gal at 3,117 mi
    * Trip B: Added 9.251 gal at 3,579 mi
    * Trip C: Added 8.876 gal at 4,017 mi

    Mileage Calculation Answers

    * Trip A: It doesn't count. It only is useful as a baseline.
    * Trip B: (3,579 mi - 3,117 mi) / 9.251 gal = 49.9 mpg
    * Trip C: (4,017 mi - 3,579 mi) / 8.876 gal = 49.3 mpg
  • dankockedankocke Member Posts: 1
    Break-in periods are absolute nonesense now days. There might be a slight increase of 1mpg over 10k miles, but that will be about it. We bought a Sorento LX AWD and had to return it within 30 days because the gas mileage was extremely terrible. Not only that, the AWD 4cyl is completely underpowered. In town it's ok, but on the highway it is TERRIBLE. We averaged about 20.5 mpg over 25 days. On the highway with hills it got as low as 18 mpg. We were solely disappointed. My wife made me take it back for a V6 and now she averages the same mpg but with soooo much more power. We still don't really like it, though, because the EX has an even stiffer ride and the front seats are terrible. We will probably go back to a CRV....can't go wrong with those.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Member Posts: 431
    edited September 2010
    I disagree totally with you as far as break in periods go. I have always found that MPG improves over time. I have found that even in my 2009 Ford Fusion that my peak MPG was reached at about 5000 miles. My Sorento has gotten better as well.. My EX V6 is running about 19 MPG City and just a hair under 26 MPG Hwy and I believe it will easily surpass the Highway mileage once it hits about 5000 miles. How where you able to return a new car after a month? Did you trade it in? I find the Leather front seats in my Sorento to be very comfortable. My problem is with the second row seats. Legroom is very tight. I wish that I would have waited until the 2011 Ford Edge came out. Has a V6 rated at 295Hp getting 19 City/27 Hwy. This is a larger vehicle with about 40 inches rear legroom versus the crappy 26 inches the Sorento has. I have just seen and sat in one at the Ford Dealership last Friday when I took my Fusion in for and Oil Change. Much more vehicle than the smallish CRV, Rav4, Forester, etc. Of course, you would have to pay a premium for the same options that I have on my EX. About $7K more. My concern with the Sorento I have is not with the MPG, but with all the rattles that have already developed on a vehicle that now has only 2800 miles on it. My Fusion has just over 24,000 miles and not one interior rattle. Nicest mid sized non luxury vehicle I have ever owned hands down. That's a major reason that I should have stayed with Ford. Very high quality dependable vehicles. Not too sure about Kia.
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  • antons911antons911 Member Posts: 66
    Don't be ridicules , all cars need break in. I have bought new Chevrolet less than a year ago. Mileage improved after about 5k, and it started to have better acceleration.
  • antons911antons911 Member Posts: 66
    don't trust the computer for short driving period. Drive at least 30 miles to get a proper reading.
  • rgnmgrrgnmgr Member Posts: 1
    Our 2011 Kia Sorento SX - V6 - does not come close to the mileage ratings shown by Kia. Our typical city mpg is about 15 mpg per the car computer. We are not hotrodders, and do not commute in stop and go traffic. We are very disappointed as better economy was a reason we moved up to this new vehicle.
    As a side note we were also disappointed to find that this vehicle does not have daytime running lights since Kia touts safety.
    Also be aware that this top of the line model has NO backup audio system as do their other models. We were told after the fact that the upgraded "chrome" bumpers forced the removal of this feature to the highest model in their line up.
    Color offerings are severly limited. Hope you like "black".
    Buyers remorse..?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    How many miles? See post 14 for another view.
  • velcrodadvelcrodad Member Posts: 2
    I've owned my 2011 Sorento EX 4 FWD for about 18 months now and have been terribly disappointed with the mileage, which was stuck at about 22mpg no matter what. City driving was poor, freeway driving @ 70 mph or higher stunk. It was basically good only if going 55mph.

    All that changed last week. I took it on a trip and hit 22,000 miles at the beginning of the trip. The first fill-up averaged 23.6 mpg, next was 24.9, next 26.5, and finally --- wait for it ---- 28 mpg. Most miles were freeway @ 70 or better. Hopefully this trend continues.

    I guess the break-in period on this Sorento must have been 20,000 miles.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Summer gas. :-)

    Or maybe you hit three non-ethanol stations in a row.

    Whatever you are doing, keep it up, lol.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Member Posts: 431
    My Sorento EX V6 has actually gotten worse and it has almost 12,000 miles on it now. I have posted in this thread how happy I had been with the mpg, but now we have been getting around 16mpg in suburban driving. Don't know why it has gotten worse. We are taking a trip to Pittsburgh this weekend and I'm hoping our highway mileage is still good.
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Member Posts: 431
    Took our Sorento on our trip to Pittsburgh this past weekend. Happy to report that we got about 26mpg going and 25 on the return trip. This was strictly highway and about 30% two lane driving. A/C was used the entire trip. Speeds varied from 60mph to 70mph and was able to use my cruise almost the whole way going. Traffic was heavier this morning which made it more difficult to use the cruise in the 2 lane parts. Haven't been able to figure out why the in town mpg has been so low. My wife drives it about 90% of the time except for trips, so it may be caused by her driving habits. Tried to watch to see what she might be doing or not doing that may cause the lower numbers. So far no luck.
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    A reporter wants to talk with people who expected to get better gas mileage in their relatively new vehicle. Please email pr@edmunds.com by Tuesday, July 19, 2011 with your daytime contact information and a few words about your experience. Thank you.
  • sweetserenitysweetserenity Member Posts: 1
    I bought my 2011 Kia Sorento in Feburary 2011 brand new no miles. I currently have 9000 miles and realized at certain gas stations I get less MPG, the average was about 25. Some gas stations use a cheaper quality gas which effects all vechicles MPG. I found a local Marathon gas station, and I average between 32-35 MPG highway. Street I average 27 MPG. If you are getting a lower MPG try different gas stations and test them like I did.
  • mapaxmapax Member Posts: 3
    have a new 4cyl gdi and getting mileage lower than expected. dealer says let it break in of course, but the gap seems too large. car has 500 miles now. i had the dealer check the computer and they say its functioning to spec.

    when resetting the trip computer at 70-75mph, flat road, etc it will pretty consistently get 24ish. oddly, putting the AC on Max, rather than the normal setting seems to make a slight improvement. turning ac off makes a difference too - gets 26ish. car is rated for 32hwy.

    drove a 6cyl for a couple of days and doing the same resetting at highway speeds was easily getting 26ish with the AC on. so more inline with rating and better than my 4 cylinder. it had 700 miles on it. (the 4 works for my commuter needs but the 6 was MUCH nicer to drive, btw)

    i'll be checking by filling up the tank. also thinking i might go ask to drive another 4cyl on the lot.

    what are others experiencing?

  • jerseyman3jerseyman3 Member Posts: 4
    What engine do you have, a 4 or a 6?
  • beehbeeh Member Posts: 1
    We just bought a 2012 Sorento 4 cyl. GDI...Has 190 miles ( 120 of them highway @ 65mph ) on it now and the avg. mpg is 20.6!

    Wow, the truck I traded for it was almost this good and it was a 10 year old V6. The main reason we traded was for the mpg.

    If this doesn't get better, we'll be looking back at the Equinox. I mean I expected maybe 24-25 but 20? Sad.
  • joehickjoehick Member Posts: 28
    Just bought a 4cyl 2012 sorento 4 tanks of gas driving both city and highway on different tanks of gas and getting lousy mileage.
    city two tanks= average 16.5 mpg
    highway two tanks=average 19 mpg
    Dealer says the advertizing is just averages and they way you drive, I say BS. I had this car on cruise contrtol for the majority of the way, and still got lousy mileage
    NOT HAPPY, got better mileage in my 2003 6cyl merc
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Some people get good mileage right from the start but on my last new car, the mileage didn't approach the EPA ratings until 4,000 miles or so, and didn't really settle in until 10,000 miles.

    I'd give it at least another 4 tanks, and keep a log of fill-ups.
  • mapaxmapax Member Posts: 3
    i feel your pain. i don't know why the dealer and customer service help line don't have a ready answer for this, but they certainly didn't with me. dealer tried to convince me it was my lead foot.

    in any event, my early experience was like yours. then at 3000 miles i took my first road trip - 200 miles without much of a stop. around that time my mpg stepped up a notch. the dealer made a big deal of the car's 'learning computer' which makes me wonder if it needed the long trip to get something through its thick head, or if that was just coincidental timing with getting over some hump in engine break-in.

    so early on i was averaging 21ish combined driving and now its more like 24. i'll see moments of 30 mpg on the computer when going 70 with ac on and a fair amount of 27 in same condition. i had to go 60 with the ac off to get a glimpse of 30 in the early days.
  • cmunizcmuniz Member Posts: 604
    My brand new Sorento GDI is getting between 23 and 24 mpg in mixed driving with less than 1,000 miles on the odo. I had the same engine in a 2011 Sonata and was getting around 30 in mixed driving and 36 mpg on the road. I was expecting better mileage on the Sorento than I'm getting now, but maybe it will improve as time goes by. It is becoming doubtful that we'll be able to get to the 32 mpg highway mileage advertised, however. More likely will be around 30 mpg at best.
  • ennui101ennui101 Member Posts: 7
    I have a 2012 SX with 3.5t 24 Valve DOHC CVVT V6 Engine
    6-Speed Automatic Transmission w / Sportmatic
    I get 19-23 "around town" on short trips (.5 mile to 3 miles). More like 26-27 on highway driving depending on a/c, open/closed windows and sunroof, load in car, etc. SUV is approach 5000 miles on odo. One thing I have noticed is that when I fill up at a Sunoco station (there is one close by but it seems to be true of Sunoco in general), I get about 2 mpg better gas mileage. My theory is that Sunoco uses less ethanol than other brands (not sure if that's true) but whatever it is it seems consistent.
  • joehickjoehick Member Posts: 28
    This is my point, you have a 6cyl, I have a 4 cyl and I get 16 to17 mpg...
    Somethings wrong..I got better mileage with 03 merc 6 cyl
  • onefunkaronefunkar Member Posts: 113
    2011 v6. average about 22mpg. highway only 24 to 27. has 20k miles on it now. it does take a few thousand miles before you should worry about mileage. also in real life many cars with v6 get similar mileage to 4 cyl. always has been that way because 4 cyl has to work harder. epa mileage numbers and real life mileage arnt the same thing.
  • lanshilanshi Member Posts: 22
    I am looking for anyone that is getting the mileage out of their 2012 Sorento LX. They say up to 32 mpg. I am wondering when this should kick in. I have 6300 mile on it and I am getting 26 whenever I do the math. Funny how their computer states one thing and you do the math boy is it alot lower. I drive all highway miles everyday and if I was not informed by the salesman that it gets 32 I would have never bought this vehicle as I drive 120 a day to and from work. Sad the dealer tells you one thing and you really find out afterwards. They tell me to look at it past 5000 and I am past that. Any one out there would like to hear from you. :confuse: :mad:
  • decentdecent Member Posts: 1
    I just bought KIA Sorento 2012 a week ago and it has wonderful drive and power and most amazing thing is its millage - which is almost 31 MPG mix withing city and highway ! that sounds perfect with 6 cylinder engine. Am sure I will get better than this after service and couple of thousands.
  • ennui101ennui101 Member Posts: 7
    Hate to intrude on your euphoria, but in my 2012 SX I get 26-27 highway on long trips. Around town closer to 20 and I do not have a heavy foot. I doubt your 31 is going to last. Have you calculated it yourself?
  • damian_txdamian_tx Member Posts: 1
    I agree with ennui101..This is very unlikely to happen to have mix 31mpg with 6 cyl...I'm also wondering if it's your computer or your calculations...

    I've bought mine Sorento EX 6 cyl FWD a week ago and have on it 300 miles so far making city 19-20mpg and today I was driving really economical (easy and 55-65mph) on full highway 30 miles and did 29.7mpg which I consider as great if it goes about 6 cylinders

    ...but honestly I'm done checking mpg every 3 seconds cause it's make a little bit paranoic :) ...on highway for 6 cyl I would say it's going to be more around 25-26mpg...

    Anyway it's a 7 passengers SUV so guys don't be so picky - Travers, CX-9, Highlander do much worse mpg..Enjoy your Sorento...
  • cmunizcmuniz Member Posts: 604
    I have had similar results with my 2012 EX with the GDI engine that is supposed to get up to 32 mpg on the highway. Mine has about 1,250 miles on it and I get between 22-24 mpg in what I call "mixed" driving, which is about half on the freeway. While I know it's too early to really gauge the real mileage, I have serious doubts that I will ever get to 32 mpg. By comparison, I had the same engine in a 2011 Sonata and was getting around 30 mpg in similar driving and 35 on the highway consistently. I suspect that 28 mpg will be the best I can expect in highway driving going forward. I just think that the EPA mileage being advertised by Kia is not achievable on the 4 cyl GDI engine in the Sorento due to its weight, size and styling.
  • onefunkaronefunkar Member Posts: 113
    if i get going 60-65 and just keep driving i get 30-31 with my v6. no one could ever drive like that in real life but as long as i dont slow down or speed up i can get that
  • joehickjoehick Member Posts: 28
    I would be happy as hell with your mileage.I get 12 in the city and 18 on the highway
  • grepedgreped Member Posts: 1
    I have the 4 cyl and am really disappointed. Our trip to FL resulted in mileage of between 22.5 and 24. The car is underpowered as every hill caused the transmission to downshift. This car should not be sold with the 4 cyl for highway.
  • onefunkaronefunkar Member Posts: 113
    many cars in realy life get similar mileage 4cyl or 6cyl. 4 s do much better in epa testing which is very important to the car makers but an overworked ungine doesnt get good mileage. always been this way.
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