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Kia Sorento Real World MPG



  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    It may be more fair to say that the EPA requires mpg testing and sets out the standards for the test, and occasionally checks up the manufacturers to make sure they aren't cheating.

    Well, the Honda owner won her case; now she's waiting to see if Honda will appeal.

    There's language in the fuel economy stuff that says you can't sue the government or the automaker if you don't get the EPA mileage ratings. So I was surprised that Honda lost (or settled) the class action suit in the first place But the basis of that suit was that Honda falsely advertised how much mileage you could expect to get. Plus Honda changed the software and made people's mpg worse.

    I'm just loosely talking about the Honda case here - the Honda owner has a web page up with the "correct" details that may interest you.

    And yeah, the sticker has the EPA numbers with fine print about the range of mpg you can expect to get. People naturally tend to focus on the big city/highway numbers I think and assume that they will get that mileage too.
  • the goverment makes the mileage numbers so you would have to sue the givernment. the honda lady is a different situation. her 2005 civic hybrid was recalled because of a battery problem and after the reflash she got 30 mpg instead of 50. the problem was what honda did to her car killed her mileage.
  • Lawsuit or not, word of mouth kills a product. And I can tell you for a fact that if I don't get better mileage after 5k miles. I will broadcast to all I know what the Sorrento gives for mileage.
    It's too bad, because other than the mileage we love the vechicle.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    edited February 2012
    Well, guess that's not how I'm reading it. I think part of the Honda suit was based on false mpg advertising claims. If Honda had just parroted the EPA results, they probably wouldn't have settled the class action.

    The software update came in 2006, but the class action covered owners back to '03. Owners who had the update can get additional remedies through the class action suit. Word does get around, and it gets around faster and faster these days.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    I don't blame you for your disappointment. I would say it is limited to a small percentage in all brand's vehicles. I will say this winter I have only been getting about 23 Highway and 16.5 City while my 2009 Fusion V6 has been running about 17.5 city and just last weekend after a brief visit from my Son we drove him back to his College in the Fusion. I got 26 mpg which is exactly what it is advertised. I don't quite understand why the Fusion never wavers summer or winter, but the Sorento goes from 26 hwy in the summer (with the A/C on) down to 23 in the winter. I have never gotten more than 26 out of the Sorento, but have gotten up to 30mpg out of the Fusion. The Sorento is nice, but it isn't near as satisfying as the 2004 Mountaineer V8 AWD that I traded for it. Hopefully if I can when it is time to get another vehicle I will look at an Explorer, Edge, or a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Mileage may not be as good on the larger Explorer and Jeep, but they both seem so much more solid than Kia.
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
  • lanshilanshi Posts: 22
    I defintly agree that I think the more people shout out maybe we can get something going. The mileage thing is so upsetting. I am about to think about taking a loss on it and trading it in on something else. About to go back to my Nissan Altima where I knew what I should get. But my brother got the Kia Optima and they say they should get about 38 to 40 and he is getting 33 in city. I am at 12000 miles and just now got 27 all highway. So let's shout out at these dealers at their false statments. My dealer at Rockwall Tx stated you will get 32 that is why they are selling so many. What a laugh :mad:
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    Are you saying a Kia Optima should get 38 to 40 City. Even the Hybrid is rated at 35 city and 40 Highway. Actually 33 is definetely about right for a HYBRID. A regular Optima is rated at 24 city.
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
  • lanshilanshi Posts: 22
    No the Optima should get 38 to 40 on highway this is what is on little print underneath on the sticker. Kia is saying the Sorento should get 32 and I don't know of anyone that is getting that. I am just now getting 27 highway and that is pretty much what I drive. I think we should put on the back window mileage sucks. :mad:
  • To keinodog. I think yoiu wil be pleased when you get more miles on your car. I purchased my EX GDI in Dallas in November '12 and drove it back home to San Antonio which is about 275 miles. I drove back roads so I could vary my speed. I averaged 55 mph and only got 21.6 mpg. As the mileage has increased the mpg has increased. I currently have 2800 miles on the car and over the past ten days, i have obtained the following: Strictly in town with no freeway driving, 21.8 mpg. In town with some freeway, 25.4 mpg. Strictly highway, driving in the Texas hill country I got 29 mpg. The hill country trip is 75 miles from my home and the altitude increases 1,800 feet in that distance. Very curvey and at lease three different steep climbs of 25 to 30 degrees. The past two weekends I've gotten 29 mpg. I plan to drive to Corpus Christi next week to see what mpg flat terrain will produce.
  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    just got back from a 4000 mile trip with my 2011 v6 ex. at 70 to 75 got 27 to 28. at 80 to 85 got 24 to 25. very happy with that for a vehicle with plenty of power to drive the faster roads.
  • joehickjoehick Posts: 28
    I am happy that some people get good mileage with there SUV's. I have about 3000 miles on mine and am still getting 12-13 mpg. I am giving to 5000 miles and see what happens. If no better, I am going to explore the Honda option and sue, or if nothing else trade it in for something with better mileage.
  • ritzy1ritzy1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2012 Kia Sorento EX AWD, 4 cyl.
    I have the same problem with the mileage. I have about 1000 miles and I average about 13-14 mpg. I have used the mpg indicator as well as the calculations when I fill the tank. When I took it to the dealership the mpg mileage indicator said 17.1. They went with me on a drive, but had me reset the mpg button at at stop light. It went up to 24.1. It worked out fine during that short drive, but it is decreasing steadily, as it usually does, and by the time I get gas, it will be at 13 mpg again. I filled the tank fully, and at this point, at just about a half tank, I have about 78 miles on it.
    The dealership checked everything and there aren't any mechanical problems. I told them that I consider it unacceptable and I'm going back next week.
  • lanshilanshi Posts: 22
    I have done that a few times and they keep telling me to wait till I am above 10,000 well I am at 13,000 and still not getting what they say. Everytime I question it they have some kind of different answer. I have tried to talk to managers like on TV and that is a no way. They tell me the EPA puts that at absolutely awesome conditions and the service people say take 20% off of that. I drive all highway and am still getting 27. I wish you luck as I have thought about taking and trading it in. :sick:
  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    its has always seemed like the smaller engines get good epa numbers but in real life the smaller engines work harder and struggle to get the mileage of the bigger engine. alot of weight for a 4 cyl in a sorento. look at other forums equinox etc. all people with 4 cyl engines get poor mileage.
  • Puchased my 2012 Sorento EX in January with the expectation that I would realize the 32 mpg highway miles as advertised. I drive over 30k miles per year and the ONLY reason I chose a Kia was because of the advertised mpg...wanted an suv and was willing to sacrifice 4 cylinder performance for great gas mileage....pipe dream. With over 6k miles, the best mpg is 22...driving in Florida with no hills and no air conditioning to date. Today I traded that piece of crap Kia in for a 2012 Camry which advertises 35 higway mpg. My drive home from the dealer...56 miles which used 1.4 gallons of gas...40 MPG! Most people would not be able to trade so soon, but fortunately for me, I have an insider in the car industry and the savings off of camry msrp ate up the negative equity...and then some. I am very fortunate but feel bad for those that are not. The advertised mpg on the sorento is nothing but a should be held accountable.
  • lanshilanshi Posts: 22
    Thats's great that you were able to trade in. I am thinking about doing the same thing. Am trying to find out what trade in would be. Kia says it is not them that the EPA puts that out there. I am at 14,500 miles and still only getting 27 not near their 32.
  • poppi877poppi877 Posts: 1
    4 cylinder Sorento gas mileage stinks! I'm extremely disappointed. I'm looking to dump it...20 on country roads and 24 hwy if I'm lucky...straight and flat roads. What a disappointment. :mad:
  • joehickjoehick Posts: 28
    I wrote to the president of Kia America and explained my problem with mileage. If nothing is done, I will trade it in and mount a campaign against this vechicle
  • joehickjoehick Posts: 28
    I would be happy as a pig in s t if I got 20mpg. I was getting 12mpg and it went up to 14, now I am getting a whopping 10-11 mpg, and nothing is being done
  • joehick: See my post #75. I'm really surprised with the number of folks getting such low mileage. As you can see from my post, I'm getting very good mileage, better that the EPA estimates. I finally had an opportunity to make a 150 mile trip to Corpus Christi, TX on flat interstate with no wind. I drove at 65 mph and got just over 33 mpg. I filled up on the way out of town and refilled as soon as I arrived in Corpus. My calculated MPG and the computer in the car only differed by .1 mpg. I got slightly higher mpg returning to San Antonio but I also had a brisk tail wind. Hope things improve for you.
  • gator4ufimgator4ufim Posts: 2
    edited March 2012
    Let us know if Kia pres responds.
    Btw, Kia is not the only car company that lies about mpg, Toyota does as well. My new camry advertises 35 highway...I've filled up twice since I purchased the camry 4 days ago...average of 42 mpg! Couldn't be more pleased.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    edited April 2012
    I don't know why people keep repeating that the car companies lie? That is an estimate set by the government. Rarely does a car's actual real mpg match up for every single vehicle that is made of a particular model. It isn't physically possible. There are just too many variables that could give one owner spot on, another better, and another worse. That's why there is a range listed on the sticker. I get better mileage on my 2009 Ford Fusion SEL V6 than the EPA estimates on the highway. Sometimes getting as much as 30mpg when it stated on the sticker that it was rated at 26mpg. My Sorento is going on 2 years old and I have lately only gotten about 24mpg on my 2011 EX V6 highway and 16 city, but this is still within the range. Do I wish it was better? Yes, but it isn't reality. For most people you can't get a better value for the price and the features than this vehicle.
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
  • mapaxmapax Posts: 3
    i don't know why people point out the obvious: EPA estimates are estimates. duh.

    i'm guessing that many if not most of those disappointed with the mileage of their sorento have owned a few cars and have a decent sense of how govt estimates relate to real world. in my experience the sorento under performs in this regard. it actually doesn't even get within the epa range. this combined with the way kia markets the car - leading with the 32mpg estimate, they are setting up buyers for a big let down. my kia isn't a bad car, but knowing what i know now, i'd not have purchased. kia is producing visually well designed cars that are cheaply made and cheaply sold. they correctly figured that there's good demand for a high mpg seven seater so they got one out there by hook or by crook. when favorable conditions align i briefly get 32 on the highway (new smooth highway, no wind, flat). otherwise i get low 20s.
  • joehickjoehick Posts: 28
    I can certainly understand variable and ranges that are estimated for cars in the MPG stickers. The bottom line here for me is that I have a 2012 Sorrento with a new engine put out by KIA that tells me one thing on mileage and I get an absurd difference. I get between 10-12 mpg on my new vehicle, Kinda don’t think that is an acceptable variable, wouldn’t you agree. I know of half ton trucks that get better mileage.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    I wouldn't be happy myself about the mileage. Did you buy the 4 banger and in what state do you reside if you don't mind my asking? I do know that there has not been a huge out cry of people stating the Sorento gets poor gas mileage. Forums alway invite people whom are unhappy to vent their frustrations in a way that makes it seem that almost all of that brands owners are unhappy in some way. I disagree with the other poster that the car is made cheaply or did he mean effeciently so as to offer a quality vehicle at a reasonable price. I wouldn't even have looked at a Kia had the Ford Edge not gotten so expensive. At 40k for similar options I could not swing it with my youngest going to a private college and living on campus. At $46,000 per year we had to make a comprimise. Anyway hopefully you can get the issue with yours resolved or if it was me I would bite the bullet and trade it for something else.
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
  • chadpro1chadpro1 Posts: 4




  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    just hope the vehicle lasts more than a year or two without major mechanical appears they have a durability problem still.....
  • I am thinking about buy a Sorento in these days.

    I really interest, which model you got ? 4 or 6??
    Hows ur speed on hwy/free way.
  • lanshilanshi Posts: 22
    I bought a 4 cyl and the speed on the hwy is good, the 6 we have the fast pickup but mine is fine. I am usually going 70 most of the time as I travel 65 miles one way. gas mileage isn't that great still average 27 when they say up to 32. don't count on really good gas mileage. Traded in a Nissan Altima that was getting 32 and if I knew I wouldn't be up side down would go back but I wanted an SUV so now I am hoping it will get better gas mileage. I am at 16,000 now. Hope this helps overall love the vehicle.
  • chadpro1: I have a 2012 EX with the GDi engine. Very happy with the performance. Acceleration is not as quick as the V6 that I first tried out but OK. I tried out both before buying. Highway crusing is fine. I have 3600 miles and am averaging 24.6 mpg, around town and freeway driving. Crusing at 65 mph I easily get 32 to 33 mpg driving on sourth Texas highways. A little less driving in the Texas hill country. Hope this helps.
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